Leni was a strange woman. Always in the public eye because of her fashion business and good looks. Yet, she didnt really acknowledge the fact she was famous. She still lived with her mother, still played like a child and still needed help with very basic things. Leni didnt like feeling useless. She absolutely despised it. Yet, the one thing that always helped when she was feeling down, was her brother. Her brother held her together. Her brother who helped her when she needed it, who made sure she learned how to function as an adult herself, her brother who she loved, oh so much. Too much. She wanted him in every sense of the word. This bizarre obsession of hers took a twist she didnt expect. Leni wanted him, she NEEDED him. Leni wanted to make sure he KNEW how much she loved him. How much she spent fantasizing about their wedding night. Wine, cake and baby making. He and her child, will be the best of both of them. And even after doing it so much, she still doesnt think he understands. The fear in his eyes when she sees him worries her. He shouldnt be like that. But nonetheless, his dick gets hard, and he cums inside of her every single time. That means he likes it, right?

She giggled as she helped the next customer in line. A regular, one of Lincolns friends, Stella. Stella was one of the few who didnt get star struck when she saw her. The tall girl shifted the money in her purse around while trying to make small talk. "Hows Lincoln? He doing alright? Hes stopped talking to a lot of us a while back" she said, looking down at the register. The small monitor displayed 70 dollars even. As she dug for the money, Leni spoke. "Oh um, hes alright! Hes perfect actually. Maybe he just doesnt wanna talk to you". Leni smiled brightly. Those words, confused Stella. Lincoln didnt want to talk to her anymore? Or Clyde? Stella was beginning to feel nervous. The smile was too artificial for her liking. The 70 dollars was in Leni's hand within the second. She left the store in a hurry, carrying one of her two bags. Leni called from behind her, "Hey, you forgot your second bag!"

Stella rushed back over, not noticing the security cameras in Leni's store had stopped blinking the ever so familiar red light. "Oh, thank you. Could you tell Lincoln I said hi to him? Please?". Leni smiled once more, and giggled. "Of course! What, did you have a crush on him or something?". Stella noticed how hard the womans hand clenched as she said the word. Stella stood her ground and told the truth. "I do actually. Or, did. I wanted to ask him out, but he vanished on anything I could have texted him from". Leni stood silently, creeping the young woman out slightly. The bag that was extended towards Stella wasnt able to be taken, as she was holding too hard onto the thick plastic. "Uh, Leni, my bag". Leni didnt respond, she was too busy waiting for the last person to come out of view of her store front. Stella tried pulling, only for Leni to unleash a fit of strength beyond what Stella had thought possible at the time. With one swoop, Leni pulled her over the counter and dragged her to the back of the store. Stella wasnt able to take the hand off of her mouth. Her legs flailed wildly as she desperately tried to pull away from the celebrity. In the back of the store, a small warehouse took shape. Dozens of boxes, tape, hangers and thread filled the room. Leni threw the girl down, her head smacking into the hard, cold floor with an audible thump. Stellas senses went blurry as she felt her hands being tied with something thin. Yet, when pulling, the amount of it was so much that it mimicked rope. Her legs werent working too well either, as she couldnt move them properly when trying to kick Leni away as she tied those next. She was hoisted to her feet, leaving a small puddle of red where her head had hit the floor.

(Line cut)

The blood had been cleaned and Leni had to figure out what to do. She was panicking. "No, no no no no, no one can do this, no one can do that, no one can take Linky, no one". Leni searched around the boxes as Stella breathed heavily behind her. The muffled screams didnt come through much, as a designer shirt had been shoved into her mouth. Suddenly, a sharp twang came from Leni as she giggled slightly. She turned around with a box cutter in her hand. Leni stomped over to the girl, whos shrill shriek grew louder. With one motion, Leni sliced through the girls shirt, revealing the girls bra. She sliced through that as well, leaving the girls breasts exposed. "Y-you need to learn! Thats all I'm doing, im teaching you what you're doing is wrong"

Leni brought the box cutter to the girls breast as Stella began to breath harder, preparing herself for the pain. Leni began to press down, and blood slowly trickled off the blade and onto Lenis palm. Stella screamed, yet no one was around to hear them.