His Special Gift

Part One: Mourning

He's not coming back. He doesn't want to come back. Those words cut through Chi-Chi's heart as if Cell had ripped it out himself. Chi-Chi collapsed to the floor learning the news that her husband wasn't coming back from the land of the dead. Gohan tried to comfort her by telling her that Goku was happy and her father told her he was fine with the Saiyan's decision. Despite their cheerful optimism, Chi-Chi wasn't happy about Goku's decision at all.

Chi-Chi slowly rose off the floor. She forced her tears back. She'll cry more when she was alone. "I guess you're hungry, huh, son."

"It's all right, Chi-Chi. I can order take out," Ox King said.

"Fine, Dad. I'll be in my room." Chi-Chi said leaving.

"I'll bring you dinner, Mom," Gohan said.

"No thanks, Gohan. I'm not hungry," Chi-Chi said entering her room and locking it.

Gohan looked at his grandfather. "Do you think I should talk to Mom?"

"I don't think any talking will do Chi-Chi any good now. Right now, she needs to be by herself," Ox-King said.

"How could you leave me like this? Leave me to raise a child on my own?" Chi-Chi asked aloud as she stood alone in their bedroom. She saw a picture of Goku on the dresser and knocked it down, causing the glass to shatter on the floor.

"I hate you, Goku," Chi-Chi spat bitterly. She saw his picture on the floor, glass covering up his innocent smile. She knelt to clear the glass away and began crying again.

"Why couldn't you stay? I wouldn't mind if you had to fight again as long as you stayed here on Earth not in the Other World. Why did you have to be so noble? Why did you have to sacrifice yourself to a world that doesn't even know what you did and a bumbling idiot took credit for what and Gohan did? How could you?" Chi-Chi looked at the picture in the frame and threw it against the wall, angry with her husband once more.

Chi-Chi climbed on the bed and took Goku's pillow and hugged it to her body as she cried into it. "I love you, Goku, but I'll never forgive you for this!"

Gohan didn't bother his mother for the rest of the night. He heard her crying and noises of things being broken. He wanted to talk to her, but he thought best if he left her alone. When he awakened that morning, he decided to get breakfast started. He heard a knock at the door and opened it. It was Krillin, Yamcha, and Piccolo.

"Hi, guys. What are you doing here?"

"We were wondering how you and Chi-Chi were doing," Krillin said.

Gohan frowned. "Mom took Dad's death pretty hard. She's been crying and breaking things most of the night."

"Yeah, we're sorry about that. Anyway, we wanted to tell you that we are planning a funeral for Goku tomorrow before Trunks leave."

Gohan nodded. "We'll be there. Where do you want to hold it?"

"I was thinking that spot where we had that picnic a few days ago."

"That will be good."

"Yeah, I—" Yamcha stopped when he saw Chi-Chi appearing out of the hall. "Hi, Chi-Chi."

Chi-Chi walked to stand between her son and the three men. She didn't care that her hair was a mess or that her eyes were red and puffy. All that ran through her was that her husband was gone and these men did nothing to save him. So, she slapped all three of them.

"You call yourselves Goku's friends! What kind of friend are you to let him die!" Chi-Chi yelled. "He's done everything for you—avenge your death against the Saiyans and Frieza and you repay him by letting him die!" She yelled again tears running down her face. "I know Vegeta doesn't care about Goku and would gladly see him die, but you have been his friends for years. He was your best friend Krillin, you knew him longer than Krillin, Yamcha and you betrayed him this way! Get out of my house! If I see you again, it'll be much too soon! So just leave!!" She turned and left them going back to her room to cry.

Krillin waited for Chi-Chi to leave before speaking. He rubbed his sore cheek. "I knew Chi-Chi was strong, but I didn't think she was this strong. Man, that hurt."

"She's obviously blaming us for Goku's death and turning her anger about it on us," Piccolo huffed and left.

Yamcha dug in his pocket to pull out three armbands. He handed them to Gohan. "We have armbands for you guys to wear."

"Thanks, Yamcha. I'll give it to my Mom and grandpa later. I think you guys better go. Call me more about the time. We'll see you tomorrow," Gohan said.

"Yeah, see ya, Gohan," Krillin said and he and Yamcha left.

Gohan went upstairs to his mother's room. He opened the door slowly. On the floor were broken glass from picture frames and pictures of his father in those picture frames scattered about the floor, a chair was turned upside down, his father's clothes were scattered about the floor among the glass. He carefully stepped over it and walked to his Mom who was lying on the bed crying.


Chi-Chi jumped. It didn't appear she heard him enter. She quickly wiped her tears away. "What is it, Gohan?"

"Krillin and the others are planning a funeral for Dad and they gave us these armbands to wear to honor him," Gohan explained showing her the armbands.

"All right," Chi-Chi said taking a band. "What time is the funeral?"

"Krillin is gonna call me later about that."

Chi-Chi looked around the room and saw how a mess of the room she made. "I better clean up."

"No, that's okay, Mom. I'll clean it for you. You stay in bed and rest," Gohan told her.

"I need to get breakfast started."

"That's okay, Mom. I'll get breakfast started," Gohan offered.

"You don't know how to cook," Chi-Chi said.

"Sure, I do. I can cook—"

"Fine," Chi-Chi cut him off abruptly. "Do what you wish. I'm not hungry. I need to take a shower," she got off her bed and walked towards the bathroom.

"But, Mom, you haven't eaten since yesterday. You have to eat," Gohan said.

"I'm not hungry and even if I did eat, I would probably spit it up. Just don't question my decision." She argued and  sighed knowing she shouldn't speak to her son this way, no matter how she was feeling. She reached the bathroom door and looked at her son. "How are you, Gohan?"

"I'm fine, Mom. Go take your shower."

Chi-Chi nodded absently though not believing Gohan completely and entered the bathroom.

Take care of your mother for me. She needs you now.

'I'm trying, Dad.' Gohan thought watching his mother.

You did your best, Gohan.

'No, I didn't, Dad. If I did, then you would be here right now. It's my fault Mom is like this. If I told her, it was my fault you died, she'd hate me forever.'


The next morning, Chi-Chi sifted through her dresses trying to figure out what to wear for his funeral. Sadly, she passed his clothes now that Gohan had put it back in the closet and had to hold the tears back to stop crying. She couldn't believe it. Her husband was gone and she was a widow and not even thirty. She was just too young to be a widow. Goku always lived life so quickly and seen so much more than a normal man would in his lifetime. As his wife, she assumed her life went just as fast. She sighed again pulling out a black dress. She let her hair down. Goku normally like it that her hair was down and she wanted to look her best for him on this day and decided to put on a little makeup when Gohan knocked on her door.


"Come in, Gohan," Chi-Chi said fixing her face.

Gohan entered wearing a black suit. "Grandpa's waiting downstairs. Are you ready to go?"

Chi-Chi put down her lipstick and walked over to fixed the tie on Gohan's suit. "Yes, I'm ready."

"Mom, have you eaten anything yet?" Gohan asked concern. He knew about her turning down food all day yesterday.

"I had some juice last night."

Gohan frowned. That wasn't enough. She needed a full course meal, not some liquid. This evening he was going to make his mother eat, even if he had to force the food down her throat himself. He already lost one parent. He wasn't going to lose another.

The ride to the area of the funeral was quiet. Chi-Chi just stared out the window. Gohan tried making conversation with his mother but she only gave one word answers. Everyone was there when they arrived, except for Vegeta who she knew wouldn't be there. Chi-Chi stepped out of the car, glaring at everyone, at Goku's supposed friends. Not caring about her manners, she didn't say anything to them and sat a good distance from everyone.

Bulma approached Chi-Chi with some flowers and a card. "I'm sorry, Chi-Chi." She gave the widow a sympathetic smile.

Chi-Chi politely took the flowers and card. "Thank you." There was no reason to get mad at Bulma. She wasn't a fighter. She wasn't on the battlefield when Goku died.

Chi-Chi just sat there and listened as everyone talked about Goku with stories about him as a child and an adult and how much they will miss him. Chi-Chi was struggling to keep her cool, but was quickly losing it.

'Look at them, talking about Goku as if he was a friend to him, as if they actually liked him. I lost my husband. They will never know the pain of my loss.'

Fed up, Chi-Chi snapped. "Stop it!" Chi-Chi screamed. "You speak as if you actually cared about Goku but you didn't! You let him die! He was a best friend to you all and you let him die! So stop talking as if you are going to miss him!" Everyone was silent after Chi-Chi's outbursts and watched her carefully as she walked to Trunks. "Trunks," she spoke calmly. "I'd like to talk to you alone."

Trunks stood and followed Chi-Chi out of hearing range of everyone other than Piccolo. He wondered why she wanted to talk to him and noticed something different about her. Her ki was different from when he last saw her at Capsule Corporation a few days ago. He almost froze as his mind discovered the reason.

'Could it be?'

Chi-Chi faced him not aware of his feelings. "I want to thank you, Trunks. I hold no grudge against you. I know you tried to save Goku and if it weren't for you bringing that medicine, I wouldn't have had these last days with him and I'll be forever grateful to you for that."

"I'm sorry for you lost, Chi-Chi. I understand your feelings. I lost everyone but my Mom."

"Trunks, tell me what happened to me? Did I die? I noticed I was never mentioned in your stories from the future."

A grim look crossed Trunks face. "After the Androids, you and Gohan moved to your father's house and then to Master Roshi's after the Androids began attacking there. They were looking for Gohan. However, they still found you and Gohan and Master Roshi held them off as best he could while you and Gohan escaped to the Lookout. You and Gohan stayed there until you learn of Gohan's death. You were already depressed that Goku was dead but you lost it when Gohan died and died of a broken heart. I'm sorry."

Chi-Chi nodded taking it in. "No, I needed to know. At least the future me is with Goku now."

Trunks placed a hand on Chi-Chi's shoulders and looked at her urgently. "Chi-Chi, please don't do anything rash. You have Gohan to live for."

Chi-Chi smiled at Trunks. "Thanks for your concern but I'm not going to do anything crazy like kill myself."

'Good.' Trunks thought. 'Otherwise your unborn child wouldn't be here. I'm sure she's pregnant and she doesn't even know it.'

"That's all I wanted to say. Good luck on your trip and your fight against the Androids."

"Thank you."

Chi-Chi turned her back to him. "Flying Nimbus!"

A yellow cloud zoomed out of the sky and landed before Chi-Chi. She got on it. "Tell Gohan I went home."

"I will. Oh, and Chi-Chi. Your husband was a great man. He was more strong and braver than I had ever imagined. Please don't be sad for long. He wouldn't want you to be this way."

"Thank you, Trunks. It's hard to believe that you are Vegeta's son," she smiled and looked at the cloud. "Take me home, Nimbus."

Trunks watched Chi-Chi zoom away on the cloud and went back to the group. "What did Chi-Chi say?" Bulma asked.

"She wanted to tell me that she holds no grudge against me and thanked me for bringing the medicine and wished me the best on my trip back. She went home, Gohan. She wanted to be alone," Trunks explained.


Chi-Chi dropped on her bed. Her whole body was drained from the funeral and the day wasn't even over yet. She closed her eyes as the tears started, thinking of Goku, thinking of her last night with him.

Chi-Chi was laughing as she left the bathroom, closing the door on Goku. She wrapped a towel around her naked body and suddenly wondered why. Goku was still inside the bathroom and was going to come out after her. He was still in the mood. Looking back on it, it was funny on how it happened. She was angry with him for getting her clean floor wet as he took a bath. He asked her to join him instead of getting mad at him. Chi-Chi didn't think anything about it since this was her husband after all and to him he must meant just taking bath. However, as soon as she got in the tub, he went after her and didn't mind it in the least. Well, there was the moment he went Super Saiyan and was she scared he would hurt her, but he didn't.

She paused looking out the window. A frown crossed her face. What if this was the last night on Earth she will share with her husband? Suppose they all die tomorrow. Was it right for her to be with her husband as she is now, knowing the fate of the world was decided tomorrow?

Goku came up behind her sneakily and wrapped his arms around her. "Gotcha!" He said triumphantly. He noticed Chi-Chi wasn't in a playful mood. "What's wrong, Chi-Chi?"

"I'm worried about your fight tomorrow. What if this is the last day of mankind? If we lose—"

"We won't," Goku confirmed now in a more serious tone.

Chi-Chi smiled. "I hope not. It's bad enough worrying about you fighting Cell, but I have to worry about Gohan, too." She turned to face Goku. "Please don't let him fight. He's too young."

Goku frowned at his wife. "Chi-Chi, you know I can't promise you that. We need him."

"You're fighting Cell first, so there is no need for him to fight. You can beat Cell, right?" Goku was quiet for a moment and Chi-Chi knew something wasn't right. She stepped away crying. "You can't beat him."

Goku held her again. "Hey, it's gonna be okay. Cell will be beaten."

"How can he?! If you can beat him, then who could?" Chi-Chi asked.

Goku chose not to answer that. "You'll see tomorrow."

"Why didn't you and Gohan go back in that chamber? I would've understood if you needed more time.."

"There was no need. Gohan and I accomplished the goal I set out," Goku said.

"And that would be?" Chi-Chi asked.

Goku pondered on what to tell her. He couldn't tell her his goal was to get Gohan stronger than him. She would freaked and would be upset with him. He didn't want her upset with him now. Tomorrow fine, but not tonight. "Let's not think about Cell now. I don't want to. I want to focus on us. He will be beaten and that's all that matters."

"You're hiding something from me, aren't you?" Chi-Chi questioned.

"I am," he admitted.

"What?" Chi-Chi asked. "Please, tell me."

Goku sighed. "I won't be fighting anymore after tomorrow."

Chi-Chi's eyes lit up in surprise. "You're quitting?"

"Yeah," he told her. 'Because I might be dead,' he thought.

"Oh, Goku!" Chi-Chi cried jumping in his arms. "That's wonderful, but I still don't understand how Cell will be defeated."

"Don't worry. He will. I'm not going to be the only one fighting. There's Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotsu. There's no way, Cell can defeat us all." 'Especially after he fights Gohan.'

Somehow that comforted Chi-Chi. "You're right. Cell won't win against you all." She pulled back smiling at him. "And it's not like you ever lost a fight. The odds were against you when you fought Frieza and you won and I'm sure you can win this battle, too."

Goku smiled. "Yeah, you're right about that," his smile turned wicked as he removed her towel. "Now, where were we?"

Chi-Chi sniffled thinking about the memory. She place a hand on her cheek to wipe away the tears but found her face dry. Had someone dried her tears as she cried thinking about her last night with Goku? Chi-Chi shook her head thinking it was imagination. "Goku was wrong and now he's gone. How am I gonna make it without him?"

Up in the Other World, Goku was looking down at Chi-Chi with a frown. "I'm sorry, Chi-Chi. You'll understand in time."

To Be Continued

AN: I don't know if that's what happened to Chi-Chi in Trunks future but I assume it might have since Trunks didn't mention her or Roshi.

Part Two: Discovery