He watched as his home was being destroyed right before his very eyes. The village was in flames and piles of rubble were everywhere. Ear piercing screams was another sound you could hear amidst all the shouts. Smoke filled up the air as both ninja civilian ran for their lives, though majority of the ninja were fighting. The other ninjas were getting the civilians to safety. The village had been attacked by a large army of White Zetsus. The Akatsuki had decided that since Konoha housed most of the strongest ninjas in all Five Elemental Nations, if they destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village first then the entire Allied Shinobi Forces would be handicapped to a greater extent. A kunai flew past him and he barely dodged as another Zetsu came from nowhere and launched itself towards him. He went through a single handed sign and a large flame absorbed the clone, entirely turning to ashes before it hit the ground.

He narrowed his eyes at the now ashes White Zetsu before a chunin identified as Tanaka landed beside him. "Uchiha-san, Hokage-sama requires your presence at the Tower now," he said, anxiety and tension barely invisible on his scarred face. Sasuke nodded for sec before taking off towards the Tower.

He had left his village at 12 on a quest for power. He severed all his bonds with his teammates. Indeed he had found power from Orochimaru but he didn't intend to stay with him forever. At 15, he met his team again with a new person in his place. Sai was it? He couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy at the thought of being replaced. Didn't they say they'd never leave him nor replace him? At 16, he betrayed his master and killed him then set off to kill Itachi. And he did kill Itachi and was gifted with the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Amaterasu and Susanoo and lost the curse mark as well and many other jutsus, only to discover that his older brother had been the good guy and had played a double agent for both the Uchiha clan and the village. He then hunted down Danzo and killed the bastard. He was the one who persuaded the council to order the death of the entire clan. After that, he sabotaged the Five Kage Summit only to turn himself in. If Itachi died protecting the Leaf Village, then he could honor his brother's death by protecting his legacy. He was sentenced to only a month in prison, because he was pardoned of his sins since he turned himself in and plus he was a very valuable asset in the war and the Kages would be very dumb to keep him in prison during the war.

His reunion with his teammates had been awkward and fine still. Naruto was the same as always, joking and walking around like everything in the whole world was fine and there wasn't an upcoming war. Yep, typical Naruto. Kakashi had been the same as back then but he always noticed the flash of guilt that crossed his lone eye every now and then. Sai had been very withdrawn. He guessed the guy hated his guts since he had left such good people like Team 7. He didn't care how the rest of the Rookie Nine felt about him. He didn't care whether or not they forgave him. Sakura had been the one who amazed him the most. He had expected her to coming running to him, saying 'Sasuke-kun!' in her sugar coated voice and hug him and act like he had never left in the first place. But he received none of that. She only looked at him before shrugging nonchalantly. That shocked him! Did that mean her feelings for him had died? It was good to know that she had changed and wasn't that damsel in distress, fangirl ninja he always saved. Now she was Sakura Haruno, the best medic ninja in the whole world and possessed monstrous strength. He couldn't help but miss the old Sakura. It was when he caught her staring at him during one of their lunches at Ichiraku's. She had turned a deep shade of red and looked like a deer caught in the headlights before looking back to her plate. After that, during the entire conversation, she was very quiet.

That was new, he had thought. He was curious as to why she did that. After a few investigations, which pretty much involved putting Ino into a genjutsu and going through her mind that he came across a conversation of the two girls, in which the pink haired medic had resignedly admitted that after all the pain the Uchiha had put her through, she was still in love with him. He immediately broke the genjutsu and shunshined away before the blonde could recollect herself. He ran into Naruto and demanded they spar a bit, which clearly meant a three hours worth fight. He couldn't tell how he felt as he dodged the blonde's attacks and returned his own. Happy, delighted, devastated, angry at himself for putting her through so much pain, angry at her to still love him after all that he'd done to her? But all in all, he was satisfied. He'd beaten up the blonde to a less bloody pulp and walked away without saying anything. "Sayonara, teme!" the blonde had shouted after him. Ever since, his gaze would linger on her for a few seconds before turning to glare at something. Sakura didn't seem to notice. It's not like he expected since the girl was obviously oblivious to his way of showing affection.

Anyways, the Hidden Leaf Village had been attacked six months after he returned. It was unexpected, really. Most ninja had moved to the Allied Shinobi Forces hq, which meant there were few ninja in the village. It just so happened that the Rookie Nine and Team Gai were in the village, and the Godaime Hokage of course.

Halting before the Tower, his thought process came to a stop. He inhaled then exhaled and entered the Tower which had remained intact even after the attack. He walked up to the Hokage's with long, quick strides. He stopped in front of the door and was told to come in before he could even knock on the door. He entered and bowed before the blonde woman's desk as he addressed her. "You called for me, Hokage-sama," he said stoically. "Yes. I need you to go to Western Gate. That's where the leader of the invasion is. If you manage to stop him, you would've helped us a great deal. I specifically ask for your help because of your Sharingan. Are you able to do the mission?" she said. He nodded briefly in understanding. "Good. You may take your leave."

With that, he left the Tower in a blur. He arrived at the gate to find three dozens of Naruto clones fighting off the Zetsus. The original Naruto was fighting ten Zetsus at once, using his Rasenshuriken to take them down. "Sasuke," the blonde said as the raven haired ninja laned beside him. "Naruto," he said in reply. A dozen Zetsus lunged towards the two boys. Sasuke unsheathed his katana and slashed at two Zetsus. Soon after, the Chidori sparked to life and he struck three of the Zetsus. Naruto used Rasengan on the remaining clones. They both stared at their handiwork with pride. "Where's Sak-" but before he could finish his sentence, a loud rumble echoed and the earth quaked. "That must be her," Naruto said. "Go to her. I'll take care of things here," the blonde said. The Uchiha nodded his thanks and took off towards the Eastern gate where the sound came from.

He arrived after a few minutes. He found her panting heavily, with rubble everywhere and dozens of Zetsus sprawled on the ground unconscious. Most probably from the chakra infused punch. She was covered in cuts and bruises and there was one ugly cut that ran from her left shoulder down to her abdomen. It was bleeding profusely. He was beside her in an instant. "Sakura," he muttered, his eyes fixed on the cut. "Sasuke-kun" she acknowledged his presence before turning to look at her enemy. They had been involved in a deadly taijutsu battle, in which she had earned her scar. Her pink hair was stuck to her forehead because of sweat and her attire in bad condition.

"My my my, if it isn't Sasuke? What a pleasant surprise!" the masked man said in fake delight. "Madara," he growled through clenched teeth ad he tore his gaze away from Sakura and glared at the Sharingan wielder. "Aren't you happy to see the man who told you the truth about your brother?" he said. "What are you doing here?" he spat, ignoring the statement and Sakura's questioning gaze. That was a story for another day. "I'm here to destroy Konoha, that's why" the masked man replied in his feel voice. "I won't let you," Sasuke replied, images of his brother during his last moments flashing across his mind. He was going to protect his brother's legacy. Before Madara could retort, Sasuke was already beside him, katana unsheathed and slashing towards his throat. Madara jumped away before the sword landed on his throat. He took out his kunai and charged towards Sasuke. Metal clashed against metal and sparks of electricity flew as the two Uchihas were involved in a deadly battle of kenjutsu. Both of them had their Sharingans activated. Sasuke slashed his sword again but the sword passed through. He received a kick to the stomach and flew a few metres away. He wiped away the blood that leaked from his mouth.

Sakura was beside him in a second. "Are you okay?" she asked, her forehead creased in concern as she helped him sit up. "I'm fine," he said nonchalantly. "Let me check you," she insisted as her chakra infused hand hovered across his face. "I said I'm fine," he said harshly, hoping to brush her off but she persisted. Persistence, one of the things he loved and hated about her. His eyes softened. "Sakura," he drawled. The way he said her name made her shiver in pleasure and almost forget that they were amidst a war and were facing the deadliest man on Earth. She looked at him determinedly before sighing in defeat.

Madara watched the two in amusement as a plan began to formulate in his already corrupt mind.

Sasuke stood up and glared at the Uchiha before charging toward him yet again. Madara dodged his attacks and countered them with his own. Metal against metal, taijutsu against taijutsu and ninjutsu against ninjutsu. Madara looked at Sasuke as the panting boy tried to regain his composure after receiving an upper cut. He smirked underneath his mask and charged. Instead of charging towards Sasuke, he went straight towards Sakura. Sakura braced herself and deflected his punch easily. The two began to fight in taijutsu.

Sakura and Sasuke's eyes connected briefly and they nodded in understanding. Sakura charged towards Madara with her fist cocked back. He easily dodged. He turned to see Sasuke beside him, Chidori ready and poised towards his chest. Madara didn't move as he stared at Sasuke. 'Why isn't he moving?' Sasuke thought as the Chidori aimed for his chest. He saw a strange glint in Madara's eyes. Before he could on what the look meant, he saw Sakura behind Madara, aiming a punch at him. His eyes widened in grieving realization as the Chidori passed through Madara and went straight for Sakura. He caught the briefest laughing look in Madara as Sasuke's own Chidori passed into the chest of the girl he loved the most. Sakura, shocked and paralyzed, coughed up blood. They hadn't put into consideration that the bloody bastard could pass through objects. Madara shunshined a safe distance away from the two and watched them bemusedly.

Sakura dropped to the ground as she coughed up more blood. "Sakura!" Sasuke exclaimed, panic heavy in his voice as he crouched beside her. He gently put her head on his lap. "Sakura, Sakura. Talk to me. I'm so sorry," he apologized as he shook her quickly but gently. Sakura eyes glazed over as she looked at the boy. For the first time, he saw how the hospital work had taken toll on her body. Her eyes were unusually dull and had rings underneath. Apart from being involved in a battle, she looked very tired. Her skin was pale and lacked the usual glow. Lines had creased on her forehead, probably from the hospital and chakra exhaustion. He badly wanted to ease away those lines with a gentle massage. Blood was everywhere, her blood. His stomach twisted and spun with guilt as he watched the dying girl. "I'm sorry……f-for being s-so reckless," she sputtered before going limp in his arms. No, no, no, no! She couldn't die! She was his source of sunshine, his life. She made him feel more human rather than a traitor, monster. He checked her pulse to find….. nothing.

He couldn't believe this! Sakura, Sakura Haruno, the girl who would give her life for his, who loved him endlessly, whom he knew could never live without, had died by his own hands. Something snapped within him. The same feeling when he discovered the truth about Itachi.

"She's gone, boy. She was never useful anyway," Madara said from where he stood. Sasuke gently lay her down, standing up and wiping away the tears which were threatening to fall. His expression was one of pure hatred and fury. " You're going to regret your ever laid your eyes on Sakura. I'M GONNA KILL YOU BASTARD!" he shouted as he lunged towards the masked man with new speed. Madara, seeing that the boy had reached another level which could ultimately kill him thought of a new plan. He began going through the a set of hand signs. Sasuke, having read the signs using his Sharingan, growled in rage. 'What's he doing?' he thought at the unfamiliar signs. 'It's like doing Kamui, but Kamui doesn't need hand signs,' he thought. 'Whatever it is,I have to stop it!' he said to himself inwardly. Just before Madara finished the last sign, Sasuke did a tiger sign, he didn't know why and pushed away Madara's left hand which had a ram sign, putting his fingers to finish whatever jutsu he was doing.

"Imbecile!" he heard Madara snarl before everything was engulfed in a blinding white.

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