A/N: Hello. :) I recently began watching Gargoyles on Disney+, and I am really loving it! I couldn't let the opportunity go to waste. So, I took it upon myself to make an adaptation of Season 2 and a rewrite of Season 3. My favorite episode in particular is "The Mirror". The first few chapters here will consist of my singular fanmade episode "Genesis". Across the episode, you'll find it plenty surprising, especially for Elisa's situation. And you'll also notice that there are also some new characters in the mix. The cast will be revealed at the end of this chapter. I hope this will be enough to grab your interest. ;)

Prologue: "Genesis" Act I - A New Player

It all started as rain fell upon the city in the day. Clouds were covering the skies as far as the eye can see. Those walking the streets all had their umbrellas handy, as well as some on the rooftops. The children in the city looked on as raindrops fell around them and smiled in wonder if they weren't splashing the puddles. As for the above, namely the rooftops and skyscrapers, people were looking out the window or on the patio at the weather in display. However, there was a woman who seemed to be in a hurry. She had chocolate brown hair in a ponytail at chin length, a white coat over a green shirt, and Capri pants. She was using an umbrella to withstand the rain as she ran on the sidewalk with her suitcase in tow.

"Come on! How hard is it to get a cab in this place? See, this is why I don't live in New York."

And one more reason was on its way. The woman slipped on the sidewalk, falling forward to the ground as she dropped her umbrella and suitcase in the process, using her hands to catch herself. Unfortunately, she fell beside a puddle, and it's managed to make her clothes wet.

"Aw, come on!"

She glared upwards are the bystanders who walked by her, clearly not pleased that they didn't even make the effort to stop and help her.

"Is it too much to ask for some concern over here?!"

Just then, as if to answer her complaint, a man with long black hair and a pale skin complexion was walking over to her. He was wearing a leather trench jacket with black pants and a black shirt within the coat. When the woman looked up, she was plenty surprised by how dark he was. Yet, at the same time, he was just as gentle, if his extended hand towards her was any indication.

"Are you alright, my dear?"

The woman saw his hand and took it as she lifted herself up and picked up her umbrella before getting her suitcase. Grateful as she was for someone to come along, she was still sore over how inconsiderate the people were.

"Well, I've been better. But it's nice to know someone cares."

The woman looked at her clothes, hoping they weren't too wet. Unfortunately, they were so wet, her dark blue undergarments were inadvertently being exposed. Panicked, she covered her chest with her arm before looking up at the man with a blush.

"You didn't see anything under there, did you?"

The man had already looked at her wet outfit. But fortunately for her, he didn't dare look through it. He was too focused on a small tag on the white coat.

"Not really. All I noticed about you was that you must be a doctor."

He pointed to the name tag clip-on that said, "Dr. Sarah Peterson". Frankly, that helped her get some relief back as she stammered in reply.

"Uh, yeah! Yeah. Just in Pennsylvania, though."

"Then what are you doing here?"

"Oh, I'm just visiting an old friend. That's all you gotta know, really. Not that I could, being drenched like this. On top of that, I'm gonna be late."

The man could see why. That looked hardly presentable. At this point, her jacket would have to do. That said, he didn't want her to be late.

"I believe I can fix that."

"Really? How?"

The man simply grinned at her before he raised his hand up and shouted as a cab came close to them.


Upon his request, the cab began to slow down and pull over at their lane in the sidewalk before the driver opened the window and spoke to the man.

"Where to, pal?"

"Oh, it's not meant for me. Just for the good doctor."

The man opened the door and allowed Sarah to enter the cab and sit down with her suitcase and umbrella fitting through before the man took out a small wad of cash and handed it to the driver.

"Wherever she wishes to go, this will more than cover it and the tip."

The taxi driver took the money with a smile as he spoke.

"Okey-dokey. No problem."

He began to pull up the window before Sarah piped up. She hadn't done much to deserve his kindness, and felt it wrong not to know a name to go with the face to pay him back.

"Wait! Before I go, who are you?"

The man gave her a warm smile as he replied.

"Why, I'm only a Good Samaritan. But if you really want to get to know me, I'll be more than happy to clear up a schedule for you."

The man got out a small card before handing it to Sam. It was labeled "Dracus Industries" with the logo of a symbol of a dragon on a shield above them, as well as a number and an address. The woman looked up to him, beginning to get bashful as she spoke.

"Oh, I couldn't. It's not like I'm gonna be staying that long..."

"At least consider it. It won't take too much time."

Sarah looked back at the card before placing it in her coat pocket and turning back to the man.

"I'll think about it. But thanks."

"You're very much welcome."

The man backed up a bit away from the taxi as Sam spoke to the driver.

"Excuse me. Can you take me to the apartment down Main Street?"

"Right away, Miss."

With that, the taxi began to go into the road again as the man looked on. Once it turned away out of sight, the man put on a contemplative look as he put his black-gloved fingers on his chin.

"Her name tag labeled her as a doctor. But is she a medical professional, or a geneticist? Either way, I'll find out later."

The man turned his attention upwards to the Castle Wyvern perched on top of Xanatos Enterprises' Eyrie Building and made a devilish smirk as lightning struck near the building.

"For now, I have an old friend of my own to visit..."

Inside his main office, the billionaire, David Xanatos, was looking out at the rain that continually fell upon his window and the lightning that flashed around his building. The castle itself was initially set upon the top of his building to reawaken Goliath and his clan. Of course, Demona had put him up to it at the time. If he had known the trouble they'd give him personally, he might never have agreed to it. But at the same time, he found himself wondering why he'd kept them alive. Yet, that wasn't the only question on his mind, but it was far less important in comparison.

"I wonder how well Gargoyles do in the rain."

His assistant, Owen, had his theory. He knew especially how capable they were time and time again. And he was also aware of their limits. Yet, that didn't stop his curiosity.

"Most likely, they'd be frozen in stone by now, as always. Why do you ask?"

"Well, forgive me if I'm feeling skeptical. I'm still getting used to the idea that the impossible sometimes has a tendency to become possible these days."

Owen wouldn't blame him. He couldn't believe Demona was actually a living Gargoyle the first time he saw her, either. Still, he didn't see any reason why he's worried about them in the rain.

"I know the feeling, sir. But what exactly are you worried about?"

"I didn't believe it was possible for Gargoyles to be alive in this time, yet Demona told me about Castle Wyvern when we first met. Well, that and her clan was supposedly destroyed in Scotland."

"Well, yes. And?"

David fixed his eyes outside the window while placing his fingers together, as if devising strategies in a way he's famous for.

"And that's got me thinking. If Demona had trouble with Goliath's leadership in 994... I wonder if anyone else in his clan had the same opinion. It wasn't exactly easy times back then."

"Well, even if there were, they must've been eradicated at the Wyvern Castle a long time ago."

A shame he couldn't find out for sure, especially when Owen's right. All the rest of Goliath's clan were eliminated a long time ago in the Wyvern Massacre. Even if it were possible to plaster their remains together, they've been scattered for a long time. And even a man of great patience would grow tired of the search alone. So, for now, that remained a mystery. But still, Xanatos felt caution was of the essence.

"Maybe. But if there's one thing I learned, Owen, it's never to count your Gargoyles before they hatch."

Just then, Xanatos' phone began to ring on his desk. He supposed something must be going on at the main entrance. It was a question of whether or not it was a good thing. To be sure, he turned around to his phone and picked it up.

"Yes? This is Xanatos."

"Hey, Mr. Xanatos. Were you expecting anyone?"

It was Derek Maza. He had him recruited about a week ago, much to his detective sister's chagrin. He'd long since staged his assassination attempt on his life just to win him over. He was placed in charge as his personal bodyguard and pilot. One of his duties was checking the entrance for any suspicious characters. He must've finally caught one. Xanatos was looking at a camera pointed at the entrance as he replied.

"No, not today. Why do you ask, Derek?"

"There's someone here who says he's looking for the Gargoyles."

Xanatos raised his eyes in curiosity as he noticed Derek and the man who eyed the Eyrie Building moments earlier. What reason could he have to look at the Gargoyles? That's what he needed to find out.

"Alright. Bring him up. I'd like to meet him up close."

"Right away, sir."

Derek put the phone away and gestures the man into the elevator as Owen looked to him, getting quite cautious about this stranger.

"Mr. Xanatos, what do you think it means?"

"I'm not sure. He seems to know about the Gargoyles. How he does, I don't know. But I'll find out soon enough. Who knows? He may prove useful."

In that moment, the elevator door had closed with Derek and the man inside it. Derek was wearing a blue jacket with black pants beside the man as he looked to him.

"Well, I gotta say, it's rare for someone to come all this way just to look at Gargoyles, Mr..."

The man knew he was going to ask for his name and made a smile towards him as he replied.

"Ah, yes. Where are my manners? The name's Korihor. Mormon Korihor."

Meanwhile, in an apartment, as lightning struck, a grey cat yowled in panic before scurrying over to a woman sitting on the couch. She had dark blue hair, brown eyes, and olive skin. Her normal outfit consisted of black boots, light blue jeans, a black shirt, and a red leather jacket. She took notice of it by her legs and made a soft laugh before she picked up the cat and caressed it.

"It's alright, Cagney. I'm here."

The cat purred at the feel of her hands and allowed itself to relax as she looked out the window. As far as she could tell, it had to be raining for miles.

"I just hope whoever's out there doesn't get too wet, or struck by lightning for that matter."

Just then, she heard a knocking on the door and turned to it. The woman frankly wasn't expecting anyone so soon, but she could make a guess, or rather a hope. She hoped her brother Derek had listened to her tape of Fox explaining Xanatos' motives. The farther away he is from Xanatos, the better. But a good detective knows not to let her hopes up too quickly. She went over to the door as she spoke to whoever was on the other side.

"Hello? Who is it?"

The voice on the other side was quick to answer her with a smile as the woman opened it.

"Wanna guess who?"

She widened her eyes in surprise as she quickly opened the door to see...


She made no hesitation to give her a hug only for Sarah to warn her.

"Hold on, Elisa. I think my shirt's still wet. I wouldn't ask."

Elisa gave her a small smile back as she cautiously leaned forward to her and hugged her as she wrapped her arms around her back as Cagney went close to Sarah and rubbed itself on her leg with a purr and a soft meow. Sarah took notice of the cat and knelt down as she gave a soft laugh and rubbed its head gently.

"Looks like your cat's happy to see me, too."

"His name's Cagney. And he's a really good judge of character."

"I'll bet."

Sarah proceeded to pick up her suitcase, keeping Cagney in mind as she looked down and ensured that it wasn't in the way where she wanted to walk as Elisa tried to find out her reason for her unexpected arrival.

"What are you doing here in New York? I thought you were busy in Pennsylvania."

Sarah didn't hesitate to answer as she maneuvered her suitcase over by Elisa's couch.

"I managed to get time off. As it turns out, doctors get a vacation time of 2 to 4 weeks. I only decided to use a week's worth."

Elisa found it hard to believe as she raised an eyebrow before she inquired of her.

"And you decided to use that week why?"

Sarah raised her own eyebrow with a smirk, knowing that it shouldn't be lost on her.

"I couldn't miss out on my friend's birthday, could I?"

Elisa began to widen her eyes in surprise. It hadn't dawned on her before now that it happened to be the same week where that day was getting close. Ordinarily, it would've crossed her mind, but with her affairs involving Xanatos, including her brother Derek being his personal bodyguard, it was safe to say that there was a lot on Elisa's mind to make her forget it. However, given recent events, she felt it best that she had as she made a sad frown.

"Oh. Right. I forgot about it."

Sarah took notice of her sad look and began to feel concern for her. It hasn't been more than a minute, and she's already turned gloomy.

"Is something wrong, Elisa?"

She heard the concern in her friend's voice and gave a soft smile to reassure her. It wasn't really her concern, though she's glad that she'd do anything to help her.

"No, Sarah. I'm just glad you came all this way for me, even if it meant getting your shirt wet."

"Well, hey. What are friends for?"

Elisa made a soft chuckle. She always admired her devotion, especially to her. It's no different from Goliath and his clan towards her. Elisa looked at Sarah's shirt, seeing that her coat was beginning to get just as wet, too. She couldn't find a way to repay her devotion, but taking care of her shirt was a start.

"Speaking of, how about I take care of that shirt for you? You came all this way; it's the least I could do."

"Sure. Just gotta get this out first."

Sarah took out a small business card from her jacket pocket. When she did, Elisa noticed it and became curious.

"Sarah, what's that?"

"Oh, it's just a business card for Dracus Industries."

This was something Elisa hadn't heard before. She was all too familiar with Xanatos Enterprises and its subsidiaries. But not once did she hear of this particular group. As such, it piqued her interest.

"Dracus Industries?"

"Yeah. Someone gave it to me on my way here after he called a cab and paid the driver for me. Said he was a Good Samaritan."

Elisa became perplexed as she analyzed the card.

"He really did that for you? Why?"

"You got me. But he said if I wanted to get to know him, he'd clear a schedule for me. Not that I'd consider it. I mean, it's not like I'm planning to stay long."

Elisa placed her fingers on her chin, puzzled at this new company. Whoever came from there had money in his pocket to pay for her ride and gave her the card. It was oddly suspect to her; as far as she knew, there wasn't anyone in the city who had that mindset. Whatever the case, she'd get to the bottom of it and soon.

Back at Xanatos Enterprises, Korihor was sitting in a chair that set him face-to-face with David Xanatos himself. The multi-billionaire was just as intrigued as Owen was when he'd mentioned the Gargoyles. There was just no telling what that could mean for him. Would it make him an ally or a foe? That was what he aimed to find out.

"So, I've been told by Derek that you wanted to see the Gargoyles, Mr. Korihor. Any particular reason why?"

Korihor simply kept his smile as he replied.

"Well, it may surprise you, Mr. Xanatos, but truth be told, I'm just quite fancied with the architecture atop the Eyrie Building is all. I consider myself an enthusiast of sorts in such things."

Xanatos kept his wits about him as he spoke back with caution.

"What kind 'of sorts' would you go on about, exactly?"

Korihor still maintained his smile as he answered him.

"The history, of course. Especially that of the castle's protectors themselves."

Xanatos touched his fingers together as he leaned back in the chair. If what he said was true, it was time to see how much he actually knew.

"And how much do you know about them?"

"Only that the legends stated that most of the Gargoyles were shattered to pieces when the superstition that drove the Vikings proved too great for them to take chances. I assumed that's at least among many reasons why you placed this castle atop the Eyrie Building, to see if they were true."

Owen looked to Xanatos, wondering what should be done with him. Whoever Korihor was, he did his homework frightfully well, especially since that part of history hadn't been disclosed to the internet. Xanatos merely waved him off with a nod before he replied to Korihor with a smile.

"Well, you guessed it. And I'd love to show you around, Mr. Korihor, but the Gargoyles themselves weren't part of the architecture when I acquired it. Sorry you came all this way for nothing."

Korihor made a soft growl in his throat, as if he was getting angry. But not long after, he took a deep breath and sighed before he replied.

"Oh, that's quite alright, Mr. Xanatos. Besides, it wasn't all for nothing."

Korihor went into his pocket and got out his signature business card of Dracus Industries before setting it down on his desk.

"I got the opportunity to speak with the man of the hour. I'd like very much to be able to speak to you again soon. Perhaps we can arrange something on the way."

Xanatos analyzed the card and became puzzled.

"Dracus Industries?"

"Oh, I'm sure it's not quite as powerful as Xanatos Enterprises, but I feel that it can be a great benefactor, nonetheless."

Xanatos examined the card again, keeping the offer in mind. It was almost like Korihor's daring him to uncover the mystery that he is. He'd refuse, but that would only raise suspicion to him. So, Xanatos decided to play the long game, if only to find out who Korihor really was.

"So it's an invitation, then."

"Of course. And should you decide to accept it, we can discuss our potential together in tomorrow's time."

Xanatos looked back up to Korihor with a smiling face as he held his hand out.

"I'll have to see for myself and decide then, but so far I'm liking what you're selling. Keep that up, and maybe we could work something out after all."

Korihor held his hand out to Xanatos and shook it with a smile as he replied.

"Why, that's all I hope for. Good day to you, Mr. Xanatos."

Korihor began to walk to the elevator as Xanatos, Owen, and Derek looked on. He still kept his smile as the doors closed on him before Owen turned to Xanatos, full of skepticism. He knew his boss would agree with him.

"Oddly suspicious character, wouldn't you say?"

"No kidding. That part of the castle's history hasn't been uploaded to the internet."

Derek looked back to Xanatos, getting the sense that the authorities should check him out.

"Should we call the police?"

"Not necessarily. Korihor hasn't made any threats so far."

"So, what can we do?"

"For now, Derek, we'll have to accept this invitation. But just to be safe, you'll be my chaperone for the night. Something tells me we're going to be walking into the Lions' Den."

Hours went by since Korihor's meeting with Xanatos. The sun was setting behind the clouds, its orange light fading away as the rain stopped its flow. Once the sun had completely set, the stone figures that were perched on the clock tower began to crack. Those cracks spread all over until suddenly... they broke apart and revealed the Gargoyles as they gave a mighty roar of awakening!

First up was Goliath, aGargoyle with a muscular build, lavender skin, and long dark brown hair, brown eyes, also wearing a dark brown loincloth that is held up by a black belt. Next was Brooklyn, a young Gargoyle with a slimmer physique, red skin, black eyes, a long beak-like mouth and jaw, and a wild mane of snow-white hair. He also had two horns sticking out of his forehead. It didn't take long for Lexington and Broadway to wake up next.

The former was the smallest of the clan. He had olive-colored skin, a hairless head, and pierced wings that allowed him to wear a dark blue loincloth held up by a black belt. As for Broadway, he was big and somewhat overweight, a great contrast of Lexington. He had aquamarine skin, a bald head, fin-like ears, and an underbite. Fitting his bulky size, Broadway hadthe widest wingspan among his Rookery brothers. Of course, last but not least came Hudson and Bronx.

Hudson was an elderly, tan Gargoyle with long, white hair and golden webbing in his wings. His left eye scarred and yellow while his remaining eye was brown, a testament to his battle against the Archmage a thousand years ago. And Bronx is a different matter. Although a member of the Manhattan Clan, Bronx is not technically a Gargoyle. Rather, he's a Gargoyle beast resembling a dog, or at least with a 'doglike' brain. Nevertheless, he's nothing short of a great companion to them. The Gargoyles looked around at the scenery around them with curiosity as Lexington spoke up to Brooklyn while shaking his wings dry from the leftover rain buildup.

"Geez. Where did all this rain come from? It wasn't this cloudy last night."

"You're telling me? One minute, the sky barely has a cloud left, and the next, it's full of them."

Hudson looked to the two brothers, feeling their complaints to be unfounded.

"Settle down, lads. Rain's never bothered us before. Why start now?"

That only provided Lexington and Brooklyn with a counter as the younger of the two quickly replied.

"That's easy for you to say, Hudson. You've got armor."

Brooklyn shook the excess rain off of his wings prior to his reply.

"Yeah, and we're stuck with tunics."

Broadway, on the other hand, took a liking to the rain, or at very least, he wasn't bothered by it.

"Well, I don't think the rain's that big a deal. It's stopped now, hasn't it?"

But as far as Goliath was concerned, he had bigger things to worry about, giving a grunt as he gazed at the river by the Brooklyn Bridge. To him, it was only yesterday when Coldstone, his rookery brother somehow restored through a menagerie of magic and science, was struck down by Demona when she aimed for him. In truth, it happened little more than two weeks ago, but the wound was still fresh. He'd hoped to rescue him, but his attempt was in vain. Hudson saw the far off look in his former pupil and became concerned for him.

"Are you still thinking about Coldstone, Goliath?"

Goliath saw no point in denying it. Hudson may not have been present at the time, but the rundown from Lexington was all he needed to guess that.

"Was I truly that obvious?"

Hudson walked over to Goliath, hoping to comfort him as he put his hand on his shoulder.

"Lad, I know how much you miss him. Even I miss him. But if there's any chance it can bring you comfort, he has passed the way he breathed: protecting you. And we have a comrade here that does the same. Never lose sight of it."

Goliath could not deny that. As angry as he was at Demona for shooting down his rookery brother, Coldstone, at the end of the day, was a true Gargoyle. There was no greater purpose. Still, it would've been better for him to have shared that privilege with his brother. Nevertheless, Goliath gave Hudson a smile as he placed his own hand upon his mentor's.

"Thank you, Hudson. I'll try to remember that."

Hudson gave him a smile back before Lexington began to ponder something. He hadn't seen or heard anything from their comrade in the clock tower and addressed it before Brooklyn lent his two cents.

"Speaking of comrades, where's Elisa? I thought she'd check on us."

"Maybe she's patrolling the streets. She is on duty."

Goliath knew Brooklyn was right on the money. With Xanatos involved, it's likely that he's up to something at this point.

"Then it's best we do the same from above. Brooklyn, Lexington, you'll scope out the east side. Broadway, you're with me to investigate the west."

Goliath turned to Hudson. He already knew what his duty was. It's always been the same procedure.

"And I'll stay here in the clock tower with Bronx, as usual."

Goliath nodded to his mentor before he and Broadway flew to the right of the tower while Brooklyn and Lexington flew off to the left. While they did so, however, they were unaware of a cloaked Gargoyle-like figure with red eyes watching from afar with a long mane of raven hair that spiked outward before growling. The figure then extended his right claw as he spoke.

"So this is what passes for their castle now. Perfect."

Back at the clock tower, Hudson was sitting in his recliner as he kept his eye on the TV. This was his way of keeping an eye on the world while guarding the clock tower. That, and occasionally, he'd find something that interests him, such as cartoons revolving around Donald Duck. But tonight, he found something quite surprising.

"In other news, the Big Apple is truly becoming a hotspot for other billionaires to move in. Dracus Industries is looking to form a partnership with Xanatos Enterprises despite Mr. Xanatos' earlier conviction of stolen property."

Hudson gave a scoff at this piece of news. He hasn't forgotten how he'd gotten them to begin with.

"He must be raving mad to think of such a thing."

However, the news didn't stop there.

"When asked about this play to merge with Xanatos' company, Dracus C.E.O., Mormon Korihor, stated that it would serve as a cornerstone that'd change the face of human evolution."

Once the news showed Korihor's face, Hudson became aghast with surprise. Every detail about him struck him as familiar.

"Eh? Can that be...?"

Hudson kept watching the news to be sure that it wasn't. It's one thing to bear a resemblance, but to appear exactly like him... it cannot be a coincidence. And his voice that spoke to the reporter didn't help matters if Hudson wanted to forget.

"I admit, it is normally risky to merge my company with an ex-convict. But all the same, he's paid his debts to society. And as we all say, it's best to let bygones be bygones."

The instant he's finished, Hudson shut off the TV. He appeared to be in a state of panic, breathing almost erratically as he began to pace around in an attempt to calm himself. Bronx was showing concern for the old soldier as he went over to him. Hudson only turned to the beast and inquired to it.

"You saw him too, didn't you, Bronx?"

Bronx gave him a nod in worry before he went on.

"It couldn't be the same ruffian. He was human. But I'm certain I've heard that voice before, unless my ears are deceiving me..."

That voice replied to Hudson from behind as he spoke out.

"No, they're not."

Hudson turned around in response. But by the time he'd looked at the face, he could see only a black claw lashing out at him and knocking him farther away to the floor as his armor ended up scratched. Bronx growled at the figure before lunging at him with a bark, only for him to be thwacked away to a wall with a whine as the figure walked over towards Hudson with a cold glare of his red eyes as he spoke condescendingly while the soldier tried to recover.

"I've been waiting an unbelievably long time to do that, wise one."

Hudson's face was overcome with pure shock as he gazed upon the figure before he spoke.

"You! I thought we've seen the last of you a thousand years ago, exile!"

The figure leaned in closer to Hudson as he replied.

"That's the thing about the past. You can try to forget it all you want, but the past never forgets you."

Hudson gave him a glare, determined not to let the figure get the better of him as he spoke.

"If you think I'll let you get anywhere near Goliath—!"

"You don't have a choice, wise one. Besides, I don't plan to kill him. Yet... After all, a message sent must be delivered."

The figure then began to laugh darkly as his shadow towered over Hudson, his wings spreading out to cover the whole area beside Hudson as his laugh became more maniacal.

A/N: What a way to start a cliffhanger, eh? But don't worry. Knowing Hudson, it'll take more than that. But who is the exile? And what does he want? It'll be revealed soon... Anyway, Sarah Peterson will be portrayed by Ashley Johnson whilst Neil Kaplan portrays Mormon Korihor. And truth be told, I am aware of Brooklyn having mated with Katana in the comics, but as far as I know it appears to be his future self. And as much as I appreciate that Brooklyn's found someone, I am a bit confused as to how Brooklyn's managed to meet her in the 40-year bounce in the timestream via Phoenix Gate. Perhaps it can be used as one possible futures while this one will see Brooklyn with one of my OCs. But who would Brooklyn be with? Well, you'll find out soon enough. ;)