We'll Be A Family

C1: How It Happened

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I will also be I will also give this warning right now, throughout this fic there will be mentions of sexual assault and abuse, so you are warned. Having said that, I hope you enjoy this fic.

Rosalie's POV

Part of me has always hated this existence, mostly because it had robbed me of the one thing that I had always wished, a family of my own.

When Edward started bringing Bella to the house, I instantly knew she was the one, but he managed to turn her into something she wasn't and purposely kept her away from me, so I did the only thing I knew how to do, I pushed her away because I couldn't be her best friend like Alice, and I couldn't be her sister like Victoria

Alice knew of my feelings for Bella of course, out of everyone in the family I was closest to her after all, and that is why it didn't surprise me that she called me when she had a vision that Bella was in the hospital.

Edward had fled because of his inability to control himself around her delicious scent, and that is why I made my way to the hospital to see what my fragile mate had gotten herself into this time.

Charlie was speaking to the doctor when I got there, and I decided it was best to wait a while for going in to see her and what I heard infuriated me. She had been assaulted by three boys while she was shopping in Port Angeles and she was near death when they found her, which of course sparked memories of my own turning, and I could only hope that Bella would be strong enough to survive, but what shocked me most is how blasé Charlie was about everything, like he didn't even care about what his daughter had gone through.

At that moment I made a decision, I was going to become a better friend to her and show her that what happened to her didn't mean her life was over. I would help her be the woman she wanted to be, if she would let me. I had a lot to make up for after all.

I didn't even hear the rest of what the doctor was saying to Charlie, except that there was little they could do but keep her comfortable for now and wait until she regained the strength to wake up.

Not soon after hearing that Charlie left and I could slip into her room, the incessant beeping of the various machines being the only sound besides her harsh breathing.

She looked so peaceful right now and I couldn't resist taking her hand. "I promise you, if you will have me that I will be a better friend to you Bella. I was a fool to deny the things I feel for you. You mean everything to me, even if I have never shown it. I promise to do better, Bella."

Figuring it would be better to let her sleep for now, I slipped out of the room and made my way home, I needed to have a word with Edward and I had a feeling that it was not going to be pretty. I was beyond pissed and this was the last time he had put my mate in danger, consequences be damned. I knew Alice, Jasper, Victoria and Esme would back me up and Emmett always looked out for Bella, so he would back me up as well. Carlisle and Edward would be outnumbered this time.

On the way home my phone rang, and I know it could be one of two people, and I smiled when I saw that it was my Pixie sister. "Hey Alice."

"How is she Rose?" Alice asked worriedly.

"She's asleep right now, but she was badly hurt. They raped her Ali. She was near death when they found her, but they have managed to stabilize her. I'm on my way back and I am going to rip Edward a new asshole when I get back. I am done with him trying to keep my mate away from me just to make me miserable." I finished with a growl.

I heard Alice gasp. "I never saw that happening. I'm so sorry Rosalie. You know I would have told you had I known, but you can rest assured. Edward has left for the time being, told us he needed time to re-assess everything, and just after that I had a vision that he wanted to force us to leave her behind."

I couldn't help the growl that ripped from my throat. "Over my dead body will I ever leave her behind, especially now. He better stay the hell away from my mate from now on."

"He will, he knows he can't restrain himself for much longer, but is still convinced that she is his mate, and not his singer like everyone keeps saying. Carlisle is pretty pissed though, but of course not at him. It is all our fault." Alice said with an audible smile.

"Of course it is. I'll deal with him when I get back. How is everyone's standpoint on this?" I asked softly.

I could hear her sigh softly. "Everyone will be on your side Rose, but I can't see the outcome, and that worries me."

"It'll be fine Alice. I am just going to give Carlisle a piece of my mind." I said with a soft smile.

"We'll be waiting Rose. See you soon." Alice said before disconnecting the call.

I picked up my pace and as soon as the house came into view I slowed down to a walk, because I needed to ground myself before I walked in, otherwise this had the potential of going wrong very quickly.

I could hear some raised voices coming from the living room and I was in there in a second. Carlisle and Esme were facing off, which I had never seen before. "I can't believe you. You really want to abandon the girl after everything, just because Edward is getting cold feet? I will not abandon my daughter because you think it is in her best interest."

I growled as I turned my eyes to Carlisle. "Your son has done enough to break her spirit, but no more. I will no longer be denied my mate by your Golden Boy. He has hurt her for long enough, and has allowed her to get hurt tonight too, I will not stand for this anymore."

Carlisle glared at me. "You do not speak to me like that Rosalie Hale. Remember who is the leader of this Coven, and you will abide by my orders."

Before I could respond Esme stepped next to me. "When that order is to abandon one of our own, I will not stand beside you for a moment longer Carlisle, I suggest you think long and hard about your next words! Do not forget who I am."

Carlisle growled before taking off, presumably going after Edward. "Thank you Esme. It means a lot that you stood beside me."

Esme smiled at me. "Think nothing of it Rosalie. I will not give up one of my daughters because of the words Edward has put in Carlisle's mouth."

I couldn't help but smile at her. "Still, to go against your mate must be hard. I'm sorry it had to come to that."

"Carlisle is not my mate sweetie. We merely pretended because we knew you all needed some parental guidance. Now, tell me what happened." Esme said with a soft smile.

Bella's POV

I don't know how long I was out, but one thing I remembered is that I heard Rosalie by my bed, confessing things that I couldn't believe were true. She hated me with a passion and to hear her say those things to me just could not be real. I must've been dreaming.

Of course I couldn't deny my attraction to the blonde Goddess, but we weren't even friends and any attempt at friendship had been thoroughly rebuffed.

Flashes of what happened came to me in my dreams and every instance of those dreams showed me Edward smirking at me as he watched me getting assaulted, and that made me sick to my stomach.

I still hurt everywhere but I could feel there were people in my room, and I prayed that it wouldn't be Charlie. I don't think I could handle that right now. "I know you're awake Bella. I can see it in your breathing." Alice said with a giggle.

I merely groaned at her. "Everything hurts Ali. Even my eyelids hurt."

I could feel her smile as she gently took my hand. "I know, and I'm sorry. I didn't see any of this happening. You know I would have sent someone to help you if I had."

"I know, and I thought you did, because flashes of that night are coming back slowly. I saw Edward smirking at me the entire time those men were…" I trailed off, I couldn't even finish the sentence.

I could hear her gasp. "I'm so sorry Bella. I didn't know. Please believe that."

I smiled as I slowly opened my eyes, seeing tears that would never fall shine in her eyes. "I believe you Alice. I always believe you. It's okay. How long was I out anyway?"

"Two days Bella. You worried us very much, and there is much we have to tell you." Alice said with a soft smile.

I craned my head to look around the room, seeing every female member of the Cullen family there with us, and while Esme and Victoria didn't surprise me, Rosalie's presence made me feel weird inside.

"Where are the others?" I asked as I tried to sit up.

Esme smiled at me as she took a seat on the other side of the bed. "Emmett and Jasper thought it would be easier for you if they excused themselves for the moment. They're waiting outside."

I smiled at her. "Emmett and Jasper can come in if they want, I know they will never harm me."

From the corner of my eye I saw Emmett and Jasper step into the room. "Hey Bella Bear, it's good to see you awake." Emmett said with his trademark grin.

I forced a smile at him. "It's good to be awake Brother Bear. I'll give you a hug when I can actually move again."

He nodded and took his spot next to Victoria, who molded herself into his side. "I'm glad you're awake too, little bird. I missed you around the house the past couple of days."

I smiled at the eccentric redhead. "I wish I could say the same, but we all know that with Edward there it would only be a long prolonged moment of him trying to be an asshole for wanting to make friends with his siblings."

Victoria smiled at that as Esme directed my attention to her. "That is one of the things we want to talk to you about sweetie."

Bella smiled at us. "I never blamed any of you. Edward was very good at alienating me, but I knew he would screw up the moment I learned what you all are. He used the word mate a lot, but from what Alice told me, there is no way in hell I could be his mate."

They all smiled at me. "That will make things a lot easier to explain at least, but it also opens up a whole new line of questions and answers, but we'll ask and answer those when you are feeling better. For now you don't have to worry about Edward. He and Carlisle left after we had a bit of a falling out over you. They wanted us to leave Forks and leave you behind, but when we heard of what happened from Alice, I put my foot down. I will not leave my daughter, especially after this." Esme said with a soft smile.

I smiled as brightly as my body would allow me. "Thank you Esme. It means a lot to me that you see me as your daughter."

Esme smiled and gently patted my hand. "Of course you are my daughter Bella, don't ever think differently. I could see from the moment I met you that you needed a loving maternal figure in your life, and I am glad to fill that role for you, but I can see you are tired, so we will leave you to your rest. We'll can come back tonight if you want to."

I nodded and smiled at her. "Yes please, but I was hoping to talk to Rosalie alone for a bit."

"Of course Bella. I will stay as long as you need." Rosalie said softly.

I smiled at her as Esme pressed a soft kiss to my hair and the others filtered out of the room, the matriarch soon following.

Once we were alone I turned to her. "So I heard you say some things last night. What was that all about?"

"I didn't know you were awake, but it was all the truth." She said softly.

"I was drifting in and out of consciousness, you just caught me in a lucid moment. But may I ask what brought about all those confessions, when you have shown me nothing but the opposite of your words ever since I have known you." I said softly, trying not to sound accusatory.

Rosalie smiled faintly at that. "I was foolish to push you away, but I had my reasons, which I will explain as soon as you are healed. All I have ever wanted is to be your friend, but Edward had threatened to take you away for good if I tried to get close to you. There is something between us that I cannot tell you yet, but it was the reason I thought it would be safer to keep my distance. I couldn't be the sister that Alice and Victoria are, because how I feel for you goes so much deeper, so I purposely kept my distance."

I nodded at that. "I understand your reasoning, if only to keep the peace in the house, but I hope that now we can actually build a friendship. I could use someone who grounds me a little."

Rosalie smiled at that. "I can promise you to do the best that I can, Bella. Believe it or not, I know what you are going through, and no, I will not tell you yet. I will eventually, but I want you to feel a bit better and at least be out of the hospital. The wound is still too fresh for you and I will not add to that pain."

I nodded at her. "Thank you Rosalie. I appreciate the honesty."

She smiled at me. "I will always be honest with you Bella, sometimes brutally so, but it is all because I want to be honest with you, not unlike Edward who told you nothing but lies, and that was not going to change, ever."

I smiled at that, probably the first one since I had woke up. "I knew that, and once I was sure that my theories were correct, I was going to call him on his shit. I knew what it must have looked like, me being submissive for him, but it was purposeful. It is something that I refer to as stealth mode. My ability to notice things without being noticed myself."

"Well it certainly worked. You even had me fooled. I get the feeling we are going to get along better than I thought we would." She said with a soft smile, which was another first for me.

"That was my hope from the beginning, but I think we can salvage this." I said with a soft smile, that quickly trailed off into a yawn.

Rosalie smiled at me. "I'll let you sleep Bella. I'll be by tomorrow."

I nodded and squeezed her hand softly as sleep overtook me, and I swore that the last thing I heard was a soft purr.

Rosalie's POV

By the time I got back to the house, since I was more than content to take my time for once, only Esme was in the living room, much to my suprise. "Welcome back Rosalie. How was your talk with your young mate?"

I smiled at her as I took a seat. "Enlightening to say the least. She is much more cunning than she lets on. She only pretended to be the little lamb in order to gather information. I'm actually very impressed."

Esme smiled at me. "For one not easily impressed I can only imagine what that must feel like, but I have a confession to make, something I needed to do a long time ago. As you now know Carlisle is not my mate, but that does not mean I am not mated to someone. My mate is Sulpicia, and she will join us from here on out in a couple of days."

I sighed softly at that. "I don't know why you kept this from us, we would've understood. I think I can be okay with this, I will need time to accept this. You lied to me for eighty years."

"I know, but it was a necessary evil to keep Carlisle oblivious. Know I never meant to keep this from any of you for any longer than I needed to. I just couldn't have Carlisle and Edward catch on to the fact that one of the Queens is my mate. She may bring a few members of the Guard, but she didn't know who would be willing to come."

I nodded at that. "That's fair, but how is this going to affect the Volturi? Will the three Queens no longer rule together?"

"They will, but from different parts of the world, Athenodora and Tanya will take the Denali Coven to Romania, Didyme and Marcus will remain in Volterra and Sulpicia and I will remain here, at least for now until Bella is ready to join us."

"Does your mate know what happened to her and why we can't turn her yet?" I asked softly.

Esme nodded at me. "She does know parts, and she understands and is okay with waiting to turn Bella until your mate is ready, and she knows that it might take a long time."

I smiled at that. "I think she will surprise us with that, but I am grateful that she is granting us that."

Esme smiled at me. "Well, she'll have to. She knows that I see Bella as a daughter and she has very strong maternal instincts as well, and since Bella will be our youngest, you can be sure that she will be very much doted on."

"I know you will, and I apologize in advance for the level of possessiveness that I will certainly show. After everything that happened to Bella I am feeling very protective of her." I said softly.

"As you should Rosalie. Human or not, Bella is your mate, and every vampire is fiercely protective of their mate, even more so when said mate is still human." Esme said sweetly.

I smiled and gave her a hug. "I know, but there is a lot I need to think about. I want to be honest with Bella and show her the beauty of life when your partner treats you like an equal. I want to show her what a true relationship is all about."

Esme nodded and smiled at me. "I understand that sweetie, but be prepared for the fact that she might not be ready for something like that for quite some time. I would suggest trying to be her friend first and let her set the pace. She'll come to you eventually. I am sure of it. She barely could keep her eyes off you the entire time we were in the hospital."

I smiled at that. "That might have something to do with the fact that I confessed some things while she was asleep. I basically said that she was my mate and apparently she was awake when I said it."

Esme smiled at me. "I've always seen she's a lot more observant than she lets on, but I have also seen a young woman in need of a loving mother and someone who listens to her, and if the things that Alice has seen come to pass, she will need a loving family, and I am determined to give her that, as I am sure you are too."

"It seems that I have to talk to my sister about what she saw. Thank you for telling me the truth Esme. It means a lot to me." I said honestly.

She merely smiled at me before I made my way up the stairs, because I needed to talk to Alice.

Not entirely to my surprise she was already waiting near my room. "I was going to tell you when you got home, I had a vision that showed me some life changing things, even for us. Come, let's talk in your room."

I nodded and motioned for her to take a seat once we were inside of my room. "Before you say anything, who else knows about this?"

"Only Jasper and Esme know about this because they were present when I received the vision. Emmett and Victoria will be informed when the time is right." Alice said with her usual smile.

I nodded and smiled at her. "Okay, but you're worrying me a little, Pixie."

She smiled at me. "Trust me that this will be a gigantic blessing in disguise Rose. It may not seem like it right away, but I have a feeling that you will be over the moon when you accept it. Bella's ordeal will have a side effect that will shake the family up. I saw her pregnant and you two being very loving mothers. Charlie will not accept the fact that you two are together and will raise the baby as your own, and he will kick her out. She'll come live with us within a couple of months."

I gasped at her words. "Pregnant? Are you sure Alice?"

She nodded at me. "I am, I saw you two being very doting and loving mothers to a beautiful baby girl, and that she, along with you will help Bella move past this terrible ordeal. You will lay the foundation and the baby will be the glue that binds you two together forever."

I smiled at that, my dreams of having a family finally coming true. "It might sound selfish but I am happy that it will be a baby girl. I don't think Bella would've handled it well if it was a boy. But how will we tell her that we already know. She'll have a ton of questions."

"She will, but if we're honest with her she'll understand. We won't have to lie to her at any point. I have seen that she will accept everything about our family, and in doing so will accept the feelings she has for you much more easy, and the sooner you tell her the truth about her being your mate and what that means, the sooner she will accept the fact that you two are meant to be." Alice said with a soft smile.

I nodded at her, but one thing still bugged me. "Have you seen anything about her being one of us Ali? With Sulpicia coming here it might be dangerous to leave her human much longer."

She smiled at me. "I have seen her as a vampire, but it will take longer than you might think. Sulpicia knows how such an ordeal can scar a person and she won't allow Bella to be turned until the baby is at least three years old. She will have plenty of time to experience time as a mother, and I have also seen that she will have amazing control when she is turned, so your baby girl can continue to stay with us, and she too will eventually be one of us. Sulpicia especially will be equally protective of her, and she will grow up knowing noting but love. I've seen it all."

I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face. "I must admit that I am ecstatic about the idea of being a mother, I can't help but feel the pain Bella felt all over again, and now with the unknown factor of Carlisle and Edward out there, I am so scared they will try and hurt her."

Alice merely smiled and pulled me into her arms. "They won't, they will try and go to the Volturi, but won't find any help in Volterra, from there I only see Edward, but not what his plan is after that. I don't see Carlisle after Volterra either."

"That's something at least. Will you keep everyone updated if and when you see something? because I wouldn't put it past Edward to make idiotic decisions."

She nodded at that. "Of course, Bella is my best friend as well as my sister and anything that involves her I will always tell you both."

I smiled and gave her another hug. "Thank you Alice. I know I haven't been the best sister in recent years, but I promise to try and better myself."

Alice smiled at me. "I understand why you did Rose. It can't be easy being the only unmated female in our family, and then having to put up with Edward's delusions of being God's gift to women."

I only nodded at that, remembering all too well how Carlisle had tried to push me and Edward together on several occasions, which nearly ended in Edward's death every time he even tried to get close to me.

"I'll leave you to your thoughts, Rose. You know where to find me if you need me." Alice said with a soft smile.

"And you will know where to find me if see anything else, Ali. Will you come with me to the hospital tomorrow?"

She only nodded before leaving me to my thoughts, which still revolved around Bella for most of the night.