A few days after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter was sitting with the minister, Minerva, Snape and Amelia Bones, the head of the DMLE, while he explained everything. All he asked was that the piece of information in regards to him being a horcrux be kept between them. This meeting was private and sealed so no one would know what was being talked about.

When Ron and Hermione found out about the meeting, they thought they should have been included. Harry wasn't sure what to say to his friends. But he thought they looked more upset than they should especially when they knew Harry hated all this. But Harry also noticed that they were acting strange.

Only a week after his meetings were finished, Harry was approached by Ginny about resuming their relationship. When he said no, he decided to tell her the reason, that he was gay. He explained that it just took him a while to sort things out. He never told her or anyone that he had feelings for a man, it didn't concern anyone else. But when Ron found out what he had said to Ginny, that's when Harry had a falling out with Ron, the worst fight ever.

At first, Harry was going to forgive his mate, for the third time, but something kept nagging at him and whenever he got that feeling, it let him know something was wrong or something was about to happen. He had followed those instincts before and he was going to again. Harry decided that his friendship with the red head was over. He just wasn't going to take that type of shit from anyone, not even so called friends. He had forgiven Ron a few times over the years, all those fights that were caused by Ron, Harry finally said no more.

One day, about a week before returning to Hogwarts, Harry decided to find out once and for all what Ron and the rest of the Weasley's thought of him now he didn't want to date their precious Ginny.

He sent a letter by owl from Hogwarts where he had been staying, helping repair the castle. He made sure the living room was empty before climbing in the window with his invisibility cloak over himself. He then stood just inside the door waiting for the post, which arrived ten minutes later. He didn't see who the owl went to and dropped the letter, he just wanted to hear what was being said.

"Three times you turned your back on me and you just expect me to forgive you, well guess what Ronald, you're a fucking idiot. Now though, just because I happen to be gay doesn't give you the right to bad mouth me all over town. So as a little bit of pay back, I've decided to pay a visit to Witch Weekly, who have been after me to give an interview, one where your name is not mentioned Ronald, nor Hermione, nor any one else. I went on to say just how bad your advice was, how often you could have gotten me killed, even risking my life over yours when I was the chosen one.

"I'm not normally a vindictive person but all of you are hypocrites. I was part of the family when you thought I might end up with Ginny, the moment I said no, I was the worst person in the world. But really, a plane Jane like her, I've seen better heads on the Slytherin's, I can do a lot better. I've got woman throwing themselves at me, gorgeous woman. But since I'm gay, I'm going out and having the time of my life with a lot of men using the money Sirius left me.

"I've just bought a huge house, which is looked after by a full staff of house elves. At one time I did like Ginny, as a friend, but she is just as bad as all of you. So if I have to use my status as saviour to get some pay back, then I will. You wouldn't believe what I am being offered every minute of the day, money naturally but since I'm already rich, I don't need that and decided to give it to Hogwarts. I can have any job I want, still deciding what I will do, maybe I might end up minister, now that would be cool.

"Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that as far as everyone will know, none of you actually helped me in anyway. All you did was slow me down which caused more deaths. You lot and Dumbledore caused Sirius' death, keeping me away from him, from the information I needed that he could have given me. That caused deaths, it's just lucky Severus Snape gave me that information. So my article will be naming the people that did help, Snape of course, Neville was a very big help, Aberforth, Minerva, Kingsley, Hagrid, luna and some others. Your names are going to be missing, poor things, Lord Harry James Potter."

'That bastard,' Ron growled.

'If we just acted like we didn't mind him being gay then we could have slipped him a love potion. He could be married to Ginny right now and she could get to his money. You are too hot headed Ron, now he'll never trust us again,' Molly said.

'It doesn't mean we can't try Molly. I'm sure sometime at Hogwarts one of them can slip him a love potion or even a mind control potion. But that is a banned potion, it might be to dangerous, a love potion is the safest option.'

'I only wanted to marry him to be the saviours wife and get the money; I could have divorced him after a year saying he was abusive. Everyone knows Harry gets angry, they all saw it over the years, so it wouldn't be hard to believe. I could get Ron to hit me then tell everyone Harry did it.'

'But that first article Kingsley put out mentioned that Harry was overwhelmed with Voldemort's emotions which caused Harry to get angry, but since he's now dead, Harry doesn't feel that anymore,' Hermione said, 'Maybe I can get back into his good books, slip him the potion after he trust me again. I never said anything about being gay; I just said that Ginny was hurt because he made it look like he would return to Ginny after the war.'

'He never said that, you know that Hermione. But you have the best shot out of all of us.' Bill said.

'We share a room, Harry always keeps a glass of water beside him, I could spike that, easy,' Ron said.

'We'll just have to wait until he returns, but I think Hermione is the one to try first, see if he will trust you again dear. These plans for him to marry Ginny started because Albus thought she was the best choice. She's used to standing up for her self, she won't take any complaining from Harry. He needs a strong hand or he will end up with someone like a Slytherin, we can't have that. Albus promised he would make sure Harry married Ginny we just had to be patient but he died so we can't rely on his help anymore,' Molly said.

'Let's forget it now, there is nothing more we can do until they return to Hogwarts. Only then will Ron, Ginny and Hermione have a chance to get to Harry.' Arthur said.

Harry waited until the footsteps died away before he climbed back out the window, moved far enough away from the house so he could apparate without anyone hearing the noise. Harry walked into the castle knowing that help was available.


Harry knew returning to Hogwarts to do his final year would be hard, the staring, the awed looks, some even looked a little frightened of him. But he also knew his so-called friends would try to make up with him. If that didn't work, they would try the potion, but he was lucky with some help in that department.

Harry knew he could trust Neville with anything and his friend never let him down, so he stuck by Harry and promised to tell him if he heard anything that Harry might need to know. Harry never took the train to Hogwarts since he remained at the castle; he figured he just couldn't deal with them or anyone else for that long.

Harry did have his house but he was determined to help repair Hogwarts, so staying at the castle made sense. He would move into his house after he finished his education.

When Neville came in he instantly sat beside Harry who was near the end of the table closest to the staff table. He had other friends sit with him but when Hermione said hello, Harry ignored her and kept talking to Neville and the Patil twins. But during the welcoming feast Ron, Hermione and Ginny got to see some of Harry's help. Kreacher kept popping in next to Harry and handing him a fresh glass of juice or anything else he wanted. Not once did Harry eat the food on the table or touch any of the beverages that were on the table.

Harry knew they wouldn't give up, but wasn't sure what they might try next. Harry waited until the students started to drift off to their house rooms right after the feast that first night back at Hogwarts. He knew Ron, Hermione and Ginny were waiting outside the doors of the great hall, so Harry stood just inside the doors talking to Neville.

'So why aren't you coming up to Gryffindor tower?'

'I have my own room here, professor McGonagall thought it would be the only way I would get any peace from my…fans,' Harry rolled his eyes making Neville laugh, 'She realised it would be too difficult for me to concentrate on my assignments with everyone still trying to talk to me. Anyway, I'll see you in the morning Neville.'

'Yep, you will mate, night,' Neville walked off but Harry waited for another thirty seconds then headed out of the great hall. He acted like he wasn't paying attention around him but he saw their movements in the shadows. He made sure not to walk too fast but he got to the painting, moved his wand and non-verbally said the password. When the portrait opened Harry stepped inside just as Hermione, Ron and Ginny came around the corner.

'We have to get him to talk to us,' Ron said nodding to Hermione.

'I doubt it will work, we might be best waiting for a few weeks.'

'He's alone right now, it's the perfect time. If he doesn't listen we'll petrify him then pour the potion into his mouth, easy,' Ginny said.

Hermione nodded but knocked on the portrait of an old man with a long beard. Hermione, Ron and Ginny gasped when the portrait opened because it wasn't Harry who opened it.

'Twenty points from each of you for being out of bed past curfew. Now why are you knocking on my door and disturbing my night?' Snape snarled.

'We were looking for Harry,' Hermione said in a whisper.

'And why would Potter be in my rooms?'

'We just saw him go in there,' Ron said.

'You need your eyesight tested Weasley. I can assure you that Potter is not in my rooms. Now get to your house rooms before I take more points from Gryffindor.'

'Harry's planning on pranking you sir, he's going to make you believe he likes you, he wants to humiliate you,' Ginny said in a rush.

'Really, ten more points from three Gryffindor for wasting my time and a detention tomorrow night with Mr. Filch,' Severus slammed the portrait then turned to smirk at Harry, 'You were right, they did try to get you in shit with me.'

'I wish I never told Hermione what I said about you, even if it was only a dream, I'm sorry Severus.'

'Don't be, I do not like bully's or people trying to use others and that is what they are trying to do. Your friends will be next.'

'Neville won't believe them, neither will Luna; I don't know who might though. But I'll get to my room now, thanks for allowing me to slip through your rooms.'

'It is safer, but the potion I gave you will counter act any love potion they might slip you.'

'It will be hard with Kreacher bringing me my food and drink and I have ordered him not to obey anyone other than me. I hate ordering him around, but right now I don't have a choice. Anyway, goodnight Severus.'

'Goodnight Harry,' Severus waited until Harry stepped through the invisible door before he went into his bedroom. After his shower he sat against the bedhead trying to read his new potions journal but all he kept thinking about was Harry and what his so called friends wanted, to use him for his name and his money.

Severus always had a feeling the Weasley's weren't what they made everyone believe, how they seem to like Harry from the moment he entered the magical world. They just seemed to good to be true. He had first got suspicious whenever he saw Harry during his first year, he was never alone, Ron or Hermione were always with him and Severus could tell that it frustrated Harry that he could never get any space from them.

But after the return of Voldemort that is when Severus really noticed. Ron, Hermione and Ginny were always with him, he never got five minutes peace with them, unless he was in the bathroom and usually Ron followed him. It was then that Harry started to use his cloak just to get some time to himself.

Albus had explained how Molly badgered him to allow Harry to live with the family, how she could look after him like he needs, a mother to care for him. Albus didn't allow Harry to live there as he needed the protection that was set up at Privet drive, but he did allow Harry to stay with the Weasley's every holidays.

But it was during the times they were all at Grimmauld place with Black, again Harry never got any privacy, either Ron, Ginny or Hermione were constantly with him. If Harry managed to slip away from them to speak with his godfather, Molly always interrupted.

Severus should have spoken to Harry then but he had to keep up his role of hating Harry. No one knew exactly what that role was, if he was really Albus' spy or was he playing Albus, was he playing both sides for his own benefit. But Severus had learned to be observant without anyone noticing, apart from Albus Dumbledore who seemed to notice everything.

During one meeting Severus had with Albus, a frustrating talk and as far as Severus was concerned, a waste of time. Albus kept asking Severus how Harry looked during class, after class and whenever he roamed the corridors at night, which Harry did every night with Severus carefully following, staying in the shadows. He asked if anyone ever followed Harry during his night time walks, especially any girls. It was like Albus was trying to say something without saying it and he kept giving him that look, with the familiar twinkle in his eyes. Severus had never been able to work out just exactly what Albus had been planning or thinking.

It was from the time he started to give Harry occlumency lessons that he finally came to see the real Harry and not his father. He saw how his muggle relatives had treated him, nothing like a celebrity as Severus always thought. He was treated like a slave, starved, humiliated, bullied and beaten. That is when Severus started to watch Harry more closely, that's when his feelings for the young man changed.

What Severus never expected was how deep his feelings for Harry went, they had grown until he wished every day he could hold Harry to him and never let him go, to protect him and keep him safe. But Severus knew that would never happen, Harry was good looking, popular even if he didn't want popularity. Harry was young and could have anyone his heart desired, so why would he want an ex death eater that was hated by students. Some of the students would look his way and break down into hysterics.

Severus was not a nice looking man, he thought he looked plain ugly, with his sallow skin and hooked nose. Where Harry's perfect small nose suited the young man's face. His lips were full and looked like they wanted to be kissed and Severus knew that a lot of people did want to kiss Harry Potter. Harry's most beautiful feature was his eyes, so green and so bright. Severus thought about Harry's eyes, how they did shine now, when before the fall of the dark lord, Harry's eyes always looked haunted, dull and sad. It took weeks before the dark circles disappeared from around Harry's eyes and they slowly brightened to show so much life.

As he sat staring at the book he realised he just couldn't concentrate on, he did get an idea that would help Harry with his problem with his betraying friends. But could he broach the subject with Harry, would the young man take him serious or would he laugh at the ridiculous suggestion. That was Severus' main concern, being laughed at even though he didn't believe Harry would do that to him, it still made Severus wary.

After the fall of voldemort Harry and Severus spent a lot of time together. At first Harry helped Severus with his recovery and Harry would not let anyone else help, apart from Poppy Pomfrey who would give him his potions and to do her healing charms. To Severus, it was like Harry wanted to be the only one to help Severus recover from his injuries.

But during that time they talked, a lot, Severus finally explained everything, every part of his role. How he had to act, why he used to say Harry was like his father. Severus also explained about his role of keeping Harry safe, how he followed Harry every night whenever he left Gryffindor tower. Then Severus started to tell Harry about his mother, how bright, smart and beautiful she was and best in the school at charms but she was also brilliant at potions. He explained how she was his best friend and the only one he could ever talk to.

It was during that time that Severus had to explain to Harry that yes Severus loved Lily but not in a romantic way, but in a sibling kind of way. Severus explained that only Lily knew he was gay; that is when Harry told him he was gay and why it took so long for him to realise it.

Severus huffed, he realise he wouldn't be able to sleep; he threw his bathrobe on and hurried from his room. He tapped on the wall with his wand where the entrance to Harry's room was, a door appeared. He knocked, opened it and stuck his head through.

'Harry, are you awake?'

'Yeah, come in Severus,' Harry stood from where he had been reading on the sofa, 'Is something wrong?'

'No, I couldn't settle or sleep, something kept nagging at me, something that might help your situation.'

'I've been trying to think of something so I'm not constantly worried what they might do.'

'This is radical and you might not even believe me at first, but what I am going to suggest is because of how I feel. I explained that I did come to care for you even though I had to act like I didn't.'

'Yeah, which I get, it kept the death eaters from guessing you were actually helping.'

'You can say no, I would understand, but I just don't care for you Harry, I came to like you very much, in a romantic way.'

'Oh,' Harry's eyes widened, then he blushed as he looked down, 'Well, you know about my dreams of you, which tells you I like you, I just never thought you would like me, in that way I mean.'

'I did, I do, but with everything that was going on I could not explain to you, it would have been too dangerous.'

'I get that, so this suggestion has something to do with liking me?'

'Yes,' Severus steeled himself as he sat beside Harry, 'They want you're money and to use your name, we know this. But if they lost all chance of being able to get your money, even if they did slip you something, like that mind control potion than my suggestion would stop them accessing your vault. Now before I say what this is, I am willing to sign a magical contract stating I do not want your money or to use you in anyway because if you want to do this people might believe I might be after you for your name, to finally lose my bad reputation.'

'Everyone knows the truth now, the only reputation you have is one that is dedicated to the side of light, to doing the right thing and, well, you're a very brave man. I would curse anyone if they tried to say otherwise.'

Severus smiled; a smile that only Harry had seen, 'Thank you. So now to my radical suggestion and if you did you could…change it after they have finally left you alone.'

'Just tell me because I'm sick of being tense all the time.'

'If you were to…marry me then they could not access anything of yours.'

'Oh,' Harry's eyes widened as his face heated up.

'We do not have to…do anything; this is just to help you.'

Harry looked down, 'What if I want to do…stuff?'

'Then we can discuss that after some time. But if you think about this logically you would realise that as your legal partner then only I would be able to use your name Potter because being Lord Potter I would have to take your name, also, I would be able to have a say on your behalf. So if they poisoned you, which I will curse their genitals into oblivion if they did, it would be up to me to give any answers, to allow anything to be given to you, to look after your finances. As you know I do have the prince money, but I am not one for money or material possessions. I have a few personal possessions and that is all I want, so you're money would be safe, all your possessions would be safe.'

'I'll do it, I just have to change my will, add you to it. I haven't had a chance to change it and take them off. Originally they would get my cloak and a share in my money.'

'Then minerva can witness it for you while you make changes, but are you sure? As I said, you can change it, meaning divorce me after they have realised they can't use you anymore.'

Harry kept his head down, 'I don't want to change it because,' Harry sighed, 'Something I didn't tell you, about how I feel,' Harry looking up through his lashes, 'I love you, I have for a while.'

'Exactly how I feel about you, I just didn't want to put so much on you at once.'

'So we can marry, but when?'

'Now if you wish, Minerva would still be awake and this way you will be protected straight away. But I was serious; I am going to sign a contract stating I do not want anything of yours.'

'Don't you want to…um, you know?'

'I would love to Harry, but I still think we should take our time, to make sure you are not rushing into this just to stop them. I know what you said and how you feel, but you are still young. You might find yourself wishing you did not give yourself to me.'

'All I want is you Severus, but okay, I will give us some time even if I want to be in your bed now,' Harry blushed brightly making Severus chuckle.

'You will be, soon. So how about we go see Minerva?'

Harry smiled, then quickly dressed while Severus did the same then Harry took Severus offered hand. That's how they stayed until they told Minerva what they wanted who didn't seem surprised. She said she was happy for them, then proceeded in marrying Harry Potter to Severus Snape.

When the ceremony was finished, she witnessed for Harry as he made out a new will. Severus had been shocked as Harry named him his main beneficiary, with a few stipulations for friends like Neville and Luna, his godson, Teddy Lupin. He also wrote that some money was also to go to Hagrid, Minerva and Hogwarts.

When they returned to their room which was now expanded so their separate rooms where now joined, they did sleep together but they did not make love. The most they did was kiss, something both of them had wanted to do for a very long time.


The first defence against the dark arts class the following morning had all the returning seventh years waiting outside the classroom. Every time Hermione tried to speak with Harry, to apologise to him, Neville would interrupt and start a conversation with Harry. Hermione kept throwing disgruntled looks at Neville who just shrugged and kept talking to his friend, where Harry would chuckle.

'Quiet,' Severus called as he opened the door, 'Five points from Gryffindor Granger, now in, all of you and you will see that you have assigned seats now, so sit down quietly,' Severus waited until the students sat, 'We will be going over non verbal spells for the first couple of months. To pass your N.E.W.T in this class all spells must be performed without speaking. Harry, would you come and assist me please?'

'Of course Severus,' Harry smiled at the gasps, he heard muttering that snape would eat him alive for using his first name, but more surprises as Severus nodded to Harry.

'First will be the disarming charm, which is always a favourite, especially Harry's.'

Harry chuckled as he shrugged, 'Seems to work for me.'

'Yes, so Harry will try to disarm me without speaking. Yes, you can use a counter charm like protego if you wish or any other spell you believe would help,' Severus held his wand and faced Harry.

'Neville, could you give us a count of three please?'

'Sure Harry, ready, on three, one, two, three.'

More gasps went around the room as Harry successfully disarmed Severus snape before he got his shield charm up and there was no speaking from either Harry nor Snape.

Harry threw Severus wand back to him, 'One successful disarming.'

'You are just so fast now Harry, I think I will have trouble with you. You can go back to your seat. Thank you for your assistance.'

Harry grinned then sat beside Neville, who whispered, 'You called him by his name and you're still alive.'

Harry laughed, 'It'll be explained later, it's all good.'

The class proceeded to try the non verbal disarming charm, about half were successful. Neville, Harry, Hermione, Draco, Daphne, Parvati, Theo and a few others were successful. But Harry was pleased that Ron and Ginny had been unable to disarm their partners. When Harry heard that they would be seventh years it didn't surprise him. But what did surprise him were the students who would normally go into seventh years would be joining all the other seventh years, the ones that should have already left. That's when Harry realised he would not only have to put up with Hermione and Ron, but also Ginny.

Harry waited until everyone left before he sealed the door. 'That's got them thinking, but it was amusing to see the expectant looks,' Severus smirked.

'They believed you were going to kill me, Neville even asked how I was still alive.'

'They will know soon enough, but are you still positive Harry?'

'Yes, you are who I want, now I've got you, I'm not letting you go. Last night, in bed,' Harry blushed, 'lying in your arms was the greatest feeling in the world. My restful sleep was proof of where I belong, beside you. But I should go to my next class or I'll be late.'

Harry cautiously slipped his arms around Severus, even though they were married; they had only had the minimum of physical contact. A few small kisses, some hand holding, a caress and lying together in bed, but so far that's it. Now all Harry wanted to do was kiss his husband, so that's what he did and this time it was not a small kiss, not like the previous night, but a kiss that was full of heat, full of hunger, full of passion, and full of promise. They were both panting heavily when they broke the kiss. Harry smiled then unsealed the room before heading towards the charms classroom where Hermione was waiting outside, meaning she was going to be late.

'Harry, I need to talk to you.'

'Not bloody likely you demented slag,' Harry moved past Hermione and into the classroom where he saw an empty seat beside Ginny and another beside Luna, he sat beside luna who smiled at him, 'Sorry I'm late Professor Flitwick, I had something to discuss with Severus.'

'Oh yes, that is quite alright Mr. Potter, Professor McGonagall explained. But you Miss Granger; I am disappointed at your tardiness, five points from Gryffindor. Now as you know all charms spells must be performed without speaking to pass your N.E.W.T.s, so we are going to go over some of the charms that frequently come up in your test. Everyone will find a space and practice with their partner. We will start with the levitation charm then proceed to the banishing charm.'

'Come on Luna,' Harry took her hand and they moved to the corner where both had proceeded to do both charms perfectly and without speaking.

At dinner time, Harry stopped Neville before walking into the hall; they spoke for a few minutes. Neville explained about a few things he heard, then he was shocked when Harry explained that he would not be sitting at the Gryffindor table, but at the staff table. Harry only explained about one thing which allowed a student to sit with the staff, he just didn't explain his other reason.

Harry and Neville walked together into the great hall, Harry slapping Neville on the shoulder before he continued on his way. Harry noticed Hermione pointed to the seat beside her. Harry shook his head but made sure he looked coldly at her then headed up to the seat beside Severus Snape, again to gasps from the students.

While everyone was eating, Harry and Severus kept leaning towards each other talking; they could hear all the students asking why Harry Potter was sitting at the staff table. One thing Harry did and he did it deliberately, he kept making sure his left hand was seen by all, mainly the ring on his left hand. A ring he had worn since the night before, a ring Severus had surprised him with when minerva had conducted the ceremony. During classes Harry had kept his hand out of sight; he wanted to wait until after dinner.

He had been surprised when Severus pulled the two rings out of his pocket but Harry realised that Severus must have cared about him more than he knew and for a while to actually go out and buy men's bonding rings. He had been speechless at this point in their wedding ceremony until he watched Severus slip the ring onto his finger, which magically resized, then Harry did the same to Severus. It was only then that Harry could finish speaking his vows.

'Before any of you leave I have an announcement to make and yes, it is to do with the reason Mr. Potter is now sitting at the staff table,' minerva looked around, 'First, Harry Potter is now the defence against the dark arts assistant professor, which means he is now a member of staff even though he is still a part time student. And the second reason you need to hear this is that one of our staff has recently had his name changed. So from now on instead of saying Professor Snape, you will address him as Professor Snape-Potter. So that brings me to my last announcement.'

Minerva had to practically yell over the noise that had risen at the name Snape-Potter.

'Our defence against the dark arts teacher, Professor Snape-Potter and our defence against the dark arts assistant professor wish me to inform you of their marriage, which I performed last night in my office. I believe that deserves a round of applause,' Minerva and all the staff clapped, some like Neville and luna did straight away, but it took a while before the rest of the students applauded. But when Harry moved and kissed Severus very passionately at the staff table, the great hall fell silent. They only broke the kiss when Minerva gave a subtle cough to remind them they were not alone.

Harry was holding Severus hand as they walked between the tables but they were stopped as Neville hugged Harry. Severus smiling at the affection his husband's real friend was showing.

'Congratulations Professor Snape-Potter,' Neville held out his hand to Severus how shook it.

'Thank you Mr. Longbottom. I know you are very protective of Harry so let me say this, he will be looked after, cared for and very loved.'

'It's nice to hear and Harry does deserve someone that truly loves him for him and not what he can give them. I'm happy for both of you. I'll see you in class tomorrow mate,' Neville grinned as he hugged Harry again making him laugh. Luna also hugged Harry, kissed his cheek then she kissed Severus' cheek too much surprise from everyone but Severus smiled at the girl as she skipped out of the great hall.

'I believe it's time to turn in my love.'

'I believe you're right Sev,' Harry smiled then slipped his arm around Severus waist. He wanted to laugh at the look on Ginny, Ron and Hermione's faces but his feeling of overwhelming love just kept him smiling at the man he loved, the man he had loved for so long that was now his.

The following morning Harry again sat beside Severus at the staff table. When the owl post arrived, a familiar owl carrying a red envelope headed towards Harry. As the owl dropped the howler, Severus disintegrated it until he was just confetti.

'Let me see if I can guess who sent that,' Minerva grinned, 'A stubborn red headed woman who controls her family and tried to control Harry.'

'I think you're right Minerva, so I wonder how long they will keep arriving,' Severus smiled at Harry who shrugged.

'Probably for a while, she is stubborn, but it's amusing to see those three. Hermione is writing and I know she's writing a letter to Molly, to explain what you did to her howler before it could make a sound.'

'Yes, I would say that is exactly what will be in that letter. We should get to our classes though, I will see you later,' Severus kissed Harry making the young man smile before he swept from the great hall.

'You seem happy Harry, the smile on your face reaches your eyes. That has not happened before.' Minerva said.

'I am happy Professor, I finally found someone that loves me for me. I've loved sev for so long but I never thought he would return my feelings. Anyway, I better get to class,' Harry grabbed his bag, slung it over his shoulder then headed to his first class.

'So Mr. Snape-Potter, how's married life?' Neville asked.

Harry laughed, 'Wonderful, especially when I got to marry the man I love and have been lusting after for years,' Harry and Neville caught a bit of what Ron, Hermione and Ginny were saying, 'They really will try anything, won't they?'

'Yep, I've got your back and I know a lot of others have as well. Maybe you should let everyone know the truth because they won't give up?'

'Maybe I could, but as of last night I am protected in every way. Severus was stubborn about one thing, he signed a contract and Professor McGonagall witnessed it. He stated that he will never touch my vault or any of my belongings. I sent a letter to the goblins adding Severus' name, but he doesn't know that. It's not like he needs it, Severus has plenty of money of his own. His mother left him the entire Prince estate. But he also has all say if anything was to happen to me, like being poisoned, only Sev as my legal married partner can speak on my behalf and Professor McGonagall witnessed that as well. But she is named next in case anything happens to Sev and I. So even if people were to believe Sev wasn't trustworthy which he is, everyone knows Professor McGonagall is.'

'Since he signed that contract then everyone will know he's not after your money. But you're right, having Professor McGonagall as a witness will make sure you are legally covered in every way no matter what anyone tries to say about Snape, sorry, Snape-Potter.'

Harry laughed, 'It will take a while before everyone gets used to saying that.'

'Inside,' Pomona smiled at Harry, 'Mr. Snape-Potter.'

'Professor,' Harry grinned then sat beside Neville.

'I wish to tell you this Mr. Snape-Potter, but none of the staff were surprised when the headmistress explained about your marriage. All of us had seen many looks pass between you and Professor Snape-Potter over the last few years.'

'I tried not to show it Professor, but sometimes I didn't even realise. We're happy though, happier than either of us have ever been before.'

'Yes, I can see that, your eyes show it, they shine with happiness. But now, let's get started.'

A few people came up to Harry through the day to say they heard rumours that Snape was after Harry's money. When Harry explained that Snape was as rich as he was and he signed a contract saying he could not touch anything of Harry's, people started to realised that someone was spreading lies. It didn't take long for everyone to start to realise who was lying about Harry and Severus. Ginny, Ron and Hermione.

By dinner that night the three that had been conspiring against Harry were glared at, ignored and in some cases called a lot of hurtful names. Harry smirked at his ex friends before heading up to the staff table where he was kissed by Severus, who also pulled Harry's chair out for him, making the younger man laugh. Minerva had explained to Harry and Severus that Hermione lost her head girl badge, Ron and Ginny had lost their prefect badges. Harry knew Hermione would be upset. Losing her badge would be put on her permanent record.

That night, Harry sent a letter to Witch Weekly, he explained about his feelings for Severus Snape and how long he had those feelings. Then he went on to explain how Severus signed a magical binding contract stating he could not touch anything of harrys, but again Harry made sure it was known that Severus had plenty of money of his own. Harry also stated that some now ex friends had been planning on using him, slip him a love potion along with a mind control potion. Thanks to Severus, who is a brilliant potions master, he was able to provide Harry with a potion to counter act any potion that someone might slip him. Harry and Severus had even explained to Poppy Pomfrey about the potion so she would know what to do if Harry ended up in one of her beds.

When Witch Weekly came out, the entire population of Hogwarts turned on Hermione, Ron and Ginny. Ron and Ginny lost their positions on the quidditch team and given detentions for the next month. Hermione was also given detention where she would spend most nights with Filch cleaning things like the trophy room. Apart from having to stay up later to do her homework, Hermione complained that she would end up falling behind. No one listened to her or the two Weasley's.

It was the following day that Ron and Ginny ended up receiving a distressing letter from their father. Because their plans had been found out, Arthur had lost his job. They had no idea what they were going to do. Arthur even wrote that he spoke with George about working for his son. George turned his father down. He explained that it was only thanks to Harry that he and Fred were able to open the shop, so they gave Harry shares in the shop. Harry could ruin George's business if he found out he had hired his father.

'I believe the two Weasley's will be gone before the end of the year,' Severus said.

'You think so?'

'Minerva told me that she is giving them one more chance or they will end up expelled.'

'But they're adults now, so it's not like it will effect them much.'

'Anyone that gets expelled no matter their age will lose their wand rights. Their wands end up snapped and they are not allowed to buy another. Now if their crime was non violent they might be able to get another wand in five years, maybe ten, it will depend on what they did to end up expelled. If a student leaves after their owls, they will keep their wand rights. You may be able to do wandless magic love, but those two just do not have the power.'

Harry thought about what Severus said, 'They won't want to lose their wand rights so they might leave before they can get expelled. You just said they could after their owls, I'm sure that's what they will do.'

'I believe the same.'

'One thing though sev, Ron was given charlie's old wand when he first started. Ginny was given her grandmother's. I'm sure there still are wands floating around the Weasley family that they could use if they get expelled.'

'I will inform Minerva who will inform the governors. I still believe they will leave before they get expelled. The three of them have lost their badges which is added to their files. I noticed Granger has been keeping to herself over the last few days. I would say she's given up and trying to make sure nothing else is added to her permanent record. The two Weasley's don't seem to care.'

'They won't. That family is huge so they will always feel they can get help from one of the others.'

It was the following day that Minerva told Severus that Arthur had lost his job and so far, he has not found another. She explained that he spoke with George about working for the shop. George wanted to hire his father, but he was concerned what Harry would do.

Severus explained to Harry what Minerva had found out, 'Then I might make the move first. George does not have enough to pay me outright for my share of the shop, which means he will have to pay me off, so he will not be able to hire anyone. They lost a lot during that last year when voldemort had control. The shop has only just started to make money again, but it hadn't made any for months. He only has Verity working for him and part time since he hasn't been able to pay her for full time work.'

'You're right, he will not be able to hire anyone like his father, brother or sister. I believe he would have already asked you to buy your share if he could, when this all started. I would say Bill or Charlie will organise a job for their father with one of them and both work overseas.'

'Bill only went back to egypt when fleur left him. She refuse to be involved in their plans for me. But I think you're right, he will work with one of them which means he will leave or the entire family leaves.'

'With how they are being betrayed in the newspapers, I would say they will leave. We already know that Granger will not get work because of her involvement with these plans. She will return to the muggle world.

It took a week before Harry received a letter from Gringotts. George Weasley had no choice but the sell the shop and it's contents to pay Harry for his share. Harry had decided against having George pay him off, he wanted to cut all ties straight away. Arthur Weasley could not get work anywhere, so Bill organised for his father to work with him, Bill would just have to teach his father what to do. Because he worked overseas, Arthur had to move in with Bill. Molly said she would pack up the Burrow ready to move, but not until Ron and Ginny finished Hogwarts.

When Harry and Severus stepped into the great hall, Neville stood up and hurried towards them.

'They were both gone last night.'

'I would say they left before they could get expelled,' Harry said.

'Since their father had to leave the country, Molly probably wanted them home straight away.'

'So you think they went overseas as well?'

'Yes, no one here would hire Arthur. now that word is out what they planned for Harry, Ron nor Ginny will ever get a job. I'm surprised Hermione has remained.'

'Even if she knows getting a job may be difficult, she won't leave without doing her newts,' Severus said.

'She hasn't spoken to anyone since you were married. I'll let you get your breakfast, but if I hear anything I'll let you know.'

'Thanks Neville,' Harry gave his friend a smile before he and Severus headed to the staff table. They only just sat down when Minerva told them the two Weasley's left, late last night. She got word from Aberforth that they were seen in Hogsmeade at ten o'clock, where they both apparated. Minerva made sure to strike them off the roll.

'Even though they still have their wand rights, I doubt they will return to this country,' Harry said.

'They will but only to visit and I doubt they will do that very often. Too many people know what they planned so they would always be known as the enemy of the saviour. Even though you do not like the name or the admiration, this time it will actually help, which will get them out of your life, for good.'

Harry sighed, 'I know and it will help. Well, I can forget about them, but still listen out in case they try anything.'

The rest of the year went without incident. Hermione never spoke to anyone and the only time she was heard was if she was called on to answer a question by a teacher. Harry still couldn't understand why she stayed when it was already known that she will never get a job at the ministry, so newts would be of no use to her.

'Hey Harry,' Neville gestured.

Harry sat beside his friend, 'What's up Neville?'

'Luna and I have been keeping an eye on Hermione. We think we know why she stayed.'


'She wants to prove to everyone she's smarter than you and can do the spells easier than you. Luna has noticed that she is mainly concentrating on defence, then the other wand based subjects. When I can, I try to see what she's doing when she's in the common room. She continuously works on theories for defence, once she has a lot written, she moves on to the other wand based subjects. We've always known she goes overboard, but this is worse. We know most of our newt scores come from our written part of the test, but we also know that the examiners will ask if we want to do other spells for extra points. We think she's trying to learn more advanced stuff to show off during exams and the theory shows she has been studying it.'

'Well, I doubt she could pull off many advanced spells, she just doesn't have the power. The trouble is because she's stubborn, if she keeps trying, she may not have enough left in her to perform the spells that the exams call for. Since I am only taking five classes, I spend a lot of my free time reading up on more advanced spells. Severus has a large library so I've been taking advantage of it. But if you're right about what she's doing, then it's not going to help her in any way, just take her longer before she can get her non magical education up to scratch. Either way, I don't really care, I just want her out of my life for good. Another few weeks and she will be.'

'That's true, but I'll still keep an eye on her.'

'Thanks Neville, you're a great friend. So, since we're not doing anything right now, how about we go to the room of requirement and practice, ready for our newts?'

'You're on.'

Over the next three weeks, Harry, Neville and Luna would use the room to practice as many spells as they could, from all the wand based subjects. Neville and Luna weren't that worried about potions, astronomy or care of magical creatures. They would be happy with A's in those subjects, so they mainly concentrated on their other subjects. Harry had improved a lot in potions so he now did spend a lot of time going over different potions books, mainly from Severus' extensive library. Or he should say his library now. Severus was always telling him that anything he owned now belonged to Harry.

It was an exhausting two weeks for all owl and newt students. But after the last test was over, the students celebrated, just as thousands of students had done before.

Most students knew that owl results would be posted during the holidays, but newt test results would be handed out the day before the students left for Hogwarts. That would happen right before the ball. Minerva had decided it was time for a change, so instead of a leaving feast, it was now a ball for all students to attend and celebrate the end of the school year. The seventh years will have their newts handed to them. She also planned something else as well.

The ball was a big success. Everyone had fun, even the teachers. When the night was coming to a close Minerva called for quiet.

'Yes, it's time for our seventh year students to receive their newt results. Normally they would be done alphabetically. This year I am doing things a little different, just for the first results.'

Minerva picked up the first envelope, 'I was given a copy of the results by the examination board a week ago, it's for the Hogwarts files. I know exactly how all our students did. I will say that one student received the highest scores in every test the student took and is now down in the records. This student also passed Albus Dumbledore's scores,' she held up the envelope, 'So I am going to start with the student with the highest score before returning to alphabetically.'

Minerva could see that Hermione was getting ready to move towards the stage.

'The student with the highest scores ever recorded in their newts is,' minerva hesitated as she stared around, 'This comes as no surprise. Harry Potter.'

'What?! Hermione shouted but hardly anyone heard her as the whole hall broke into loud applause and shouts of congratulations to Harry.

Harry was stunned. It took Severus to give him a push before he stepped up onto the stage.

'Is that real, Professor?'

'Very real. The examiners were all amazed at the spells you performed and how you did not tire no matter how powerful the spells were. They said any other student who performed more spells for extra points, all ended up exhausted, you never did. Also, your theory was perfect in every subject,' minerva held out the envelope, then she hugged Harry, 'Congratulations Mr Snape-Potter.'

'Thank you Professor,' Harry was about to step down but many asked for a picture, so he stood for a few pictures before he stumbled down and into Severus' arms.

'I believe the saviour is in shock. Now let's finish this so all of our senior students can receive their results.'

Harry didn't hear anything, he asked Severus to open his envelope and check, 'It's true love, I've never seen results like this. Your mother would be very proud of you. Even though I hate saying this, your father would also be proud, along with the mutt.'

Even though he was still in shock, Harry chuckled. He finally took his results back and read. Down the bottom of his results there was a note that said it could be erased if he wished, but he read that Harry even beat Albus Dumbledore's marks in the same classes.

Severus told him later that evening that Hermione ended up storming out of the great hall. Neville heard her mutter that she was putting in a protest as she knew she was smarter than Harry. That letter would be destroyed and she would not receive a reply.

The first day of the holidays, both Severus and Harry slept in. During breakfast, Minerva shocked Harry again. She offered him the post of the charms professor, as Professor Flitwick wished to retire. He has been waiting for just the right person to fill the position and he knew Harry was that person.

Harry accepted straight away. Not only did he get to stay with Severus, his husband, but he got to remain at the place he had thought of as home since he was eleven, Hogwarts. He had everything he wanted and needed and he was happy.

The end: