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Chapter 2: "Genesis" Act III - The Coming Storm

Back at the clock tower, Goliath was still perched atop it in stone sleep when the sun began to fall down to the horizon. Once the sun was fully set on the horizon, the stone that bound him began to crack before Goliath awoke with a thundering burst, sending countless stone pieces flying off him as he gave a mighty roar. Goliath then looked out to the cloudy sky, searching for any sign of him before he shouted. If he was to engage him here, he might try from the air. Hence, this was to stop any notion of an ambush and to call him out.

"Korihor! You've made a grave mistake to attack my clan! Reveal yourself! We shall settle this tonight!"

There was no reply. Goliath looked around the dark sky again, but found no sign of him. Perhaps Korihor would attack from below, he thought. Goliath put his head over the ledge to see if that was the case. But in doing so, he only found a small note by his foot. Goliath picked up the note and began to read it aloud.

"I've found the connection between Korihor and the Exile. On my way to Ellis Island. Whatever happened between you, I won't let him torture you anymore. Signed... Elisa?!"

The instant he saw her name written on it, Goliath quickly cast the note aside, jumped off, and caught the first updraft to Ellis Island. While he flew there, Goliath couldn't help but fear for what could be happening to Elisa since she'd left. And that fear quickly turned into a rage. A rage he's only felt twice in his life. A rage that urged him to seek vengeance.

"If Korihor has laid one talon on her, so help me...!"

Back at Ellis Island, Elisa and Sarah were moaning as they recovered from the pain of their transformation. Derek was quick to rush over to their side to check on them, mainly Elisa. He may not have gotten along with her in the past few weeks, but at the end of the day, she's still family.

"Elisa. Are you alright?"

Elisa looked up to Derek with her hand on her head as she replied.

"Alright as I can be."

She was about to take his hand, but in doing so, she noticed that they weren't anything like they were before the pain. Elisa made a soft gasp as she examined her hand before looking behind her to see the wings around her. Elisa turned around to see that Sarah was just as much in shock as she was. She couldn't believe how her heels were slanted upward from behind. Sarah looked over to her friend, afraid to know the answer.

"Elisa... did we just turn into Gargoyles?"

"Looks that way."

Elisa's reply was met with Korihor's dark chuckle as his shadow towered over Elisa, Sarah, Derek, and Xanatos.

"Rather impressive, isn't it?"

Derek glared daggers at Korihor. He's crossed the line by mutating Elisa. And he wasn't going to let him get away with it.

"What did you do to Elisa?!"

Derek ran towards Korihor, much to Elisa's concern.

"Derek, stop!"

Her plea, unfortunately, fell on deaf ears. He shouted out as he tried to get back at Korihor. However, as expected, the Gargoyle quickly won the battle with a smack of his tail, sending him to the floor before Korihor glared down to the bodyguard.

"My words would be wasted on common vermin like you."

Derek could only scowl at him, knowing he isn't much of a match against the beast. Korihor turned his focus onto Xanatos, who wasn't in a good mood himself.

"As for you, Xanatos... Surely you see the big picture."

Xanatos only crossed his arms as he replied.

"Actually, I don't. Care to spell it out?"

Korihor only maintained his glare as he retorted with a sigh, sad that Xanatos couldn't see the big picture.

"Like I said, my words would be wasted on common vermin. I'd hoped you understand, but so be it."

Korihor didn't hesitate to leap at Xanatos, pinning him to the wall while gripping him by his neck. Xanatos only looked down to Korihor as he spoke.

"So, I'll take that as a no."

Just then, Korihor, Elisa, Sarah, Xanatos, and Derek heard a roar coming from outside the manor. Korihor bore a slight grin as he spoke to himself.

"Right on time."

Not long after, Goliath broke through the window and landed on the floor before looking up to see a sight he didn't expect. He saw Elisa and Sarah in their Gargoyle forms, instantly becoming perplexed as he spoke.

"Elisa?! And Sarah, too?!"

Goliath hurried over to Elisa and Sarah as he inquired to them about their condition.

"What has happened here?"

Elisa pointed him to Korihor to answer him.

"Why don't you ask him?"

Korihor quickly tossed Xanatos aside to the floor. He knew that face very well. This was the moment he'd waited for.

"So nice of you to join us, Goliath."

Goliath snarled as he stomped over to Korihor.

"What have you done, Korihor?!"

"Only what is best for our kind, brother."

Derek overheard Korihor's words and became baffled.

"Brother? That guy's your brother?"

"No. We are not brothers anymore. He forsook that name when he slaughtered the innocent."

Korihor scoffed at Goliath's words as the two of them entered a standoff, circling each other.

"There is no such thing as an innocent human, Goliath. You should know that more than anyone."

Goliath only grew angrier from his words as he retorted his point.

"You should tell that to the girl you murdered! You had no idea how much her family mourned for her!"

"That is where you're wrong. She had no family."

Korihor had done it. Those words pushed Goliath's buttons, sending him into a frenzy as he roared in anger before leaping at the Exile, pushing him out of the broken window. Once he'd pinned down Korihor, Goliath began to punch him in the face rapidly, only for his fist to be caught before Korihor kicked him off, earning a grunt from his brother. Korihor then stood up from the ground as he made a smirk, much to Goliath's anger.

"If it takes my last breath… so help me, I'll make sure you never threaten anyone ever again!"

Korihor only laughed at his words before he spoke with a grin.

"You seem to have your priorities mixed up. Wasn't it the Clan you're fighting for?"

Goliath only glared daggers at him as he stood up.

"What are you talking about?"

"The clock tower was only among many of the hiding places I've managed to find. It may take some time, but my associate will find them eventually. You can search if you want, but by the time you do, your clan will be as good as dust."

Goliath's glare only worsened before he roared in anger once again.


Goliath leaped at him in fury once again, but this time, Korihor dodged him and began flying upward, laughing as lightning struck the sky. By that point, Elisa and Sarah went outside and by Goliath's side to see Korihor taking off while inside the manor, Derek checked up on Xanatos.

"Are you alright, Mr. Xanatos?"

"Well, considering that I was almost choked to death, pretty good."

"Should we call the cops here?"

"No. We'll let Elisa and her friend settle the brothers' quarrel. Right now, we've got bigger fish to fry."

Xanatos began to make his exit from the dining room as he carried his glass of Korihor's formula, making Derek become curious as he spoke to him.

"Yeah? Like what?"

"Like shutting down Project: 'Genesis'. For good."

Derek looked back to Elisa and Sarah, concerned for the two of them. He didn't know what they must be going through. It's not like they'd asked to be mutated. Worried that their mutation would be permanent, Derek turned to Xanatos, hoping he had a plan for it.

"What about Elisa and Sarah? What if there's a cure?"

"That's what we're going to find out. But we better double-time it."

Meanwhile, Goliath was wrought with anger over Korihor's trickery.

"That duplicitous scoundrel! He's put my clan in danger again!"

Elisa knew what had to be done. Sarah knew it as well as she did, but was stuck on how they actually could help.

"We have to help them."

"I agree. But how do we do that? You heard Korihor. Even if we split up, we can't catch up to them this far away."

Elisa knew she was right to ask. This was the first time they've ever been Gargoyles. To charge into battle with their experience isn't only dangerous. It could turn out to be suicidal. But Elisa didn't much care for that; someone had to help them both. That's when she remembered what Goliath told her about their flying.

"Maybe we could if we flew."

Sarah looked over to Elisa, getting the uneasy feeling she was suggesting that so soon.

"Wait. You're saying we should fly?"

"We've got wings, now, don't we? Might as well use them."

"But I don't even know how to."

Elisa didn't necessarily know either. But by technicality, they wouldn't be flying so much as gliding. And the coming storm provided the much-needed wind to be able to reach their friends. Goliath personally didn't think it best to usher her so soon, but with his clan in danger, he had no choice.

"Yet you must. I realize that I'm asking much from you, especially with your experience, but please. We need you."

Sarah looked at Goliath solemnly. Elisa said the same thing to her before. They truly cared about their friends that much to ask her for their help. Perhaps they needed to work on living up to the code of never trusting anyone. But all the same, it wouldn't change her situation. She knew it had to be done.

"Okay. But how do I fly?"

"You don't fly. Just use your wings to glide with the wind."

Sarah felt anxious about using the wind for that. If her experiences with wind taught her anything, it's that it can't be trusted on being reliable.

"Gliding with the wind? The wind and I don't exactly have a good history."

"Nevertheless, we'll start with the clock tower, to be safe. They don't know I'm gone, but I've no doubt my clan would try to convene there in order to change my mind about confronting Korihor alone."

"What about you?"

"Once we ensure their safety, I'm going to put a stop to Korihor, if it's the last thing I do."

Goliath was about to take off into the sky after Korihor, but Elisa stopped him as her hand grabbed onto his.

"Hold on, Goliath. I'm going with you."

"No, Elisa. I can't ask you to do this."

"I can fight. I'm just as capable of it as you. Besides, you taking off to find him is exactly what he'd want you to do. He's distracting you."

Goliath only gave a grumble as he looked out to where Korihor had taken off. He hated to let Korihor go for what he did, but he knew Elisa had a point.

"You may have a point. But I'm sure he'll try to attack. And when he does—"

Elisa spread out her wings as she held onto Goliath as she interjected.

"He won't be counting on the two of us."

Sarah then stepped up next to Goliath, restating her situation.

"I'm coming, too, guys. I still don't know how to fly, but I think I'd have a better chance if I learn on the go."

"So be it, then. Hold on and open up your wings."

With that, Goliath opened up his wings as well as Sarah, and the group allowed themselves to be carried by the wind. Although, due to their not being used to being literally blown away, Elisa and Sarah struggled not to veer off-course, but thanks to Goliath, they didn't stray away from him. Sarah couldn't help but look down as she spoke to herself in worry.

"Okay, I really hope I don't fall…"

"Just keep your grip tight until I say to let go. We'll find a drop off point."

Sarah heeded Goliath's instruction as they got caught in an updraft and flew upward. Elisa, on the other hand, was finding it thrilling to fly as high as she is with Goliath. She looked to her companion as she spoke in elation.

"Why haven't we done this before?"

"You couldn't. You were human. Which reminds me: how did this happen?"

Elisa made a blushing smile as she recalled the drink she took at Korihor's manor.

"Let's just say we should've been careful about what we drink. I'll explain the rest later. Right now, we need to find the others and warn them."

Alas, they still must prepare for the possibility and likelihood that they can't. Even if it isn't too late, Korihor would still get the jump on them somehow. Truth be told, Goliath was counting on it.

"Let's not forget that Korihor is out there, too. Keep your eyes open."

Sarah looked around the city, trying her best not to look down again. To distract herself from the possibility of falling, she turned to Goliath for advice on flying.

"So, uh, while I'm still here, do you mind teaching me how to, um… fly?"

Goliath hadn't forgotten that Sarah was new to flying, and he knew Elisa might be new as well. And there may not be enough time to discuss the whole lesson. He might as well tell them all that they'd need to know before then.

"We don't necessarily fly. All we could do is glide with the wind."

"But I told you; wind and I have a bad history."

"So did I with humans. But Elisa has helped me learn to trust them again. And it's time you let the wind guide you."

"Let it… guide me?"

Just then, Korihor roared as lightning flashed in the sky. He flew in from above and dove right at him, punching him in the back and causing him to drop Elisa and Sarah as they screamed. As the two of them fell, Goliath looked on in horror.


He tried to fly after them, but Korihor struck again, grasping him by his tail and chucking him farther away as he grinned.

"There shall be no quarter for you, Goliath!"

While they fell, however, Elisa began to feel the wind in her wings before shifting herself in a position to let it carry her. Elisa gave herself a breath of relief as she'd managed to get herself under control. However, Sarah was still falling, much to her own worry.

"Sarah! Don't fight the wind! Go with the flow!"

"I can't! The wind hates me!"

Sarah could only prepare for the worst, covering her eyes with her arms as the wind seemed to send her down into the ocean. But, at the last moment, contrary to her thinking, the wind blew her up over it, and she began to fly towards the city. Sarah cautiously removed her arms to find herself flying above the city, much to her amazement.

"Hey! I-I'm doing it!"

Sarah felt proud of herself for accomplishing that. But in her celebration, she started to veer out of control again, the wind shaking her pattern off. She was about to hit a window, but Sarah leaned to the right, letting the wind steer her away before she got back on course.

"Okay… maybe not."

Sarah realized then that as she'd first started to fly, she's not as experienced. And the coming downpour of rain didn't help matters there. But she also knew that despite it, she had friends to help. There would've been no point in trying otherwise.

"I better go find Goliath's clan and fast. Hopefully before I crash..."

And so, Sarah began her search for the Manhattan Clan, hoping it is not too late. Elisa took notice of it from above and became relieved as she spoke to herself.

"Well, that worked out. Now, to help Goliath."

All the while, things were escalating quickly between Goliath and Korihor. They were fighting against each other in the dark clouds of the night, lightning flashing around them in sequence. One flash showed Goliath kicking Korihor in the chest before they became silhouettes. By the time another flash came, Korihor gripped Goliath's leg, tossed him below, and made a flying punch to his back with both fists connecting it just as that flash came. Amidst that, Elisa was trying to figure out how to reach Goliath, especially now that the wind was working against her. Although it was able to help her take to the skies, the wind was even more perilous above as it was unpredictable.

"Goliath! I'm on my-!"

Before she could finish, the wind suddenly blew her away from Goliath and Korihor. Elisa was blown around for a moment before she recovered. Unfortunately, it didn't put her any closer to the two of them, and she wasn't sure what direction it'd take her next. For now, all she could do was ride the current. And with how the battle's going, Elisa didn't much like that as she was convinced that she had it under control before.

"Great. Now what?"

As Elisa looked to the battle itself, she saw that Goliath and Korihor were each using the wind to their advantage. If she could just do the same… Elisa looked around her for any current to get her back to Goliath. In that moment, she noticed the wind flow with her wings. They were aiming for Goliath.

"There we go. Just gotta follow that current."

Elisa leaned forward with the current just as Korihor held Goliath by his long hair, his other hand ready to strike.

"I'm trying to do you a favor, Goliath. But if you want to play that way, so be it!"

Before Korihor could scratch Goliath, Elisa swooped in on Korihor and kicked him in the chest, sending him flying at the Empire State Building, much to Goliath's surprise. As Korihor crashed onto one of the building's perches, Goliath looked to Elisa in relief as she went back to Goliath's side.

"Elisa, you're alright!"

"I told you I can fight."

Of course, Goliath hadn't forgotten who else was with him.

"But what about Sarah?"

"She's okay. She managed to get the hang of it and headed for the clock tower. I just hope she's not too late."

Goliath looked down to see Sarah headed for the clock tower, though she struggled to get used to the wind as he spoke softly.

"So do I, Elisa."

With Sarah on her own mission, Goliath and Elisa both landed on the Empire State Building as Korihor recovered and looked over to them with a sneering grin. If they'd chosen to fight him, they've surely decided to forsake his clan. At the same time, Elisa looked down from the edge, beginning to feel anxious for what were to happen if she fell as she spoke to herself.

"I'll never get the hang out of jumping off rooftops..."

"Then let's hope we won't have to."

Korihor then stood up as he spoke condescendingly to Goliath.

"So, you've decided to stand against me. After all this time protecting your clan, you've finally turned your back on them just to put an end to me."

Elisa only gave him a glare as she spoke to him.

"I wouldn't count on it."

Elisa leaped at Korihor, only for him to hold onto her arms as he was pushed back slightly. Thankfully, having worked with handcuffs as long as she had with the addition of her newfound Gargoyle strength, Elisa was able to wring out one of her wrists from Korihor's grasp as she turned to Goliath.

"Goliath, go! Warn the others with Sarah! I'll handle Korihor!"

Elisa then landed a punch on Korihor's face, knocking him back. As Goliath looked on, he was astounded. In the short time she's been a Gargoyle, she acted more like one than he had since he heard of his return. She had a far greater grasp of the situation than he did despite her situation. There was only one way he could think of to repay the debt as he walked over to her side.

"No, Elisa. We'll handle Korihor. Together."

Korihor's eyes flared crimson red as he spoke with a roar.

"Then you shall die together!"

Meanwhile, Sarah flew around the city, starting to get used to the wind in her wings. So far, it's helped her along, but she can't say for sure whether it would last or not. On top of that, there was no sign of the clock tower as of yet.

"Okay... so far, no crash. That's good. But where's that clock tower?"

While Sarah was flying, she was unaware that an unknown figure was watching her. He began to grin as he spoke to himself.

"I wasn't expecting a new face. But all the same, we're right on schedule."

Oblivious to the figure's gaze, Sarah looked left and right for any sign of the Manhattan Clan. Fortunately, it didn't take her long to look. She noticed Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, Bronx, and evening Hudson at the clock tower. They were just coming out of the entrance, most likely having finished their search for Goliath. This gave her relief as she spoke to herself.

"Phew. Looks like Goliath's hunch was right. Better warn the others, assuming the wind doesn't betray me..."

Sarah cautiously steered herself with the wind and headed to the clock tower. At that point, Brooklyn took notice of Sarah coming into view, pointing towards her to let the others know.

"Hold on, guys. What's that?"

As Sarah drew closer and closer, Lexington, Broadway, and Hudson took notice of her, too. And when she got close enough, they became utterly surprised.

"What in the world? Is that...?"

"Sarah? I don't remember her being a Gargoyle."

"Nor I. Perhaps there's sorcery afoot."

In that moment, Sarah attempted to land, but the wind was still pushing her, making her exclaim as she collided into Brooklyn, and the both of them fell to the floor. Brooklyn was initially peeved at the incident.

"Hey! What's the big ide—?"

Before Brooklyn could finish, he took a look at Sarah's face. He instantly retracted his attitude, beginning to blush at the sight of her.

"S-Sarah? Are you okay?"

Brooklyn helped Sarah up as he got up on his legs before Lexington spoke up to her next.

"And not that we're complaining, but what happened to you?"

As much as Sarah wanted to brief them about what happened, she had to tell them about Korihor's ambush.

"No time to explain, guys. And believe me, I wish there was. Korihor sent someone after you guys. He's on his way right now."

Hudson gave a grumble, as if he expected it.

"Of course, he did. Korihor must've goaded Goliath into fighting him alone."

Sarah raised her eyebrows in curiosity. It's one thing to know who he was. But to know how he operated...

"Uh, yeah. How did you know?"

"Let's just say I know Korihor more than you think. Except... why engage Goliath? Why not go after us himself?"

Just then, a strange voice rang out as he answered.

"If you really have to ask that, then you don't know him at all."

Not long after, the figure that spied on Sarah got out a weapon and shot at Hudson before kicking him away. The old soldier was sent tumbling backward as the blast hit him in the armor. Broadway, Brooklyn, Lexington, and Bronx were quick to come to his aid, but before they could get to him, the figure fired another shot in-between them and Hudson before they and Sarah looked up to him as he declared his threat.

"You won't be getting out of this alive."

Sarah became nervous as the figure landed on the balcony of the clock tower. He had wings that had a medium wingspan, the same height as Brooklyn if he had to stand upright, and nearly the same build as Goliath. On top of that, he wore a black trench coat with red armor underneath it. Even worse, he held a weapon Broadway knew all too well. In fact, he was appalled by the mere sight of it as he spoke up.

"That's a particle beam gun! I thought we destroyed those things!"

The figure only smirked as he aimed it Broadway.

"Then it's a good thing I got my hands on this before you did."

Sarah backed up cautiously by the rest of the clan as Brooklyn glared at the Gargoyle.

"Who are you? The Exile?"

Hudson, recovering from the attack, took notice of the figure's face before he answered while he stood up.

"No, lad. That isn't the true Exile. I never forget a face, and I've never seen this one in all my life."

The figure only made a scoff towards the group before he answered.

"He speaks the truth. This face will be the last one you'll ever see... the face of Laman. That is, unless you're willing to cooperate."

Laman then pointed his gun at the group, aiming to fire again, much to the group's anxiety. However, that didn't mean they weren't ready to fight. Brooklyn turned to his brothers and spoke to them.

"Come on, guys. Let's jump him. He can't take us all on at once."

Laman only bore a grin as he aimed his weapon higher above.

"Can't I?"

Laman then made a shot above them, hitting the side of the tower before the bricks used to assemble it began to collapse and fall straight for them. Afraid for his brothers and friends, Broadway acted quickly and pushed Sarah, Brooklyn, Lexington, Bronx, and Hudson out of the way as he shouted.

"Look out!"

Luckily, he was able to get them all out of the way. With all of them at the ground, Laman pointed his weapon, speaking down to Broadway, Brooklyn, Sarah, and the others as he glared.

"Consider that a warning shot. This will be the only time I ask. Where is the Phoenix Gate?"

Back at Korihor's Manor, Xanatos and Derek were seeking something else. Since seeing Elisa and Sarah being transformed, they decided to look for the root of Project: "Genesis". And Xanatos had a feeling that it was somewhere inside the manor. Unfortunately, they didn't have much luck finding it so far. All the rooms they found were just the kitchen, not to mention a couple of private bedrooms, one of which Derek found before he brought Xanatos on the uptake.

"Nothing here. Just another bedroom."

Xanatos looked inside to see a luxurious bedroom. It had pink drapes surrounding the bed, along with a wooden desk beside it, and a window to go with it. He turned to his bodyguard for any clues he may have missed.

"Are you sure, Derek?"

"Yeah. I looked through every square inch."

Xanatos put his hands on his chin as he tried to think of a workaround. They're running out of rooms to check out. He was certain they'd find something.

"Well, don't worry. There's still plenty of rooms to check out. We'll find something soon."

Derek only sighed in worry. How could he not worry? Things were bad enough that Elisa ended up shot months ago (which he believes the culprit to be Dracon). And now, she ended up turned into a Gargoyle. He didn't dare think of how it could get worse, or he'd risk hurting his own sister.

"We better. Elisa's been through enough already."

Xanatos put his hand on Derek's shoulder to reassure him.

"We'll find that cure for Elisa, Derek. And if we don't, we'll make one. I promise."

Derek looked over to Xanatos, feeling the comfort and sincerity in his words. He knew that despite Elisa's warnings against him, Xanatos is as human as everyone else. He's not the "Prince of Darkness" Elisa suspects him to be, Derek believed. Hopefully, their efforts to cure her will prove it. Of course, the most important thing to him now is protecting his sister. And even if he can't be trusted, the fact that he's trying to help said a lot.

"Thanks. But I'd feel a lot better if Elisa's safe."

"I'm sure you would. But your sister's a tough cookie. I'm certain she can hold out long enough. Well, longer than it takes for us to enter that room."

Xanatos pointed Derek to the end of the hall with the doors closed. It was the only one they haven't checked. Hopefully, they'd find the groundwork for Project: "Genesis" inside. There's only one way to be certain, and it's to look inside. Derek and Xanatos walked towards that room before the former of the two opened it. The room they found themselves in… was a private office.

Derek looked around and took in the details of the room while Xanatos walked in. It had a desk just in front of the window, and it held a phone on its right side. On the right wall, there was also a portrait of a woman in a dark green robe with a crown on her head. Derek felt a bit creeped by the look of it.

"Whoa. I knew he was a history buff, but I didn't think he was into women like that."

Xanatos took a look at the picture and recognized the handiwork, or at least, he recognized who the face was. As it happened, he was a history buff, too, long before Demona came into his life.

"That's not just any woman, Derek. That's Morgan Le Fay."

Derek became curious about that piece of history. Before now, he hadn't heard of her.

"Morgan Le Fay? Who's that?"

"She's a powerful enchantress back in King Arthur's days. As a matter of fact, she was his sister."

Derek looked at him in surprise. He's heard of King Arthur before. To hear that was a great surprise to him.

"Wait. His sister?"

"Well, half-sister. Apparently, she hailed from a place called Avalon. It's a pretty complicated relationship."

"How complicated?"

"It's certainly safe to say there's been more than a few ups and downs between them. All I know for certain is that they fought, like brothers and sisters usually do. But at the end of the fight, Arthur was slain, and Morgan grieved for him. She even carried him to Avalon herself, hoping the Once and Future King could be restored somehow."

Derek's face sank down in sadness. He couldn't imagine what pain Morgan had to go through from losing her brother, nor could he imagine what drove her to kill him in the first place. Did they have the same argument he and Elisa did? It was a terrifying thing to think about.

"Wow. That's... heavier than you made it sound, Mr. Xanatos."

Xanatos took notice of how sad Derek looked and began to feel bad for him again. As much as he liked his company, he didn't intend to subject him to that thought. He tried to reassure him as he spoke of how strong his bond with Elisa is.

"The truth often is. But I can tell you and Elisa won't be like that. At the end of the day, she's still your sister, as much as you are her brother. And speaking of brothers… you heard what Goliath said, didn't you?"

Derek did recall what Goliath said, as well as what Korihor had called him.

"What have you done, Korihor?!"

"Only what is best for our kind, brother."

"No. We are not brothers anymore."

The tone of hate when Goliath said that, and the turmoil from when he mentioned him doing the unspeakable… and he thought living Gargoyles was a surprise. They have their own family quarrels to boot, too.

"Yeah. He was his brother. But he hated him. Any idea what happened?"

"Can't say I have a clue. This is the first I've seen his big bad brother, myself. But think about what that means. How could a human be his brother?"

Derek looked back up to the picture, beginning to get the gist. There must be a reason why he kept that picture. Could that be of sentimental value? Possibly. But he knew Morgan was an enchantress of Avalon. For Korihor to be able to be human by day…

"Hold on. You're saying Morgan's made him human in the day?"

Before he could reply, he and Xanatos heard Jane's voice behind them. They turned around to see her outside the light from the window.

"'In the day, what will otherwise be stone shall be made unto flesh so long as your blood flows. Only when the blood of Clan Wyvern is spilt can your true form be bestowed.' That is the curse Morgan Le Fay put on Korihor."

Xanatos raised an eyebrow, curious as to how the situation could be interpreted. He's not sure what to make of her in the moment. Could he be their ally, or an enemy? To be sure, he inquired to her.

"Interesting trivia. And how do you know that?"

Jane began walking towards the two of them, revealing grey Gargoyle-like legs as well as a tail before the rest of Jane revealed itself in the light shining from the window, her wings with silver leather stretching outward as she spoke with a smirk.

"Because his blood… flows through me."

Derek and Xanatos were utterly surprised by Jane's new appearance. Upon seeing it, Derek also began to see how Elisa and Sarah transformed. It was Korihor's blood they drank!

"That drink… it was Korihor's blood, wasn't it?"

Jane maintained her coy smile as she replied.

"Good answer. It's a shame you didn't answer in time. Your sister and her friend will have no choice but to go to us."

Derek only tensed his hands as he ran right at Jane, not willing to hear her speak of his sister one more moment.

"Shut up!"

Derek tried to throw a punch, but Jane dodged him before she gripped him with a full nelson. She then leaned into his ear as she continued to taunt him.

"Where else could she go? She certainly isn't human anymore…"

"So what? She's still! My! sister!"

Derek quickly headbutted Jane making her grunt as she let go of him before he elbowed her in the gut and kicked her back, making her skid across the floor with her feet scraping the wood before glaring at Derek, her eyes shining bright red as she yelled out and kicked him to the wall, knocking him out unconscious as she went closer to him. While she did, Xanatos noticed a golden pin on her dress. Taking that to account, Xanatos dug into his tux pocket as he ran to Derek and stood in-between him and Jane as she snarled.

"Sorry, lady. But I'm still using him at the moment."

"Then I'll get rid of you first."

Xanatos then got out a golden pin from his jacket. It was a pyramid with an eye at its very top as the sun was looming over it.

"Uh-uh. You wouldn't hurt a fellow member of the Illuminati, would you?"

Jane took notice of that pin and became surprised. For a moment, she seemed to be reconsidering her attack. Jane drew back her claws as she spoke with a tone that retracted her earlier fury.

"Sorry about that. I had orders not to let strangers near the vault. You are?"

Xanatos simply gave her a grin as he replied before Jane did the same.

"Thirty-six. And you?"


Xanatos raised an eyebrow as he shook her hand.

"Thirteen? Isn't it an unlucky number to have?"

Jane walked over to the wall where she kicked Derek towards before placing her hand on the pad.

"Not when you're me."

The pad scanned her hand before the wall opened up, revealing an elevator inside it as she gestured him along.

"Come on. Project: 'Genesis' is this way."

As Xanatos walked into the door, he looked back to Derek, seeing he was still unconscious from her assault. He then looked back to Jane. He had a feeling Jane hit him too hard.

"Is he gonna be alright, though? I still need him."

"Don't worry. I went easy on him. If it was Korihor, though… he'd be dead in five seconds if he wanted to kill him."

Speaking of Korihor, he was engaged in a deadlock with Goliath. Both of their hands were placed against each other, trying to overpower the stalemate in their favor. Of course, with Elisa involved, it didn't last long. She jumped up from Goliath just as he ducked and landed a punch to his gut, catching him off-guard as he tumbled backward and fell off of the perch, forcing Korihor to use his wings to rebound as the air lifted him up before he dove right at Elisa foot first and pinned her to the floor before he scratched her belly with his foot claw, making Elisa wince in pain before Korihor raised his foot away and was about to kick her off. However, Goliath was able to block his kick for Elisa before grabbing his foot and slamming him onto the metal eagle before aiming to stomp his foot onto his gut. Before he could, Korihor rolled away backwards while simultaneously using his tail to smack Goliath back and used the opportunity to leap at him again, pinning his hands on the perch as he snarled.

"Did you really believe I'd fall so easily, brother? During my exile, my blood was cursed by Avalon's sorceress, Morgan Le Fay. I had to compensate for my human form's weaknesses since then. But in doing so, I've managed to increase this form's potential tenfold!"

Korihor then clenched his hands harder on Goliath's claws, making him scream in pain with his blood spilling onto his nails and causing Elisa great worry as she widened her eyes.


Elisa looked past the rooftop before she jumped off and caught the current upward before she looked down to see Korihor on top of Goliath and charged at him as he taunted the lavender Gargoyle.

"You might as well cease this foolishness. Protecting these humans is a false hope, especially with your waning strength."

Goliath only gave him a leering scowl as he replied softly.

"Unlike you, Korihor, my strength has never depended on brute force…"

In that moment, Elisa flew from another current before drop-kicking Korihor off of him, sending him back as he grunted. Korihor looked up to see Elisa beside Goliath as she helped him up before he finished.

"...but on true friends. Something you of all people would never understand."

Koirhor only made a soft growl before standing up as he then began to laugh just as softly before he spoke with a grin.

"Of course I would. I have friends, too, Goliath. Who did you think I sent after your precious clan?"

Goliath hadn't forgotten that Sarah went for the clock tower. But the fact that he reminded him made him recall the risk. Even if she did warn them, how could she prepare for the coming battle? He merely snarled as Korihor spoke on.

"They understand the world as I see it. It's a pity you can't do the same. That said, you could fight me. Or you can go after your clan. Either way, by the time you reach them, your clan will already be dust…"

Goliath growled louder and was about to attack again, but Elisa stopped him.

"No, Goliath. The clan comes first, remember?"

Goliath looked back to Korihor with a glare. As much as he wished to rid himself of the devil, Goliath had other priorities.

"You haven't won anything, Korihor. Next time we meet, you can be sure there will be a reckoning. Come, Elisa."

Elisa nodded to him and took Goliath's hand before the two of them took off for the clock tower together as Korihor looked on, his grin fading away as he spoke to himself, looking at the blood of Goliath that seeped into his fingernails and the blood of Elisa on his toes when he pinned them down.

"That much was true, Goliath. But you haven't won anything, either. Very soon, though, one of us will."

Korihor then put his finger on his ear, next to a small device before he began to speak.

"Laman. Some company is headed your way. If you can't find the Phoenix Gate before Goliath appears, take your leave and give him these terms if he follows you. There'd always be another night."

Back at the clock tower, Laman held the clan and Sarah at gunpoint as his finger was near his own as well. He was given the terms and was asked to relay them to Goliath when he arrived.

"Understood. I'll do what I can."

Laman had asked once already about the location of the Phoenix Gate. That question alone was enough to confirm Goliath's concern about Dracus Industries. Hudson only glared at him as Laman spoke to the clan again.

"Well? One of you had better answer the question. As I said earlier, this is the only time I'll ask."

Hudson walked up to him, mindful of the dangerous weapon he held at the ready as he spoke to him.

"Even if I told you, you'll likely never use it. It was torn apart 1,000 years ago. Goliath and one of our clan saw to that."

Laman only furrowed his glare as he replied to the soldier.

"Then you will tell me where I can find your piece, knowing that if you do not, one of your clan will pay the price."

To illustrate his point, Laman pointed his weapon at Sarah, making her gasp in worry as Broadway, Brooklyn, and Lexington showed fear for her life instantly. If it were one of them, the situation would be different. But unlike them, when they could turn to stone by day to be recovered the next night, she was only flesh and blood, despite her predicament saying otherwise. They weren't sure what happened to her, but if she wasn't naturally a Gargoyle to begin with, they just couldn't take the risk.

"Hey! Let's not get crazy, now!"

"Leave her out of this!"

"You wouldn't!"

Laman turned towards the clan's brothers before he replied to them with a stern tone in his voice.

"I would. That is, unless your old soldier talks within the next ten seconds. One… two…"

While Laman counted down, Broadway turned to Sarah and whispered to her. Ten seconds was at least enough time to save her. But he wouldn't be doing it by Laman's terms.

"You gotta get out of here, Sarah. Go save yourself."

"But what about you guys?"

Brooklyn whispered to her next while Laman counted down. Despite this, Hudson stood his ground, his hand reaching for his sword.

"Don't worry about us. Just go."

"Five… Six…"

"I will never tell you, Laman. Nor will your master get his hands on the Phoenix Gate."

Hudson made no hesitation then to draw his sword out and attempt to disarm Laman. However, he already saw Hudson's attack coming and dodged it, causing the sword to hit the wall before Laman smacked the barrel of the weapon on Hudson, knocking him down to the floor before he spoke with a dark tone.

"You better think twice on that."

Laman then pointed his weapon back at Sarah again and resumed the countdown where he left off.

"Seven… Eight…"

Sarah began to feel her bones being chilled at the moment to come. Brooklyn saw this and tried once again to change her mind.

"Just get out of here already, Sarah! This isn't your fight!"

Laman's finger began to pull the trigger slightly, not quite enough to fire, but enough to show he meant it.


With the threat of Laman being increasingly clear, Sarah recalled what Elisa told her that morning before.

"Any other person would've freaked out and ran away just from looking at living Gargoyles. But you didn't run. You chose to get to know them."

Sarah tensed her hands before she spoke to Brooklyn with determination.

"Yes, Brooklyn… it is. If I ran, I'd be just like everyone else. I'm not gonna be like that. Tonight, or any other night."

Laman simply spoke softly as he pulled on the trigger.


Laman then made his shot, aiming right at Sarah. She prepared for the worst as she closed her eyes. But before it could hit her, Brooklyn shouted as he pushed her away.


Although Brooklyn was able to push Sarah to safety, the laser that was fired hit Brooklyn in the shoulder, piercing a hole through him as he yelled out in pain and fell to the floor. Broadway, Lexington, and Bronx looked to him in worry as Brooklyn was left to writhe in pain.


At the same time, Sarah took notice of it and became frightfully afraid for what happened. He didn't have to take the bullet for her, but he did. And now, he was hurt because of it.


Meanwhile, Elisa heard Sarah's shout of fear from far away as she gasped. It crossed her mind then that her hearing must've adapted since transforming. After all, Broadway was able to heart things one cannot regularly hear at a far distance. Elisa looked up to Goliath, knowing he must've heard her cry for help, too.

"Goliath, I heard Sarah! She's in trouble!"

"I feared as much. That came from the clock tower. We must move swiftly!"

Goliath and Elisa both leaned towards the current, picking up the speed they hoped would allow them to reach their friends in time.

Back at the clock tower, Sarah was tending to Brooklyn, tearing off a piece of her coat and using it to wrap up the injury as she spoke softly.

"Please, Brooklyn. You have to make it."

Brooklyn only gave her a light laugh as he spoke back with a smile.

"You kidding? That's nothing a stone nap won't fix."

All the while, Laman pointed his weapon towards Sarah again as he spoke with a cold tone.

"That's one down. And six more to go. Unless you can tell me precisely where the Phoenix Gate pieces are."

As Sarah glared at Laman, Hudson growled as he looked up at Laman with a steel glare of his own despite being pushed to the ground by his weapon earlier.

"Are you deaf, lad?! I told you! Your master will never get the Phoenix Gate!"

Laman only pointed his weapon at Hudson's head, making the soldier widen his eyes as he spoke coldly once again.

"And neither will you."

Laman prepared to pull the trigger again, only to hear Broadway roar as he charged right at him. He tried to fire a blast at him as he aimed, but by the time he did, Broadway had already hit him and knocked him to the ground before taking his weapon before he replied.

"You're not gonna shoot anyone else ever again!"

Broadway then placed the weapon on top of his knee and pushed down on it, attempting to break it apart. However, no matter how hard he was pressing down, it wasn't breaking apart even once. Not a single crack could be seen. Broadway became confused as he spoke up in alarm.

"Hey! Why isn't… this thing… breaking?!"

Laman recovered from Broadway's assault as he stood up, got out a small button from his jacket, and pushed the button, causing the weapon to shock Broadway as he screamed before the charge went off and made Broadway collapse as he dropped the weapon.

"I had a feeling you'd try that. Your primitive weapon disposal technique was painfully easy to predict."

As Laman went to pick up his weapon, Lexington leapt at him next with a roar, only for him to be stopped by his punch to the gut before Laman threw Lexington over him and punched Lexington to the floor beside Broadway before picking up his weapon.

"I'd stay down, if I were you."

He then glared towards Sarah and Brooklyn as he walked over to them. Brooklyn glared back at Laman as he tried to stand up, cradling his wound as Sarah looked to him in concern.

"Brooklyn, you're hurt…"

"I know. But not as hurt as that guy's gonna be."

Laman simply scoffed as he pointed his weapon at Brooklyn and spoke.

"How absurd."

Laman then fired his weapon again, this time at the ground beneath them. The resulting blast sent Sarah tumbling off of the rooftop as she yelled out, much to Brooklyn's fright.

"Sarah! No!"

Brooklyn was about to leap off the clock tower to help her, but what he saw put his fears to rest. Sarah was gliding back up! She looked down to Brooklyn with a smile on her face, making Brooklyn relieved as he sighed. However, Laman was not pleased.

"I am not amused."

Brooklyn took notice of Laman's weapon and made no hesitation to stop him as he leapt at him, knocking him to the ground as Sarah glided back to the clock tower, looking on in worry as Laman was pinned by Brooklyn as he snarled.

"Why are you doing all this?"

"For something you could never truly understand."

In that moment, Laman summoned a metal rod from his coat's sleeve despite his arm's limited movement before gripping it and moving his wrist to strike the rod against Brooklyn's shoulder wound, making him cry out in pain before Laman kicked him away where Sarah caught him and helped him up. Despite the setback, Laman was impressed with Brooklyn's resolve as he spoke.

"You certainly have spirit. More so than the others, I'll admit. However, you lack the strength to fight me with the condition you're in. And your comrades have been all but subdued. You simply cannot win."

Just then, Goliath's roar could be heard from afar before Laman, Sarah, and Brooklyn turned to see him and Elisa headed towards the clock tower. Brooklyn bore a soft smile as he replied.

"Maybe on my own. But I'm not alone."

With that, Laman stamped his rod on the floor and aimed his weapon to shoot at Goliath. He planned to buy himself some time until he got the answers he needed, but Hudson got the jump on Laman, using his sword to knock his weapon away as it was cast aside. Laman tried to go after it, but Bronx stepped in-between him and the weapon as he growled. That afforded Goliath and Elisa enough time to charge at him as Hudson held his sword out to him.

"Perhaps you're skilled in weaponry. Now, let's see how you fare in hand-to-hand combat. One-on-eight."

Laman only growled softly before Goliath and Elisa landed on the clock tower. When they did, they took notice of the scene around them. Although Hudson and Bronx were standing against Laman, Broadway and Lexington were knocked out, and Brooklyn was shot through his shoulder with Sarah by his side, tending to him. The sight was almost too much for him to take. If he hadn't been convinced to go back to his clan, things could've gotten much worse. But just the same, he was still put in a very foul mood, and the leftover weapon that Bronx was blocking didn't help. He stomped over to Laman as he turned to Hudson with a sneer before he replied.

"Another night, perhaps. But you shouldn't count me out for long."

Laman then began to take his leave as he jumped off from the clock tower before flying farther and farther away as Brooklyn shouted at him.

"Big words for a coward!"

Sarah put her hand on Brooklyn's shoulder, making him look over to her as she tried to put his mind out of payback.

"Take it easy, Brooklyn. It's over for now. We might as well rest before it happens again."

While Brooklyn agreed with a reluctant growl, Hudson looked to Goliath before he spoke.

"Thank goodness you arrived, lad."

"I'm only sorry I couldn't be here sooner. What happened?"

"Laman happened, apparently. He wasn't the Exile, but he was asking about the Phoenix Gate."

"And what did you tell him?"

"Only that you and another member of our clan destroyed it a thousand years ago. Nonetheless, he persisted in asking where the pieces were. But we never told him."

It was then that Elisa looked over to see Sarah standing beside Brooklyn. She wondered how well she was able to glide on her own with what Goliath told her.

"You flew okay, Sarah? I know the wind wasn't your favorite."

Sarah gave her a soft smile back as she replied.

"Actually, the wind was just fine. I guess it just liked me better as a Gargoyle."

In that moment, Hudson took notice of Elisa's condition, becoming just as puzzled as when he saw Sarah's new form.

"And what about you, Elisa? What the devil has happened to you and Sarah since we last saw you?"

Elisa brushed her hair back with her hand as she tried to come up with a short version of what happened to them. But as she did, Elisa remembered who else was at Ellis Island. She and Sarah weren't the only ones Korihor "invited".

"It's a long story. But we'll have to explain it later. Right now, we need to stop Korihor and save Derek, and possibly Xanatos."

Goliath recalled then that Derek was back at Ellis Island when he confronted Korihor. It must've been harrowing for him to have been a part of Korihor's endeavor.

"I understand. I shall take you to him."

Sarah went over to Elisa's side as she spoke to her.

"I'm coming, too. But isn't Derek working with Xanatos? And I thought you hated him."

"I hate Xanatos, alright, Sarah. But at the end of the day, Derek's still my brother. Goliath said it himself. There's nothing more important than family."

Back at Dracus Manor, Xanatos was solving a mystery of his own: the secrets of Project: "Genesis". He was riding in the elevator with Jane when it finally opened. As they walked out, he and Jane found themselves in a room decorated in hard, metallic, silver walls. Jane pointed him towards the one-way mirror on the left, as well as a door next to it with a pad just beside that as Xanatos inquired to her about it.

"So, this is where the magic happens, I take it?"

"That depends on what you mean."

Xanatos looked through the one-way mirror to see a completely white room with shelves of chemicals as far as the eye can see with several men and women analyzing and identifying those chemicals as Jane spoke.

"Assuming Korihor gave you the gist, he wasn't wrong. Dracus Industries depended on geneticists and doctors to find the next stage of human evolution. So does Project: 'Genesis'."

Jane put her hand on the pad, scanning the handprint before the door opened. She and Xanatos proceeded to walk through the door, the multi-billionaire becoming astounded by what he found there. He noticed doctors keeping a close eye on the patients on the other side of the room. The doctors were checking the patients and ensuring that they were healthy as they held their hands. One such example was a young man with light brown hair and a hospital gown lying on a hospital bed with a blood bag connected by tubes strapped into his wrist as a female doctor with a white coat and light brown hair at medium length held onto his hand to reassure him, a relationship that Xanatos recognized well. However, he had to wonder if it could last with what's happened to Elisa and Sarah.

"And do they actually know that they're going to be new Gargoyles?"

Jane made a light scoff as she gestured Xanatos to the room around them. She was still in her Gargoyle form, and yet the doctors and patients didn't seem the least bit surprised.

"Give them some credit, Xanatos. They knew what they signed up for."

To verify her point, she looked to the patient as he began to transform with a groan. His hands shifted into claws as one finger got absorbed into another on each hand, and his heels extended upwards as his toes turned into claws as well. And the more notable features of the Gargoyle traits, two wings, a long tail, sharp teeth, horns growing from his head, and a change in skin color as it turned dark grey as the doctor showed initial surprise before she checked on him.

"Are you doing alright, Ryker?"

Ryker looked up to his doctor before he replied with a soft look.

"Just fine, Mia."

Xanatos looked over to Jane in surprise, starstruck that it seemed to be the normal procedure in Dracus Industries. She simply gave him a smirk as she spoke to Xanatos.

"What? I told you they knew. Of course, that's just phase one. And it's only one way to go about it. Another way to do it is through cloning, but it's normally a lengthy process."

Xanatos looked at Jane, curious about what else Project: 'Genesis' had in store as they continued to walk down the hallway to the door. Beside it was another verification pad, and a bowl full of business cards.

"And what exactly is Phase two, then?"

"It's a working phase at the moment. But the plan is to mass produce the blood samples and distribute them to everyone in the city. Blood banks, hospitals, you name it."

"And how do you think the people will come to accept their new look? They'd be in a panic."

"That's where Phase Three comes in."

Jane pressed her palm on the pad by the door before picking up a card from the bowl, unlocking it before opening the door to show a vault holding a green book in a glass case. Xanatos became intrigued to see a room dedicated to holding it as he turned to Jane.

"What's this? Certainly not the Grimorum."

Jane gave him a smirk, walking towards the book.

"This is phase three. The book of Morgan Le Fay."

Xanatos widened his eyes in surprise. He recalled seeing the picture of her in Korihor's study. The fact that he has that book changed everything.

Outside Ellis Island, Korihor was flying to his manor, landing on the floor as he panted from his fight with Elisa and Goliath. He looked down to his fingernails and his foot, seeing the dried-up blood of his adversaries as he spoke to himself.

"There could've been a less primitive way to acquire those samples, but, oh well. That just means two more members for Clan Dracus."

Underneath the manor, Xanatos was still in surprise at his connection with Morgan Le Fay.

"So it's true then? That Korihor actually was cursed by Le Fay?"

"Well, not so much a curse as it is a blessing, but yes. Anyway, the third phase requires a submission spell. That helps subdue the citizens and neutralize any chance of a panic, because they'll agree to whoever holds that particular spell. As far as this city, there's plenty of resources. Though, when it comes to the rest of the world, there's not enough. But when he does get those resources by merging with Xanatos Enterprises..."

With all of his earlier prattling about human evolution, Xanatos began to see the big picture Korihor spoke of.

"Then every human being on the face of the Earth will turn into submissive Gargoyles under his command."

"Bingo. A new world order ruled by only Gargoyles. That is what Project: 'Genesis' is all about."

Xanatos put his fingers on his chin as he took it in consideration. As it turned out, he saw the picture from the beginning when Korihor, Elisa, and Sarah transformed.

"So, basically it's a world takeover."

"Yes. But the resources he needs to make that spell happen are all destroyed in the past."

Jane handed Xanatos her card before he analyzed it and saw the symbol in the background.

"See that symbol on the card? That's what he needs to go back in time and capture them. The Phoenix Gate."

Xanatos became astonished by this. Something began to cross his mind as he spoke to himself.

"The Phoenix Gate, huh? I wonder…"

Jane looked to Xanatos in curiosity, having heard what he said to himself.

"Wonder what?"

Xanatos looked over to Jane before he replied.

"Just two things. Is there a cure for their mutation?"

"Not necessarily. Whoever has his blood is cursed to be a Gargoyle at night like he is. The only way they'd ever get their true forms back, human or otherwise, is if Goliath and his clan are destroyed."

Xanatos made a slight frown. If Derek heard that, he wouldn't be sure what to think. At the very least, he'd be stuck about figuring out how to go about it. Although, if the situation were to lean to that point, he'd be with him every step of the way.

"Fascinating. That just leaves one more question left to ask."

"Which is?"

"Does the Illuminati have anything to send me anytime soon?"

"Not for another week. But I got something for you."

Xanatos began to blush as Jane began to put on a sultry look on her face.

"I don't suppose that's a kiss? Because I already have someone else lined up."

To answer, Jane only karate-chopped him in the back of the neck, knocking him unconscious as she spoke with a smirk.

"Sorry, but we have to keep up appearances."

In that moment, Korihor opened the door to find Jane with Xanatos laying on the floor. He looked at her with a curious and stern face as he inquired to her about the situation.

"How much does Xanatos know?"

"He knows enough. He is a member of the Illuminati."

Korihor looked down on him, seeing the pin on his suit as he placed his fingers on his chin and contemplated the situation.

"David Xanatos, a member of the Illuminati... I suppose I might have judged him too quickly."

Jane took notice of the dried blood on his hands and foot, becoming surprised as she gasped, went over to Korihor and checked on him.

"Are you alright?"

"This isn't my blood. They're our new samples. And I'll need you to extract them."

"Of course. Right away. But what about Xanatos and his bodyguard?"

"They're of no concern to us. I asked Laman to give them to Goliath, as well as the terms of our feud from here on out."

"And you really believe Goliath will agree to that?"

"Unless he wants a massacre on his hands, he has no choice…"

Later, Goliath, Elisa, and Sarah were headed towards the Manor before they landed on the ground. Goliath turned to Elisa and Sarah, having a feeling that they weren't out of the woods yet.

"Be careful, you two. Laman and Korihor are likely to have arrived back here by now."

Elisa nodded to him as Sarah looked cautiously towards the manor.

"Sounds about right. But how are we gonna stop him?"

At that point, Laman emerged through the door and spoke to them.

"How, indeed?"

Goliath's eyes flared white as he growled, unwilling to forgive him for the attack on his clan. He was about to charge at him only for Laman to hold his hand.

"You will stay where you are, Goliath, unless you want our other guests to pay the price."

Laman stepped away from the door to show both Derek and Xanatos unconscious as they were lying on the floor. Elisa and Sarah became worried for them, though mostly for Derek, as the former spoke softly while her best friend gasped.


Goliath snarled even worse as he demanded his identity.

"I saw you at the clock tower as well! Are you the one called Laman?!"

"It seems you're just as astute as Korihor said you'd be."

Elisa began to glare at Laman next, her own eyes beginning to glow white with anger as she spoke to Laman with anger in her voice.

"Let them go, now!"

Laman simply furrowed his brows as he replied back.

"Ah, but you see, that's exactly what I was going to do. That is, unless you've come back to attack the manor again."

Elisa and Goliath's glares faded away as Elisa brought the matter at hand to Laman.

"No. We're just here to get them back."

"Well, in that case, by all means."

Laman then stepped aside and let the trio through. Goliath picked up Xanatos while Elisa cradled Derek and put her hand softly on his chest.

"You'll be okay, Derek. I promise."

Goliath and Elisa then walked out with Xanatos and Derek in tow before Laman spoke to them again.

"For now, this night belongs to you, Clan Wyvern. But it is merely a setback at best. Keep in mind, though, that from this point further, your castle will not be touched, so long as you don't touch ours."

Sarah did not fully believe his word as she glared up at him.

"And we should trust you, why?"

"We made the first attack on your home by using your soldier as the messenger. And Goliath retaliated tonight with an attack on ours. Following this, I attacked your clan, only to receive word of Korihor being bested. By your standards, wouldn't that make us even at this point?"

Sarah pondered his words as she put her fingers on her chin. From a logical standpoint, it did make sense.

"Well, I guess…"

However, Goliath only growled at Laman as he glared upon his cold face.

"See that you stay away from our castle. If I ever see you or Korihor around there again, I shall show you pain like you never imagined!"

Laman merely grinned at Goliath's threat as he spoke to him, stretching his wings outward.

"What a coincidence. I was about to say the same of you. ALL of you. As I said, this night is yours for now. But at the end of this war, the world will know pain..."

Laman then slammed the doors. Goliath felt an unsettling atmosphere as he glared at the doors which had closed. He wanted to attack Korihor and defeat him tonight, but Laman's terms prohibited him from doing so, lest he risk an attack on the clock tower. Elisa looked towards Goliath, wondering what should be done about the situation.

"So, what do we do?"

Goliath gave a reluctant growl before he answered his partner.

"Nothing. We mustn't risk any further damage upon our castle, nor our clan. They've been through too much already tonight."

Sarah then took a look at her hands, seeing that their once human form has gone away. This development couldn't have been what Elisa counted on.

"They wouldn't be the first."

Sarah then turned to Elisa in the hopes that she'll have a plan ready to look for the cure that could help their condition.

"Elisa… do you think we'll ever turn back to normal?"

It began to cross her mind at that moment. Throughout their whole endeavor, she and Sarah didn't think even once about the cure until now. Better late than never, she supposed. However, she herself was wondering the same thing.

"I don't know, Sarah. But we'll have to worry about that later. Right now, we need to get these two away from here."

With that, Goliath, Elisa, and Sarah took off with Xanatos and Derek to the night sky as the last of the trio became curious as she asked Elisa about their destination.

"But where would we even take them to?"

"You can leave Derek to me. As for him, as much as I hate to say it, we have to take Xanatos back to the Castle."

With that, Elisa flew off with Derek to drop him off at her mother's house to help him recover while Goliath and Sarah went to the Eyrie Building. Aside from learning how to glide, which Elisa learned well enough with her time in the clan along with the battle at the Empire State Building, Sarah wanted yo get a good look at the castle they used to live in. Thanks to Goliath's further guidance on the currents necessary to reach it, it didn't take long for them to arrive at the Eyrie Building. Just as they did, they noticed his assistant, Owen, waiting for them at the top of the castle. It was there that the Gargoyles landed with Sarah becoming astounded by the landscaping of Castle Wyvern.

"Whoa… are you sure Xanatos didn't just buy this because it looked amazing?"

Goliath couldn't blame her for being attracted by its beauty. Preserving the last remnant if their age aside, it was another reason why he wanted to stay there initially before Elisa talked him out of it. Still, he had to give her the answer.

"If that were the case, Sarah, you wouldn't have met me or my clan."

In that moment, Owen walked over to the trio as he spoke up.

"Speaking of, I see you've managed to find another member. Impressive."

Goliath gave a slight glare to Owen as he set Xanatos in his open arms before they headed into the Castle as Sarah pondered about him.

"Who's that guy?"

"It's his assistant, Owen. Not as intelligent, but he's just as lethal."

Owen overheard Goliath's description before turning to him with a glare.

"You should know I resent that."

With that out of the way, Sarah and Goliath followed Owen down the stairs. On their way down, Goliath probed Owen for how Xanatos came to be involved.

"Did you know that Korihor had arrived in New York?"

"Yes. Mr. Korihor didn't appear to be a suspicious type at first, but when he gave away his extensive knowledge on Gargoyles, particularly their history with this Castle itself, Mr. Xanatos had to be certain that he wasn't a threat. Although, given this situation, I think we can safely say that he was."

"Oh, he is, Owen. More so than you know…"

"Quite right."

They got down to the main hall as the door opened before Owen stopped at the middle and spoke again in his usual deadpan voice.

"I believe I'll take it from here. Though, your assistance with this matter is most appreciated, Goliath."

"It was never for you, or for Xanatos. You'd do well to remember that."

Goliath then walked away back up to the stairs, leaving Sarah behind as she looked back before running off to him.

"Hey! Wait for me!"

Owen gave a slight glare to Goliath as he spoke under his breath.

"I was quite sure enough that it wasn't."

Meanwhile, Elisa had landed by her house with Derek in her arms. She cautiously opened the window and went inside with Derek. Normally, she wouldn't be breaking and entering like this, but she knew it'd be easier on her mom to see him on the couch rather than outside on the porch. As she set him down, Elisa made a soft sigh, trying to figure out a way to explain her situation to Derek. She couldn't stay any longer, but she had to find some way to talk to him.

"How am I gonna be able to talk to you like this?"

Elisa tried to think of a solution to contact him. That's when it hit her. At the end of the day, they're still family, which means family can always talk to each other, whether in person, or by phone. She noticed a small notepad and pen on the coffee table before she ripped out a note and wrote the words "CALL ME - Elisa" on it. Then, Elisa placed the note in Derek's jacket pocket before she left the house and closed the window before looking through it and placing her claws on it as she spoke softly while she shed her tears.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you…"

With that, Elisa flew off away from the house, her developing tears leaking from her eyes and falling to the air that blew them farther and farther away from her.

Not much later after that, Elisa and Sarah were back at the clock tower with Goliath, tending to his clan after the chaos they'd went through that night. As they did, the trio brought the clan up to date about what had occurred that night. Everything from Korihor's identity to Elisa and Sarah's transformation had been told. Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington were all utterly astounded by these events.

"So that's what happened. That would explain why Elisa and Sarah are like us. A Gargoyle who turns into a human in broad daylight? How's that even possible?"

"You never told us Korihor was your rookery brother, too. What did he do to get exiled?"

Hudson stepped over to Broadway as he answered before Lexington thought about the worst-case scenario if things didn't happen the way they have.

"That's a story for another night, lad."

"And this Project: 'Genesis' really sounds like a piece of work. If Xanatos really did merge with Dracus Industries, he could've had the resources to pull it off."

Elisa looked to the clan as she brought up the good news before Goliath looked at what could possibly be the long run.

"Well, fortunately, Xanatos didn't agree to that. Even he knew where to draw the line, not that I expected him to."

"It would seem that we and Xanatos share a common enemy. However, things aren't always what they appear to be. What that could possibly mean for us, even I don't know. But from this moment forward, we'll face the unknown… together."

Goliath took Elisa's hand into his own as he and the others got into position with the sun beginning to rise up. As it began to shine, Elisa looked to Goliath in a bit of nervousness as she asked him about what could happen in the next few seconds.

"So, are Sarah and I actually going to turn to stone?"

"That's what we're going to find out. And as I said, we'll face the unknown together."

To show that, Goliath held her hand up as the two of them looked at the impending sunrise. Elisa closed her eyes and felt the warm touch of Goliath's palm as she spoke softly.

"Yeah. Together…"

As the sun shone upon them, Elisa felt Goliath's skin hardening, the once soft texture now turning to stone. And yet, Elisa didn't feel herself hardening at all. Was that an impossibility for her? She supposed not. After all, she wasn't born a Gargoyle. However, something did happen to her, and she wasn't the only one.

She and Sarah both began to feel incredulous pain within them, their bones shifting back into place as their heels went back down and their claws regained their missing finger and dulled themselves. On top of that, both their wings and tails shrank within their skin, and their fangs turned back into regular teeth. When the grueling process was over, Elisa and Sarah couldn't believe their eyes. They were back to normal!

They looked over their hands and legs before looking behind them to be certain. Once they were, Elisa and Sarah were in awe.

"No way. Did we just—?"

"Change back to normal? Yeah. But how?"

Elisa pondered over what it meant for her human form to return at daylight. Then, she remembered Korihor's transformation as well as what he'd told Goliath when they fought.

"I'm no doctor like you are, Sarah. But I think whatever we just drank made us go through the same thing Korihor is. He said his blood was cursed before. That's how he ended up being human in the day."

Sarah widened her eyes as she began to realize something else.

"Wait. If his blood made us turn into Gargoyles, doesn't that mean we just drank… his blood?"

The instant those words came out of her mouth, Sarah began to get disgusted as she spit over and over again, trying to get the taste out of her mouth.

"That's so gross!"

Elisa began to laugh a bit at Sarah's reaction. But she had to agree with her; it was disgusting. Just then, Elisa's phone began to ring. When she got it out, her hopes were confirmed: it was her brother calling to check on her.


There was no doubt he must've read her note. Elisa looked to Sarah before she spoke with a worried tone.

"Uh, Sarah? You don't mind if I take this, do you?"

Sarah noticed the stressed look on her face. She must be worried sick over how Derek was coming along since that night. She simply gave her a smile as she replied.

"What are you asking me for? He's your brother?"

Elisa drew out a breath of relief before she spoke in gratitude.

"Thanks, Sarah. Really. The Gargoyles never would've made it through tonight without you."

Sarah made a soft smile as she replied.

"I wouldn't say that. All I did was be there for my friends. But… thanks for making me feel special."

"Don't sell yourself short; you are special. What happened tonight proved that."

Sarah looked out to the sunrise. She began to see Elisa's point. Of all people, she didn't run. She was willing to take the bullet for the team. That alone showed how brave she was. She'll have to learn experience, but at least it's a start.

"Yeah. I guess I am."

In the meantime, Elisa took the opportunity to answer her brother's call as she spoke into the phone while looking at the sunrise herself.


"Elisa! Are you doing okay?"

Elisa heard the panic in her brother's voice. Despite it, she simply tried to keep calm as she answered.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Are you okay?"

"What are you talking about? You're the one who got turned into a Gargoyle."

"Well, it's a bit more complicated than that. And it might be difficult to explain."

"Yeah? Try me."

Elisa made a soft smile herself as she looked to the sunrise before she replied again.

"Maybe I will."

Meanwhile, back at Dracus Manor, Jane was standing by Korihor in the office as she received Laman's report.

"So let me get this straight. The Phoenix Gate was already destroyed by Goliath and one of his clan?"

"According to the old soldier. But I knew that those who destroyed it would know where the pieces are. I interrogated the clan, but not one of them was willing to answer me before Goliath appeared and I was forced to evacuate, on Korihor's orders."

Korihor put his fingers together as he tried to decipher the meaning behind Hudson's words. He knew Goliath and Hudson in his time before his exile. But as far as he knew, there was one more face that he recognized. The fact that she wasn't mentioned could be the key to it.

"Destroyed by one of his clan... Laman. Did you happen to see Goliath's Angel by chance?"

"No. I haven't. The clan didn't seem to know about her."

Korihor then began to form a smile. That's where he'll find the first piece. And that's how he'll finally take Project: "Genesis" to the next level.

"Fascinating. Now, things will start becoming a bit more fun."