Chapter 3: Answers

Warning: Some content in this chapter is for 18+ readers. But this is MGE, so what would you expect?

In a purple flash, Cleo & George arrived in the fort. In fact, they were in the same room she was in just a few hours ago, right in front of Kuro & Anna.

Both saw George. . . along with the crossbow bolt stuck in his abdomen.

"What happened?!" The succubus demanded.

"We were attacked by Order knights! George took a hit from a crossbow for me! Help me save him!" Cleo explained rapidly, cradling his body.

Being a Succubus, Kuro would naturally take interest in any male, but the bolt lodged in his abdomen put a pause to her maternal instincts.

Gently laying his body on the ground, Kuro grabbed the bolt. "Hold him," she ordered.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. This is going to hurt." Kuro pulled hard & fast, yanking the bolt out of his abdomen. George awoke with pain, screaming his head off before passing out again, from shock. Strangely enough, his eyes glowed coal-red.

Anna examined the bolt that Kuro tossed aside.

"By the look of it, let's hope it didn't pierce him too deep or else-" She stopped herself when Cleo gave her a glare that pretty much said 'Don't you dare.'

Kuro quickly got ingredients together to make a healing salve while Cleo used George's bandanna to try and stop the bleeding for the moment.

"Move over." Cleo moved out of the way as Kuro smeared the white paste/healing salve onto the wound. After a few seconds, the wound sealed up while Anna wiped any blood off the surrounding area and from his lip.

"Now to see how he's doing." Kuro's hands glowed dark purple with Demonic energy as she scanned his form to check his vitals and get an idea of what his mana was like.

"Well?" Cleo asked, hopeful that they weren't too late.

"He will live but he should rest. We can only hope that he'll awake before Lescatie is taken." Kuro said. "However, there is something puzzling about him." She added, tapping a finger to her chin.

"What do you mean?" The red-haired Lamia asked, wondering what could be wrong with someone who was beginning to send her hormones into a maelstrom.

"It's his Spirit Energy. Cleo, what do you make of it?" She asked the nekomata.

"Well, when I was searching for him, I could tell that it was dormant, untapped." Cleo responded.

"I could feel it too. . . along with something else." Kuro said. "It appears someone placed a shield around him that prevents Demonic energy from entering his body. Not only that, but he also has some form of magic deep within him. Like his Spirit Energy, it too is inactive but I would best describe it as. . . primal." She explained her findings, slightly rubbing his chest with her fingertips.

"Who would place a shield spell around him that wards off Demonic energy?" Anna said out-loud, perplexed.

"Most likely the same person who placed that shield around his home that we've heard about." Cleo hypothesized.

"An interesting theory but one we can't know for sure until he wakes up; he may have all the answers we need, and much more. . . ." Kuro said, leaving all of them to wonder what he was hiding.

It also caused the girls to begin fantasizing lewd things about George.

"Now that his life isn't in danger, care to explain what he's like?" The simple-minded Anna spoke up first to Cleo, wondering if he would be a good husband for them.

"Gladly." And so Cleo told them all she knew so far about him. As they listened, their curiosity grew as did their admiration for him. When she told them about his lonely heart and being seen as a freak, they promised to shower him with love & affection.

"He certainly sounds like an interesting gentleman. For now, take him to your quarters, Cleo. You deserve to spend time with him. However, my aunt Druella will be by this evening for updates regarding the takeover of this city. I expect you to be present for dinner." Kuro explained. Cleo nodded.

"Of course, my lady." The nekomata said with a bow. Anna helped carry George by wrapping him in her tail gently since Cleo wasn't strong enough to carry him on her own.

Cleo's room was rather Spartan yet fitting for a ninja. A purple curtain over the window shielded the room from the light. There was a large bed with its own lavender curtain for privacy with a nightstand on the left side, a bookcase on the right, and a drawer/footstool at the end of the bed for her clothes & weapons. A vanity table to freshen up was across the window, while next to it was a closet for more clothes. Lastly, was her own working bathtub & sink in a corner.

Anna gently lowered George's unconscious body onto Cleo's bed, unwinding him from her coils.

"Have fun snuggling with him, sis." Anna said before slinking her way out of the bedroom.

Cleo slowly walks towards her bed, shedding her clothes off, leaving them in a pile on the footstool, with her weapons on top of them. She crawled onto the bed and stroked his face softly, purring.

"I would love to mount you right here & now but I'm afraid of hurting you." she whispered and kissed his cheek tenderly, "I can wait. For now, I shall protect you from harm, darling."

She removed his clothes starting with his hat. Getting a good look at his face, she traced her hands around it and noticed two scars on his face. One was on his lower lip on the left side and the other was between his nose & right eye. She stroked both,

"I wonder who or what could've happened to injure you so greatly." She whispered again.

She placed his glasses on the nightstand. As she removed his trench coat, she heard something jangling in one of the pockets. Sticking her hand in each one, she found a coin bag. She also placed that on the nightstand. Upon removing his gloves & red shirt, she got a good look at his torso.

Just like he said, his shoulders were broad though he wasn't skinny as a post; he did have some muscle on him. But what stood out was the amount of hair on him. He wasn't as fuzzy as a Dwarf, but it appeared that a large amount of brown, curly hair centered on the middle of his chest and around his belly button. She also saw above his right nipple was a dark brown spot with lots of hairs on it. She rubbed it softly, drawing circles around it.

She traced her hand down his torso, reaching his pants. She had a little difficulty undoing the button & zipper but was able to wiggle them off his body, and place them on the pile with his shirt & trench coat. His legs were also hairy and his thighs & calves had some muscle to them. The only articles of clothing left were his red boxers and his white socks, the black boots next to her own.

"Now to see what your, as you so eloquently put it, trouser snake is like." She removed his red boxers, revealing his junk to her.

As expected, he had a lot of hair there as well, even on his balls! His sausage was limp and was only a few inches. She admired his tool & baggage.

"We will work on this once we finally do it. For now, I can settle for some nude cuddling." Cleo said, laying down on top of him. Her head rested on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. The nekomata pulled a sheet over them as she got comfortable, pressing her large globes against him and intertwining her legs with his. She stroked his junk with her tails and kissed him just as passionately on the lips.

"I hope you wake up soon, Georgie~. I can't wait for us to have sex." She napped, purring.


By evening, George showed signs of waking up. With a groan, his eyes opened, and he went to hold his aching gut. . . that is until he realized that someone was on top of him. Cracking his eyes open, he was able to make out that Cleo was on top of him! Not only that, but she was nude, and so was he!

Frozen beyond astonishment, he had no idea what was happening but remarkably, he felt no pain from his abdomen. He wasn't sure if he should focus on the naked, beautiful woman in bed with him, or his non-aching stomach.

'Okay, get a grip. I have no idea what's going on but perhaps I can get some answers from Cleo. . .' He thought, trying to ignore the overwhelming sensation of having a nude and very attractive lady on top of him.

Thankfully, he noticed that his arms were free. He grabbed her cat ears and started petting them, admiring their soft touch. This was enough to make Cleo start purring & mewling in her sleep which George thought was pretty cute. Eventually, his ministrations were enough to wake her up. She rubbed her eyes sleepily but when she saw George awake, they lit up with delight.

"You're alive, hubby!" She squealed, kissing him all over his face. George's brain froze and his whole head turned cherry red as he blushed, not used to this kind of affection at all. "My first kiss was with a sexy cat-girl. . ." He said in a dreamy voice. Cleo smirked,

'Oh yes! I'm the first to ever kiss him! I also plan on being the first to take his seed. . .' She thought in her head.

"Cleo. . . can you please explain to me what's going on?" He asked nervously, snapping back to reality.

"Of course. You are currently in my room at Fort Tartara on the Mamono side of Lescatie. As for you Georgie," She tapped his nose, "myself, Kuro, & Anna, saved your life, hubby." She added sweetly.

His jaw dropped, "Ok… . I'll question the whole husband thing later. . ." She heard him mutter, "Why are we both nude?" He asked the second most important question.

"I like to sleep nude; more comfortable for me. And you are in the buff because I wanted to see what your trouser snake was like since we will have sex soon." She said casually, as if she was talking about the weather.

"Ok then, I am officially weirded out." He said, perturbed.

"Why?" The nekomata asked her hubby, tilting her head. Before he could answer her properly, she heard his stomach growling. She giggled,

"Sounds like you are hungry. I bet dinner should be ready. Come on, get dressed and follow me to the dining hall." She beckoned. It wouldn't seem right to make love with him on an empty stomach.

Cleo got off of him, while also giving him a good show of her very attractive body. . . which made his sausage harden, the member now a good 7 inches which Cleo took keen note of.

"Must. . . resist. . . ." Cleo said, her eyes glazed over with a bit of drool. "Oh, I almost forgot." She handed him his glasses & coin bag.

"I feel violated. . . ." George whimpered, taking both and putting his glasses back on. Cleo only found George's reaction to be cute. He turned his back to her as he got dressed and she watched. Once he got his pants on, she noticed him pull out several objects from his pockets: a watch, a wallet, a phone, a notepad plus pen, a set of keys, and a bracelet.

While they all caught her eye, she took the most interest in a knife. Mainly because it wasn't any ordinary knife. It was huge, at least a foot long, most of that was the actual handle. The blade itself wasn't thin & sharp but thick & stout, with serrations on the back & front. If anything, it looked more like a tooth of some predator that was attached to a knife handle.

"What kind of knife is like that?" She asked, intrigued.

"Made it myself. Glued this tooth to a broken knife handle. A life-size Tyrannosaurus rex tooth." He explained.

"A what?" Cleo said, confused.

"It's a long story but know this: 1. It relates to my grandfather. 2. It's name means, "Tyrant Lizard King." George explained, being ominous on the last part.

'Sounds like something from the Dragon-family; definitely going to have to ask him later. . .' Cleo pondered, the name did have a sense of fear to it.

"Are those other objects made from this 'Tyrant Lizard'?"

George scoffed a bit. "Not at all. They're just as important to me. The main four- my phone, wallet, watch, & bracelet, I never leave home without them."

"Hmmm…" Cleo pondered silently.

Once George was fully dressed, and his erection died down, he asked for directions to the dining hall. "Oh right, follow me." She held a furry hand/paw out.

Cautiously, George took it and was led to the dining hall. Once they entered, Kuro & Anna were already seated at the large 12-seating, rectangular shaped table. But there was someone else there with them.

The white hair, ebony horns, piercing red eyes, dark brown skin, black bat wings, rat-like tail ending with a spear-tip, and that scantily clad alluring figure. This is none other than Lady Druella.

Upon seeing her, and vice versa, Cleo bowed in respect. As for George, he was petrified with fear but stunned by her beauty.

'Four beautiful women. Must not stare, must not freeze up. . . ' He thought in his head.

"Well, well, well. Looks like our other guest has finally awoken." Kuro said, winking at him.

"Come and take a seat, you two. Dinner is almost ready!" Anna encouraged, waving at George to sit next to her.

Meanwhile, Druella was quiet for the moment, mainly being an observer. She had arrived 2 hours ago to discuss her plans for Lescatie with her niece Kuro. However, upon hearing that the mystery man, now known as George, was here, she wanted to meet him for herself.

George, in a robotic fashion, sat down next to Anna, making sure his gaze wasn't on any of the ladies, choosing to find the ceiling very enticing. Cleo sat down on the other side of George, both ladies stroking his arms while Kuro was sitting at the head of the table with Druella directly across from George. After that, the room got quiet as George was the center of the center of attention, something that never happened to him before, much less knew how to handle it.

Surprisingly, George was the first to speak up, "Ok introductions please."

"Very well. I think it's fair to say that you've already met Cleo. Wouldn't you agree, George?" Kuro prodded him.

George nodded shyly. The image of Cleo naked still fresh in his mind. Cleo's ears perked up as if she read his mind.

"Me next!" Anna bursted next to him like an impatient child.

After all of the ladies introduced themselves, including Lady Druella, things got quiet again. The mamono wanted to see what George would do next.

He looked around and saw that refreshments were already served: glasses of some kind of liquid, hopefully not alcoholic, and bread rolls. Wanting to get something in his stomach first, he shakily reaches for one of the bread rolls, keeping his eyes down. Clutching it to see his chest, he nibbled on it rapidly like a rat.

He sighed in relief. "Finally. After being out cold for who knows how long, I really needed some food." He said to himself mostly.

"You'll need to get your strength back…" Cleo chuckled, glancing down below his belt.

George's hand shook even more as he reached for his glass.

"You ok, sweetie? You're shaking." Cleo asked, concerned.

"Sorry, I'm not used to being the apple of everyone's eyes." He admitted, finishing the roll before taking a drink from his glass. 'Nor those eyes belonging to women who are out of my league.' He said in his head. He drinks it slowly exhaling,

"Ok I assume this is ginger ale?" He asked around.

"Correct. How could you tell?" Kuro asked.

"My mother used to drink it." They nodded in understanding. He tapped his fingers, trying to think of what to say,

"What exactly is on the menu for dinner?" He inquired.

"Roast beef with boiled potatoes." Kuro said.

"Ah. That'll be good, especially since I need all the iron I can get after taking a crossbow bolt. Thank you for that, by the way." He said.

"You're welcome for that, husband." Kuro accepted the thanks, blowing him a kiss. She was a little taken aback at her affectionate behavior toward her guest, especially when she was on a supposed 'business' meeting with Druella. George was inadvertently good at bringing it out of the Succubus.

"And that brings me to my first question; at least until you all bombard me with 20 questions. What exactly do you mean by husband?" George asked, perplexed.

A question mark appeared over their heads, "What's to understand? By 'husband' we mean matrimony, not unlike how it is with humans." Cleo said, not sure what had tripped George up.

George's brain fizzled out, helping himself to another roll. "Oh I see. . . ." He then started laughing nervously out loud. His anxiety was getting the best of him. In an attempt to silence himself, he shoved another roll into his mouth.

"What's so funny?" Druella asked, speaking up for the first time.

George swallowed the roll before fully chewing it, causing him to cough. After clearing his throat with another drink of ginger ale, he took a deep breath.

"He's just crazy about those bread rolls. Aren't you, Georgie?" Anna smiled.

"It's not that." He wheezed.

"Oh… then why do you keep eating them like there is no tomorrow?" Anna asked.

"No, it's just that I find it ridiculous that 4 women want me to be a husband."

"3, that is. My aunt Druella is only here on business." Kuro interjected.

"Oh… well still, I don't get it. I mean sure, I guess you can say I fall under the trope, 'Nerds Are Sexy' but honestly, what do you really see in me besides wanting to get into my pants?" He insinuated.

"Trope?" They all asked.

"Alright a Trope is a characteristic about a person, place, or thing. For example, one thing you all have in common is that you fall under the trope Boobs of Steel. This means that you all are well endowed while being exceptional fighters." He explained.

They look down at their large breasts before smirking,

"Ara ara, you like our breasts then? I guess you wouldn't mind touching them then~" Anna said huskily, shoving her globes against his left arm, Cleo doing the same.

Beads of nervous perspiration began to form on George's forehead instantly as soft, malleable flesh assaulted him from both angles.

"Well that is… oh geez… but that's not what I meant." he stuttered.

"Then perhaps you meant for us to remove our tops first?" Cleo mewed as she and Anna went to undress right in front of him.

"Oh no, please!" George blurted out loud, as he worried the additional stimulation would drive him over the edge. "Just ease up on flirting, okay? I'd rather we all get to know each other first before moving on to anything extremely intimate." He declared in a firm enough to, luckily, dissuade Cleo and Anna from stripping.

"Ah, such a human way of thinking." Druella remarked.

"Besides, I don't believe I'm cut out for being anyone's husband. I mean, I have problems." He said, trying to persuade them/turn them off.

"Well you already told us, mainly me, about your Asperger's. But I'm sure it's nothing that can't be solved in the bedroom." Cleo purred, playfully patting his arm with her paws.

"Ass boogers? What the Makai is that?" Anna questioned curiously as she gazed toward George's butt and nose for answers.

"Perhaps you'd better explain." Druella prodded..

George began to explain his condition to the 4th Princess and her subordinates who all listened with the greatest of intent. Even Cleo, who had already heard George's explanation, gave him her undivided attention.

"So your brain operates differently from others. If I may say so, that makes you all the more interesting. I would have you as my husband but I already have one." She stated. "Plus, these 3 have already made a claim to you." She added, gesturing to Kuro, Anna, & Cleo.

"Right. . . I do have other issues though-"

Cleo put a finger to his mouth. "Oh no. None of that negative talk. Let's focus on some positives for a change." She insisted.

"But there's only one left and it's very important." He persisted. The nekomata relented.

"Alright. What exactly is your other problem?" She asked, folding her arms under her large jugs.

George's focus took note of Cleo's well above average breasts, causing his mind to wander a bit. "By far my... biggest... issue aside from my Asperger's is my temper. It doesn't take much to annoy me. Like interrupting what I'm doing, saying, or my schedule. However, if you make me angry," He takes a deep breath, "It's not pretty." George said with a deep breath, trying to keep calm.

"Ok what are ways we can prevent you snapping like a twig?" Anna queried.

"The worst way to set me off is having me in an enclosed space with lots of noise. If that persists and I can't leave the room for some reason or try to make the noise stop in a calm manner, I belt out a Banshee Shriek." He described.

"Banshee shriek? Are you part Banshee?" Druella questioned, muddled.

"No. As the name suggests, I call it that because it's very high-pitched. Plus I also have a bit of claustrophobia, fear of being trapped in small spaces. I get mad as a hornet." He added.

"Oh, so you're part Hornet?" Anna asked.

"What? Nah, it's just that I'm really volcanic when upset."

"Ah-ha! You're part Lava Golem, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not 'part' anything! But I can 'release the Kraken' when my temper flies."

"You have a Kraken!?" Cleo yelped.

George groaned. "Please, all I'm trying to say is that I lose control when I get angry, alright?"

They made a note of this, and would be careful for George's safety. They wouldn't want to bring him into a loud cave only for him to accidentally shriek and cause a cave-in as a scenario they extrapolated in their heads.

At last, dinner had arrived. The servants were wererabbits in maid uniforms who dispersed the main dishes and refilled the bread & drinks. George licks his lips before he digs in, using his knife & fork to slice up his meal before devouring it ravenously.

"Looks like someone was hungry." The lamia admired, seeing how quickly George polished it off.

"Well you're right. I've been out of commission for several hours; I need food. Plus this is the price of being warm-blooded, having a high metabolism." He explained.

"Now that you've got some food in your belly, perhaps it's time you can tell us some positive things about who you are, as well as answer several other questions we have for you." The succubus suggested.

"Sure. I guess if we are going to be together, we may as well get to know each other." George relented. He saw no real way out of this predicament and was partially okay with it. Despite the gravity of the whole situation, he was impressed with how he wasn't reduced to a babbling idiot by these women. A large part was due to giving himself a confidence boost before he really started talking.

"So here's the biggest question we have for you: where did you come from?" Druella asked.

George gulped, "Well let's wait until dinner is finished because this will be a doozy of a story." He said, clearly trying to hide something.

"So be it."


Once they finished dinner, they walked into the living room. Taking a seat on a couch, next to Anna & Cleo, George was ready to tell them how he got here. . . at least most of it.

"I come from an entirely different world. A completely different dimension, I think." He began.

"So like Wonderland?" Cleo pondered.

George made a buzzing sound, "Wrong. I come from a place called the Milky Way Galaxy; more specifically, a special blue & green planet. . . Earth." He clarified. They were stunned into silence.

"Now if you want to be more specific than that, I live in Los Angeles, California. A state on the west coast of the United States. One of the biggest cities in America. Home to moviemakers, celebrities. . .. and with several problems." He explained, his tone souring.

"What kind of problems?" Anna asked.

"Well, the area is geologically active since we live near a fault; as a result, we get lots of earthquakes and it's speculated that a really big one will destroy the city but we don't know when, which is pretty scary. Additionally, because of how hot it gets, wildfires are common. There's also crime and all the kinds of drama one would expect from living in the city where movies & TV shows are made." He scoffed.

Of course they had no idea what movies or TV shows were but it wasn't important right now.

"You're only adding more questions for us, George." Kuro commented. George simply shrugged in response.

"How did these issues affect your life, Mr. Anderson?" Druella asked.

"Well for one, there's a lot of vehicle traffic so it's very noisy." He started. "The heat also makes it nearly inhospitable for me, since I have Asthma." He explained that he basically has difficulty breathing properly, especially when temperatures are soaring.

"What's Asthma?" Cleo pondered out loud.

"It's a respiratory condition that I was born with in my lungs. It can regularly make it difficult for me to breathe, especially if I physically exert my body too much/or during high temperatures."

"Good heavens…" Anna mourned. All three women took extra note of this as something important to remember when they made love with him later.

"Go on," said Druella.

"And well. . ." He held his head down, hands on his knees as he breathed slowly & heavily, "I guess you can say the real catalyst for me wanting a better life was when my grandfather died 7 years ago due to several health reasons. I won't tell you more about my past because it's too painful to talk about right now." He stated, beginning to shake back & forth.

"Alright but perhaps you can tell us more about you; like how you got here?" Cleo said, hoping to change the topic. It hurt to see George get depressed, and the others shared her sentiments.

"Well my life just got a bit too stressful. And rather than taking the loser's way out which was ending it," Anna & Cleo squeezed his hands when he said that, "I took a more. . . unorthodox method. One of my aunts, my grandpa's sister in fact, gave me a small trinket. It's a small wooden capsule that's part of a tribal legend: you take a slip of paper, write your wish on it, place it under your pillow. If you believe hard enough, your wish will come true." He explained.

"What did you wish for?" Kuro asked.

"A better life because mine just became absolute cow patties. So a year ago, I made that wish and when I fell asleep, I was greeted by 3 deities in my dreamscape- an Angel, a Fallen Angel, and a Devil." They sat up in attention as he continued.

"It's hard to remember everything that transpired but I can recall them telling me that they were going to grant my wish by sending me to a far away land with a few provisions. For example, my house. Only that it had been modified to have a barrier around it. It protects against humans, shuts down human sources of magic, and most importantly, I'm now immune to becoming an Incubus." He said.

Their jaws collectively dropped.

"Impossible. Who would do such a cruel thing?" Druella commented, firm in her tone but far from flustered.

"Actually, I'm okay with that. I requested it."

All of the girls gasped.

"Why would you want that?!" Druella demanded.

"Well when I learned of this world and what happens to men, I wanted to be immune to that process because I value my sanity. I'm already teetering on the edge of being sane and not sane, not helped by living alone in my house for a year which nearly broke me." He declared, his eyes twitching.

Druella waved it off, "I don't buy it-"

"I can back it up, Aunt Druella." Kuro spoke. "After we healed him from the crossbow that he took for Cleo, I did a scan of him to see what his Mana is like. I discovered the barrier is not limited to his house. It appears to be preventing Demonic Energy from entering his body." Kuro explained.

"Let's put that to the test then." Druella's hands glowed with Demonic Energy before similarly colored tendrils encircled George. George starts shaking from fear but as one of the tendrils tries to enter his body, it recoils, as if bouncing off something.

Their eyes widened and jaws dropped even further. Half of their collective unease came from the tendril's failure, the other half came from the possibility of angering George.

"He's not wrong. . . .the one special male for us, and he's immune to becoming an Incubus." Cleo said.

"You can still have sex, can't you?" Anna whimpered.

"Yeah, he definitely can." Cleo answered for George, but the disappointment over his immunity was still apparent in her voice.

"The Devil & Fallen Angel had similar reactions when I requested it; but after they viewed the knowledge I have stored in my brain, they didn't want it to go to waste. Plus, unlike all of you, I'm not some horndog who thinks with his trouser snake." George said calmly before his tone took a more. . . aggressive one. "As one final deterrence to prevent any more wasteful attempts at this endeavor, if you try and strap me down to a table to experiment on me like some lab rat, I will do everything in my power to fight back. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?!" He shouted. His fists clenched and, unknown to him, his eyes glowed coal-red and he growled like a dragon.

George was on the verge of losing his temper completely. But before it can happen, he notices the effects it was having on his alleged "wives". Cleo and Anna had backed away from him with terror forming in their eyes. They looked unsure if they should prepare themselves for combat. Meanwhile, Kuro had risen from her seat, astonished by the turn of events. She had decided to wait before making her next move.

"George… we mean you no harm." Kuro appealed in a much more business tone.

This stark contrast to their usual lusty affection toward him was enough to snap George out of his ruffled state. Of course, after accidentally unveiling his temper, he immediately apologized and was on the verge of tears.

Druella, however, sat in focused silence. Having far exceeded her company in terms of experience, the Lilim's calm, level-headed demeanor remained solid as she found George's "condition" more fascinating than scary.

"This is why I don't want people to be near me. They see me as nothing more but a freak with a short fuse. It's why I shut myself out for so long." He groaned, clenching his head. "I hate being such a double-edged sword!"

"What do you mean?" Anna asked, having recovered from seeing George's angry side. It was scary, as if staring down a Dragon.

"It's a metaphor. On one hand, social interactions are a part of human/human-like nature; but on the other hand, I'm afraid of interacting with others for being treated differently. It's why I'd rather side with the Mamono instead of the Order. I can sympathize with you more." He explained. And yet once more, his tone changed; instead of sounding aggressive, he really started to sound like a booming Dragon. "Besides, if I had the power, I'd raze every single Order town, military base, and city to the ground."

Kuro, Cleo, and Anna all had the same thought: 'Note to self: I'll do everything in my power to prevent George from going on a rampage'.

As for Druella, she would also need to keep an eye on him.

"It's okay now, George. Let's move on. . . What kind of magic can you use?" Cleo said gently, trying to diffuse the situation.

"Well I mainly use it for keeping my house clean, keeping my house supplied with food, clothes, medicine, bathroom supplies, etc. The real difficulty is trying to deal with trash since I don't have garbage men anymore to take it away. Luckily, I have the ability to use fire magic to burn it for fuel." He explained.

"That does explain the smoke coming from one of the chimney's. . ." Kuro said out loud.

"Though this does come with some flaws. The same barrier that protects my house is also my supply of magic. For example, I can't make a jar of peanut butter appear out of thin air outside the barrier. And using it for extensive periods of time makes me tired." He added, describing his flaws.

"So why after all this time, did you step out of hiding?" Druella asked, breaking her silence.

"I was tired of being spineless and wanted to change. So I stepped out but not before dressing up in clothes to ensure that my face wasn't visible, especially from any unsavory characters like the Order. I despise racists." He said, making his feelings clear on the last part.

"How did you know about the Traveling Songstress, Alice Bleu, if you never stepped out until now?" Kuro asked.

"Found a flier on a post and thought it would be interesting to see." He clarified. He perked up a bit.

"Which reminds me of something. I've been informed by the deities that sent me here that human ladies can be turned into monsters, correct?" He asked.

"Correct. You want to have Ms. Bleu monsterized?" Druella hypothesized to which he nodded. "Why?" He blushed.

"Well of all the types of monsters in the world, the ones that turn me on the most are mermaids. There's something about their scantily clad bodies and beautiful tails that take on a variety of colors & shapes that is hypnotic." They smirked seeing George did have a bit of a perverted streak but was shy to admit it at first.

"Consider it done." Druella said with an obscene little smirk.

"But under a few conditions: I wish to see it, and would prefer if she can live on land in some way/be mobile out of the water." George added.

"Ooh not your average Mermaid then. Wanting a little customization, are you? How would you envision her living on land properly?" Druella inquired.

"Perhaps a set of wings on her back, maybe something like a fusion of fish fins and fairy wings." George suggested.

The Devil hummed. "Interesting. Never thought about a flying Mermaid before.. . ." Druella pondered. "Sounds like a challenge, but I like a challenge."

"Oh that reminds me. Georgie, you said that your grandfather was very important to you. What was it about him that he played such a major role in your life?" Cleo asked.

"Well it all relates to the fact that despite how affectionate you ladies are, I already have a true love that can never be replaced." George stated. He immediately felt a dark aura as all 3 of his wives were cloaked in obsidian black, glaring at him.

"Who? Or. What. Could. Top Us?" Kuro demanded, livid. She threw caution to the wind as she risked irritating George but she didn't care.

Her husband gulped,

"Well it's not really a who or what. Allow me to explain. My first & true love will always be. . . Prehistory." He said. Their dark aura faded as they let out a loud sigh of relief. But when they thought about what he had said, they were all left dumbfounded.

"You're talking about pre-recorded history, right?" Cleo said.

"Well my planet is old, over 4 billion years old." He dropped that truth bomb. Cleo and Anna's jaws dropped, too shocked to reply. Kuro, on the other hand, scowled and looked off.

"Mamono's history only goes back a few thousand years. Before then… before the Maou came to power… things were… barbaric… horrible… heinous. Especially for humans." she murmured.

"Yeah, I heard about that time-" George started but was cut off.

"Nevermind that time. What matters is that things are different now. But I think that your pre-history is much more pleasant than ours. It must be for you to take such an interest in it."

"In many ways, it is. Over those 4 billion years, organisms that you couldn't possibly imagine in your wildest dreams have grown over time through a slow process called evolution. Some organisms may look familiar while others make you wonder how much beer they were drinking. And the most famous of all prehistoric animals are what we call 'Dinosaurs". His face lit up with a smile just at the mention of the word. "Most may look like reptiles but their closest relatives are in fact birds & crocodiles. You might say that they are at the evolutionary crossroads of birds and reptiles; a perfect in-between." He said. They were enthralled as they saw his intelligence as sexy.

"And the most famous of them all is the Tyrant Lizard King- Tyrannosaurus rex."

"It rhymes with 'sex.'" Anna grinned affectionately.

Cleo perked up as well. "You told me that your tooth-knife is from one." He nodded and pulled it out. They all examined it,

"Quite impressive. The tooth itself is very thick & stout, more like a spike than a knife. What did its owner look like?" Kuro asked, intrigued.

"I can draw one for you all to see." He pulled out his notepad & pen and began sketching. They watched, fascinated by him. First high intelligence & now an artist? They wondered what else he could do. And what else could his wild imagination conjure up during lovemaking?

The drawing was of a huge predator: 13 meters long, 4 meters tall, & 9 tons. The skull alone was massive, moderately boxy with a rough rugose texture around the stereoscopic eyes, and large bony eyebrows. Both jaws were filled with the aforementioned spike teeth. The neck is thick & stout, leading to a big torso with a wide ribcage. What took them by surprise were the small arms which look shrimpy with only two claws. In contrast, the legs were sturdy and muscular, ending in 4 toe claws, the middle being the longest and a dewclaw at the back. Lastly, was the long, powerful, sinewy tail that came to a tapering tip.

"Just looking at an image of this Lizard King is giving me chills. It's almost like staring down a Dragon." Anna shivered.

"His tail is even bigger than yours." Cleo teased to which Anna gasped.

"Ok for an animal that is so big, why are its arms so small?" Kuro inquired.

"Well for starters, its ancestors had more developed arms and 3 claws. But as millions of years went by, they traded arm power for jaw power, with T-rex having a bone crushing bite force of over 6 tons- the strongest bite force of any land predator. And yet, their arms still had some usage. But I would need a volunteer to demonstrate this with." He added.

"Me please!" Anna requested, swinging her arm overhead.

"Excellent. Now turn your back to me."

She did so. He rubbed her back with four fingers, two on each hand. She giggled, "That tickles, darling." The lamia said.

"Wait, that's what T-rexes use their arms for- tickling?" The nekomata asked, bewildered.

"Yes, at least we think so. Males would use their arms to tickle/rub the sides of females to get them into a mating mood. Sounds strange but the anaconda, the world's heaviest snake, does something similar, with males using a small claw/all that remains of their hind legs, to tickle the female for the same purpose." George clarified.

And just like that, Anna's tail wrapped around George in a flash. He was taken off guard as the Lamia's snake eyes had glazed over with pure lust. George's other ladies weren't far behind and started to think with their ovaries even more than usual. The next thing the dino-nerd knew, he was being dragged off for a steamy night.

"Have fun!" Druella called as the four of them stormed out of the room and down the hall. With her work here done, the 4th Princess took her leave.


Warning: the following is the 1st Lemon for this story. If you are below the age of 18, skip to the end.

George's monster wives led him to a different bedroom than before. This was the master bedroom, belonging to Kuro. It did have more or less the same things as Cleo but on a larger scale, including a bed big enough for all of them. Reinforced to hold their weight, especially for Anna.

"It's time for your wives to show you a night of passion, dear." Kuro declared, the trio enclosing around George.

The dino-nerd gulped nervously, his whole body blushing red, and the only words coming out of his mouth were stammers. If anything, his state of embarrassment only made him look cute in their eyes. Regardless, George was able to get his bearings together.

"Before we begin, I do have a few things I'd like to say, including a fear of mine." He said.

"What's there to be afraid of?" Anna asked.

"For starters, I'm a virgin-" This made their grins get even lewder.

"I knew it." Cleo said, her theory about George confirmed after how nervous he seemed around them/his apparent lack of experience around the opposite sex.

"But the other fear is this: next morning, I'm going to wake up in my bed, with the belief that this is nothing more but a dream. But if..." he sighed heavily. "If it's not a dream, then it will be nothing but a one-night stand." He explained. In short, he was afraid that they were going to drain him dry and kick him to the curb, without even giving him his pants back.

In a blur, all three pulled him into a hug, smothering him with their massive mammaries.

"Oh Georgie, you're alright. We will never leave you. We promise." Kuro proclaimed, petting his head softly.

"I'll take your word for it. And since I should do my part to make this memorable, how about a little music to set the mood?" He suggested.

"Music? How? Do you plan on singing?" questioned Anna, puzzled. The other two wondered how George could have music played since he carried no instrument on him. The only logical assumption was that he has a good singing voice.

"While I can sing, provided I know a song by heart, instead I have another solution." He pulled out his phone.

"What is that?" Kuro asked.

"My phone. Best way I can describe it is like a tome. With it, I have access to libraries of knowledge and even music here." He said, doing his best to describe a phone to people who were still in the Middle Ages; from his perspective. He scrolled through his music playlist, looking for the right piece to play.

They were curious and waited with bated breath, speculating that it was a magical item.

((Portrait 1 Hour)) - Tokisaki Kurumi BGM- Date A Live)

At that moment, they heard jazz music fill the room, coming from his phone. The effect was instant as their expressions changed from bewildered to astonished to pure bliss.

"I see what you mean by setting the mood. No idea how you are doing this, but this music does have the effect of making this night feel more. . . romantic, sultry, & sexy." Kuro commended, seeing that George has good taste in music.

"Thank you. The last thing is to get us all in the mood/make the deed less painful for me is massaging me." He said.

"You're hurt?!" Cleo shouted, looking him over.

"Not really. Just sore. My shoulders & lower backache are both sore from bending over too much and my ankles are hurt from the amount of walking I do." He clarified.

"Oh. That can be easily fixed; I happen to be good at doing massages." Anna said. She approached him while taking her clothes off.

The moment that Anna was in her birthday suit, George drank it all in, eyes wide, & his jaw dropped. His mouth kept moving but no words came out.

"Question: how bad is your eyesight without your glasses?" Kuro asked, not bothered at all.

Snapping to his senses for a moment, he answered. "Without them, my vision drops drastically as anything just out of arm's reach starts to blur." They nodded,

"Good. That means you can still see us just fine once we're in bed." Cleo said with a sly grin.

Quickly setting his phone on the nightstand which was still playing the jazz music, Anna started to take his clothes off, along with placing the rest of his trinkets on the nightstand, until he too was in the buff.

They all admired George's body,

"Talk about fuzzy," Anna noted, her gaze along with Cleo & Kuro's, drawn down to his member, now hardened at 7 inches, "Even around your sausage."

Their husband was having a hard time maintaining control, "Just start the massage." He said shakily as his back turned. The next minute, Anna had wrapped her tail around his waist and gently placed him on the bed.

She slithered onto him, being careful to not press too hard onto him, "Time to take care of those aches & pains." She began by rubbing his shoulders softly & gently. George sighed in relief,

"Ah that feels nice." He stated his mind at peace. Anna smirked,

'Then you're going to love this~" She rubbed her globes against the entirety of his back as she continued rubbing his shoulders. He tensed up upon feeling her soft boobs rub against him before he relaxed once more.

"How does that feel, darling?" Anna said sweetly.

"Indescribably intimate and yet caring." He said, moaning loudly. Suddenly, he felt two pairs of hands rubbing his feet & ankles, causing him to giggle. Cleo & Kuro were massaging him as well. The pair are also naked, their clothes joining the pile of George's & Anna's near the bed.

"We didn't want to be left out so we'll take care of your feet, love." Cleo said, rubbing his left foot. She noticed on his big toe the texture is wrinkly and calloused. "Looks like you apply a lot of weight on your big toe." She pointed out.

"Same with the one on his right foot." Kuro noted, though the patch of wrinkly, calloused skin was larger.

"I do a lot of walking but only over short distances most of the time since I'm out of shape." He admitted. They made a mental note to have him exercise more, though his sex appeal hardly needed improvement in their eyes. But by doing so, it would improve his physical stature. Plus, the more stamina he has, the longer he could last in bed.

Once George was no longer sore, it was time for the main event.

"Now since I was your first kiss, it's only fair that I go first." Cleo declared. Kuro & Anna agreed as it was only just, the latter unwinding from him.

Flipping him over onto his back, Cleo laid down on top of him, her furry legs wrapped around his. She purred, her furry paws cupping his face as she leaned in & kissed him passionately.

George's eyes widened in wonder before he closed them and let his instincts & hormones be his guide for the night as he kissed Cleo back.

The nekomata purred as she felt him kiss her, the sensation being addictive for her nature. She poked her tongue against his teeth, wanting entry. He opened his mouth more and he held onto her back as they French-kissed, both moaning in delight.

His hands rubbed her back before moving down her sides towards her breasts, to which she mewled sensually.

They break for air, "May I. . . touch your. . . . breasts?" He wheezed, his hands shaking.

She winks, "You said you like our boobs. Go ahead, dear. My body is all yours." Cleo said invitingly.

With his mouth dry, he cupped Cleo's knockers, feeling the soft supple flesh. She purred in bliss, finally able to feel his soft touch on her globes. George started by rubbing them gently, his eyes glued to her mounds. He transitioned from rubbing to squeezing. The sensation made Cleo mewl in delight. After squeezing, the virgin nerd kneaded her breasts as if he was playing with clay, something he was familiar with thanks to his Grandfather who made art out of it, like T-rex banks or Mammoth mugs. Cleo meowed loudly, pressing his head against her G cups.

She looks down at him with a lewd & sweet smile, "What are you going to do now?" She asked, petting him.

Noticing her hardened nipples, he placed an experimental kiss on each. Cleo smiled softly, "Good boy." she moaned, enjoying the feeling of his lips on her tits. He goes from kissing to a mix of sucking on one and kneading the other. The nekomata purred, her lower lips starting to grow wet from the pleasure. The other two were in similar states, spectating the intimate scene. He went from sucking on her mounds to feasting, his mouth barely able to fit either one. She meowed loudly, pressing his head in the middle of her boobs. This resulted in him rubbing his head between them both & kissing the soft skin. Cleo mewled softly,

"Oh Darling. I had no idea you could show so much affection to a lady." Cleo commended, not expecting this personality switch but was still much better than his temper. While it was tame compared to her expectations, he did say he was a virgin so she wouldn't hold it against him.

As he continued, she felt something hard press against her left thigh. She gasped in delight,

"It appears your trouser snake is ready to enter its burrow." Cleo voiced, sensing the main act.

"As you wish, my cute kitten." George agreed, his mind now focused on showering her, and eventually, the other two, with love, and not questioning or applying logic to it. His brain had entered 'low power' mode.

Perhaps whatever that Primal magic was planted inside him was making him more in tune with his instincts & hormones. For him, this is the tradeoff of being immune to Incubus transformation- his mind would remain intact, but when it comes time for having sex, he lets his instincts & hormones take over.

Cleo sat up, adjusting herself so she was above his sausage. "Here we go!" With that statement, Cleo lowered herself onto George's member, the tip piercing her lower lips and she continued until his sword was all the way inside her. George gasped from the feeling of losing his virginity, as it was unlike anything he'd felt before. He held back from climaxing just from entering Cleo alone. It would be too embarrassing. He wondered why Cleo wasn't in pain from being penetrated by him, but he didn't question it.

As for the nekomata, she was in a state of euphoria. At long last, she & her hubby were joined together in the most intimate of manners. Once the feeling of being pierced died down for them both, George took her by surprise by flipping them over, himself on top of her. She smirked,

"How bold of you; I didn't expect to be on the bottom and you on top. Not that I'm complaining-" George silenced her by capturing her lips with his, the duo making out passionately. Cleo moaned & meowed in delight and only became louder when he started kneading her breasts and straight-up yowling as he thrusted, the nekomata gripping his back. The pair became sweaty as they made love, the air filled with the smell of wafting sex.

"OH YES! OH GEORGE!" Cleo yelled to the heavens as she was pounded. Soon it became too much for George to handle.

"C-Cleo, I'm not sure how m-m-much longer I can last before I b-b-b-burst." He said, his body shaking as he could feel the pressure building up in his loins.

"DO IT, GEORGIE! SHOWER ME WITH YOUR LOVE, YOUR SPIRIT ENERGY, YOUR SEED!" Cleo howled. That was enough to send George over the edge.

"CLEO!" He screamed her name as he discharged into her, white streams of his seed filling her womb.

"GEORGE!" She screamed his name as she released onto him at the same time. She meowed in ecstasy. "HUBBY IS FILLING ME WITH HIS SPIRIT ENERGY! AND IT IS GLORIOUS!" She yowled.

Both collapsed, breathing heavily, sweat rolling down their bodies. They kissed each other softly, hugging.

"I love you, Georgie." Cleo smiled, dropping the L word. She said it. Now she only hoped that he would return the gesture. He smiled nuzzling her,

"I. . . love you too, Cleo." He returned. Cleo purred, "Yay! He loves me back!" She slammed her lips into his, the pair kissing one last time before Cleo slipped off into dreamland, a sweet smile on her face. George pulled out of her, his member slick with juices and still hard.

"Good to see you're still hard. You'll need it~" The next thing he knew, Kuro was on top of him, ready for her turn. However before she began, she asked him if he was alright.

"I'm fine. A little winded. . . . so please allow me. . . . to catch my breath. . . my sexy succubus." He said, gazing upon Kuro's nude body, while breathing heavily from having already made love to Cleo.

Kuro smiled in delight, ecstatic that her hubby found her body sexy. "I can help you recover, sweetie." She laid down on top of him, her lips on his. He returned the kiss and he felt rejuvenated. What he didn't know was that Kuro placed a temporary stamina spell on him the moment she kissed him.

They broke lip contact and she stroked his face softly, "Ready for more?" She asked, batting her eyes and making her massive mammaries bounce. He smiled softly, "I'm ready, gorgeous."

In an instant, she lowered herself onto George's member, moaning loudly in euphoria. Once again, George didn't discharge when he penetrated Kuro. Her hubby captured her lips in a passionate kiss which she hungrily returned. The pair make out passionately, Kuro's fingers gripping onto his shoulders with her tongue entering his mouth. George moved his hands down her face and towards her boobs. She giggled softly when she felt him fondling her girls. They parted lips to catch their breath before resuming making out and Kuro gently pushing him down onto the mattress, the seductive succubus giving George a bit of room to knead her huge mounds.

As George continued pleasuring Kuro, he felt her wrap her tail around one of his legs. She moved her lips towards his right ear, "You feel that? My tail coiled around your leg? In succubus nature, it means that I'm devoted to only one man and one man alone," She tapped his nose softly, "and that is you, George Anderson." She kissed him all over his face before she moved his head onto her H-cups. She smiled lewdly, "You know what to do, love."

"Yes, my sexy succubus." He began peppering the entirety of her globes with kisses, especially her hardened nipples. He transitioned from kissing to sucking on her tits. Kuro moaned & whimpered in ecstasy, petting his scalp softly. She gasped as he feasted on her mounds, her face flushed. Words couldn't begin to describe how she felt right now as her husband showered her precious breasts with his lips. She pressed his head between her H-cups, and he continued pleasuring her, rubbing his head against both while also kissing the skin in her valley.

"I can't wait any longer, Georgie! I need you to pound into my womb!" Kuro screamed, her lower lips wet. He moved his head towards her face, green eyes meeting her alluring purple orbs. He cupped her face with both hands, "As you wish." With that, he grunted as he starts thrusting into Kuro's womb who screeched,

"OH YES! YES, YES, YES! FASTER! HARDER!" Kuro screamed with primal lust. George went faster & harder into her, her screams becoming more echoey as he noticed some kind of purple-ish tattoo that vaguely looked like a gothic take on the female reproductive system appeared on her lower abdomen, close to her lower lips that began glowing. 'May have to ask her about that in the morning. . . .'

As he slammed into Kuro, it became increasingly more difficult to hold himself back and Kuro could feel it. "Go ahead, release your seed, your spirit energy into my womb." She whispered into his ear seductively. And with that, he lost control.

"KURO!" He screamed her hand as he discharged rivers of his sperm into her. Kuro arched her back as she screeched George's name, releasing at the same time as he did. They released until Kuro collapsed on top of him, mashing her jugs against his chest. They kissed each other softly as the succubus nuzzled his chest, enjoying the sound of his fast beating heart. "I love you, Georgie." He rubbed her hair, "I love you too, Kuro."

Kuro smiled bigger than she had ever smiled before when he said that and slammed her lips onto his, the two kissing one last time before she removed herself from George's member and laid down on his left side. Speaking of his trouser snake, it's still hard and ready for round three with Anna.

Anna slithered on up to him, her tail coiling around his legs. He noticed that just above her snake tail was her lower lips. George gulped,

"Please don't break my legs. . . or my pelvis." He said, cautiously. Anna giggled,

"I know how powerful my tail can be and how much force to apply. Besides, I would never dream of hurting you, darling." She cupped his face and kissed him passionately, a kiss he returned.

He moaned when he felt her forked tongue enter his mouth, exploring the entirety of his oral cavity. His hands stroked her long hair softly & gently. The pair parted for air before diving in for more making out as George's hands cupped her globes. Anna winked.

"Go ahead, darling. I massaged you at the start of this night, now return the favor." He rubbed her breasts softly, the sensation making Anna giggle. He switched to squeezing and kneading, the lamia moaning in delight. She pulled his head towards her boobs, his right cheek pressed against them. "Go ahead. Your lips against my tits, smart guy." She insisted.

"As you wish, my seductive snake." He placed gentle kisses on both of her hardened tits, the lamia smiling sweetly, her hands petting his head softly. He transitioned from kissing to sucking on them, Anna moaning from the sensation. She moaned even louder as he feasted on one breast and kneaded another, the tip of her tail writhing in delight.

"I can't wait any longer!" She lowered herself onto George's member, the pair fully joined. Anna moaned in ecstasy while George held himself back from climaxing. Anna wrapped her arms around her hubby, kissing him. He returned the kiss and hug. They break apart and she whispers into his ear,

"Go. Slam hard & fast into me." He followed her decree, pumping hard & fast into Anna's womb. The Lamia squealed in delight as he felt her inner walls squeeze his member, and she met his thrusts with her own. He also made out with her and kneaded her boobs at the same time. The euphoric sensation was building up in both of them until it became too much.

"ANNA!" George screamed as he discharged a white torrent into Anna's womb.

"GEORGIE!" Anna screeched as she released, relishing the sensation of being filled up by her hubby.

The pair collapsed, both breathing heavily, sweating, and the smell of sex was strong in the room.

"I love you, Georgie." Anna said lovingly, nuzzling her husband. George, on the other hand, was catching his breath.

"I. . . . love. . . you. . . too, Anna." He said exasperated, his heart hammering.

"Are you alright, Darling?" Anna asked, worried that she may have hurt him.

"I'm fine. I just need to catch my breath." He reassured her. "Could you listen to my heart and let me know when it stops beating so rapidly?" He asked Anna.

"Of course, love." She laid her head against his chest, her finely tuned ears listening to his rapid beating heart. After a few minutes, she could hear the beating slow down. She looked up and saw George had fallen asleep, with Cleo & Kuro having nestled his arms between their breasts. Anna sighed in delight,

"Thank you, Georgie. You made us three Mamono very happy. I hope to ensure that you will be happy with us for the rest of your life." She kissed him passionately and he smiled in his sleep.

She grabbed the blanket with her tail, placed it over all four of them, and cuddled their shared husband. For the first time in George's life, he could sleep peacefully and he wasn't alone.

I deeply apologize for my absence. My academic career is very important, hence the notification of me being on hiatus. But since this was a third of the way complete, I may as well finish it with help from Doom Recon.

Now the Lemon may not be what everyone likes but I'm VERY conservative as while I don't mind reading Lemons, I find myself nervous publishing any for viewers to read. This is only the second one I've done, the first being in DinosaursXDevils. And while it is much longer, thanks to being three women, I've also done my best to make it more 'passionate'. Will I add more details to Lemons in the future? Maybe.

Next time: The morning after, more about George, and a taste of his combat. . . and doing his best to face two of his greatest fears.