Chapter 2

I wonder if i can learn any fighting styles at the moment. All I've been doing is exercising every day then chilling in front of the good old antique shop. After the first time that weeb threw a pink water balloon filled with pink paint at me I started to search for the little shit to teach them a lesson but they kept avoiding me. She hasn't been able to tag me with any other paint bombs because I started to become more attentive. Paying attention to the roof tops a lot more things like that.

I thought I should get some pay back so I started to try to prank her back. But i can't find the little shit anywhere. Everywhere i look and i mean EVERYWHERE from the park to the weird ass mount rushmore i can't find her anywhere.

"I'm a little hungry" i said as i started to stand up and head down the street.

I stole. I mean saved enough ryo to eat out for once. So it's finally time to treat myself to some good old ramen. Apparently they don't have mac and cheese here so i'll have to settle for a substitute a poor one but a substitute nonetheless. Times like these really make me miss my past life. Yea it was boring asf but at least i got to eat my favourite food and be a lazy fuck all day.

As I looked around for somewhere to eat on the market I saw a really familiar ramen booth. Ichiraku ramen….i guess its time to finally accept that im most likely in naruto the anime/manga. I have mixed feelings about this yea i get to have chakra but you got these big ass kaiju looking motherfucking tails beast running around destroying shit and making toddlers insomniacs. Eh you're mostly safe if you stay away from the main cast so that's might be the way to go in the future.

I went inside to order some ramen but then I was distracted by seeing that prankster that had my hair pink for almost a whole month! I approached a seat right next to her and sat down. She was too distracted eating a literal big ass bowl of ramen. You love to see it.

I'll get my revenge after i eat my food. Don't want to get kicked out of this place but as soon as she steps outside it's on site. Maybe I can get her to choke if I surprise her.

"Enjoying your meal huh?" i said trying to surprise her and it worked because she started choking on her ramen looking for water. Being the kind gentlemen I am, I gave the cup to her. She gulped down the water then turned to me with a pissed off expression.

"Why did you do that you asshole!?" she said, coughing a little after she said it.

"Revenge for putting paint in my hair, why did you do that anyway?" i asked leaning on the counter waiting for the workers to take my order

"Why would i tell you, you bully" she said with a angry look in her eye

"Why do you think i'm a bully?" i said while looking at her confused

"You pushed me down and didn't apologise at all, all you did was stare at me weird" ah so she thought i did that on purpose, i see. Well time to correct this mistake.

"I was gonna apologise to you but you ran off before i could say anything" i said while giving her a sheepish look. Man, I feel like such a child right now. Why was I thinking about beating up or pranking a little girl anyway. I'm better than that. Not by much tbh i still beat up little boys but boys will be boys and all that jazz. You know I never understood that saying like I know it's supposed to be an allegory for toxic masculinity but the saying is true. boys have different behavior than girls on average and do be more aggressive to each other. I personally think scrap boxing toughens them up for the future. I feel bad for the little kids in my old life. most of them are going to grow up soft asf.

"You're doing it again, see!"the naruto look alike yelled out, she has some powerful lougs

"Stop yelling kami! it's just a habit i have i'm sorry if i freaked you out and pushing you down yesterday that was my bad" i got out of my chair and bowed while apologized

She soundenly gotten real red and yelled out "i accept just stop bowing"

Eh, I got that out of my system. Now time to guilt trip her into giving me one too.

"I'm still waiting on mine you know" i said sarcastically while sitting back down


"I'm still waiting on my apology dummy, took forever to get that paint out of my hair so i think i deserve one." i said with a little irritation i mean i had to walk home with it in my hair for kami sake.

"Oh i'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought you were trying to bully me like everyone else" she said with a pout then started to eat again. Stuffing her cheeks like a chipmunk with more ramen. Do chipmunks exist here? Questions for another time.

"So what's your name by the way?"

"Hmm? Oh Naruto uzumaki! And i will become the hokage!" she said with exuberance to match a certain rider class servant.

"Forreal? That's my dream too!" i said spouting bullshit , you know trying to keep the conversation going. I'm bad at this, give me some slack ok.

"WHAA so that makes us rivals then! Lets see who can take the hat first!"

"You bet!" i said , matching her excitement. Eh at least it would give me a reason to live in this awesome yet cruel world. I want to be more than just a regular ninja anyway. I want to do something nobody of my kind has done so far (that i know of) and become a hokage. It always bothered me why nobody wanted to take the hat anyway like you're basically the president of a military village with anbu protecting you at all times. And most of the time all you have to do is paper work. In my opinion it beats having to be sent out on s and A rank missions as an elite jonin. Yeah it's gonna take alot of work to be even considered a kage level ninja but i'm willing to put in the time. Got nothing better to do anyway.

"So what do you do for fun" I asked, just fishing for another topic to talk about.

"Why you ask that?" she said after swallowing another ball of ramen. Man when she grows up shes gonna have one mean deep thro- ok lets not go down that rabbit whole you weird fuck.

"i just want to know what my new rival likes to do in their free time, other than training of course," i said while wondering when the damn workers are gonna show up and take my damn order. Like it's been almost 30 minutes people stop being slow pokes and take my damn money im hangry.

"Oh well I like to prank mean people" she said after sipping the broth out of her bowl. Hmm there might be an opportunity there. I remember naruto being able to hide from anbu in the anime so maybe if i go along and join her pranks i might be able to train my stealth. You're so smart huey nobody ever thought of that before smh.

"Mind teaching me?i've been bored recently anyway" i asked

"Uh don't you have friends to play with?" she said

"Heh about that, i got all the kids at my orphanage shook" i said embarrassed, i guess bullying bullies makes you unapproachable who knew? Fuck those kids anyway all they play is ninja and tag. I dont like none of that weak shit. Well maybe tag but that's besides the point.

"What does shook mean" she asked, damn i forgot 21st centry lingo doesn't exist here

"It means scared"

"Why" she asked

"You don't want to know" i said trying not to scare her off by telling her my past exploits

"If you don't want me around you can just say so" i said putting my head on my hand looking at her with the classic huey pose. Hope im doing it right. That pose is so iconic.

"Well you can join me if you want, cant have my rival be left behind, taking the hat would be too easy then!" she said in a smug pose while nodding.

"By the way i don't think i introduce myself yet" i said reaching my hand over to her for a hand shake.

"My name is Hyūi Furīman but you can just call me huey nice to meet you naruto"

She looked at my hand for a little confused for a sec before she smiled beautifully

"Nice to meet you too dattebayo!" and that was the start of a beautiful partnership. We will terrorize this village for years to come. I oddly find myself looking forward to it.