A/N: I wanted to do something fun in homage to the high school movies I grew up with. Each of these chapters is a one-shot based off of a famous American teen movie but featuring YJ & GE.

There are four one-shots in total, and I will post a new one each Thursday for the next few weeks.

This first chapter is based on The Breakfast Club.

One Sentence Synopsis of the Movie: Five high school students from totally different social spheres spend an all day Saturday detention learning they're not so different from each other after all.

It's just after seven in the morning, and Ga Eul is freaking out.

She's never gotten detention before; this is going on her school record!

Agh, how does she get into these situations recently?!

She shifts on the uncomfortable chair in the empty school library, wishing for the hundredth time that she was still in her warm bed. It's Saturday, for goodness sake! What type of assistant principal wants to be here all day on a Saturday, anyway?

She would use this as an opportunity to work on her assignments for the next week, but the principal has already told her she will be writing an essay solely for him as part of her punishment for...well...she doesn't want to think about it.

It's her first detention ever—normally, she's the ideal student—and she's the first person to arrive. She should probably be getting a head start before other people come in and she gets distracted, but as she stares at her paper, her head draws a complete blank.

The door opens, and another student steps into the room.

So Yi Jeong. A member of the school's royal court.

Fashionably late, as always.

Ga Eul rolls her eyes and looks back down at her paper, not bothering to greet him.

He's the reason she's in here instead of sleeping, and she's too tired and pissed off to feign politeness.

So much for her perfect disciplinary record.

"Are we the only two people here?" he asks. "Ah, well, at least they were considerate enough to give us a private detention." In the corner of her vision, she sees him pull out the chair next to her at the long wooden desk she's occupying and drop languidly into the seat. If he thinks she's going to keep him entertained, he can forget it. "I'm still not sure what they expect to accomplish," he continues in a lazy tone of unconcern. "My father will be talking to the real principal; I'm sure he'll have my record expunged. Yours, too, of course."

"Oh, how magnanimous of you," Ga Eul drawls sarcastically as she writes her name at the top of her paper.

She might as well get this over with.

She manages to write a few vague opening statements. They're supposed to be writing about 'who you think you are.' Ga Eul doesn't know if that means 'what are your aspirations for the future?' or 'who the hell do you think you are?'

She's going to focus on the former, while also sneaking in a cleverly worded apology for her actions, followed by supporting evidence that shows such actions are not in any way indicative of her overall character and should, quite frankly, be disregarded in the grand scheme of her legacy as a student here.

A few beeping noises interrupt her essay pre-planning.

She glances over.

Is he playing video games?

"You know, we're supposed to be writing an essay."

"Yep. Got it."

"O...kay." Ga Eul sighs and returns to her work. If he wants to get caught by the principal and receive an extra day of detention, let him. She'll be sleeping peacefully.

A few minutes go by.

Ga Eul completes an adequate two paragraphs and is beginning her third when Yi Jeong curses and drops his handheld console onto the desk.

She guesses he lost whatever game he was playing.

She feels a tap on her shoulder, and when she looks up, Yi Jeong is facing her with his whole body, leaning towards her, and grinning.

"Hey, wanna go make out in that closet over there?" He gestures to the library storage closet.

Has he lost his freaking mind?

She's probably lost hers.

"I thought So Yi Jeong doesn't make out in closets," she says, turning away and continuing to write. "I thought So Yi Jeong likes to make out in the hallway in front of the teacher's lounge so that any teacher coming in and out has a front row ticket."

PDA with So Yi Jeong. That's why she's here, ladies and gentlemen.

She wants to bang her head on her desk like there's no tomorrow.

"You're still mad at me?"

"Of course, I'm mad at you. You don't have to worry about college admissions. You don't have to pay for college. Technically, you don't even have to go to college. Or go to school period, except where you're required to by law. Though I'm sure you could find a loophole even for that. What do you care if you got stupid detention? This actually affects me, you know." Reaching over, she raps her pencil on his knuckles. "I'm not supposed to be here."

"Ow. Hey, don't try to act like you weren't doing anything. I wasn't kissing all by myself."

"But you"—Ga Eul raps his hand again with her pencil—"started it."

"And you finished it."

"Well, what was I supposed to do? 'Oh god, it's my boyfriend. Ew, get off of me.' Fine, I'll just push you into a locker next time."

"Ga Eul-yang."

"Not like that! I meant...push you away."

"Fine, fine." He lays a hand on her knee, though it seems to be an act of supplication rather than seduction as it normally is. "I'm sorry," he says. "I promise not to kiss you in front of the teachers again."

'Wow,' Ga Eul mouths.

"But that's gonna be hard because probably one day I'll end up kissing you in front of your mom, and she's a teacher, so..."


What the heck does that mean?

When would they...or how long would they be together that they would do that?

"Anyway, please forgive me. I really don't want to spend all day in here not talking to you."

Ga Eul studies him.

His typical mischievous smile is gone, replaced by a genuine look of remorse.

And damn it, his smile might be mesmerizing, but his wounded puppy look is equally horrible when it comes to making her knees—and her heart—weaken.

Ugh, fine.

Ga Eul sighs exaggeratedly.

"Okay, I forgive you. But only because it's awkward sitting here if we don't talk to each other."

Yi Jeong grins.

"See? This is why I like you. You're so smart."

"I'm not smart," she says, craning her neck over her paper. "I'm with you."

The paragraphs are gibberish now. What is the point of this essay?

"Ah, but...now that you've forgiven me, don't you want to make up in that closet over there?"

Ga Eul looks up at him with exasperation.

He really doesn't learn, does he? Either that or, again, he's so entitled he doesn't care. She should probably give him the silent treatment the rest of the morning just for making that remark, but a small part of her is bored out of her mind and also wants to make out with her boyfriend rather than write this stupid essay.

Maybe he's right; she is a bit of a hypocrite.

Still, if she's going to do this, she needs to nitpick about something, so she chooses the flashiest option available to her at the moment.

"Only if you take that ridiculous diamond out of your ear," she comments. "Do you really need that? You're not a player anymore, you know?"

Yi Jeong gives her a curious look, probably because she's never mentioned his earring before, but without argument, he reaches up and takes it out of his ear.

He takes her hand and drops the sparkling accessory into her open palm.

*For those unfamiliar with the acronym, "PDA" means "Public Display of Affection." In this case, kissing on school property.

Hint for next week's episode: "You can't lose it, okay? That's my favorite scrunchie."