Naruto Uzumaki: Child of Death

Summary: Kumo called the Fourth Hokage a God of Death, but not even Minato was aware how accurate the title was until his time came. With Naruto inheriting not just the Kyuubi, but a literal Touch of Death and the gaze of a godly father, the Shinobi Nations will have nothing that could stand in his way, if he can control it enough to not hurt those he cares for.

Chapter 1:

The Child that was Not Meant to Be

"For it is only on the verge of death do we truly understand life."

-Someone Famous (probably)

As he stared down at his son with only minutes left to live, Minato Namikaze received a true understanding of his actions in the world.

"I'm sorry," he whispered to the boy, a tear railing down his face. "I didn't know. I didn't."

Naruto, his newborn son, stared back at the Fourth Hokage with innocent blue eyes, not understanding a word of what the man said.

Minato now knew, knowledge given to him only because of his use of the Reaper Death Seal and a connection to the Shinigami he didn't know he had. In the span of a moment, he relived the revelation he received after his wife Kushina had already passed.

"No, please! I still have so much to do!"

"One more month! No, a week! Let me say goodbye!"

"Not like this! Please, not like this!"

"You don't know what it's like! You don't!"

Minato could remember the dying words of countless men and women he'd never met, their words to the incarnation of Death himself as he came in their final moments. And after several millennia, they ate away at him until the Shinigami chose to do something no other god had.

To learn what it was like to be human.

He could not become human completely, of course. Then who would bring about the death that was so important to the world? Rather, the god split himself apart, placing a fraction of his essence into a child meant to be stillborn. That child would grow, take on a career, and die like any other human before merging with the Shinigami again. He would know what it was like to be human and to die.

Now Minato knew, he was that child. The Hidden Stone didn't know how accurate their calling him Death truly was. And now, he held his son, the bearer of not one, but two curses and much more danger, the child of Death.

Mortals never figured it out, but the Shinigami knew not only about bringing death, but also about bringing life. The formation of a child does not just blend the physical of the parents, but their very souls to create another. Not only does a piece of Death's soul now rest in his son's, but it will come out in his chakra as well. Some sort of new Bloodline has been created, and it could spell the end of the world in used improperly.

"I'm so sorry."

"It is time," the majority of himself ordered.

"No!" Minato argued. "I need more time!"

"So have said all who died young," the Shinigami countered. "I will understand soon."

Minato turned away from the being, bringing what little chakra remained inside him to his finger before burning a message into the table he set Naruto on. He finished, his newfound attunement to the world allowing him to feel his very soul flowing into and merging with the Shinigami. For the last time, Minato Namikaze closed his eyes, another tear falling to the ritual table.

The Shinigami stared at the baby with new awe, the part of him that had lived teaching him everything about being human. His vessel laid broken at the edge, not hearing the crying of the child.

"What have I done?" the being asked himself, floating invisibility. As a divine spirit, he was unable to affect the mortal world outside of his domain, and even then he had little wiggle room to work with. "My child, what have I done to you?"

One hand reached out, caressing the soul of the baby. The child's cries stopped as he leaned into the touch, recognizing the feelings of his father's spirit on an instinctive level. The god's eyes drifted to the message part of him had written, burned into the table.

"Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze

The child of Death himself

Care for him, Hiruzen

Or else"

A short message, but an effective one, he hoped. With his human vessel's death, the position of Hokage would be open once more, and he had no doubt that Hiruzen would come out of retirement to take the mantle again in his stead. Heaven knew that if anyone like the old coot Danzo took the hat he'd kill the warhawk with a heart attack before he could say yes to the question, even if the action got him into hot water with the other gods for acting on personal feelings.

'They wouldn't understand,' the entity frowned, only to become passive at the thought. 'So this is what it is like to be emotionally attached. I do not dislike it, but it will be trouble at some point. I can feel it.'

Sensing the approach of four souls, Death pulled back from the child he'd unwittingly created and cursed. Hiruzen and his guard would be here soon, and though they would not be able to see him, it was time for Death to leave.

He would return to the Hidden Leaf, of course. Humans died all the time considering how numerous they were, and each time he did, he would check on his son. He hoped the village his vessel died for lived up to his expectations.

To quote his former vessel, "or else."

Many years later

Naruto yawned as Iruka started on the Second Battle of the Mountains from the Second Shinobi World War. He'd showed them this lesson last year and though he was focusing on different aspects of the battle - more about the strategies and less about the people - listening to it wasn't nearly as interesting as almost every other aspect of being a ninja.

"Pay attention!" the teacher roared, nearly making the young blond jump out of his seat. "Naruto, who was the leader of the Kumo forces in this battle?"

"Uh..." Naruto racked his brain, trying his best to remember who the Yellow Flash fought to a standstill. "The... Cloud Bee?"

"Well, you're close," Iruma responded, turning to the blackboard. "The leader of the rival forces was a shinobi known as Killer Bee, the younger brother of the current Raikage, the leader of the Hidden Cloud, A."

"A and Bee," Kiba laughed, only to get an eraser to the forehead with enough momentum to actually hurt. Though a teacher, Iruka was still a very skilled ninja and he would not let his students forget that fact.

"This is boring," Naruto grumbled to himself, wishing he could take a nap like Shikamaru, but Iruka would never allow it, citing his poorer test skills. It's not his fault the old maid at the orphanage that had been teaching him how to read had a heart attack before getting too far, though that might have been for the best. He'd overheard some of the other caregivers talking about her having tried to teach him wrong for some reason.

The blond sighed, drawing a circle on the table before him while staring at the blackboard without really seeing it. What was interesting, however, was the light hiss he heard coming from his desk. He knew instantly that it wasn't a prank tag or anything like that - those sounded different - but it was certainly cooler than listening to Iruka tell them about the preparation faults Cloud made in their attempted flank because of Leaf's misinformation campaign.

Glancing down, Naruto saw that the circle he'd been drawing was no longer imaginary, the wood he'd been touching now a deep black and slightly soft to the touch. Confused, the boy touched it again and felt a pull on his chakra, the black spreading across the wood like a virus until half of the table was the same color. It gave a weak groan before falling apart, as if having rotted in moments. This, of course, attracted the attentions of Iruka and the rest of the class, all the kids staring at Naruto and the decaying sawdust coating his pants.

"Uh..." he fumbled, raising his hands as if in surrender. "I didn't do it."

End of plot bunny

So this is another plot bunny that came to me early in the morn while I was at work yesterday, so here you go. To the best of my knowledge, this premise has never been used, and though I had a few ideas about how Naruto being essentially a demigod would affect his skills, that's more up to the person who adopts this idea.

As I see it, the power seen in the end would be a Bloodline that acts similar to the Quirk 'Decay' used by Tomura Shigaraki in My Hero Academia, the ability to age anything he touches to the point where it dies or ceases to fuction, though the target does not need to be alive. At least, that was my take on it, and that can change if this idea is adopted. How Naruto deals with having a one-hit kill touch that actually kills probably won't be good for his mental state without help. I mean, how would you feel if you could accidentally kill your friend with a light pat on the back?

As I implied, Father Death has been keeping an eye out from beyond the veil, taking down anyone who tries to directly hinder Naruto. This string of bad luck around him may have had far-reaching effects or given him a stigma other than being the Kyuubi Brat, or maybe it was just tagged on. I don't know. Is Mizuki still alive after his attempted sabotage? I don't know. Is Danzo alive if Death had a personal vendetta against him? I don't know. Do the gods have politics/rules preventing Death from doing everything he wants? Probably.

Finally, the intended pairing is NaruHina, though there are enough NaruHarem stories for me to not bat an eye at it.

If this sparks inspiration for you, shoot me a PM and we'll talk it out. I'd love to see what you come up with.