The Domino Funny Farm

Chapter 14

"Yugi's Marbles"

Serene- Yu-Gi-Oh has never been owned by any of us (and certainty has never been owned by me.) material wise, but it sure has come to own all of our hearts.

Mimic- It has also been known as a cause for insanity.......... Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Serene- --

Nodding on and off every now and then he found himself in a very plain padded room. As he was shoved into confinement earlier, a small yet surprisingly heavy sack hit him in the face.

"Hey! This'll gotta help pass the time for ya!" Said the brute man. "If you can't sleep that is!" And laughed hysterically as he shut and locked the door after himself.

The sack then hit the cushioned floor and it's contents rolled out all over. Of blue, green, red, purple, and yellow, the spheres sparkled and were very small, yet pleasing to the eye. He picked them up, played with them; he found it calming some what soothing. The shinny things as they were, became very precious to him.

Yet the restless night's still continued. Still clinging to a stuffed Barney the mumbling starts...

Marik- Yes! So much power to rule the world with, now that Yami's gone I am Pharaoh, and all shall bow before me.

"Yami Gone!" He thought. The name still familiar, but has he forgotten?

When he looked for comfort, the glowing sinister evil eyes then would appear within the pitch black of darkness. Searching for something, something important. And the ghostly apparition holding on for dear life to a bed sheet would whisper, and hiss...

Bakura- Soon all the Millennium Items will be mine! Then I shall rule the world.

"Millennium Items?" He thought. Familiar objects, has he forgotten?

The apparition made gargling noises as he would cringe in fear and turn over to his other side. "Perhaps it should swallow." He thought.

In the padded room he gathered the shinny things up and returned them to the sack. They would from now on and forever more remain with him. Seeing as how precious they were.

In the middle of the night amid insanity and anxiety he sat at the edge of his bed where someone familiar stood, strangely looking down upon him. Now on the floor surrounded by toys he was fond of the purplish looking stuffed animal and held it up.

"That's nice!" said the familiar someone.

"This is you!" he replied confused, and continued to hold up other random objects calling them each with a familiar but forgotten name.

"Joey? Tristan? Tea? Milk? Whale? Namu?"

The familiar someone just replied with, "That's nice! But, who are you?"

"I don't know!" he said, and quickly spotted a purplish key-chain. "Wait!" and held it up. "I'm this!" But as he looked up at the familiar someone, he spotted someone sneaking through the door and making their way over to the familiar someone, who he assumed to be quite fond of that someone.

"Who's that?" he asked.

"Who's who?" ask the familiar someone.

"She must have lost her way or something, cause when she spotted you through the doorway, she immediately came clinging to you!" he said.

The familiar someone looked to his side to find her. "That's Chip!" replied the familiar someone, who didn't seem to thrilled about it, but she stayed and clinged to the familiar someone anyway.

"Yugi!" the familiar someone asked. "Do me a favor and wake up!"

Chip wasn't pleased.

"Yugi! Is that my name? He thought and found himself replying in gibberish and returned playing with his toys.

When the Angel "Chad" came to cling to him, she vowed never to leave his side. After the familiar someone disappeared, while Chip followed. He became very upset, but didn't remember why.

He returned to the plain padded room, removed his sack from his pocket, and spilled its shinny, colorful, contents from it. The contents rolled away on the cushioned floor. The sight pleased him, and filled him with laughter. When one by one each night he was disturbed by terrifying mumbles, sinister eyes, and hissing, whispering, and gargling noises. A single, shinny, precious, object would disappear. One by one they disappeared before his very eyes. Until they all were no more.
What once was known, then seemed familiar. Now was lost. The terrifying mumbles, sinister eyes, and hissing, whispering, and gargling noises continued. All else was forgotten. And the familiar someone never returned. But even still his darling Angel Chad who vowed never to leave his side was the only flame left upon the wick of a mutilated candle.

He threw the empty sack at the wall. It bounced as it hit the cushion and landed next to him. He left it there along with a broken heart when he was sent down the hall to a room with a sofa. When he got there. He insisted that he sit in the chair, while a woman, familiar but forgotten that of Egyptian decent sat upon the sofa.

"Yugi!" she said sweetly. "I never meant for this to happen to you!"

Then there was a long pause between the two. She waited for some response before she continued, but there wasn't any.

"I had hoped Yugi that you would be the one to do some good here!" she paused for effect. "For them!"

"Then maybe..." Yugi replied, blowing up in her face. "Then maybe you shouldn't have taken it away! You shouldn't have taken Yami away!"

He burst out in anger. He got up from the chair, ran to the door, and pounded on it.

"Let me out! Please let me out! Please let me go!" he pleaded.

They finally decided to return him to his room. There he sat in his corner, cringing in fear from "them".

Izishu and Kaiba met

Kaiba- it's useless! You're wasting your time.

Izishu- it wasn't suppose to happen like this!

Kaiba- well the others aren't going to get better if we release him. Besides I find it quite amusing.

Izishu- perhaps maybe we should return their cards?

Kaiba- Fine!

Bakura moved out of his corner and made his way over to Yugi in attempt to comfort him.

Bakura- I don't know what's wrong! Was it something I said? Was it something he said? And starred at Marik who glared at him in turn.

Without thought Yugi like a tempered child shouted, "GO AWAY!" and pushed Bakura over.

Bakura- Ouch! That wasn't very nice. I was only trying to be civil with you. (and cowardly returned to his corner)

Marik- it's useless! Stop wasting you time and leave him alone!

Bakura- Time! We've all got plenty of time to waste on anything as we please.

An hour later! Nurse Joy enters their room

Nurse Joy- Hey! Guys! How about we do something constructive?

Marik- Oh! God! Not another...

Bakura- (excited)...MOVIE!

Nurse Joy- not exactly what I had in mind. (As she revealed to them their decks)

Both Bakura and Marik smiled with delight, while Yugi just sat and sulked.

To Be Continued!

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