His Special Gift

Part Ten: Goku's Coming Back

Baba floated on her crystal ball humming a tune as she looked for a certain tall, spiky haired Saiyan. She saw many fighters whom she borrowed for a day a wave a hello to them. She couldn't find Goku at the Grand Kai's home so she looked for him out in the vast yards.

After traveling a few miles, she spotted Goku talking to King Kai.

"Hello, Goku. Hello King Kai."

Goku turned around a huge smile crossed his face. "Hey, Baba!" Goku was always excited to see the old fortune teller. Whenever he saw her, she always let him take a sneak peek at his family to see how they were doing.

"I've got a surprised for you, Goku," the old woman said.

"Really, what?" Goku asked excited.

"I just had a talk with King Yemma and over looking your long list of good credit he has agreed to let you come back to Earth for a day."

Goku eyes lit up and his smile got bigger than Baba never dreamt possible. "I'm going to come back to Earth for a day? I can see my family? My friends?"

"That's right, Goku. You'll get to see everyone," Baba said.

"WHOO-HOO!" Goku yelled jumping in the air. "All right! I get to go home!" He landed and hugged Baba. "Oh, thank you, Baba! Thank you!!"

"Goku…I can't…breathe…" Baba said as her breath was being cut off.

Goku let go of Baba. "Oh, sorry. But Wow! I get to go home! I get to see Chi-Chi, Gohan and Goten! Oh, wow, I can't wait to see that little guy! This is best gift ever!" He hugged Baba again.


Goku released Baba and rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Whoops. Sorry, Baba."

Baba coughed and just looked at Goku in utter amazement. 'This is the man who's the world's fate is going to depend on again. Oh, boy.'

"That's great, Goku," King Kai said. "When does he get to go back, Baba?"

"I arranged it that Goku comes back the day of the World Martial Arts Tournament on Earth. Gohan is going to fight in it and it would be a good time to test your new powers on him," Baba explained.

"Oh, yeah," Goku realized. "I'll get to show Gohan Super Saiyan Three. Hey, he probably already reached that level if he kept up with his training."

"Goku, you just reach that level months ago. It takes a lot of energy to become Super Saiyan Three and if you use it on Earth, it might take up some of your time on Earth," King Kai explained.

"Oh, really? I didn't realize that. Aw, and I really want to show to Chi-Chi, Gohan and Goten. I'll just tell them about it," Goku said.

"I guess we should give your family the good news now," he said and turned his back on Goku.

Goku put his hand on King Kai's shoulder.

"Who do you want to talk to, Goku? Your wife?" King Kai asked.

Goku thought about Chi-Chi and the last time he saw her in flesh--early in the morning, right before he left to meet Gohan and the others at the Lookout, her face streamed with tears begging Goku to not let Gohan fight. To talk to her now, it'll be too much for both of them. There were so many things he had to say to her and she probably had a lot of things to say to him as well and he didn't want to have that conversation with Baba and King Kai around. It would be best they talk when they were alone on Earth.

"No. I think I'll talk to Gohan."

"You got it." King Kai said searching Earth for Gohan. "Ah, I found him."

Goku was able to see Gohan. His heart swelled with love seeing his oldest son. It's been a while since he seen him through Baba's crystal ball. He had grown up so much. Goku figured Gohan was as tall as him now, but what was that strange outfit he was wearing? He also saw Bulma, and another kid. It had to have been Trunks. He chuckled, hearing Trunks call Gohan a nerd in his mind. He then saw Vegeta enter the room saying he will fight Gohan in the tournament. Goku thought it was now or never to make his presence known and to let everyone know he was coming home.


Chi-Chi couldn't believe it. Goku was coming back for a day. She was so thrilled with the news that she almost choked her sweet Goten. The little boy was eating dinner when his mother hugged him and squeezed him excitedly; happy to know her husband was returning and telling him he was finally going to meet his Daddy.

Chi-Chi barely slept that night over the excitement that Goku was coming back. It was a day, but she was going to take what she can get. Her Goku never ceased to amaze her, whether it was a surprised hug, kiss, showing up out of nowhere when she was thinking about him. She blushed, remembering back to when Goku was training for the Androids and Chi-Chi was thinking about Goku, wishing he was with her instead of training and he suddenly popped up. She blushed even more, thinking about how they almost got caught by Gohan.

She couldn't wait to see him. There was so much they had to talk about--her feelings when he left, how much she changed, what he had been doing all this time, Goten. How was she going to get it all done in a day?

'The morning would be spent at the Martial Arts Tournament. There, Goku could talk to his friends. The afternoon Goku could spend with me, Gohan and Goten. His friends could understand that Goku would want to spend the rest of his time with his family, right? At night, Goku and I would have time to talk alone. There was so much to do. Plus,' Chi-Chi thought blushing. 'I want to make love to him at least once, or twice, many times before he leaves again. This would be our last time until he leaves again.'

Chi-Chi rolled over in bed to look at Goku's empty side. He'll be lying there with her in thirty days. "So, much to say. Will I get it all done in time? I have to. There won't be another chance like this."


It was twelve days until he returned; Gohan and Goten were out training. Chi-Chi looked out the window as she washed the dishes thinking about her sons training. 'Goku would be so proud of them, especially of Goten. He's gonna flip to see how strong he is, especially Goten turning into a Super Saiyan.'

Chi-Chi thought back to when she trained Goten and he suddenly turned into a Super Saiyan before her. She freaked seeing it and told him to never do it again. She never expected Goten to reached that level since they weren't doing any vigorous training. He even beat Gohan at being the youngest Saiyan ever. She remembered telling him to never do it again, but she had a strong suspicion that Goten showed Gohan as they trained. Gohan never mentioned it but Chi-Chi knew.

Chi-Chi put a plate in the dish rack. "If I know my Goku, he has done nothing but train in all these years and probably has gotten stronger than ever. He's probably stronger than Gohan now. I wonder what kind of people he met. Hope he didn't meet any female…" Chi-Chi stopped herself and shook her head. "What am I saying? This is Goku. I know he's been faithful. I'm such a goof sometimes," Chi-Chi laughed at herself.

Chi-Chi put the last dish in the dish rack and let the water out of the sink. "Guess I should check on the clothes outside." There was a knock at her door. "Or not." She dried her hands and went to open the door and smiled. "Hi, Bulma. What brings you out here?"

"Vegeta and Trunks have done nothing but train in the days of the tournament and it's kind of dull at Capsule Corp and I knew you didn't have anything to do with Gohan and Goten training, so I thought I'd come by."

"That's kind of you, Bulma but I still have work to do. I have to get the clothes off the line, some dusting and then I have to get started on lunch for Gohan---"

"Oh, Gohan can get lunch for his little brother on his own. Besides, we have important things to do."

Chi-Chi looked confused. "Like what?"

Bulma snickered and pulled out a blindfold. "It's a surprise."

Chi-Chi looked nervous. "Bulma…" she began.

"Don't worry. It's nothing bad. I'm just going to take you somewhere in the city."

"Then why do you need to put a blindfold on me?" Chi-Chi asked.

"Because it's a surprise. Trust me. It's okay."

"All right, but it better not be anything bad," Chi-Chi said and allowed Bulma to put the blindfold on her.

"It's not bad unless you want it to be. This is a good thing," Bulma said writing a note for Gohan and then leading Chi-Chi out of the house and into her car.

"What do you mean 'bad unless I want it to be'?" Chi-Chi asked.

"You'll see."

"I have a bad feeling about this," Chi-Chi said.

Bulma didn't give Chi-Chi any clues as to where they were going. If she did, Chi-Chi would probably demand she turned back. Bulma walked Chi-Chi into a store and removed the blindfold. It didn't take long for Chi-Chi to see where she was.

"I'm not shopping in here," Chi-Chi said and started to leave but Bulma pulled her arm.

"Chi-Chi, I don't see what the big deal is. You are a married woman and your husband hasn't been around in seven years. Don't you think you should dress up nicely for him?"

"This is embarrassing," Chi-Chi feeling a dark shade of red on her cheeks.

"What's so embarrassing about it?" Bulma asked. "It's a lingerie shop."

"I already have clothes like these."

Bulma pulled a sheer bikini and thong set off the rack. "You have something like this?"

Chi-Chi folded her arms. "Well, no, but I don't need that. That's not appealing anyway." Chi-Chi rolled her eyes. "Doesn't people think about leaving things to the imagination anymore?" She pointed to a long gown. "That's more appealing."

Bulma looked at the gown. It had a low scoop in the back with drooping front and side slit. Not really appealing Bulma thought. "I guess, but what about this?" She pulled out short chiffon gown.

"I said I'm not buying any of this and I'm not changing my mind on this," Chi-Chi said determined.

Bulma drove Chi-Chi home with a proud smirk on her face. Chi-Chi sat in the passenger seat looking in the bag of the items she bought. "I can't believe I let you talk me into buying some of these things."

"I can't believe you wouldn't let me see what you bought," Bulma said.

"And why should I?" Chi-Chi asked. "Only Goku is gonna see it." Chi-Chi looked in the bag at two pieces of lingerie. 'A lot of good it did for me to buy these. Goku's gonna tear them off anyway.' Chi-Chi thought. She thought about the night Goku came back from Yardrat and blushed. He was an animal. He couldn't get her clothes off quick enough, which result in some tearing. She was startled by his excitement, not that she was complaining and it had been nearly three years.

"Chi-Chi, you're completely red. Thinking about Goku?" she teased.

"No," she said in a shrill voice. "I was…thinking about dinner. I have to cook tonight."

Bulma smirked. "Mm-hmm," she giggled.

Bulma dropped Chi-Chi at her home and told her to meet her at Capsule Corp early because everyone would ride in Bulma's plane and leave at seven that morning to go to the island the tournament would be held. Chi-Chi said goodbye and entered her home. To her surprise, Gohan and Goten were there.

"What are you doing here? I thought you would be training for another hour."

"We got through early," Gohan said as he clean the dishes in the sink he and his brother made during lunch. "We also caught a fish for dinner."

"What do you have, Mommy?" Goten asked approaching his mother. "Is there food in there?"

Chi-Chi looked at the bag in question and pulled it from Goten's reach. "Oh, no. It's nothing. Just some clothes I bought with, Bulma."

"Oh, can I see it?" Goten asked innocently. "It's just clothes, right?"

He was so much like his father. Chi-Chi pulled it behind her. "No, Goten. It's just underclothes. No big deal."

All of a sudden, Gohan, whose back was to them as he cleaned up the lunch dishes, perked up. He looked at his mother who had put the bag behind her from his little brother's reach. He thought about the conversation, his mother's nervousness and put the two together. He started blushing. "Uh, Goten," Gohan said drying his hands off. "Why don't you help me gut the fish for dinner?"

Goten turned from his mother to his brother. "Okay!"

Chi-Chi breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm gonna go put it up now." Chi-Chi rushed to her room and put the garments up in her closet. She saw a tint of blush on Gohan's cheeks and realized he knew what was in the bag. 'Oh, great.'


It was three days before the tournament. Three days before Goku was coming back. Three days before Goten was going to meet his father for the very first time. The seven-year-old should be excited, but he was scared. He was scared to meet his Daddy. He wondered if his father would like him. Would he like his Daddy? He heard so many stories about him from his Mom and brother that he thought he would but that didn't hinder the nervousness and fear in him.

Goten looked at his brother who was sleeping. He didn't want to wake him up. He wondered if his mother was up. Quietly, Goten got out of bed and walked out of his room.

He walked towards his mother's room and saw a light on through the bottom of the door. He knocked on the door lightly.

"Come in," he heard his mother.

Goten reached up to turn the knob but he was too short so he levitated and turned the knob. He lowered himself back to the floor and pushed the door open.

Chi-Chi had taken a bath and was about to go to bed herself when she heard someone knocking on her door. She looked up and smiled at Goten entering. "Hi, sweetie. What are you doing up?"

Goten fiddled his thumbs nervously. "Um, well. I was thinking and I couldn't sleep."

Chi-Chi patted a seat beside her bed for Goten to take a seat. "What's on your mind?"

"Um, I was thinking about Daddy and I wondered if he would like me."

"Goten, your Daddy is going to adore you. I bet he can't wait to see and hug you."

"Really?" Goten asked unsure.

"Of course. Your Daddy loves you. He's probably gonna pick you up and swing you around and give you a big hug."

Goten smiled and his eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Yes. You shouldn't be afraid of your Daddy. He's a tall man, like Gohan, and he's very nice. I can't wait to see your father again. He's going to be so proud of you, seeing how strong you are. You're a lot stronger than your father was when he was your age."

"I am? But Gohan said that Daddy was the strongest man in the universe."

"That he was." She sighed. "I guess you would be nervous having never meeting him before and that's fine. Once you meet him, you won't be nervous any more."


"Good," Chi-Chi said and kissed Goten's forehead. "Off to sleep now, Goten."

"Okay," Goten said and hugged Chi-Chi. "Good night, Momma."

"Good night, Goten," Chi-Chi said hugging him back.


Goku knew he was done. He did all he could do. There was no more time to train. It was three days before the tournament and he was ready. He was already ready for the fights at the tournament. What he had been doing now were mere warm-ups, focusing his body on the fights with Gohan, Vegeta and Piccolo. They would be his toughest opponents, but he was still confident he would win.

"So, you're all finish?" King Kai asked.

Goku was walking beside his teacher as they walked on the plain grass on the pink sky planet. "Yeah. There's nothing else for me to do."

"You'd probably beat them all anyway. Vegeta is going to be so angry to know that you reached Super Saiyan Three. Are you gonna tell him?"

"Nah, it's best he doesn't know and I won't go to that level if I have to which I doubt. Right now, I'm going to train my mind on that mountain there," Goku said pointing to the tallest mountain on the planet.

"Yeah, I guess you do have a lot to think about--your wife, your sons, friends."

"Yeah," Goku agreed. "I'll see you later, King Kai," Goku waved and flew away heading towards the mountain. He landed on top the tallest mountain. It was one of his favorite spots on the planet.

With his physical training done, Goku had to prepare his mind. He mentally thought about his family and seeing them again. He first thought of Chi-Chi and all the times he saw her--many times sad and angry at him during her pregnancy with Goten and then later on happy, especially when Goten came around. She still cried in her sleep a few times but it wasn't like before when he died. She was different some how. He wouldn't know how much until he saw her.

He smiled thinking about Gohan. He was so proud of his oldest son. He had matured a lot over the past seven years and he was proud of his son for taking care of his mother and little brother so well.

He then thought about his youngest son, Goten, the one he never met. He looked and acted like him as child. He chuckled. Goten had to have driven Chi-Chi up the wall a few times with his innocence. Still, he was excited. He couldn't wait to pick the little boy up and hold him in his arms. Goku knew he wanted to spend more than a day with his family but if this was all he could get, then fine. He was grateful to have this time with them.

His plan was to spend time with his friends at the tournament and spend the rest of it with his family. Of course he couldn't wait to go home for the first time in seven years, but he couldn't wait to chow down on Chi-Chi's home cooking. If he knew his wife and he did, he knew she was preparing a big feast. The food on the Grand Kai's planet was great but it couldn't live up to Chi-Chi's wonderful cooking.

He had to get it all done in a day. He knew he and his wife had to talk. He may spend an hour holding her and letting her tell him what it was like for her and afterwards they could spend intimate quality time together. Goku knew he couldn't let his emotions go. He had to be strong for his family and friends so they wouldn't be sad when he left again, but it was hard. Once he's with his family, he knew he wasn't going to want to leave again though he had to. He never liked leaving his family. He spent five years alone with his wife and son before meeting with his friends again and though he was training for the Androids, he still spent time with his family, taking days off from training to go camping with Gohan or letting Piccolo and Gohan trained while he stayed with Chi-Chi. Leaving seven years ago was the hardest thing he had to do, but as long it was going to leave his family safe, he was willing to make that sacrifice.


Chi-Chi had finally gotten Goten into bed. The seven-year-old was excited, yet nervous by seeing his Daddy. It would be the first time he ever saw him. He couldn't help but be a little nervous.

Chi-Chi looked to Gohan who was sitting at the table. "Time for bed, too, Gohan. We have to be at Capsule Corp. at 6:30."

"Kind of hard to go to sleep, knowing Dad will be here tomorrow. I'm excited."

Chi-Chi pulled out a chair and sat in it. "I'm excited too." She looked at her eldest son. "Your father is going to be amaze to see how much you've grown. You're just as tall as him. You've also grown mentally too. Your father would be so proud of you to know how you've taken care of me and Goten these years. I'm proud of you, too and I thank you for helping me through your father's death even though you were suffering too. I'm very grateful for that."

"It's okay, Mom," Gohan said. After his father's death, Gohan took the 'man of the house' role seriously. He always made sure there was enough firewood in the house so his mother and baby brother wouldn't be cold. Always took time away from his studies to get fish for dinner if needed or go to the store with his Mom so she wouldn't be loading all the heavy groceries by herself. He didn't mind it. He loved his Mom and brother and he wanted to take care of them.

"I wonder what Dad's been doing all this time," Gohan thought.

"Fighting," Chi-Chi guess. "If I know your father, that's what he's been doing all this time. He might even give you trouble tomorrow," Chi-Chi joked. "I wouldn't be surprised if he won."

It amazed Gohan at how at ease his mother was about fighting now, but as he realized when he started training Goten, his mother changed a lot and that was because of his father's death. It made her look at life differently and understand his Dad need for fighting.

"It'll be great to see Dad fight again. No one could fight like him," Gohan said.

Chi-Chi nodded in agreement. "Your father was good at that. Did I ever tell you about the time your father trained me?"

Gohan looked surprised. "Dad trained you?"

"Mm-hmm," Chi-Chi said with pride. She started blushing again and her eyes got all dreamy like. Gohan noticed his Mom did this a lot whenever they reminisced about his Dad. "We were newlyweds and we had just finished building this house. I told your father I wanted to get stronger and he agreed to train me. Of course I had to stop a few months after that."

Gohan was confused. "Why?"

Chi-Chi smiled. "I was pregnant with you."

"Oh, do you miss it? Training?"

Chi-Chi thought for a moment. "A little. I always wanted to fly and maybe do one Kamehameha Wave, but none of that really mattered once I had you. I always wanted to be a mother and that meant more to me than training." She laughed. "In the days before the Cell Games, I trained with your father."

"You trained with Dad?" Gohan asked incredulously. He couldn't help but laugh. "He wasn't a Super Saiyan, was he?"

Chi-Chi nodded. "Oh, yeah. We had a match. He played with me the whole the time, though he was careful to not let me hit him."

"Why? He was afraid of you hitting him?" The statement sounded too ridiculous to be true.

"I may not have been as strong as your Dad, but I could hit him good. I slammed him into a tree once as a kid."

"Why did you do that?" Gohan asked confused.

"I was young and had a huge crush on your Dad. It was the first time we were supposed to get married as kids and I was so happy and amazed he had come. I showed him my bouquet and in my innocence I didn't realize he didn't know what was going on and thought he was kidding when he asked when what I was talking about. I hit him hard and he went into a tree. We were so young and innocent then." Chi-Chi became quiet, thinking about Goku. "It's going to be nice seeing him again. I wouldn't want tomorrow to end. We'll have to make the most of tomorrow, get in as much new memories as possible. No since reminiscing otherwise we'll waste time and we can't do that tomorrow."

Gohan nodded at his mother. He wanted to make new memories and talk with his Dad too. Chi-Chi pulled from her seat and stretched. "I'm going to go to bed. You don't have anything for me to iron, do you? I want you to look your best when you see your father tomorrow."

"My uniform is iron and pressed. I'm fine."

"Okay," Chi-Chi said. "Good night. Turn off the lights when you go to bed."

"All right. Good night, Mom." Gohan got up after his mother left and turned the lights off before going to his room. Goten was asleep in his bed. Gohan undressed into his sleeping clothes and got in bed himself. He smiled, thinking. 'Dad's coming home tomorrow. I can't wait.'

He was ready to see his Dad again. He was going to give him a big hug when he saw him. He noticed that most teens his age didn't feel comfortable giving their parents hugs, but he wasn't like that. He grew up in a family that was very close to each other and giving hugs was a normal thing.

Gohan imagined his Dad would take individual time with him, Goten and his Mom. Gohan was ready to tell his Dad about growing up without him and that he missed him, but he was going to continue looking out for his Mom and brother. He also was going to tell his Dad about him being Saiyaman. He noticed Krillin and Piccolo thought his outfit looked weird but figured his Dad would think it was cool. Gohan also wanted to talk to his Dad about his time in Other World and ask what it was like. He couldn't sleep in his excitement to meet his Dad again.

Chi-Chi lied in bed in anticipation, too. She couldn't wait to see Goku again, to throw her arms around his neck, hug him and kiss him. She rolled on his side of the bed and felt his pillow. She hugged it to her chest. She already imagined the day planned. By noon maybe the tournament would be over and Goku could spend time with his family. He would go play with Gohan and Goten, eat a big feast at home. Chi-Chi had been cooking a lot of food for Goku. She cooked all of his special favorites. Goku loved every type of food, but even he had his special favorites and Chi-Chi had cook most of that and would finish tomorrow.

After dinner, they could talk to him with what's been going on, show Goku pictures of Goten, take new pictures and she and Goku would talk that night and possibly do other things. Chi-Chi rolled over again in excitement. Tomorrow couldn't come quick enough for her.


Chi-Chi was up before dawn getting breakfast started and getting her sons up. She wanted her sons to have a good breakfast for their fights tonight. After breakfast, everyone was getting ready to go to Capsule Corp.

Chi-Chi looked in the mirror, wondering if she should change out of her normal house clothes. She wanted to look special for Goku, but she knew he wasn't the type to notice things like a new dress or makeup.

"Hmm. Up?" Chi-Chi asked herself with her hair pulled back in a bun. "Or down?" Chi-Chi let her hair drop out of the bun. She always had her hair up so it wouldn't get in the way, but Chi-Chi got the feeling Goku like it down, though he never said it. "I've got it," Chi-Chi said putting her long hair back in its bun. "Up for today and down for tonight."

Chi-Chi left her room and went to her sons' room. "Are you two ready?" Chi-Chi asked. "We have to leave soon." The door was partly opened and Chi-Chi stepped in. Gohan was doing his Saiyaman poses for the tournament in the mirror. Chi-Chi wondered what Goku would think of Gohan as Saiyaman. Goten was watching his brother. Chi-Chi knelt to Goten's level to check Goten's uniform. She tied the blue obi around his pants again and straightened his blue shirt so it would look neat. "I want you to be nice and clean for your Daddy, Goten." She ran a hand through his spiky hair and sighed. He looked so much like her father.

Gohan stopped in his poses and looked at his Mom. "We're ready, Mom. I was just doing some poses as Saiyaman."

"Okay. Let's go," Chi-Chi said standing up. "This should be a day to remember."

Baba sat on her crystal ball waiting for Goku to come off the mountain. King Kai told her that he had been up there for three days.

"Meditating for three days?" Baba questioned.

"He has a lot to think and concentrate on it. Goku's gonna win the tournament. I have no doubt about that, but he's probably thinking about seeing his family again."

Baba looked at the mountain. "I hope he doesn't take anymore time. It's vital I get him to Earth now."

King Kai looked at Baba. "What do you mean about that?"

Baba looked nervous. "Well, it's just that it's vital I get him to the tournament or he won't get to fight."

"So, what if he misses the tournament? He can still fight Gohan at home." King Kai raised an eyebrow. "You're hiding something, aren't you?"

"What? Me?" Baba asked surprised.

"You're a fortune teller, Baba. You can see into the future. Of all the times for Goku to come home, why did you really choose now?"

"Uh…well, I thought it was the prefect time."

"Did I ever tell you about the time the donkey went to the dentist?"

"All right. No jokes, please. I'll tell you this--just watch Goku today and you'll see why I brought him back," Baba said.


King Kai and Baba looked up to see Goku approaching them. Goku had sense Baba's ki and knew she was waiting to take him home.

"Ready to go, Goku?" Baba asked.

"Yep. I'm ready. Let's go. I'll see ya later, King Kai!" Goku said cheerfully as he and Baba left.

Goku was nearly jumping out of his seat as he and Baba rode the plane to the check-in station. He was grinning from ear to ear in excitement. Baba couldn't help but smile. She knew she had brought him back to save the Earth but was happy to see that he would actually get time to spend with his family.

'Maybe in another few years, I can talk King Yemma into letting Goku come back to see his family without their being some evil ready to blow up the Earth,' Baba thought.

The plane landed and Goku ran passed King Yemma at his desk. "Hey, King Yemma! It's great to see you again! Bye, King Yemma!"

Baba flew on by King Yemma trying to catch up with Goku. "Wait up, Goku! You can't go into the land of the living without me!"

Goku was already on Snake Way when he heard Baba. He stopped and flew up to her. "I'm sorry. I'm just excited to see my family."

"I know, Goku, but I'm not as fast as you," Baba said.

Goku floated thinking for a moment. "You're right." He snapped his fingers. "I've got it!" Goku took Baba's crystal ball in one hand, put his arm around Baba and zoomed down Snake Way at tremendous speed. "We'll get there faster if I fly us!"

"Goku, slow down!" Baba yelled. 'It's amazing the world's future is depending on him.'

Goku stopped when he couldn't go any further. Baba got on her ball and looked to Goku, an ecstatic look on his face. "Ready to meet your family?"

Goku nodded excitedly. "Yeah, let's go!"


Goku just stared down at Goten. He was amazed at how the little boy looked so much like him. When he arrived, he was excited to see everyone and asked if they were going to stare at him all day. Soon, everyone embraced him. He looked ahead and saw Chi-Chi staring at him, tears of joy in her eyes. She told him she missed him and he told her he missed her as well.

That was when he took noticed of the little boy who was staring up at him but as soon as Goku laid eyes on the boy, he hid behind Chi-Chi's leg. Goku commented to Chi-Chi how the little boy looked so much like him. That's when Goten stuck his head out from behind Chi-Chi's leg and introduce himself.

Goku stepped away from Oolong and Krillin and introduced himself. Goku said 'hi' to the boy and waited for Goten to come to him. Soon, Goten cried out 'Daddy!' and ran straight into Goku's arms. Goku hugged the little boy, picked him up and swung him in the air. Baba told him she would be back in twenty-four hours. Piccolo alerted everyone that they should sign up.

Bulma said they still had time and told the Son Family they would meet up with them later. Goku had Goten on his shoulders and walked over to Chi-Chi. He brought a hand up to caress her face. A warm smile on his face.

"You're just as pretty as ever, Chi-Chi." He tilted his head to give Chi-Chi a kiss. The kiss meant to be quick, especially with Goten on his shoulders, but once his lips came in contact with Chi-Chi's, he didn't want to stop. He leaned further in the kiss and Chi-Chi melted into him wrapping an arm around his neck.

Goten lost his balance and tumbled off his Dad's shoulders. Gohan was quick to catch him. "Come on, little bro. Let's leave Mom and Dad a moment alone." Gohan and Goten walked a few feet away from their parents so they could have a moment alone.

Goku broke the kiss and embraced Chi-Chi. "I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you, too," Chi-Chi cried and hugged him tighter.

Goku pulled back to look at Chi-Chi. "I feel you've changed a lot, Chi-Chi."

"I have. There's so much I want to tell you."

Goku was stroking the side of Chi-Chi's face once more. "I know. There's so much I want to tell you, too. We'll have the time to talk. There's only one day but we'll get it all done. I promise you. After the tournament, it'll just be you, Gohan, Goten and me."

"Really?" Chi-Chi asked hopefully.

Goku's smile widened and he gave Chi-Chi a quick kiss. "Of course. I promise you--this is going to be one day we'll never forget."

The End

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