Eddie tapped his foot anxiously, even after months dating and seeing her again after their breakup, she still made him nervous. He wasn't sure if it was the fact he still had feelings for her or her tendency to glare at him from across the room- he guessed it was a mixture of both, keeping him guessing was a talent of hers. Either way he knew he needed to speak to her even at least to gain her back as a friend, he needed her in his life even if it wasn't in the way he really wanted.

"Well I think that's enough for tonight guys, we'll go check out the gatehouse tomorrow" The sound of Fabian's voice abruptly snapped Eddie out of his thoughts.

It was now or never.

As the 3 other sibuna members began lazily pouring out of the room, Eddie gently touched Patricia's arm to get her attention.

"Hey, Yacker could I erm speak to you for a minute?" he asked nervously.

"Sure." she responded.

Patricia was confused as to what this was about, considering Eddie had been spending all his time with 'the girl of his dreams' so she assumed he'd just simply forgotten her existence. That's what usually happens lets be honest, her parents never really cared as piper, always had some way to upstage her so they dumped her in boarding school as soon as she was old enough, Fabian ditched her for Nina and didn't even care to listen to her concerns over Joy's disappearance, Alfie dropped their Friday movie nights for pranking with Jerome as soon as he came to the school. And now? It was happening again. Except this time, it was different. It felt like she had lost something really important; something that even her walls couldn't keep out.

"I'll give you guys a minute. Alfie wanted me to help him with that homework anyway." Fabian turned to Alfie to slyly nudge him to go along with it.

"What homework- oh yeah that one, yeah of course better get on that" Alfie replied with a nervous chuckle.

Eddie couldn't help but roll his eyes as they finally left the room, the real mystery is how they managed to lie about their whereabouts ,with sibuna, so much last year.

"Look, if this is about you and KT I really don't care." she scoffed. "You got what you want Eddie, you're single you can do whatever you want"

He stood there bewildered. How can she say that after he opened up to her and told her he loved her? Shetthe one that threw away both of their happiness. This was his one chance to be happy and make his Mum proud that he'd finally got away from his old ways and found someone that makes him a better person. He knew Patricia wasn't the best with emotions but surely she felt as he did - it felt too strong for it to be that one sided. All the late nights in America just staying up talking, showing her his favourite places in his city, late night drives eith music blasting and teacher her to make hoagies (much to her dismay).

"What? Patricia, how could you even say that after I told you I loved you, spent the night together, and then left without anything, not even an explanation" he pleaded with her.

Memories of her last night in America, that she'd been trying to avoid ever since returning to England, came flooding back to Patricia.

"Eddie I am not watching your dumb American movies" Patricia laughed at him as he tried his best to give her the puppy dog eyes.

"Fine we can watch your movie- on one condition." he smirked that signature Eddie smirk.

"NO! I am not making you a hoagie Eddie."

"No, you gotta cuddle me- WITHOUT insulting me the whole time."

"Ugh that's gonna be difficult, not going to lie doofus." She smirked at him and climbed into his arms.

He made her feel safe. Any fears from last year of Rufus, Senkarah, the tunnels. All just seemed to disappear when he held her, never did Patricia Williamson think she would be like all her friends - telling sappy stories about their boyfriends even if she wasn't saying it she was definitely thinking it. Eddie made her feel so special and-

"I love you Yacker"

All previous thoughts dissipated at those words. What is she supposed to say? Sure she felt strongly about him but does she love him, what even is love and how is she supposed to know when she feels it.

So just like their first kiss she showed him how she felt instead…

That was until the phone rang.

"Because it means nothing to you Eddie. This is what you do Eddie you get girls to fall for you, sleep with you then ditch them so I'm not sorry that I beat you to the punch"

Tears began to form in her eyes for the millionth time since that America trip. She loved him; she really did but she knew what he did the girls in America made that pretty clear. Now of course, she wasn't one to believe some jealous bimbos but the constant calls to a certain American girl really made her think. The time she finally agreed to go to a restaurant with him and his mum, this time not including Piper, and he left her alone and uncomfortable because she needed him. Or when he showed her his favourite beach, and his phone pinged off every second. She knew who it was every time it happened, the look of concern on his face gave it away. He didn't look at her that way.

"Patricia, I explained this to you I've told you everything there is to know, I hate my past but I'm not that same person anymore I wasn't happy then nothing made me happy." he sighed deeply "You make me happy."

"Eddie, I know you love her, she's the one you want, not me." At the sight of confusion on his face she clarified. "Nina. The countless calls and texts, the urge to protect her. I can't be second best Eddie, not again." She hung her head to hide the tears that slowly began to fall.

"Patricia, look I know I was a jerk and I should have concentrated on us instead of this stupid Osirian thing but, I need you to understand we're too different people" He lifted her chin up as he tried to get her to look into his eyes. "The Osirian has to protect the chosen one and save the world, I choose to love you, and of course I would always protect you. Don't doubt for a second that as soon as we walk into a sibuna situation, you are the first person I look for to make sure you're okay, but Yacker you don't want, or need, me to be overbearing " He smirked his signature smirk as he took her hand in his as she did the same.


"Really, Yacker, there's only one girl that can manage to out prank me how could I be stupid enough to let her go"

"Well... You are kind of a doofus." She smirked back at him. "But I do love you and I'm sorry for not saying it sooner I got scared and just freaked out I guess."

This was her first relationship, after all. Patricia Williamson doesn't just let anyone in. She's seen what happens to people that do… they get divorced, well at least her parents did, but something about her and Eddie felt different they just complimented each other perfectly, Eddie made her feel like she wasn't just side-lined to her friends or Piper all the time. And Patricia made Eddie feel like he was important to someone, something he'd been searching for ever since his dad made it clear he wasn't important to him.

"No secrets remember, you can always talk to me about anything" She smiled back at him as he cupped her face and kissed her, long and slow.

…Well until Fabian walked in.

"The people in this house really have bad timing." Eddie sighed as Patricia just laughed.

As annoying at the intrusion was, he was just happy he had her back. And this time he wasn't letting her go, Osirian instincts or not, she came first. Always.