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Is it weird to call Death a cliché?

It all started, as cliché as it sounds, on Friday the thirteenth. My life up to this day had been fairly good. Not exceptional, outstanding or perfect. Not terrible, overwhelming or utter shit. Just a plain, average and overall, pretty normal life. I had a nice childhood, good parents, friends and neighbors. I had bullies, idiots and generally annoying nuisances. Just a typical, normal, American childhood. Life after Highschool was good as well. A decent college, a few relationships and decent vehicle. Along with a few heartbreaks, anal professors and the first credit card stupidity. I made mistakes and learned from them, was talented in my field of study and somewhat excelled. Found the woman of my dreams, got married, bought a house, had kids and dealt with both the good and bad that came with all that. My life was balanced. For 48 years, I have had no real trouble or problems come my way. Until that Friday.

That day I woke up as usual, kissed my wife, watched the kids leave for school and left for work. It started then. I hit every red light on the way to work, making me five minutes late, but I also had free breakfast from Mickey D's (someone decided to 'Pay it Forward'). My supervisor got on my case for being late, but I was able to lock down a deal with a major company earning me a chance at my supervisor's job. At lunch I was slapped in the face by 13 different women, for no reason I knew of, and was given the phone numbers for another 13 women, again for no reason I could discern. It all came to a head on my way home.

I saw a car stopped on the side of the road and pulled over to help. It was a pregnant woman who tried to drive herself to the hospital while in labor. I called emergency services and helped the woman deliver her baby, after four children of my own I knew the process well. Police and Ambulance arrived when the little boy did, I swaddled him in a towel provided by an EMT and then stepped back and let the professionals do their job. As the woman and baby were loaded up, I walked to my car only to stop when the woman thanked me and asked my name. I gave her my name, a smile and wished her and her child well. I opened my car door and dropped my keys. As I bent to pick them up, I heard a scream of fear and the blaring of a car horn. Then pain, the feeling of weightlessness, pain and then blissful darkness.

It has been dark for a long time... or has it? Does time still exist? Do I still exist... I must because I am referring to myself as I... I think, therefore I am... right? Ok, I am, but I cannot see... or feel, hear, smell or taste. A peculiar state of being I must say. I am sure I know what this is called... Sensory deprivation... but this is complete on a scale never attained by human science... maybe. So, what does this mean for me? After thinking about it, I'm either trapped within my own mind while lying in a hospital bed as a coma patient... or I'm dead. Do coma patient's dream? Are they all trapped in their heads as others ensure the body lives and cleans up after it? What a sad existence that would be. I don't think that's what I'm experiencing... No. I'm, dead. I died. I was alive, but now I'm dead. I led a decent life and died.

Huh. So, what now?

You've successfully come to terms with your current state of existence.
You are Dead.
[Skill Gained]
Gamer's Mind (Passive)- Allows User to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Immunity to Psychological Status effects.

And now I get to see something. What I see however is a text box. Wait, how do I know it's a text box? Is this more of things I remember? Something to think about later right now I apparently have a gamer's mind. Huh. So, does this mean that I'm in a game?

For calmly and logically determining that you are in a game gain +1 INT.

OK, and now I just gained a stat point. So, this must mean I should be able to see my stats correct? Wait before that if I have a mind, does that mean I have a body too?

You have determined that if you have a mind you must have a body as well.
[Skill Gained]
Gamers Body (Passive)- Grants a body that allows for the user to live real life like a game.

For correctly and logically deducing that you have a body gained +1 WIS.

Great now I have a body, that I can't see yet. This seems familiar, am I in character creation? I wonder how I can view my stats.

Try thinking 'Status'.


Harry James Potter
Level- 1 (0%), Class-TBD
Race- Magical Human (Wizard), Rank- Immortal
Veteran(Locked to 'Regular'), Alignment- TBD
HP- 225 (52.5 per Minute), MP- 420 (84 per 30 Seconds)
SP- 225 (52.5 per 30 Seconds)
STR- 5, END- 15, DEX- 15
INT- 21, WIS- 21, CHA- 15
LCK- ?
HP/SP= END x 15, MP= INT x 20
HP/SP Regen= END x 3.5, MP Regen = WIS x 4

[Skill Gained]
Observe Lvl 1 (Active)- Provides information on a target.

Ah there we go… wait, WHAT? I'm Harry Potter!? I'm Immortal!? How can I be a fictional character? How am I Immortal? If I'm Immortal, why the hell are my stats so low? How do I unlock my Tier and what does it do once it is?

Ok, this will take too long to explain so you're getting the short version.
First off,
you were not born Harry Potter. You are about to become him.
Second, the reason for this is kind of disappointing.
After Learning he was Immortal, and then living so long that his entire family died out…
he basically gave up and said FTSIO.

'…Really? So, you're telling me that Harry Potter, THE Harry Potter, found himself Immortal, outlived all those he loved and then decided to commit Suicide?'


It's hard for me to believe as I was a fan of Harry Potter in my first life… wow Gamer's Mind is kind of scary. 'Can I get a little more info than that?'

You can read over the lore later.
We need to move this along.

'Please? At the very least let me see Harry's stats before he became a vegetable. Show me a goal to reach?'

Ugh, Fine.
Think 'Status of Harry Potter'

'Status of Harry Potter'

Harry James Potter
Level- 101, Class-TBD
Race- Magical Human (Wizard), Rank- Immortal
Tier- Veteran, Alignment- Lawful Neutral
HP- 4,500 (1,050 per Minute), MP- 18,000 (3,200 per 30 Seconds)
SP- 4,500 (1,050 per 30 Seconds)
STR- 95, END- 150, DEX- 300
INT- 450, WIS- 400, CHA- 245
LCK- ?
HP= END x 30, MP= INT x 40, SP= END x 30
HP/SP Regen= END x 7, MP Regen = WIS x 8

Whoa. Those numbers seem a little off to me for some reason, but decent considering it's Harry Potter. The real question is, how old is Harry with these Stats?

Ahem. If you're done?
We really must move this along.

Chose a Class:

Alright well now I get to make a choice here. 'Can I still use magic if I chose Fighter or Rogue?'

You are a Magical Human.
Just because you choose to wield a sword doesn't mean you can't use your natural born magic.

Alright, well now that that is settled, time to choose. Harry's… My magic isn't really suited strictly for stealth, so Rogue is out. I already have magic, so that leaves, 'Fighter.'

Class Chosen "Fighter"

Please choose a Sub-Class:

More choices. Hmmm. Need more info here. Maybe I can ask for information on whichever one interests me. Monk sounds likely to be martial artist type. And I can't see myself as a Barbarian. Harry is from Great Britain, so maybe a Knight?

Knight- The knight is an armored fighter.
Most notably known to follow codes of honor or chivalry.
Most often Lord/Landowners protecting what is theirs or working in the name of Royalty.
Medium & Heavy Melee Weapons, All Shields
M&H Armor, M Robes
Hand-to-Hand (H2H Journeyman level Max)
Special Skill- Mounted Melee.

Huh. Well, that's interesting. What about Warrior?

Warrior- The warrior is a basic melee fighter.
Most notably known to follow Money, Duty or Honor.
Most often Common folk who learn to use a weapon proficiently enough to be a threat.
Light & Medium 1-Handed Melee Weapons, L&M Shields
L&M Armor,
No Robes
H2H (Adept level Max)
SS- Dual Wield 1H.

Well, well, well. Looks like we have a winner. Dual wielding for the win. Wand in one hand, Sword in the other? Yes please.

Sub-Class Chosen 'Warrior'

Prepare for World Insertion.

Ok then, I guess that means I'm headed to England. I wonder though, will Harry's friends be able to tell it's me? I mean I know the cannon from reading the books, but that doesn't mean that I'll be able to pull off being Harry Potter.

Well then, it's a good thing you won't have to worry about that.

Memory merger in 5…


'Memory merger? What's tha-' My existence became pain. Memories, feelings, conversations, education, abuse, betrayal, loss, trauma. My entire being was lost in the memories of one Harry James Potter. From birth to that fateful Samhain. Ten years in a cupboard under the stairs. The pain of hunger, thirst, abuse both physical and emotional. The Letter. "Yer a Wizard, Harry." Hagrid. Hedwig. Train. Ron Weasley. "Do you really have the, you know?" Hermione. "Has anyone seen a toad? A boy named Neville's lost his." Castle. Hat. "You could be great in Slytherin you know. No? Then better be, GRYFFINDOR!" First year. The Stone. Voldemort. "Do you see what I have been reduced to Potter? Less than a ghost." Second year. Ginny. Petrification. Basilisk. Voldemort. "She will only listen to me, Potter." Pain.

Third year. Dog. Dementors. Professor Lupin. "I knew your father, Harry." Sirius. "Want to come live with me?" Pettigrew. Hate. Dementors. Time-travel. Fourth Year. Tournament. Betrayal. Dragon. §It may be fake Young wizard. But it is shiny, so it is mine.§ Yule Ball. Fleur. "I 'ad a good night 'Arry." Lake. Gillyweed. Merfolk. Maze. Trophy. Pain! Pettigrew. Voldemort. PAIN! "We must bow Harry, come. Bow to Death. BOW!" PAIN!

Boredom. Frustration. Dementors. Tonks. "Wotcher Harry. Don't call me Nymphadora." Headquarters. Sirius. Fifth year. Pink Toad. Luna. Umbitch. Defense Association. Blood Quill. Pain. Visions. OWL's. Ministry. Prophecy. PAIN! Sirius. LOSS! Atrium duel. Sixth year. Draco Malfoy. Slughorn. Pensieve. Horcrux's. Cave. Locket. Dumbledore. "Severus, please." SNAPE! Loss! Fake Locket.

Hiding. Fleur. Tonks. Hermione. Kreature. Real Locket. Cup. Sword. Two more down. LOVE! Fleur, Nym and Hermione. Visions. Pain. Malfoy Manor. Luna. Ollivander. Dobby. Loss! Hogwarts. Grey Lady. Diadem. Fiendfyre. Ultimatum. Voldemort. "Harry Potter come to die. AVADA KEDAVRA!" King's Cross. Dumbledore. Waking up. Fight. Snake. Pain. Loss! Voldemort. "You aren't the master of the Elder Wand Tom. Draco was. Meaning I am." Expelliarmus. Pain. Loss. Love. Comfort.

Seventh year. Quiet. Peaceful. NEWT's. Nym Pregnant. JOY ! Fleur pregnant. JOY ! Propose. Nym yes. Fleur yes. Hermione Yes. JOY! LOVE! Weddings. Children. Life. Work. Mastery's. Grandchildren. Great-Grandchildren. Suspicion. Still young looking. Concern. Research. Despair. "Immortal?" Nym dies. LOSS! Fleur dies. LOSS! Hermione Dies. LOSS! Children Die. LOSS! Hermitage. Hyper-focus on research. Return to Outside. Legacy gone. No more Potter's, Black's or Peverell's. Hopelessness. Veil. "I can't go on. Nym, Fleur, Hermione. Here I come." Flutter of cloth. Darkness. Cold. Peace.

'How long have I been here? Is this the afterli- wait. I already did this.'

Yup, don't worry though.
Your original life has not been overwritten.
You just happen to have the memories of two different lifetimes.
Two different people.
As such, you get something special.

[Skill Gained]
Metaknowledge (Passive)- If you Read/Watched/Played it in a previous life, you remember it.
Google was your best friend.

That should be useful. Now that I can at least think straight, or at all, time to figure out what is going to happen from here. 'So where to now? I'm a… how old am I? I was 48 when I died. Harry was 315. So, I'm a 363-year-old Immortal Wizard Gamer. I look 25 at most.

We've yet to add your achievement bonuses and you still have a few choices to make.
Character creation isn't done yet.

Achievements? When did I earn achievements? Are they just my achievements? Or do I get Harry's achievements too? So many questions. 'What Achievements?'

Achievements are events in life that come with bonuses or penalties.
Harry's Achievements will be applied once you've leveled up enough.
I'll give you a quick rundown and let you read an in-depth report later.

[Achievements Earned]
Higher Education (+10 to INT & WIS, Social Bonus)
Happy Marriage (+10 to CHA, Social Bonus)
Good Parent (+5 to END, WIS & CHA, Social Bonus)
Military Veteran (+10 to STR, END & DEX, Social Bonus)
Financial Excellence (+5 to INT, WIS & CHA, Social Bonus)

Oh wow. Those are nice. And no penalties, that's good. Wondering about the Social Bonuses though. Let's see where I'm at now. 'Status'

Harry James Potter
Level- 1 (0%), Class- Fighter (Warrior Lvl- 1)
Race- Magical Human (Wizard), Rank- Immortal
Veteran(Locked to 'Regular'), Alignment- TBD
HP- 450 (105 per Minute), MP- 720 (164 per 30 Seconds)
SP- 450 (105 per 30 Seconds)
STR- 15, END- 30, DEX- 25
INT- 36, WIS- 41, CHA- 35
LCK- ?
HP/SP= END x 15, MP= INT x 20
HP/SP Regen= END x 3.5, MP Regen = WIS x 4

Well alright! That looks much better. I might be able to survive this. 'You mentioned making some choices?'

Flaws and Perks.
Choose to have a Flaw and you'll be gifted with a Perk to balance it.
For instance, if you were given the Flaw 'Lustful', you might be given the 'Mana Battery' Perk.

Hmm. Not sure how I feel about that. 'Do I have to choose a Flaw? And if I don't, will I gain them at random later?'

No and No.
But also know that all Flaws can be overcome, while Perks are forever.

I think I'm good. I have plenty of flaws already, I don't see the need to add more just for the chance of gaining a random Perk. 'No thanks. I'll give this a pass. I like who I am already… who I was, will be? Whatever. No.'

That's your choice.
You can still gain Perks.
If certain qualifications are met or you are trained.

'Cool. So where am I headed? I'm assuming 'The Veil of Death' is a dimensional transport gimmick for this situation?'

You're headed to Eostia, a fantasy Medieval world.
Probably a good thing you chose Fighter.

Eostia? Where have I heard that name before? Medieval fantasy. No need to hide my magic. Probably best to do so until I know for sure though. 'Do I get a basic starter kit? Or am I limited to what I'm already carrying?' Harry had put everything it that space expanded mokeskin pouch.

You should be fine with what you have.
And don't worry.
Hentai logic does not apply in this world… at least not most of it.

World Insertion in 10…


'Wait, what? Hentai Logic? Oh shit. Are we talking the skimpiest of armors and clothing for females only or is it just straight up fetish-wear?'

You'll see.


Commencing World Insertion.
Welcome to the Game.
Good Luck.

Darkness. The air was stale, the temperature lukewarm, the ground was hard, and the only sound was my own breath and heartbeat. There was darkness all around me, save for a floating blue textbox which did nothing to illuminate my surroundings.

[Welcome to Eostia]
You've arrived in Eostia.
Having walked through the Veil of Death/
Been a victim of Truck-kun, your abilities have been temporarily locked.
Level up in order to unlock more of your natural born abilities.
You may also want to learn about the System.
As you are now a Gamer, it is advised that you familiarize yourself with all aspects of your System.
However, you may want to find someplace a little safer to do so, you are not alone down here.

Crap. I swipe a hand through the textbox making it disappear. I pause and bring my hand up to my face. I can't see it, but I can certainly feel it. I have a body again. I can feel it. I can feel clothes on my body. I can taste the dryness in my mouth. I can hear my movements and breathing. I am alive. A moment of elation runs through me as I attempt to stand. Slowly raising to my full height, I stretch my hands out and begin to walk forward. My steps are slow, measured and careful. I still can't see even though my eyes are fully open. After a few stumbles, I come upon a wall. It's solid, rocky in feel and expansive in size. I reach a hand above my head in an attempt to gauge how tall the space I'm in actually is, only to feel nothing above me.

I stand and listen intently to my surroundings, trying to determine which way I should go. I eventually decide to head right, keeping my left hand on the wall and my right hand held out in front. Slowly moving forward once more, I continue my inspection of the space. I find another wall after some time, a corner, meaning I'm in a room that was built by sapient beings. Rooms have doorways, rooms have lighting. I turn to follow this new wall, keeping an ear out for new sounds. After a few moments, a new smell hits me. Oil and wood. I turn to the wall and stretch my hands all along it in search of the source of the smell. My hands eventually find a wooden shaft set in a metal ring. A torch. And nothing with which to light it. My hope is dashed.

Until I think about something that makes me facepalm. I'm a wizard. Not just any wizard, I'm Harry Potter. I have a wand. I can do magic. I close my eyes and try to recall where my wand is located. The memories come quickly. I have a leather bracer on my right arm, a gift from Nym. It's a wand/knife holster, I've had it for two and a half centuries. I'm intimately familiar with its use… god I'm an idiot.

With a simple flick of my wrist, my Holly wand ejects and sits waiting warm and patient in my hand. The incantation for the wand lighting charm comes easily to my mind, as I partially close my eyes.

"Lumos." The wand tip lights with a brilliant blue-white light, illuminating the room. As my eyes adjust to the sudden influx of light, I take in my surroundings. The room is quite large. About 50 meters squared by my estimation, the ceiling is only about 10 meters tall. The torch on the wall next to me looks ready to be used at a moment's notice. An empty archway sits in the center of the room, no veil present. And on the far side of the room is what looks like a doorway. A cursory glance into the corners of the room yields few results, but I finally see something. My HUD.

I'm constantly using MP, the blue line slowly depleting as I hold the wand lighting charm. I can easily hold it for a few minutes, but it would probably be best to light the torches I can see set around the room. But before that, I need to find why I'm 'Not alone'. I continue my search of the room, only to find nothing of interest. Without any immediate danger to confront I decide to light the torch. Grabbing it down from the wall, I point my wand at it.

"Nox. Inflamari." My wand light dies and then a small burst of flame erupts from my wand and engulfs the head of the torch. My MP takes quite the dip and I mentally cut off the spell. As the flames stop pouring from my wand, the torch thankfully stays lit. I lift the torch up and watch as the flame casts dancing red/orange light across the room. The shadows dance as well, and a shuffle of movement is heard near the door. That's not good. Hmm.


A textbox pops up in front of me.

Small Acromantula Lvl 3
HP- 200, MP- 0
Thoughts about you- Soon to be food, wary of the fire.

Well, at least now I know what's in here with me. I slowly make my way towards the opposite side to the room, lighting more of the torches I noticed earlier along the wall. With each new light source, the shuffling of chiton becomes more obvious. It's afraid of fire, so why not have as much as I can safely make? After three more torches are lit, there is enough light to see the arachnid wanting to eat me. It is about the size of a golden retriever, has spun a rather impressive web covering what I can now identify as an open doorway and is making its way up towards the top of the doorframe. If it goes much further, it'll be out my reach. A quick glance at my HUD tells me my MP has already regenerated back to full. Now I just pray that the spell works.

"Arania Exumai!" A white light hurtles from my wand as the spell is cast, slamming the dog-sized acromantula back against the doorframe with all the force of a mule-kick. As the arachnid drops to the floor, momentarily stunned, I step forward and swing my torch with as much strength as I can muster. A squelching sound and a shriek ring out as the torch bashes through several of its legs and sets the spider on fire. It regains its footing in an attempt to run, but the fire and missing legs makes this quite difficult. It crawls pathetically toward its web, possibly in a bid for safety and familiarity. Only to set it ablaze as well. As I watch the arachnid slowly burning to death, I decide to end this sooner rather than leave it to its misery. Another swing of the torch ends the spider's life, as I aimed for the head this time.

A sigh of relief escapes me. I didn't think I'd have to kill something this quickly. I haven't even familiarized myself with the System and I'm already having to kill things.

You've slain your first monster.
You have gained Exp.
And you haven't even done the tutorial yet, thus you've been granted a bonus.
Level Up!
Class Level Up x3!

'Well, better find somewhere to sit for a minute so I can do just that.'

I swing the stone door closed after knocking the arachnid corpse to the side. No need to invite anything else that may be out there and bigger than me. After ensuring my safety, I return to lighting the remaining torches in the room. Briefly wondering about smoke or oxygen deprivation, I investigate the room once more with wand light. Small, grated vents in the ceiling allow for the smoke to escape and allow for new air to flow as well. So, no suffocation for me. Once all the torches are lit, I find that the room has a few stone benches and appears to be an antechamber of some kind. But those are observations for another time. Time to do the tutorial.

I sit at one of the benches after replacing my torch and let everything just sink in for a moment. After about five minutes of nothing but crackling torch fire, I bite the bullet and check my stats. "Status."

Harry James Potter
Level- 2 (13%), Class- Fighter (Warrior Lvl- 3)
Race- Magical Human (Wizard), Rank- Immortal
Veteran(Locked to 'Regular'), Alignment- TBD
HP- 705 (164.5 per Minute), MP- 800 (180 per 30 Seconds)
SP- 705 (164.5 per 30 Seconds)
STR- 31, END- 47, DEX- 27
INT- 40, WIS- 45, CHA- 37
LCK- ?
HP/SP= END x 15, MP= INT x 20
HP/SP Regen= END x 3.5, MP Regen = WIS x 4

After trying to do the math in my head, and still feeling a little confused, I decide to find a way to confirm stat gains instead of assuming. Ok, so 'Status' brings up my stats. May as well try the other RPG tropes. "Inventory."

A larger screen appears in front of me and shows a list of everything I have on my person. It also shows a generic outline of a bipedal humanoid wearing the exact clothes that I'm wearing. No hat or helmet, but I'm wearing 'Curse Breaker' Glasses. Which I now realize have a night vision enchantment that can be turned on and off. I'm going to have to go through Ha- my memories again to familiarize myself with my gear. I also am wearing an enchanted black Basilisk-hide duster, a wand/knife bracer on each arm, light blue shirt, relaxed fit denim pants and a pair of Dragonhide boots.

The list shows a 'Mokeskin Pouch', 75G 25S 30C and that is all. I chuckle at the thought of having what amounts to a bag of holding, inside a pocket dimension. A pocket in a pocket. Mentally dismissing the screen works, yay no more hand swiping through air, and I try something else. "Help." Nothing happens. "Lore." Nothing. "Bestiary." Nothing still. "Encyclopedia." A screen appears. After dancing a mental jig, I look over this new screen. It shows a list of options on the left.



I mentally choose 'Map' and the screen shifts. The left side still shows the options, but now there is a large black space with a small grey square in the lower right quadrant. Three question marks are centered above the map. So, I have no idea where I am, and I've only explored the one room. Thus, mapping out wherever I am, will be a must. I close the map and then close the Encyclopedia, time for another UI trope. "Inbox."

A new screen appears. I have a message. And it also has a toggle for notifications set to 'Always Show Immediately'. I mentally 'click' on it and watch as several toggles appear. It seems I can customize my notifications… nice. This means I can set them up to show up when I want them and not when I would be distracted by them. After adjusting that, I back out to my Inbox and pull up the message.

Greetings Player,
I wish to apologize for the inconvenience that we here at Karmic Solutions have caused you. The fact of the matter is you weren't supposed to die. Truck-kun was supposed to hit someone else that day. He is normally a very diligent and accurate employee.

But anyway, your Karma during life was very balanced. For every good there was bad and for every bad there was good. For some reason we are still investigating, you died simply because it was Friday the 13th.

Everything seems to point to a Karmic overload, but again, we are still investigating. We hope that the System will help you forgive us in some way but, we'll understand if you don't.

Best regards and Sincerest apologies,


… I have no idea how to respond to this. I'm angry, upset and downright pissed off that I was robbed of my life. But I'm also looking forward to the future as a Gamer. I dismiss my Inbox and lean back on the bench. Closing my eyes, I think about everything I've just learned. Try to assimilate the new experiences and figure out what I need to do next.

I'm Harry Potter. I'm a Gamer. I'm in another world. These are facts. It's time to face reality and move forward. As Harry Potter, I lost three wives and many children. As my other self, I was taken from my wife and children. I've lost so much, but it seems I have a lot to gain as well. I can mourn my losses later. First thing I need to do, is get the hell out of here and breathe some fresh air. I stand and walk to the door after grabbing a torch. It made a fairly good improv weapon, might as well keep it around. Now, let's go see what this new world has to offer. I open the door and immediately see three larger spiders than the one I killed. Well, Shit.

A/N: Hello one and all. Welcome to my newest story.

First, Sexual Content. Let me just say that while there will be citrus in the future, and I know that this takes place in a Hentai universe, there will be absolutely no Rape shown. It may be mentioned, offscreen or implied, but I do not write Rape.

Second, the Clothing. Kuroinu is a hentai. It was made for reasons we all know of, even those of us who choose not to watch. With that said, the fan-service clothing will not be making an appearance in this story. Fantasy armor with realistic attributes, Yes. Skimpy armor, to a degree. Bikini Armor, No. Fetish/Fan-Service armor, Hard NO. Female knights will be far more covered. Even if they do show off a little skin, it won't be as over exposed as it is in the source material.

Third, I will do my best to not make my character a Mary Sue. This is a Self-Insert, Gamer Fanfiction. So, while I could easily write a complete power fantasy, complete with instant harem and one-hit deaths for all baddies, I won't. I'm going to try and flesh out these characters and their interactions, relationships and abilities. So, TL;DR the 'Potterverse' magic will be locked away in stages so as not to be completely OP from the start.

Fourth, Kuroinu will not be the only world in which this story takes place. I have already planned for two others but getting to them will take time.

Fifth, Reviews. If I decide to respond to any reviews, it shall be done through PM. If I do respond, I'm not going to argue with anyone. If a review only tells me that the story is bad and does not inform me as to why, it will be ignored. Flames will be ignored. Trolls will be ignored. And for the most part, I'm not that big on responding anyway. So, just because I don't respond does not mean that I'm ignoring your critique, praise or insult.

Lastly, this is Fiction. Fan Fiction. Meaning if you don't like it, you don't have to read it. So, don't tell me I'm some sick fuck looking to objectify all women. I'm just telling a story and I'm trying to make it enjoyable for others.

Hope you enjoyed the prologue of "Properly Putting Down Dogs".