Dancing in the Rain

Author's Note

So! It rained last week where I live (it's all sunny and warm now, I don't know what's with the weather this month) and my boyfriend and I danced around on our balcony literally at midnight and it was really nice and I decided that Mal and Ben should do that, too.

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No One's POV

Mal blew her warm breath against the cold window, tracing her finger through the fog to make a flower. It was raining, quite heavily for Auradon, but the sound was soothing, even though it had woken Mal up. She crawled back into Ben's bed, where the young man was sleeping.

"Ben," Mal prodded his side, shifting so that she was straddling him. "Wake up, love."

Ben grunted, yawning as he opened his eyes, and his hands fell to Mal's waist."Wh… What's the matter, darling?"

Mal lowered herself down until she was resting on his bare chest, tucking her face into his neck. "It's raining."

Ben blinked and he glanced through the slits in the curtains, seeing that it was in fact raining. Smiling as he made out the flower, a rose, which was now fading, he turned his gaze back towards his fiancée.

"It's raining." he repeated, still half-asleep.

"Yes," Mal agreed. "It's raining."

"What would you like me to do about it?"

"I want to go outside."

"Right now?"


"In the rain?"

"What part of that did you not understand?" Mal huffed and Ben chuckled- he was probably the only person who could squeak by her short temper unscathed.

"It's cold, darling."

"I'll wear your coat, no problem."

"Why do you want to go outside?" Ben watched as Mal slipped off of him, going to grab her robe, which was draped over an armchair. She threw him his robe and then picked out one of his sweatshirts, tugging it over her body.

"Because I want to." she retorted and Ben sighed in defeat. He got dressed then followed her out onto their balcony, where Mal squealed as the rain wet her, clumping up her hair and making her cheeks flush.

"Didn't you used to go out in the rain when you were little?" Mal asked as she kicked a puddle of water, splashing Ben. "I did, but never with someone like you." He growled playfully and splashed back, making her shriek with glee.

"Shh, darling! People are sleeping," Ben exclaimed, poking her side and she laughed, almost louder. He stared at her as she moved away from him, jumping in the puddles and running her fingers across the wet railing, gazing up at the sky and letting the rain wash over her face.

She looked beautiful, her face flushed from the cold and her green eyes shimmering. She seemed so entertained by the water, raising her hands out and twirling around in circles, the sweatshirt soaked and clinging to her body. She had a smile on her face, a smile that said she was really happy, and all of a sudden, Ben's sleepiness rolled away and he was smiling just as big as she was.

"Come dance with me, darling."


Ben held out his hand and Mal took it and she giggled as he spun her around. "I said to come dance with me." He placed his hands at her hips and she looped her arms around his neck.

Ben began to hum a very familiar tune and Mal threw her head back, laughing as she recognized the song.


"Well, it sums up my feelings quite well, darling." Ben teased and she laughed again.

The two danced, Mal stepping on his feet like she always did and him laughing it off and Ben spun her around and around and the rain fell down all around them. Their breaths mingled with one another as they ended their dance, Ben lowering her gently.

He kissed her then, just because she looked so wonderful and pretty, and lifted her back up, both of them with cheesy smiles on their faces.

"Ready to go back in and dry ourselves off?"

Mal snuggled into his chest, her hand fisting around his robe. "Yes."

The two disappeared back into the room, the door shutting behind them.

They never noticed Belle, who had noticed them upon moving around in her own room, watching from a window, her eyes shining with unshed happy tears and a camera in her hands.

But they did know when Belle gifted the photo of them dancing, a simple black-and-white photograph of the two of them being lost in each other, to them for their wedding in a large golden frame.

Mal had it hung up in the king's suite as soon as she moved in and Ben had another one commissioned for his office. It soon became one of the most favorite photos of the king and queen, a token of their true love.