Sirius' Cure For Exam Tension – Epilogue

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Remus Lupin woke up again. It was a warm morning. The duvet was half-off, and beside him, Sirius Black was snoring very quietly, one arm loosely around Remus' waist. Gently, so as not to wake his snoozing lover, Remus lifted the arm and slid out of bed, then padded into the adjoining bathroom. A billion thoughts flicked through his mind as he brushed his teeth. He'd done it – his parents knew he was gay, and they were more or less okay with it. His sisters loved Sirius, and Sirius liked his entire family. He could be honest with his parents now. He didn't have to lie to anybody. Life, he realised, was good. Nothing could possibly bring him down, nothing at all! Today he and Sirius were going home, back to London and their friends, but they could always come here when they wanted. His most difficult task in the foreseeable future was finding a job, and that wasn't urgent because Sirius worked. He still had his lycanthropy to deal with, but he was used to that by now. Life was absolutely perfe. . .

"MOONY!!" Remus hit his head on the bathroom cabinet as he started in surprise, then he stumbled into the bedroom, clasping his head.

"Sirius!" he called, wondering what on Earth could have happened, "are you okay!"

Sirius was out of bed and stark naked. He had opened Remus' wardrobe and was staring inside it in horror.

"What is it?" Remus demanded, trying to shove Sirius out of the way.

The taller man stared at him, preventing him from getting to the wardrobe. "Remus," he whispered, "you. . .You always said. . ."

Remus peered curiously over his lover's shoulder, and the blood drained from his face. He moved backwards quickly and fell onto his bed, where he buried his face in his hands. Sirius regarded him with a strange expression and eventually shut the wardrobe again.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

This isn't happening, Remus thought. It can't be. . .

"Why did you look in my wardrobe?" he muttered.

"I wanted a shirt," said Sirius simply.

"You should have asked. . ."

"I'm sorry, Moony, but I didn't expect to find – "

"I'm sorry, okay!" Remus glared at Sirius, determined not to appear ashamed. "I'm sorry you had to find out this way, but it's true. . .it's who I am."

"I know, Moony." Sirius' tone of voice was soft, but incredulous. "I just can't believe it. . .not you. . . You're the last person I would have imagined. . ."

"I tried to hide it from you because I thought you would laugh," muttered Remus. Sirius sat on the bed beside him and put his arms around him.

"I'd never laugh at you, and not about this. This is. . .Remus, it's amazing, actually. I'm proud of you!"

Remus looked up at his lover, and a faint smile crossed his face. "Really?"

"Of course." Sirius lifted Remus chin with his hand, and kissed him. "Nothing could change the fact that I love you, and this... well, I guess it's a bonus." He grinned and drew away. "Come on, let's go and have breakfast."

They went downstairs, hand-in-hand. Inside the wardrobe, in the dark, Freddie Mercury continued to sprint the length of the poster, as he had every day since 1975, when Remus had finally found the nerve to go and buy it from the music shop in Hogsmeade. He was watched from a distance by Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor; a winning combination, Remus thought absently, like Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. He had nearly forgotten about his last secret, one he had kept from Sirius since he had discovered to his horror that his rather annoying house mate, Sirius Black was also a massive Queen fan. And after they became friends, it had all been a bit embarrassing and he had simply never found the correct moment to tell Sirius that he liked them too. It had always been a bit of an issue - everybody knew Remus hated rock music. Well finally he was out of the closet. And later he'd bring Freddie and the boys out of his own closet, and take the posters back to London with him, and put them up for all to see.

This was it then. No more secrets for Remus Lupin.


When they got downstairs, breakfast was nearly over, but they grabbed some toast and decided to go back up to Remus' room and listen to music. Mrs Lupin raised an eyebrow.

"Does Sirius like your sort of music, dear? I thought you told me he was into classical music and – "

"No mum, you must have heard wrong!" Remus laughed, leading an indignant Sirius back towards the stairs. Just then, the telephone rang.

"Remus!" James Potter's voice boomed out of phone so loudly that the werewolf had to hold the receiver away from his ear to avoid being deafened. "Remus, I'm getting married!"

Remus grinned and mouthed "James is getting married," at Sirius who was hovering at his elbow.

"Yes, I heard."

Remus rolled his eyes at Sirius "I never should have let you teach him how to use the telephone."

"I'm getting married!" James yelled again, apparently not willing to be left out of the conversation. "Get your fat arse over here now, this calls for a party!"

Remus hung the phone up and the lovers grinned at each other. "We'd better go before he ruptures a ventricle," laughed Remus.


Sirius drove all the way home, but unusually, they didn't get lost even once. And all the way, Freddie Mercury sang for them, at the top of his voice, in the prime of his life, and Sirius joined in. Remus smiled, laughed and occasionally joined in with the two stars in his sky.

You know I never could see
Where life was leading me
But will we be together forever?
What will be my love?"