At Network Tower:

Henry gasped. Where was this? It looked like it came out of someone's interplanetary fantasies. There were so many asteroids… ...little floating cubes… A couple of planet sized spheres just... hanging in the darkness above a blue void. It was unreal for him to stand in…

He wasn't even standing on solid ground! He was flying! through space!

He heard conversations flying through space too.

"Careful with those Digignomes, Tsuwarmon , Let one loose and there might be an interdigimensional incident!"A Holsemon said to a Tsuwarmon "Yeah yeah, I know Holsemon, you don't have to be such a worry wing."

"Do you think they'll show up soon?" A nasally voice asked. "I hope so," a graceful voice responded. "I know they will!" an overconfident voice exclaimed

"HENRY!" That last voice was him, wasn't it?

"TERRIERMON!" He shouted. He couldn't see his partner, but they were there somewhere close. "Henry! ow!" something collided with the soles of his shoes.

"Terriermon, you Ok there?" He reached for the bunny digimon underfoot, and hugged it tightly.

"Urk-Momentai!" Terriermon said, Henry unknowingly crushed his partner's mesh with his love.

At in Network tower:

While the kids flew away from the elevator...

Kouichi looked at everything in awe.

Space elevators were impossible, breathing in space was impossible, so that meant, either this was a dream, or Digimon weren't a fantasy from a dream… It didn't feel like a realistic dream, those were exhausting… the former was out of the question..

"Thank you!" he told his twin. Better live it...

"No problem." his brother smiled a tiny smile.


... If this was real, then those nightmares and dying were real. Suddenly the light of the stars and glow of the asteroids was all too harsh.

Oh well… Better to dream than to live a hollow shell…right? Yeah, now was the time to live a dream… Not some stupid nightmare from his childhood.


"Kouichi, you're brooding again." Kouji pointed out. OH! "Sorry about that." He apologised.


So what happens next? "Kouji, what do we do now?" He asked.


"We find Lady Ophanimon and prove it to everyone else," His brother answered. Kouji was forgetting the kids… He should point it out to Kouji. "You're forgetting something." He said.

His brother would probably remember in





"Those kids… Why did Lady Ophanimon call them?" his brother wondered.

Instinctively, Kouichi looked around for the kids.


He saw the kids apparently reuniting with old friends… The Goggleboy kid was excitedly flying around with a red dinosaur, The edgehead girl was talking to an equally edgy bipedal yin-yang fox, And the Chinese boy was hugging a rabbit, like it was a beloved stuffed animal.

For once a warm smile was on Kouichi's face.

"They must have missed each other." He whispered.

"You think Lady Ophanimon called them just to bring them back together?" Kouji asked.

"Seems that way." He said.


Speaking of Lady Ophanimon… "Where is Lady Ophanimon?" he asked his brother. Immediately, Kouji's phone rang, as if it wanted to answer his question.


"This is Minamoto speaking, what do you need?" His brother asked. Kouji, how was he so polite?

"Meet us near customs. Kouji Minamoto, remember to ask for directions if you lose your way." Kouichi could barely hear it from where he was floating. The call must have ended immediately after that, because Kouji slipped his phone in his pocket and said

"I don't plan to keep an angel waiting."

Kouichi felt likewise.

Still at Network Tower:

Kouji was uncomfortable, being human yet flying after so long. He missed being Kendo Garurumon, being the size of a jet and flying like one too. Would the others miss their Digimon forms if they remembered? Maybe?


*Bump* Kouji stubbed his toe on something. "Hey, watch it!" He heard something near his feet say.

"I apologise…" He said. He looked down to see a purple digimon with a badge. 'remember to ask for directions if you lose your way' he remembered so clearly he could hear it. He might as well request directions now. "Do you know the way to customs?" He asked the digimon.

"Yep, it's right past that green star there, see?" The digimon at his feet pointed towards a green star. There was a gargantuan asteroid floating nearby.

"Thank you…?" He trailed off, this digimon's name was eluding Kouji, he didn't recall seeing this digimon, in his adventures or in the card game that had appeared that day...


"Impmon, don't you forget it!" Impmon introduced himself. Was Impmon waiting for someone too? Why else would he be by the elevator?

"Impmon, what are you doing out here?" He asked.

Impmon floated up to eye level.

"I work here! Can't ya dunderheads see that I'm Network Tower's security?" Impmon pointed to a badge on his chest. Kouji couldn't decipher the words on the badge.

"He meant by the elevator…" Kouichi corrected… Kouji felt chills.

"Uhh, It's none of ya buisness!" Impmon claimed, He was hiding something but… If Kouji valued Impmon's respect, he would leave. So he did.

"Sure." Kouichi said as he followed after him.

Past the green star, outside customs:

Soon Kouji and his brother found themselves staring at the gargantuan asteroid that was customs. There was a door to inside and there was a window with a Gatomon slowly rotating with the asteroid. Lady Ophanimon was chatting with the Gatomon. The Gatomon pointed at them, Lady Ophanimon turned to wave at them.

"Hello warriors," She said.

"Thanks for answering my call. I'm glad I wrote down your number" Kouji said.


"Wait, so you just… makes sense." Kouichi sputtered.

Kouji knelt as best he could.

"Lady Ophanimon, My Fellow warriors all deny your existence, I have come to ask for your guidance." He pleaded with the angel digimon.

"Kouji…" Kouichi probably had no idea how much it tore him apart, to know the friends he made along the way were drifting in different directions.

"The answer… is that they know in their hearts that it is their truth, I know this much. If ever a time comes for them to return, they'll return…" Lady Ophanimon explained.


...he felt defeated, the Darkness of the void, it was swallowing him.


"Though, I suppose a small reminder may not hurt" Lady Ophanimon said. What…?

"Let's dial them up now, shall we?" Lady Ophanimon held out her hand and a screen appeared. Kouji heard a phone dial tone.

"Wello, This is Takuya Kanbara, to who do I owe this pleasure?" He heard from the screen.

"This is…an old acquaintance," Lady Ophanimon said… "Did you forget?" Power was gathering near Lady Opanimon's hand.

"Forget what?" Takuyas voice asked.

"I see…Perhaps this will jog your memories." Lady Ophanimon's light grew stronger. What was she doing?

"Lady Ophanimon, are you sure about this? it could cause a big trouble." The Gatomon in the window asked. What!

"They've saved the world for me. This is the least I want to do." Lady Ophanimon admitted.

"what and how and what and what?" He could hear Takuya's screams as the line cut out. "Excuse me but what did you do to him?" he asked. Did Ophanimon do something terrible?

"I returned his spirits, it seems they wanted to do something in turn. They missed him." Lady Ophanimon answered his thoughts.

"Do the spirits of Light miss me…?" Kouji wondered, under his breath. Lobomon... KendoGarurumon...

"Of course they do," Lady Ophanimon replied, she raised her hand to face him.

"What are you doing?" Kouichi yelled.

"I'm returning his spirits." Lady Ophanimon answered.

Before he could react, he was encased in a beam of light.

Kouji felt happy.

Spirit Evolution!


Still at Network Tower:

Kouichi sighed, Kouji was now a digimon… Great. Was it going to be permanent, heck if he knew.

He had to admit, His brother seemed pretty happy with being Strabimon. Wait...

Was Kouji a furry? Not that he could blame Kouji, He'd probably be one too if it weren't for the fact that he always felt like a toy when he used his spirits. Instead of the many forms his brother had taken.

How many of the others were furries like Kouji? Because of their time in the digital world?, even if they didn't remember it they still should recall it somewhat.

Takuya probably not, Zoe definitely not, JP no,

Tommy maybe would just dismiss it because of it being early childhood stuff, though he couldn't discount the possibility either since Tommy's forms had been the most furry of all of them…


"Kouichi, Brother! You're forgetting something aren't you?" Kouji said slightly louder than usual, sounding slightly edgy. Oh yeah, those kids.

"Yeah, the kids who went up the elevator with us," he said

… Did they leave yet?

He noticed Kouji sniffing the air.

"I know their scent somehow. They're this way!" Kouji said. Was his brother acting edgy but cute on purpose?

More to tease Kouji about later, Kouichi supposed. "Ok White Fang, I trust you, lead the way." He said.

"OK! Let's go, UnluckyFunnymanAccount!" Did Kouji just refer to him by his internet username without a second thought? Oh no…! Was WhiteFang Kouji's username? Kouji didn't use one like it in the chat room.

AH! Kouji was flying far away fast

Kouichi found himself struggling to keep up with his brother, but he had to ask Kouji anyway.

"Wait a second," Kouichi gasped for air.

"What is it Brother?" Kouji asked.

"You mean your username is WhiteFang?" he asked.

"It's my alt account, ...…!" Kouji said. Was Kouji not acting?, it's like another personality was layered over his brother's.

"What did I admit to you?" Kouji asked.

"That you're dead to me." he joked.

Kouji dramatically clutched where his heart would be and tried to fall over. That just ended up with Kouji spinning in the air.

Kouichi appreciated that he could rest uninterrupted, but did it have to be this over the top?

In the distance he could see them, the kids that had been on the elevator, talking with the security digimon from earlier. Were they acquainted?

"Edgy redhead! Chinese kid! Goggleboy!" He called. Edgy Redhead didn't respond, other than by turning to look. Man she knew how to keep her cool when she needed to. Instead it was Goggleboy who responded.

"Hey it's Kouji, he's got a digimon with him!" Goggleboy shouted. That alerted Chinese kid and the Security digimon.

Kouji? oh... "It's Kouichi actually, Kouji's spinning over here." he responded as He gripped Kouji/Strabimon's scarf. It twisted in his hand.

When he flew towards the group, Edgy Redhead began to talk. "So your brother somehow turned into a digimon? That sounds like it'll be embarrassing later" She said snidely. So cruel, yet so true… Even now it felt that way.