(For a full explanation of the format in which my songs are published - including the notes - please see the introductory chapter to my Pokemon Lyric Collection for Red, Blue and Yellow).

STORY/ SCENARIO: A jobbing tradesman attempts to cheer up his lifelong companion by pledging his ready aid in times of trouble.

VARIATIONS: At the start of bar 16, where the brass instruments have three rapid repeated notes, the vocal part consists of a dotted minim (you!) followed by three crotchets (So blue, so) - notes C, B-flat, A - which carry over into the short bar 17 along with the flutes. Bars 1-17 are then repeated in full (If something's broken...So here's to) before the song concludes with a final section of ten bars (All yesterday's...call me!), which consist of a repeat of bars 1-8 but with bar 7 played three times (The words...something's broken). A quaver (The) - note C - is added at the end of bar 6 as an upbeat to bar 7.

Don't let me see you deflated:
I am the answer to your prayers!
Soon you'll be feeling elated
With a few running repairs!
Now there's

A wise man said to me,
'My son, Necessity
Is the mother of Invention', and boy, it's true!
No law I would not bend,
No money gladly spend,
Just to breathe some life back into you!
So blue, so

If something's broken inside you,
Open your eyes and let me see!
Care and support I'll provide you:
If something's broken, call me!
We'll be

A force to reckon with:
This hand I beckon with
Is the olive branch of friendship, so dry your tears!
Together you and I,
As many moons go by,
Will be soaking up sunshine for years!
So here's to

All yesterday's enterprises,
All our adventures yet to be;
And, when misfortune arises,
The words I have spoken
Are much more than token,
So if something's broken, call me!
Call me!