AN: I am SO gonna get flamed for this but I had to write it! I had a dream about this recently and when I woke up the first thing I thought was 'I have to write this story.' This is probably the weirdest story I will every write. It's labeled as Drama/Romance but personally, I think it should be labeled Drama/Romance/Angst/Total Weirdness/Soap Opera/What the @#!*!#$%. I am warning you now, if you are a huge Bulma fan, do not read this story. Heck, if you're very big on B/V, I repeat DO NOT READ THIS!! You will need a good sense of humor and an open mind to get you through this story. You're going to love the ending! Everyone will be happy, I assure you. Hee. Hee. I had so much fun writing this because it was nothing like what I've written before and it was so odd yet intriguing that I had to write it. Strange. They are showing the Fusion Saga now where Goku and Vegeta fused. I guess this is a perfect time to put this out, huh? This is your last warning to leave.

Unexpected Love

Part One

It was over. Majin Buu had finally been defeated. Unfortunately, killing Majin Buu meant he killed his sons and Piccolo. Sacrifices in war he supposed. It had to be done. They were part of the enemy and they would rather die than to continue to allow the villain to persist in using their powers to fight their fathers and destroy the Earth and every other planet in the universe. He knew there was no reason to mourn. They all could be revived with the Dragonballs.

"Vegito, you did it!"

Vegito turned to see Dende running to him happily. Trailing behind was Hercule holding Bee.

Vegito folded his arms and stood proudly. "Of course I did. There is no being stronger than me now."

Dende nodded. "So, what now?" Hercule asked. "You mean, we're the only ones alive now? A sad end to humanity. There's no way to repopulate."

"For four months, it will be just us," Dende informed Hercule. "Then we can use the Dragonballs to revive the people of Earth."

"No, we will not," Vegito said firmly.

Dende looked confused. "What do you mean, Vegito? Why can't we bring back everyone?"

"Some people have already died by Cell seven years ago so they won't be able to come back and let's not forget about Krillin and Yamcha. They have already died more than once. It would be foolish to use the Earth Dragonballs. There is only one thing we can do."

Dende thought about what Vegito meant and then got it. "You mean we should use the Dragonballs on the new Namek?"

Vegito nodded with his arms still folded. "Exactly. Grab hold. I'll use Instant Transmission to get to Namek."

Dende nodded and place a hand on Vegito's shoulder. "We have to go now. Hercule. Bye," Dende said as both he and Vegito vanished.

Hercule just stood there confused. He didn't have any idea what had happened. "Uh, Bee, did they just vanished?"

Bee just barked.


Dende looked at his former home with nostalgia. The light green sky, the small homes, the blue trees; It's been seven years and he missed this place greatly. "Wow. It's just how I remembered it."

"Stop gawking and let's find the Namek leader and make our wish!" Vegito barked.

"Uh, sure," Dende said. He had to remind himself that even though the kind-hearted Goku was in that body so was the arrogant Saiyan Prince Vegeta. The two took off to the nearest village. The Nameks looked up in surprise to see Dende. Moori, the Namek elder stepped out among the crowd.

"Dende, welcome back, my boy. What brings you here?" He looked past Dende and saw Vegito. "Who is your friend? He looks a little like Goku and that evil Vegeta that killed our people. Vegito scoffed and turned away. Dende went on to explain what had happened on Earth and the fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Moori agreed to allow Dende the use of the Dragonballs and summoned it for him.

The Nameks all gathered to see the huge dragon Porunga look over the crowd. Dende spoke in his native tongue to revive the people of Earth. It took a while but Porunga was able to grant the wish.

"What is your second wish?" Porunga voice boomed over everyone.

"Second wish? I forgot about that," Dende said and looked at Vegito. "What should we wish for, Vegito?"

"I don't have any other wishes. Can't you tell the Namek dragon that we have no more wishes and that he can come back another time?" Vegito asked.

"Oh, you mean like we did on Earth? Sure," Dende said and spoke the instructions back to Porunga.

"Very well. I shall take my leave," He boomed and separated back into seven balls and dispersed across the planet.

"How long does it take for a Namek Dragon to be revive anyway in a situation like this?" Vegito asked.

"It should be 33 days," Dende said.

"I see. Our business is finished here. Let's go." Vegito said and looked at the Nameks. "Thank you." He said and as Dende held onto his shoulder, the two vanished.


On Earth in a desert, Piccolo, Gohan, Goten and Trunks looked around.

"We're on Earth?" Gohan said. "Dad must have defeated Majin Buu."

"Let's go to the Lookout. Everyone else should be there," Piccolo said and took the lead as everyone flew upward.

"AAH!" Videl screamed. "I'm alive! We're all alive! We're back on Earth!"

Everyone was on the Lookout, laughing and hugging each other, happy to alive and back on Earth.

"Did Gotenks defeat Majin Buu?" Bulma asked. "I don't see him or Piccolo."

"No. Goku and Vegeta did," Krillin said. "I saw the battle on the Grand Kai's planet. Goku and Vegeta did a fusion and defeated Majin Buu."

"Fusion?" Chi-Chi jumped in. "But how could Goku and Vegeta be back on Earth. They're dead."

"King Kai said that Goku got a new life from the Old Kai on the Supreme Kai's planet and King Yemma sent Vegeta to Earth to battle Majin Buu, so the two formed bodies to defeat Majin Buu."

Chi-Chi just stood there for a moment taking it all in and then suddenly screamed. "Goku's alive! My Goku's alive! He's coming back!" She hugged Krillin excitedly. She suddenly stopped, released Krillin and looked at Bulma with a solemn look on her face. "I'm sorry, Bulma, about Vegeta."

Bulma just smiled. "I understand. Hey, wait. Goku and Vegeta must have went to Namek to revive everyone because the Earth Dragonballs can only revive a life once and since Krillin and Yamcha have already died before they must have went to Namek."

"Oh, you're right," Chi-Chi realized. "That's great! Both of our husbands are coming back!"

Krillin started to find a way to tell Chi-Chi and Bulma that their husbands were stuck in their new body but Piccolo, Gohan, Goten and Trunks showed up. Gohan hugged Videl and then his mother and Chi-Chi went back to hugging Goten.

"Boys, Krillin said your father has been revived so he's coming back to us forever!" Chi-Chi squealed happily.

Krillin scratched the back of his head trying to find the right words. "Um, Chi-Chi, about that—" he was cut off once again when Vegito and Dende arrived.

Everyone turned to see the two. They just stood there staring at Vegito. He had his proud look on his face as he saw the group. Chi-Chi started to make her way to him and then Bulma. They looked surprised, confused and yet curious.

"Goku?" Chi-Chi said reaching out to touch Vegito's face.

"Vegeta?" Bulma said softly just staring at him.

"Yeah, it's me," he said.

The women looked surprise to hear both their husband's voices at the same time. Tears started to form in their eyes.

"Why are you still fused? Isn't thirty minutes up yet?" Chi-Chi asked removing her hand from Vegito's face.

Vegito pondered how to explain this to his wives. It wouldn't be easy so he decided to be blunt with it and get it over with. He just hoped Chi-Chi wouldn't faint and Bulma wouldn't scream at him.

"The thing is I'm stuck this way. I used the Old Kai's earrings to fuse with Vegeta. It's permanent and it was the only way to stop Majin Buu."

Chi-Chi and Bulma just stood there in shock. Their husbands joined bodies to form one powerful being and were stuck like this forever. Chi-Chi fainted and Bulma began screaming at him.

"What do you mean stuck together?! How could you be stuck together?!"

Vegito knelt down to sit Chi-Chi up. "It's like what I said. The Old Kai's earrings fused us together forever. There was no other way. Wake up, Chi-Chi," he said softly as he gently slapped her face.

"Why didn't you ask the Namek Dragon to separate you?!" Bulma continued to yell.

Vegito scratched the back of his head. "When the Old Kai said it was permanent, I just didn't think the Namek Dragon could separate us. It hadn't occurred to me."

"It hadn't occurred to you?! So, you were willing to save the Earth, revive everyone and yet be stuck in that body together, forever?!

"Uh, yeah," Vegito said meekly.

Bulma rolled her eyes and let out a cry of frustration. At that moment, Chi-Chi came to. She saw Vegito holding her and moved back a bit to stand up. She heard Bulma screaming again.

"Great! I guess that means we will have to ask the Earth Dragon in four months then!"

"Um, Bulma. I'm not sure that will work. Shenron couldn't turn 18 completely human so what chance does he have changing Goku and Vegeta back when magic brought them together. Is it even possible for Shenron to reverse something that is permanent?" Krillin asked.

Bulma thought for a second and frowned. "Oh, you're right. The chances are next to nil." Fuming, she smacked Vegito across his chest once he stood up. "You jerk! You never think when you fight do you?!"

Vegito didn't know what to say. There wasn't anything to say except take it. If Bulma was this mad, the Goku side wondered how angry Chi-Chi would get.

"Bulma, there's no use getting mad. What's done is done and there isn't anything we can do about it."

Everyone turned to Chi-Chi stunned. They expected her to yell and scream too, maybe faint again, but oddly she didn't. Chi-Chi continued.

"I never expected Goku to be back and now that he is, it's unfortunate that he is in this form, but after his death, I've learned to accept things," Chi-Chi explained. "Now, that we've gotten the anger and shock out of our system, we have to figure out where he will stay."

"Easy," Bulma said folding her arms. "He's staying with me."

"What?!" Chi-Chi shrieked. "There's no way he is staying with you. You would try to sleep with him!"

"Oh, and like you wouldn't! It's been seven years since you had sex! You think you could hold it off forever!" Bulma yelled back.

"I can control myself unlike you! I never expected to have sex ever again since Goku died! I—" Chi-Chi stopped herself to look at everyone. They all looked like they wanted to be somewhere else, except Goten who looked oblivious to the situation. She realized they shouldn't be having this conversation in front of their children or anyone. Chi-Chi turned to Vegito. "What do you think, uh, what is your name?"

"Vegito," he answered not liking the way this was going.

Chi-Chi scoffed. "Figures. Well, who do you want to live with—me or Bulma?"

Vegito gulped as his eyes widen in shock. He had to choose between his wives on who he wanted to live with. This was not going to be easy. He rather fight Majin Buu again than make this decision.

To Be Continued