Dream Guards

Author: Xylitius

Crossover Fanfiction

Harry Potter/ Sailor Moon

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling) or Sailor Moon (Naoko Takeuchi), nor do I claim to own anything created by these two lovely people. All I am owning right now, is my horrid writing skills and ability to fan write to my heart is content. Thank you.

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Prologue: Dreamlike

The velvet black sky was covered by tiny diamond stars, midnight had finally arrived in Little Whinging and standing there on the perfect paved road stood a single figure. Garbed in tattered robes and wearing a almost fearful look was Sirius Black. Once, he had a been a handsome young man in his prime but years in Azkaban Prison had taken much of that away. He knew something was wrong, something that was beyond the reach of anyone without specific talents, and he had a single friend that possibly could help.


Helios was a rare creature that he had once encountered in his youth. Mistaken for a unicorn, Helios was nearly killed by a vicious werewolf, hell-bent on ruining at least one life that day. After that day the guardian had become a close friend of Sirius's and had even confided his deepest secret with the man. He was the guardian of dreams. It was a job like all others but Helios could see things no other could and now the unicorn stood before him, gold horn raised and accompanied by another.

"Helios, I am aware that Dream Guardians do not usually help mortals but Voldemort might try and kill him again! He needs powerful support and that support is beyond even Dumbledore." Sirius began, it was intimidating to be standing with the two beings. He gave a sidewards glance at the other unicorn and stood back as it lowered it's crystal horn. A voice resonated in his head, it was not the calm voice of Helios that he heard but that of a female.

"Dream Guardian's do not protect a single human, not even from a growing evil like Voldemort." She stated turning to glance at Helios who remained silent. "We know the importance of Harry Potter to your people and have been guarding his dreams since his birth." She turned determined to leave the world to it's own making when a light stopped her. Helios's horn gave off a golden glow before it flashed brightly. Shielding his eyes for a moment, Sirius was left in wonder as the human form of his friend stood before him.

Helios appearance was far more eye catching then the ex-con's could be. His appearance was much like the fantasy character children would make up, golden horn and all. Behind him stood a white haired woman in a regal gown. There was no horn on her head, only a rose shaped crystal glowing lightly in her hands. "Serenity, you know this will start affecting my world as well. If too many people begin to die and not enough beautiful dreams are made, then our existence is in danger. You are able to return to this world safely but I will vanish, like the dreams will." He stated looking at Serenity calmly, he knew she would be unable to refuse to help if it endangered too many lives.

"Helios... why would she not vanish along with you? You are both Dream Guards, are you not?" Sirius asked curiously noting that the young woman possessed a crescent mark on forehead that glowed with the light of the moon.

"Serenity was not always a Dream Guardian." Helios didn't elaborate any further then that. There wasn't anything else Sirius could do, the other Dream Guardian didn't trust him like Helios did.

"I am asking a great deal of you two but I thought that if you were able to exert some force in the dream world, you could get information out of Voldemort. Like what he wants and what it has to do with Harry!" He didn't know the mechanics behind the dream connection that Dream Guards and the people they were connected to had but he knew that it was possible to gather information from such a bond. It was worth a shot if it meant he could protect Harry from any mind tricks from Voldemort.

"We cannot do that." Serenity shot his idea down instantly. "It would make us susceptible to anything. To exert such influence we would have to become physically apart of the dream and that would make us mortal to anything Voldemort's mind comes up with. It could very well kill us." She explained sighing deeply before giving the man a bit of hope. "I already guard Harry's dreams, I cannot stop his nightmares or prevent anything he see's from Voldemort's side but I do get a bit of a glimpse of what may or may not be running in his twisted mind. We can remain in this world to protect Harry."

Sirius was ecstatic, almost jumping for joy, until Serenity said, "But." His ecstatic joy was suddenly crushed... he knew whenever there was a but, it probably wasn't good. "If at all, our lives are in danger or we become known to this world. We will leave." They vanished leaving the little bit of hope left for Sirius to grasp.