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By a glistening spring sits a girl. Her dark hair falls around her shoulders as she traces the pattern of the boulder she is perched on. Her hand slowly moves to her neck, where it lightly brushes a scar; a bite mark. Her lips mouth a word that is forever lost to the wind.

Suddenly she removes her hand and turns around abruptly. Her hair whirls about her as she focuses her eyes, searching deep into the forest. She smiles slightly as she watches two figures come bounding through the trees, two small and familiar figures.

"Kagome!" Said a small red-haired kitsune.

"Yes Shippou?" The dark haired figure asked kindly.

"We were worried because you didn't come back. You said you were going to take a bath, but its been awhile!" the kitsune whined, stepping forward. The figure behind Shippou poked her head out.

"How come you didn't come back for so long?" the kit said. She was younger than Shippou, and she had the appearance of a half demon. Furry black ears poked out from behind her raven hair, which fell smoothly down to her back. Her intense golden eyes looked at Kagome in question.

"I..." Kagome stopped, staring at the sky. "Someone from a nearby village got sick...I had to heal her" the miko lied.

"Oh..." the smaller kit said, slightly unbelieving.

"We better get back to the village. Kagome remarked, smiling at the two kits.

"Okay!" The two chirped, skipping off back into the forest, heading back to their home. Kagome followed closely behind them. She watched the female kit. Even though she was smaller and younger than Shippou, she was obviously quicker and more agile than the kitsune. Kagome smiled. Only 5 years old... She owed the speed to her father. Sure, Shippou was her adopted son, in a way.but Sukashi (that's the female kit's name) shared a deeper bond with her. She was her own daughter.

Something suddenly caught Kagome's eye. A bird, on the side of the worn path, flopped awkwardly, trying to get away from the miko as she walked towards it. Its wing hung at an odd angle, and Kagome could easily infer that it was broken. She put her left hand over it and closed her brown eyes, allowing her miko magic to flow from it into the bird. She stood up and watched the bird fly away, above the trees. The day she had turned the same age Kikyou was when she had died, Kagome's magic had taken a steep incline. She was now as powerful as Kikyou, if not more. She had also taken a more serious attitude about things. Nowadays when she looked into the smooth surface of water, she was surprised to see the reflection of Kikyou staring back at her. It seemed to take a toll on Inuyasha as well...he was constantly mistaking her for Kikyou. Kagome truthfully couldn't blame him, as she was adorned with traditional miko clothes. She had said goodbye to her mother, brother and grandpa, and she now lived in the past, where she could raise her daughter. Inuyasha and herself were still searching for the jewel shards, as Naraku was still alive...it had been 6 years since she and the annoying hanyou had begun searching for the shards. It often frustrated Kagome that they hadn't killed Naraku yet. Kagome also had to face the loss of Sango and Miroku, who had both died from Miroku's wind tunnel. Naraku had used his poison to make the hole in Miroku's right hand larger. Sango had thrown herself onto Miroku, and they had died in each other's arms. Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippou had watched in horror as the torrenting winds absorbed the monk and the exterminator.

"Kagome?" Shippou asked from a ways down the path.

Kagome looked at the kitsune and her daughter. "Coming!" she called, jogging to catch up with them.


Upon reaching the village, Kagome entered her hut. She turned to the two kits. "Will you two go and get me water from the spring?" She needed to boil some herbs, a remedy for coughing.

The kits skipped out of the hut, racing each other to the village's spring. Kagome sat on a straw mat, thinking.

I don't know if I can stand staying here anymore. Sukashi needs to meet her real father...but what should I do? Should I go find him? But he...he never came back for me, he left me alone after promising to return...and all he left me was a scar and a child. Only a child...how can I say that? She resembles her father so much sometimes, especially when she stares at me with those intense golden eyes. I love him so much, but does he love me?


Kagome clenched her fists and brought her head to her knees. She squeezed her eyes shut so no tears would escape, but it was no use. The salty droplets began to leak from her eyes. She loved him so much.and he was gone.

Suddenly she sensed something was wrong. She stood up abruptly and put her hand on her face, magically removing all traces of tears. Running towards the stream she took out a bow and arrow.

She stopped abruptly and with wide eyes, she took in the scene in front of her. The water bucket was thrown aside, and Inuyasha had Sukashi pinned down and was hitting her ferociously as Shippou tried his feeble attempts to stop Inuyasha. Kagome strung her arrow and loosed it. Inuyasha was suddenly jerked backwards and by the time he realized what was happening, Kagome had already loosed five more arrows. Inuyasha looked at his hands and feet. His clothing was pinned to the tree, making it so he could not move. Kagome ran up to the tree and put her hand on his chest. "Inuyasha...that is the last time you abuse my daughter!"

"Your and my fucking brothers daughter! I don't like having my half brother's spawn anywhere near me! She doesn't deserve to live!" Inuyasha spat at her.

"This is the last time!" Kagome repeated. "I am leaving. Today. Now. You will NOT come after me, do you understand?! If you still want to find jewel shards I will NOT assist you anymore! Kikyou can help you...she's five miles that way." Kagome stopped to point. "If you do come after me I will be forced to pin you to a tree like Kikyou did half a century ago!"

Inuyasha looked at Kagome. She was glaring at him in such a way that it reminded him so much of Kikyou.

"Kagome..." he whined softly.

"No! I'm putting you to sleep for 10 hours. Once again.do NOT come after me!" With that Kagome pressed her hand on his chest harder and forced her magic to put a spell on him. The blue-purple light glowed from her hand radiantly, and then she removed it. She sat down, panting slightly before getting up and running to Sukashi, whom Shippou was already tending to. Kagome pressed her hand upon Sukashi's chest, this time more gently, and healed her slowly. When the little kit opened her beautiful golden eyes, Kagome stood and addressed the two kits.

"Get your things...we are leaving."

"Where are we going?" Shippou piped.

"We're going to find..." Kagome stopped. "Just get your things." With that Kagome walked swiftly back to the village.

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