The Lost Ones

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Rating: G or PG

Introduction: Luke and his father, Anakin Skywalker, are my favorite characters in the SW saga, though I like most of the others, too. I particularly enjoy stories where Anakin survives. I have read several very good ones that describe how Anakin could be redeemed, healed, and accepted by his family, but that's where they ended. I was curious about what might happen after that, so I began writing my own stories. This one is a sequel to my first, "Return to Naboo," but it is not really necessary to have read that one before "The Lost Ones." I sum up the main points in the prologue.

To understand this story, the reader needs to know that everything from the movies happened until the end of RotJ, and then, of course, I had Anakin survive after his redemption. He has been healed of his injuries so he no longer needs any special equipment, he has been forgiven by his children and their friends, and accepted back into society. I have had the Rebel Alliance and Empire make peace and form the New Republic. I have imagined Anakin being very instumental as a liasian between the two groups, and that helped everyone to accept him.

Though it may make my stories seem incomplete, I decided not to describe those scenes. My reasoning is that there are other fanfiction stories that show them. I don't believe I could improve on what's already out there, and my purpose is to write about how Anakin's relationships with his family could develop in the weeks and months after RotJ, once the initial reactions were over.

"The Lost Ones" begins approximately four months after RotJ, and one month after the events in "Return to Naboo." Luke and Anakin are about to begin a mission to search for Zel Miret's missing family. They have several adventures on various worlds, but along the way Luke begins to suffer flashbacks from his history with his father. The other characters make cameos at the beginning and end, but this is mainly a Luke/Anakin story. I envision them having a close, loving father/son relationship (though it becomes strained when Luke finds out that he's not quite at peace with some of the traumatic events Anakin/Vader put him through). Because, unfortunately, there are people who like to twist things and imagine the worst, I'm going to say plainly that it is absolutely not incestuous. That is disgusting beyond words to me. However, it is very mushy. I'm never sure how to classify my stories, but I'm calling this one an angst/adventure tale.

I apologize for the long introduction. I did a poor job of summarizing RTN so I guess I'm trying to be very clear on this one. I know I can be quite verbose. I enjoy feedback, and constructive criticism is welcome, but please, no flames. And , of course, you can praise it to the skies if you want. I hope you enjoy the story.

The Lost Ones-Prologue


"She's beautiful," Luke breathed in awe as he, his father, and the faithful little droid R2 gazed at the gleaming silver ship Anakin had recently purchased.

"She's almost an exact copy of your mother's Royal Starship," Anakin agreed, "With a few important differences. She's had enough modifications to almost equal the Falcon in speed, though I'm sure Han would dispute that. And I had a weapons system installed. The old Royal ships weren't equipped with any, but I figure it's better to be prepared."

Luke nodded. With the ending of the galactic civil war and the establishment of the New Republic, peace was a reality for most of the galaxy. However, there were still dangerous areas and the Skywalker family in particular might run into enemies. They had learned that lesson all too well just recently.

Arriving on the peaceful planet Naboo a few weeks earlier, they had met a man named Zel Miret, who was actually a former medical researcher, Tablo Colzin. In his past as Darth Vader, Anakin had taken part in the displacement of the Colzin family and in inadvertantly forcing Tablo to develop biological weapons for Palpatine.

Seeking revenge against Anakin, Colzin (or Miret as he was now known) had infected Luke with the deadly bysa virus. Fortunately, he and Anakin had reached an understanding, and in a sudden change of heart, Miret had given them the cure that had saved Luke's life.

Now fully recovered from the ordeal, Luke, along with his father, was going to search for Miret's wife and daughter, Betta and Keren Colzin. Neither of them knew exactly where to begin looking, but they were going to try to find leads in the old Imperial records on Coruscant.

While making plans at their lake retreat, Anakin and Luke had come to realize that they would need their own spacecraft. X-wings were one- seaters, hardly ideal for a potentially long journey, and Han would need the Falcon. Of course, they could always request a shuttle from the New Republic, but they both wanted something with more speed and agility so Anakin had placed the order with Theed's starship factory. Now that the craft was ready, they had come to Theed to begin the mission.

"So what shall we call her?" Anakin asked, wrapping an arm securely around Luke's shoulders. Since returning to the Light four months ago he had been the caring, affectionate father Luke had always dreamed of, and since the close call with the bysa virus, he had been especially demonstrative and protective. It might have been annoying to most young men, but Luke had grown up with a gruff, undemonstrative uncle and he had always craved a parent's love. Now he leaned into his father's one-armed embrace and said softly, "The Naboo Angel."

"That's perfect," Anakin blinked back tears as images of his beautiful, dear wife filled his mind. Padme had been one of many of Palpatine's victims. Her loss was a constant ache in his heart, but he had been blessed with the gift of their wonderful children. Thinking of family reminded him of the task at hand. "Ready to go?"

The three of them ascended the ramp of the newly christened Naboo Angel. The ship's interior was painted in soft, restful colors and consisted of a lounge, several bedrooms, and of course, the cockpit. None of the rooms was large, but they were comfortably furnished. The Angel would make a good home away from home.

Anakin and Luke slid into the pilot's and co-pilot's seats and began the ignition sequence. The Angel rose into the air and slipped through the clouds towards space. Anakin grinned in pure delight. It had been a long time since he had flown a ship like this. He glanced over at Luke to see if his son was sharing his joy, but Luke looked slightly melancholy.

"Something wrong, son?"

Luke turned to him and smiled, "No, not really. I was just wondering when we'd see Naboo again."

"If we're lucky, perhaps it won't be long," Anakin fondly studied his son. "You've really fallen in love with Naboo, haven't you?"

"Yes," Luke agreed softly. It was true. His mother's home world had touched his soul. He wasn't sure exactly why. Naboo was uncommonly beautiful, but it was more than that. In the brief time he'd spent there, Naboo had become his home. Even more than Tatooine where he'd grown up, or Coruscant, where they'd spent most of their time since the decisive battle of Endor. Both of those planets were lovely, too, in their own way, but Tatooine held bad memories and Coruscant was too metropolitan for him to feel completely at home there. He just wasn't a city boy.

Anakin reached over to pat Luke's hand. He reflected once more that Luke was truly his mother's son. He was as gentle, compassionate, and understanding as Padme had been. Both of them had never compromised their values and both of them genuinely cared for other people. And now, Luke had even developed the same loyalty to Naboo that Padme had displayed so often.

"You know, son, you don't have to come with me," he offered a little reluctantly. "It's my burden to reunite the Colzin family, if possible. Not yours. You could stay here and begin training Tera."

Luke looked at him in disbelief. "You know I want to come with you! We're a team, aren't we? Don't you want me to come?"

"Of course," Anakin reached out through their link to reassure Luke of how much he was loved and wanted. "But even more than that, I want you to be happy. You deserve to be."

"I am happy, Father, as long as we're together. So don't say anything else about my not coming, okay?" Luke set the hyperspace coordinates.''

"Okay," Anakin agreed, his heart both lightened and warmed by his son's desire to stay with him.

They watched the starlines as the Naboo Angel shot into hyperspace. They were off to Coruscant. The journey had begun.