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The world can suck sometimes.

He was a normal office man in New York on the surface, however, he had a secret.

He had the power to make anything for people.

Yes, for people.

When he tried to use it for himself, it doesn't work.

This was his cap.

His curse.

It stopped him from becoming glamorous rich and having an eternally fine body to date supermodels left and right.

If he didn't have this cap, he was sure he would be a god.

When he was young, he ran away from him because his parents used his power to live off of him.

He struggled with his own ability but he was stable now and away from those people.

His experience with his parents made him not want to be used like that again.

So he never told his company that he could do this because he didn't want to be blackmailed and used.

If a squad tried to kidnap him, he was screwed.

However, he often wondered why he was born.

God gave him this amazing power and he couldn't use it to help himself at all.

He couldn't go to people hospital rooms and cure people, because the world would just be after him.

He eventually started noticing the kid playing his guitar in the New York subway station.

That kid.

He was good but he would never make it.

There wasn't enough pie to go around.

The child will just become another nameless person trying to be recognised and he would die a nameless person.

He didn't know why he noticed him but he did.

One day, he noticed something strange.

It was a sown tear on the kid's shirt, he didn't know why he zeroed in on that but he did, he found himself following the kid just to make sure he got home okay.

However, he ended up discovering the kid didn't have a home.

He was living under a bridge and praying nothing bad happened to him.

The orphanages and foster homes were full, this was New York after all.

With so many people packed into one place, there was only so much room for everybody.

This couldn't go on. He thought.

The kid needed guaranteed shelter, where he would be safe.

So when he saw the kid next, he used his power and gave him a 100 dollar bill in his tin.

The next day, the kid looked cleaner, more well-rested.

He gave the bill again and did it again.

By now, he could see the kid looking around trying to narrow it down who was giving him the money.

But there was a lot of people going passed every day.

The next day he walked close and the money appeared when he walked past, he saw the kids face as he realised it was him.

The next day, he attached to the bill a note.

'Meet me at this address. You got talent, kid'.

A grown man inviting a child to his home...

Shady as hell, but he couldn't have this discussion out in the open.

However, the kid showed up after he came back from work the next day.

He knew the child would be on edge so he was professional and opened the door for him and said. "Please sit here"

He pointed at a lawn chair.

He closed the front door and he saw the kid tense.

He walked to the other side and said. "Hello, my name is Mungel and I would like to be your manager"

And just like that, the kid relaxed as his instincts were proven right.

He said. "No, I am not working for an agency. I'm an office worker, but I want to make you huge."


"...Okay," said the kid.

He said. "How I'm going to make you huge is through this"

And suddenly a slice of cake was before the kids very eyes.

The kid eyes widened.

He did it again and now there were two cakes.

He said. "I have the power to create anything you can ever wish for. However, I can not use this for myself. This is my curse"

The kid was silent.

He said. "I can give you money, power, fame, the body and the talent. However, I can never benefit from it directly. This is why I am living in this apartment instead of the worlds biggest mansion in the world. I should be a king but I'm an office worker. No matter how hard I try, I can not use this power for myself."

He then said. "This is where you come in"

The kid's eyes widened.

He said. "I want to give you everything to be a successful musician but in return, I want to benefit from you. You produce a hit song, I get paid. You become Famous, I become famous, to a lesser degree. If leaders want to talk to you, they have to talk to me. Basically a Managers job. I get very rich and very famous off you"

The kid was silent before saying. "Alright. A chance like this is once in a lifetime. With your power, I can definitely become a successful musician"

He suddenly burst out laughing and said. "A successful musician? Your thinking too small. I want to make you historical! The biggest thing that has ever happened. What do you think is more historical than the Beetles or Presley? A superstar from out of space"

"What!?" Said the kid.

He said. "Think about it. With my power, we can do it. And setting up in space means that we don't have to be careful about what we say."

He was a dreamer but he had the power to do it.

He gave him his phone number and said. "Think it over. I'm offering you a chance to be the biggest thing in history. However, if you don't want to take this path, then I understand and hope you improve your situation"

And then he showed the kid the door and closed it.

Two days later, he got a phone call from a payphone and the kid said yes.

They were in business.

He used his ability with the kid in mind, to make an entire space mansion on another planet just for him.

The kid showed up on the day his life will change forever and he opened a portal and walked through, the kid walked hesitantly through and the portal closed behind him.

He said. "Welcome to the space mansion. Here you will eat, sleep, practise, write and work out. I will give you the looks, the voice and change you from the inside so Xrays don't get you. All you have to do is make sure your body is ready for every change, I put it through. I can't turn you into the ideal alien superstar overnight, your body can only handle so much at a time"

The kid understood.

"So...what's your name?" He finally asked.

"Anansie," said the kid.

He said. "Yeah, not feeling it. How about Ricky Mathis? It rolls off the tongue and it's a headliner name"

"Ricky Mathis? I like it" said the kid.

"I will change my name too," he said. "Get ready for Galaxy level Superstar training, Ricky"

And the day of hell began.

Mungel had to find Ricky limit and improve on it.

What kind of galactic level person has normal person abilities, after all?

It wasn't all training though, they had a serious discussion about his backstory, what is his personality, what does he like and hate.

Should he saw a word at the end of his speech?

But then they both agreed that it would be rather annoying, especially when he's singing.

Ricky was tagged in case anything happened to him because let's be real, if you prove to be an alien, people will volunteer to kidnap you.

They agreed he needed to get rid of any fears he had so that he was confident appear before so many people.

And then Ricky thought of an idea for his power.

Ricky asked him to make something and then Ricky gave it back to him.

It worked.

He needed a moment to compose himself because nobody had ever given him something he made himself.

They got closer after that, with him seeing Ricky as more of a son than a ticket to fame and fortune and he was sure Ricky saw him like a dad too.

He went through training to a lesser degree because he wasn't trying to be an alien sensation here.

They were alone on a planet for 6 years.

For 4 they spoke a made-up language.

And then he thought, Ricky was ready.

He had made a social media account along with an official business account, he put in the description his status even if nobody believed it, and booked a venue with advertisement.

He said. "Ricky"

The 18-year-old turned around.

The guy was stacked, he wore a black necklace with a gold ring around his neck and a white T-shirt with red sleeves and coloured, he also wore blue jeans and shoes.

He had perfect skin, rectangular eyes, green eyes and a brown hair cut that wasn't ridiculous enough to be hilarious but you wouldn't find the hair cut on Earth.

He was with a strange guitar and said. "Yes, Manager?"

No uncertain in his eyes and he was showing amazing dental work.

He said. "I think you're ready. I've booked a free concert in Paris. Even if nobody believes your from another planet, people will come simply to listen to music for free. I want you to kill it"

"I would be happy to," said Ricky.

"We'll be leaving in 4 days. It would be Saturday Paris time so we should maximise those coming for free" he said.

#4 days later, Saturday Morning Paris#

Half of a certain class came just to hear some music for free along with a lot of people who just wanted to do something on Saturday for free.

"Ricky Mathis. Intergalactic Level Superstar. That's one hell of an interesting bio" said Alya Cesaire.

The stage was set, people were stuffed into sections so that people can walk down the paths.

Nobody believed he was an alien though but it was interesting to read what had been written.

And then the time came and something happened.

A spaceship showed up above the stage!

Suddenly all their faces changed and people even dropped their phones from shock.

The ship released something and a shield went up around the stage before their very eyes and then Ricky was teleported onto the stage.

Ricky Mathis stood before them all and his face was displayed on the screens around the stage.

He said with a guitar that looked more advanced then what they got in his hand, he walked to the mike and said. "Hello, everybody. My name is Ricky Manthis and my manager discovered you guys, exist. So here I am. Are you ready to hear some music from the stars?"

They all cheered.

He began to strum a melody and then he sang in the most melodious male voice they had ever heard. "Called you for the first time yesterday"

They went into an uproar.

And just like that, they knew they were in for a good time.

He sang. "I finally found the missing part of me. I felt so close but you were far away. Left me without anything to say"

They began to notice his VERY interesting micro-expressions.

He began to sing in two voices.

He was trending in Paris and rising, people were coming.

He was building the music and then he belted. "NOW I AM" with his hair on fire and his mouth wide-eyed enough to show the world that he didn't have a Uvula.

Scientists and nerds got excited seeing the whole that was his mouth.

Star animals suddenly appeared in the crowd and began running through the amazed crowd.

The crowd could touch them!

However, just as the adorable things appeared, they disappeared as he finished the song.

He smiled and said. "I see more of you are coming. Let's change it a bit"

He then began to strum and sing. "I was walking away, But she's so beautiful it made me stay. I don't know her name"

He saw the newcomers smiling.

He sang. "I don't know her name" he began rising off the crowd like he was in space. "But I'm hoping she might feel the same. So here I go again, She got my heart again!"

And then the star ball's were released from above as he flew over them.

A star man and woman in old clothes began to dance in the sky.

The crowd ooed.

The Paris news arrived as he trended worldwide and the number of screens he was been shown on was increasing.

He pulled a female audience member out of the crowd and they both floated together much to the girl shock and flushed cheeks.

He swam around her because that's the only way to describe it, he began to play the guitar with his legs with an expression that said 'Yes, I know I'm good'.

The dude was indeed talented.

The song finished beautifully and he lowered her to the path and then he kissed her on the hand like a gentleman.

The poor girl basically fainted but she looked content because she didn't want to get up.

He looked used to and leapt back onto the stage.

It was a mile away which got people excited.

He said in the mike. "Are you ready to dance?"

He pressed his ear and a digital high-tech headphones showed up and the crowd oohed.

He was spoiling Nasa now.

He turned around and holographic dancers appeared behind him, they.

He gave a thumbs up to the ship.

And then the stage went dark and music began to play while Ricky in lights showed up and then the most amazing light dance show happened before their very eyes.

The use of lights was jawdropping.

The crowd went wild along with the world.

"This guy is incredible!" Said Juleka.

What a show!

People didn't think they had ever enjoyed themselves at a concert like this guy.

So this was intergalactic level music?

They certainly believe he was alien now.

However, everything must end.

The light show ended beautifully and he got a round of applause.

He smiled and said. "Thank you for coming to my concert but it looks like my time is up. I was only booked for half an hour"

And never had a crowd of smiling people turned so sour so fast.

"Sing!" Yelled somebody.

"Encore!" Yelled a group.

"Screw the next booking!" Yelled somebody.

"Ricky, I love you!" Yelled a girl.

They looked ready to riot.

The next booking people-mouth disappeared when they heard the crowd as they arrived.

He said. "I'll tell you what. I'll allow you to keep the stars toys if you promise not to riot. Is that a fair deal?"

They can keep the toys from space that were everywhere?


They all yelled yes.

He then took the devices he used for the show-up and then he teleported away.

The crowd sadly watched his ship turn around and then it blasted away.

The next booking began to set up and seeing that they were clearly not Ricky and they would have to pay for this band, the new Ricky Fans left.

Even those waiting to come in just left.

It was a sad reality.

When somebody better leaves, people stop caring for who was coming next.

History had been made today and they had evidence to prove it.

Will the world see Ricky again, they didn't know.

In the meantime, Earths news and just about everybody will have a field day analysing him.