Finally finding the exit to the dark place, Caboose finds himself in a nice looking town.

"And its bright now!" Caboose exclaimed as he suddenly appeared in a nice looking town. It looked like one of those towns built centuries ago, though Caboose didn't know exact details.

Caboose then decided to explore. Following the path he was on, he found his way to a beach where he saw a man yelling at a couple about leaving trash on the beach.

"Beach janitor!" Caboose gasped. "I... I didn't even know! I better come back later... yeah. Maybe the beach will be cleaner then... and the janitor less angry." Caboose turned right around and headed back down the path. There was some beautiful scenary, but nothing else really note worthy.

He would occasionally pass someone, in which he would greet "hello" only for him to receive a bewildered stare as he passed by. Caboose didn't know why they didn't say hello back and why they looked at him like he was strange. It was like they never seen a man in blue armour, he thought.

After while of wandering around, passing though a graveyard, a market place (in which everyone turned their attention to him the whole time he was there) and a zoo. After admiring the animals like the little kid Caboose was, he turned back to explore some more.

"Maybe beach janitor has left now." Caboose reasoned. "And the beach is open! Aw, its gonna be fun to go swimming." He mused to himself as he walked along. On his way he saw a woman with long pink hair and strange white thingys sticking out of her head. "Hello." Caboose greeted as he saw her.

"Nyu?" The girl asked, turning her attention to him.

"Yes. I am new here. My name is Caboose." Caboose greeted. "Who are you?"

"Nyu." The girl responded.

"Yes, nice to meet you Mew. Would you like to be friends?" Caboose asked.

"Yes!" Nyu exclaimed.

"Neat." Caboose said. "I've been friends with some many girls... but they were all robots, aside from Carolina, principle Kimbal, Dr. Grey... whoa I have more friends than I realized. And that makes them your friends too!"

"Nyu!" Nyu exclaimed in excitement.

"So what friend things should we do?" Caboose asks. "We can get ice cream, go to the playground, talk about how Tucker is stupid."

"Nyu?" Nyu questions.

"Ah! Yes, Tucker is my friend. The not smart one." Caboose explains.

"Nyu nyu." Nyu says.

"Yeah. I like kittys too." Caboose responds. "Also, what are those white things on head? Are, are they kitty ears? Are you part cat?" Caboose asks.

"Nyu?" Nyu questions as she pokes at her horns a few times. "Nyu!"

"Your a really cute cat lady." Caboose says. "You should try wearing blue! Then you will be even more cutter!"

"Nyu." Nyu shook her head.

"Ah, I understand. We all have our style. Mine is blue." Caboose explains. "I like blue."

"Nyu!" Nyu exclaims.

"Yes, its good to be friends with someone who knows good colours, you see red sargent keeps saying red is the best colour even though its not, so you know..." Caboose trailed on.

"Nyu." Nyu says.

"Oh... Im... Im sorry I've just... I've just been rambling on about myself. Tell me about you." Caboose insists.

"Nyu?" Nyu questions. "Kouta at home."

"Yes! Kouta, is he a friend?" Caboose asks.

"Yes!" She exclaims.

"Neat." He responds. There is an awkward silence between the two.

"Nyu?" Nyu questions as she gets closer and inspects Cabooses armour, taping some places.

"Ah yes, I have armour... its blue." Caboose says. Nyu continues looking around until she decides to hug Caboose. "Awe, I love hugging!" Caboose gently hugs back. Nyu the pulls away and points at his visor.

"Nyu!" She exclaims.

"Yes! This is a helmet. It has a giant window so I can see." Caboose explains. Nyu then takes Cabooses hand and plants it on one of her breasts, making Caboose squeeze it.

"Nyu." Nyu says

"This feels weird but also kind of good." Caboose says.

"Home." Nyu explains. She runs off a bit before turning back to Caboose. "Home."

"Oh thank you for inviting me! I would love to play at your house!" Caboose exclaims. As he runs off to join Nyu, he trips and falls into a portal that had opened up on the ground. The portal then closes as Nyu walks up to it and begins poking the ground where it used to be.

"Nyu?" She questions as she continues poking.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Caboose screams as he falls back into the base on their vacation moon.

"Caboose! What the hell happened?" Tucker exclaimed as he saw his fellow blue.

"Yeah, I found a dark place and I walked around until I found a bright place." Caboose explains "And then I met a cute girl and we became friends and talked about the colour blue and cats and she let me touch her chest and then-"

"What! You found a woman who let you touch her boobs!?" Tucker exclaimed. "How do I find her?"

"Go to the place. She's defiantly there." Caboose explains.

"Caboose, what light place!? How the fuck do I find the girl!?" Tucker yells.

"Yeah I just told you. You should have been listening." Caboose says as he walks away.

"I really do fuckin hate him." Tucker says to himself as he watches Caboose walk away.