Chapter 3 War is Coming

Gotham City

In Gotham, in an apartment which was very nice and fit with style with great add ons, we Jack relaxing from his days at work, both as a soon to be a lawyer and crime-fighter hero. He sighed to himself as he was a little worn out and was resting for a bit as he had a feeling while knowing that a storm was coming. The feeling that the storm was coming and knowing what it is put some tension onto our hero but has calm himself down.

Jack knows what's coming not sure when, but knows it's coming and can feel it. War was coming which he has to be ready for but has no idea what kind of war was going to happen.

Jack sighed in frustration before calming down and get up for another one of his patrols. He grabbed his suit and unity belts while turning his lights out and locked his place down, just in case, and headed out as Knightmare.

Knightmare used his grapples lines from his gauntlets and traveled around the city until a crime comes under his radar. He had some slow cases during these past couple of days which he wished for some action but should be careful with that as DC tends to send it back at you, 100 fold. Also, a part of him wanted to meet a certain cat thief again and feel something towards her which he would sometimes dream of Selina, some heated ways which resulted in him taking a cold shower to calm down.

Knightmare shook his head and focus on something else rather than Selina at this time. He then saw something that got his eye, down below he saw something very odd but familiar to him. He then turns his path towards what's down below and landed on the street level which he wished he didn't as he found out why the sudden feeling of war was coming. He knows understands why and what's coming to earth.

Strange creatures, aliens in origin who wear golden armor with high tech and green skin with wings.

"Parademons," Knightmare thought, knowing what these creatures and the danger that was coming to earth, altering him of what was going to come and needs to deal with this scouting group.

Knightmare then rushes after the Parademons before they can escape and with their Mother Box. He brought his claws out which he swung at three of the Parademons, cutting their wings off before taking out explosive batarangs and throw them at the three's head, blowing them and had green blood pouring out of their headless bodies. The other two roared at the Bat but soon screamed in pain as he cut their bellies up and placed some explosives inside their bodies.

Knightmare then pushed a button on his gauntlet, detonating them and making the Parademons exploded into millions of pieces. He then saw a Mother Box which he was careful about grabbing as he wasn't sure on to activate it or what it does if trigger. By remembering right and pushing the side of the box, the cube then started to float and follow him.

"There we are," Knightmare said while bringing out his gauntlet and started to see if he can any information on similar events like what he had dealt with.

Knightmare hummed in thought as his visor hud mode showed a few news information on a few people being kidnapped and reports of strange creatures being cited in a few cites like Gotham. He turns off his information mode and started to think about the threat that is coming. If Parademons were here and starting the invasion party, then that means a certain Dark God was on his way and the war will begin to start a good number of events to come. A great number of them are worse but there's still hope as our hero can gather up more information and find other heroes to help him.

Jack knows what's going to happen and the story arc that's about to start. Justice League War, the arc that a certain Evil New God came to earth in searching of something and the same arc that the Justice League were formed, somewhat.

Jack would have to look around to gather up any more Mother Boxes to somewhat stop the invasion, a good number of the forces as stopping the whole event might be difficult. He won't be doing this alone, he knows that. And knows that this event will bring in more heroes.

"It takes more than one hero to save the day," Jack mumbled to himself as he used his grapple lines and started to leave the area, patrolling for anymore Parademons to get their Mother Boxes or heroes to find.

Knightmare pushed a button on the Mother Box, causing it to become a small cube size box, and placed it in his unity belt on his leg, in a safe place for the time being. Glad he study some New God technology from the comics and wiki sites from his old world while getting some information from the box itself.

Knightmare then heard a loud roar which got his attention as it was inhuman and something out of this world, meaning a Parademon or more. That was fast and here's goes nothing.

At the location, the Dark Knight, Batman was not having a good day as some alien creatures were kidnapping people which natural he went to stop it which was having a little trouble with, to be honest.

One of the Parademons raised its claws and about to smash the Bat but was stopped when a Batarang, not Bat's, stabbed the creature in the face before blowing up and leaving a headless body before.

The last two were about to escape with a strange-looking box but they too were stopped as another Bat came crashing in and slicing the demons up with his claws. Knightmare was here.

Batman was shock by the second Bat's reveal but a little grateful for his help, even if he won't admit it now.

"Knightmare," Batman said.

"Batman," Knightmare greeted while keeping himself cool on meeting his ideal again, fully this time as they only see each other rare times over the two-three years in Gotham. So a full meeting was awesome and exciting for the young man but anyway.

"You have dealt with these creatures before?" Batman asked, seeing that Knightmare had some information on them as he easily took them down.

"Something like that. I fought a scouting group not too long ago. From what I gathered, they are called Parademons and part of an army of their master's will," Knightmare replied as he took the next Mother Box before pushing a button to become small and placed in his unit belt.

Knightmare and Batman stayed quiet, thinking on the ground level and both were intelligent to see that something bad was coming. And that something can't be handle alone, which leaves one option one for them, even if they have droughts on each other but they believe it can work and it will which will surprise them down the road.

"What to form an alliance, partner up, and figure out who's behind this? I have a feeling it's just the start of something big coming to earth," Knightmare said, putting the idea of forming an alliance out for the two to take.

"Agree and working together will help cover more ground," Batman said, agreeing to the idea of working together as both share good command ground.

However, before the bat warriors' next move, they were shined by a powerful green light which caused them to use their cape to shield themselves and see who trun on the light.

"Holy shit, you two are real!?" A suprise and shocked voice said, being one of the Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan who the stander suit of the corp he's apart of and green mask with white eye holes.

"No shit, Sherlock. Now trun off the lights," Knightmare said as the green light goes down.

"Why are you here?" Batman demanded, not to the liking of metahumans in his city but allows the hero ones to pass in his city on rare cases while the criminals' ones not so much.

"Got word of some alien activity was going around here and I came to save the day as usual," Green Lantern crocky said with a smirk as he lands down on the ground.

"Huh, you don't say," Knightmare said with a bored tone, knowing that he and Batman will have to deal with this rocky version of Hal. One of the reasons why New 52 had bad views while some were good, but some bad got a lot of hate and one of the reasons that Jack vows to fix up.

"Knightmare and I will handle it," Batman said while knowing more heroes could help but an arrogant one was not in his book and can tell that trouble will come to Green Lantern by his or Knightmare's work.

"Well I will go and call the shots, just you stay out of my way," Green Lantern said about to take lead.

"And how are you going to that...without this?" Batman asked with a small smirk as he holds a certain green ring in his head and caused Green Lantern to return to his normal civilian clothes.

"What the hell!?" Hal said in disbelief that someone took his ring without any warning.

"Nothing special with it," Batman commented before showing that he no longer had the ring and revealed that Knightmare as it, annoying Hal even more.

"Alien tech huh? An interesting piece of work," Knightmare commented before the ring flies out of his hand and back to Hal who got his suit back on with his ring glowing to attack.

"Don't do that again," Green Lantern warned.

"Wasn't my attention and we have work to do," Batman said as he took lead with the other bat following behind.

"I just did to annoy you," Knightmare said, with some hit of teasing in his voice which angers the lantern hero a bit.

"Where are we going?" Green Lantern asked.

"We are going to a good base and try to discover more of these," Knightmare replied as he took out one of the Mother Boxes from his belt.

"Hmm, Ring Scan," Green Lantern ordered, having his ring run some scans on the cube.

"Unknown, no information required on the box," A female voice spoke which seems to upset the owner a bit.

"Damn it, was hoping for answers on that. If my ring doesn't know, then the Guardians don't either," Green Lantern said.

"Then there's something we don't understand. And Knightmare's right, a base is required to gather more information on them and our enemy," Batman said.

"Agree," Knightmare said.

"Hold it! Why not check on Superman in Metropolis? I heard he is an alien, maybe he knows about them?" Green Lantern offered.

Batman and Knightmare stare at each other, sharing a look that this wasn't a good idea and knowing that Superman might have no idea on cubes or Parademons as well.

"Kind of a waste if you ask me," Knightmare said, knowing the outcome coming and wasn't going to let that happen, even if he knows of it but might happen soon than he thinks.

Before Batman or Knightmare could say another world, Green Lantern used his ring to create a bubble around the two and took them as he flew to Metropolis.

Knightmare sighed and said, "I hate the prideful ones."

"You and me both but he does have a small heart," Batman said.

"Indeed but that crocky tone of his might get him killed," Knightmare said.

"It might," Batman agreed as their flight came to a stop at some old building.

The flight didn't take too long as they were here at a working area that a new building was going to be built.

"I heard Sups was around the area and could be where we get some answers," Green Lantern said as he then placed the two bats on the ground.

"Good, now let me do the talking," Batman ordered before being trapped in a small greenhouse.

Knightmare didn't move as he leads up against the greenhouse with a boring look on his face if you see underneath his mask, knowing where this will go.

"Here's what going to happen. Green Lantern kicks Superman's ass 101. Trust me I got this," Green Lantern said, being very prideful in his abilities.

"He's doom," Knightmare commented.

Batman grunted in response to that, knowing to be true, and waited.

Some blasts were heard and later grunting in pain before Green Lantern was thrown out of the building like a ragdoll and crashed into the ground behind the two bats. The greenhouse disappeared and before the two could help Green Lantern, they were lifted up by their suits by a powerful being, the Man of Steel himself, Superman.

"So what you two can do?" Superman asked with a prideful smirk as he held both Batman and Knightmare by their suits while Green Lantern was down for the moment.

Instead of panic, the pair looked at each other before giving the other a nod to the other. Both bat-themed warriors were smirking at the Kryptonian's question, already knowing the answer.

"I know that the fight with Darkseid will be out of this world and we don't have time for this but I also wanted to do this since I read New 52 comics. Time to put this asshole in his place," Jack thought, having a few tricks up his sleeves and a fight with the Man of Steel was coming, at least he is not alone.

This should be interesting and something else.