Cling, clack, cling, clack.

The sound radiating in the quietness of the home was none other than the sound of Hyuga Hinata knitting a scarf for her husband. The man known as the Villagers Hero.

Uzumaki Naruto…

He could sense her frustrations… there were things he knew about his wife, that she didn't know about herself.

"How long are the kids going to be at Sakura's?" He needed to add some conversation. Watching her sitting there quietly knitting a scarf, brought back memories when she was alone knitting on the moon. That haunted him.

"A couple of days." Was her only response. It was driving him crazy. She didn't even look up at him. He started to get nervous. He hadn't noticed the sweat that dropped from the side of his face, but the thick gulp of saliva he tried to swallow was bugging him. This was just extremely awkward. This was his day off from work and it has been such a long time since they have had time alone and this is how they spend it? As if they were friends back during the academy?

"How long are you going to be sitting there knitting? Do you have to do that forever?" That was a dumb question and he knew that. But trying to talk to her was killing him. He did not know what else to say.

"It takes time to knit. You know that Naruto." This time she looked up, and even if it was just for a brief second, it felt like fifteen. The spit was even harder to get down his throat. His wife was getting him up without her even trying.

"Yeah, I know that Hinata, but you won't even talk to me." The clacking noises from her knitting immediately came to a halt. His heart did a mini jump as she slowly looked up at her husband. The man she adored and still loves till this day.

"I'm sorry. I just…" Her mouth remained slightly opened but no words came out. He could sense her hesitation as she brought her bottom lip into her mouth. The biting of her lip indicated that she was worried about something.

"What's the matter?" He was nervous. He barely spent any time with her since he became Hokage. They were just sitting there… The golden couch moulding the shape of their bodies. She wasn't looking at him, but he knew she wanted to. He hated not being there, but he felt that having a family meant he needed to bring money into the home so they wouldn't be poor like he once was. Tension between them was at an all-time high. He could feel it. But it was coming off more strongly than his. How was that even possible? Has she been that backed up? How long has it been?

He let out a disappointed sigh. He was angry with himself. He knew damn well, his not being there for his family was killing her, but him not making love to her was even more deadly. She needed that. To have to deal with not one child, but two children who are as hyper as he once was, was putting so much weight on her shoulders and he hasn't been there to help. He always got up so damn early. Always packing himself some instant ramen and sneaking out of the house before the crack of dawn just to fulfil his duties as the Hokage. He hated coming home when his family were tucked away in bed and he was too exhausted to go upstairs and kiss them goodnight. It was as if he was stuck in a loop. Since this is his day off, he wants to spend it with his wife. But, he also wants to make sure he spends it the right way. He wanted to touch her, to let her know that he's here now.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed that she started to knit again. Faster this time. He knew that she wasn't going to strike up a conversation once she started knitting. She always gave her undivided attention to whatever she was knitting. The urge to just grab the scarf out of her hands and put it aside was calling his name.

"Hinata," he whispered to her. She didn't look up, she just continued knitting.

"Hinata, it's my day off, can you just stop knitting for one second and look at me?" He desperately wanted her to just look at him. He wanted to see those lilac-coloured eyes. He wanted to see her pink lips, wanted to see her smile. But, she just closed her eyes and sighed.

"It's just hard Naruto." she admitted. He felt broken at this moment. But, he knew she probably felt just the same every time he failed to come home when her and their children wanted him to be there. Especially on important days.

"I just want to see my beautiful Byakugan no Hime."

The soft audible gasp that escaped her lips sent shivers down his spine and travelled to his nether regions. She hadn't heard him call her that in a long time and he was able to get her undivided attention. Her eyes were shining bright in the dim light of their living room. He could see that memories were flashing right before her eyes and it got him excited. She was so beautiful and he wanted all of her.

He was staring at her for so long that a small blush brushed across her cheeks. He hasn't seen that blush of hers in years. He wanted to see it get darker.

She licked her lips and swallowed nervously. "What?"

He smiled, the corners of his eyes crinkling, his teeth flashing. "Why do you have to be so damn tempting?" With a groan he cupped the sides of her head and covered her mouth with his. He needed her. He couldn't take anymore of her shyness. She was different than that.

She melted in her seat at the feeling of his soft lips taking over hers. She was completely engulfed in the up and down motions of his lips going at a slow pace to gain momentum. Their kisses weren't always this slow. She knew what was going to happen next that she dropped the scarf she was knitting and gave in. She had been longing for this kind of attention from him in a long time.

When the kiss began to speed up, he turned his attention to the corners of her mouth and made his way to her neck. With a soft moan, she lay back on the sofa and pulled him down with her, pushing her breasts against his strong chest.

She sighed, lost in his kisses. He was so unpredictable and it would drive her wild. He would move his lips down her jaw, her neck, below her ear and the top of her shoulders. He seemed to always find new places on her body that would get her soaked without her even realizing it. She wanted more. Slipping a hand between them, she cupped him through his pants. She refused to lose to him. She did not want him to always be the dominant one when it came to their lovemaking.

A throaty hum came from him and she could tell he was trying to suppress his groans. He did not want to lose either. Accepting the challenge, she groped him a bit firmer this time, releasing ever so often to rub his length up and down with her palm. He scrunched his face and still refused to give in. It was easy considering he still had his pants on. Noticing this, Hinata removed her hand from his pants and wiggled her way from underneath him. She stood up and faced him as she began to slowly undress herself-starting with her jacket. He licked his lips and watched her as if this was his last meal. He knew the clothing she wore was to hide herself so watching her remove it all knowing what's really underneath it, had his member throbbing on the side of his thigh.

Watching her lace panties fall down her legs enticed him as he knew what was to come next. Finally, she reached behind her to unclasp her bra to reveal her supple breasts. She always subconsciously would massage her breasts and tweak the nipples which seemed to only make him throb much worse than before. She was standing there, naked, looking sexier than ever. It had been years since he'd seen her naked flesh exposed to him. His eyes greedily scanned her entire body. Taking in her curves and the shape of her legs. She was just pure perfection in his eyes.

She smiled at him. The light blush that was on her cheeks, has become much darker and in a seductive way.

She was ready.

Watching the sway of her hips as she started to walk up to him, he sat up straight on the couch and licked his lips again. She slowly bent at the knees into a squatting position and started to slowly rub his thighs. When she saw him close his eyes, her smile only grew when she started to lightly squeeze them. He hissed and she noticed his member jump in his pants as if it was begging to be released. A low giggle escaped her lips as she slid her hand to the top of his pants, teasing him as she made her way inside of his shirt instead to get a feel of his muscular chest. All that hard work pays off and she gets to experience it firsthand.


Still refusing to back down, she wasted no time pulling her hand out of his shirt and almost ripped his pants off of his body. He immediately opened his eyes and watched her pull his pants all the way down to his ankles and grab a hold of his throbbing member as it stood straight up like a soldier.



And he said no more. She softly closed her eyes and brought her face closer to his male flesh. The heat radiating from it was outstanding. She kissed it. Starting with the shaft. Naruto had a hard time sitting still. His lips were in a tight perse as he started to shift in his position. Hinata was too good at this and he feared for what she was about to do to him. He was speechless only because she told him to be. He did not want her to use any of her chakra on him. That would have him call off from work for more days than he should.

Her audible kisses on his member were lighting him on fire. He was sure Kurama could feel this and it only added more to his fears.

Bringing his member down to face her lips directly, she sat with her knees on the ground and her legs slightly opened. With a firm grip on him, she slowly pumped him up and down as she placed the tip of him on her lips. They were so soft and so warm and he became so entranced by just looking at her. In a split second, she put him into her mouth without even closing it and moved up and down until she found her rhythm. Once she did, she would continuously open and close her mouth as she was gradually stretching her throat using his member to allow him inside. Feeling the back of her throat made him release a loud groan that made her silently applaud herself. He was feeling the tightness of her throat and the softness of her tongue as well as her uvula.

And I thought Pervy Sage was…

"Damn. Tch! Hinata..."

She started to hum to add vibration – to feel the veins on her tongue as he became harder than before. The splashes of her saliva slapping in her mouth as she continued to put him deeper and deeper down her throat, was getting louder and louder. It was becoming more and more harder for him to watch it all. All he could do was listen and it only made it worse. Not once did she gag and not once did she take a break to breathe. He couldn't handle it anymore. He grabbed the sides of her head and pulled himself out of her – breathing heavily as his member began to twitch and his wife staring at him, licking her lips and smiling at him with the most sexist look on her face.

Hinata is so lewd!

The look he had in his eyes, told her to get up and she did. His big warm hands enveloped both of her breasts and pushed them both together to suck each nipple one by one leaving an audible pop. Hinata closed her eyes and mewled at the feeling of his hands and mouth on her breasts.

"Mmm-ah," She couldn't get any words out. He was so passionate about everything that he did with her. If she tried to speak, her words wouldn't make any sense.

"You said earlier that the kids will be at Sakura's for a couple of days?"

The look in his eyes, said it all. They were no longer blue.


Poor Hinata.

Part 2?