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Chapter 1


It was time. Sabine walked on to the balcony of the old radio communications tower, where she'd been living for the last six years. It was the same tower as where Ezra had lived, before he met the Ghost crew.

And now, it was finally time to bring him back home.

She heard the noise of starship engines overhead. Looking up, she saw a shuttle, one of those old Jedi models, flying overhead, escorted by two X-wings. She checked her gear one last time to see if she had everything, then grabbed her helmet and went down the ladder.

She drove down the road to Capital City, where the large shuttle had set down. She noticed that there where two Loth-Wolves flanking her. The wolves had become a common sight on Lothal after the empire had been driven out. Sabine decided that this had to be a good omen.

Arriving at Capital City, she went to the large building that had served as the seat of government during the times of the old Republic, and now did so again. She and Ahsoka had arranged to meet on one of the top floors of the senate building, near the landing pads. after that, they would visit governor Ryder Azadi, before heading off to find Ezra.

She walked into the room. Looking over at one of the walls, she observed the mural that she had created years ago. It was one of her largest works, one that she was very proud of. One of her best. It was a mural of the Ghost crew, her family. Kanan stood behind everyone, with his arm around Hera. Zeb stood next to Hera, his hand on Sabine's shoulder. And in front, Ezra stood, that look of determination etched into his face. She didn't doubt that he'd had that look on his face when he stood on the bridge of the Chimera, determined to save Lothal, even if he had to go into exile to do it. She tapped his cheek. "We'll find you, Ezra" she spoke in her mind.

Behind her, someone cleared their throat. Sabine turned to look at who had interrupted her musings, but she had a strong suspicion who it might be.

The figure was tall. She was dressed in white robes, that covered her montrals. A long pair of lekku hung down her face, over the white robes. In her right hand was a large, metal staff with a ring on top of it.


Behind her, another figure walked up. It was a female Pantoran, looking about as old as Ahsoka. She was quite short, with yellow tattoos on her face that, for some strange reason, resembled Ahsoka's facial markings. Light purple, almost pink hair flowed alongside her face. Her golden eyes looked Sabine over curiously.

"It's time" Ahsoka said.

Sabine put her helmet on her head. "It is" she said. She then turned her attention to the Pantoran. "And you are...?"

"Oh, where are my manners?" the woman said. "I'm sorry. Anyway, I'm Riyo Tano. I'm Ahsoka's wife." Riyo extended her hand. "You must be Sabine Wren."

"That's me" Sabine said, as she shook Riyo's hand. "Anyway" she said, turning her attention back to Ahsoka, "We must visit governor Azadi first. He insisted we visit him before we left."

"Then we'll do that" Ahsoka said. "Lead the way!"


Ryder sat behind his desk in his office, when he heard a knock on his door. "Come in!" he said, and the door opened. In front stood the familiar, armour-clad figure of Sabine Wren, her trademark WESTAR pistols on her belt. Behind her stood two unfamiliar figures, who introduced themselves as Ahsoka and Riyo Tano.

"so" Ryder began, "You are going to look for young Ezra?"

"We are" Ahsoka replied. "I promised I would find him and bring him back."

"And how are you going to find him?" Ryder questioned. Sabine was wondering that as well. When she'd asked Ahsoka over the Holo-call, she'd only received the cryptic answer: "Let me handle it."

Ahsoka took a device out of her pocket. It looked like a sort of metal box with clamps on one side, and a few antenna sticking out of the other side. "Do you know what this is, governor?" she asked. Ryder shook his head. "This is a device that the Correllians used to use for the discovery of hyperspace lanes. This side," she said, pointing at the clamps, "can be attached to an animal that will go into hyperspace, like, say, a Purgill. When the animal goes into hyperspace, the computer in this device will record the route the animal has taken, allowing us to follow it." Thus, we can track the Purgill on their route. When they jumped away with the seventh fleet, they most likely just took the hyperspace routes they always use. Thus, with this device, we can find out where Ezra ended up."

"Well" Ryder said. "That's something, at least. But I have something that might make your journey easier."

"And what might that be?" Sabine asked.

"I don't have it here, I'm afraid." Ryder said. "Its a few miles from Capital City. I'll drive you there."


They arrived at a spaceport that was in use by the Lothal Defence Force, or LDF for short. A large group of X-wings were stored in the hangars, and there where a couple of pads with some small Cruisers, and even a large Mon Cala Warship. Ryder led them over to one of the large landing pads, where a relatively small Mon Cala ship stood, around the size of the Correlian Cruisers that the Rebellion used to use.

"So" Ryder started speaking. "a couple of years ago, as Sabine knows, the LDF purchase a few ships from the Mon Cala people to form a defensive navy. Most of those ships are for defensive operations, scouting missions, piracy protection and the like. However, this ship here serves a different purpose." Sabine wondered what the point of the whole story was, but allowed Ryder to continue his speech. "I heard a rumour that people suspected that young Ezra was alive, somewhere. I even heard rumours of a Jedi that was looking for information on him." He focused momentarily on Ahsoka, before continuing his tale. "I figured that Lothal owed young Ezra a debt, and thus, I had this ship commissioned, with some assistance by general Syndulla." He turned his attention back to Sabine. "This ship is equipped with tools that are supposed to make discovering hyperlanes easier, although I'm not entirely sure how so." He grinned apologetically. "The ship is also geared for long journeys, with efficient engines and a hydroponics bay. Of course, there is also a crew. Now, all it needs is a name, and a captain. And since I have a potential captain standing right in front of me, I think it's only fair that she gets to decide the name."

Sabine's jaw dropped as the meaning of his words sank in. "You mean to tell me that... This ship.. is mine?"

Ryder laughed good-naturedly. "She's all yours" he said. "If you accept, of course."

It took Sabine a long moment before she could speak again. "I... Thank you, Ryder."

He chuckled again. "Don't thank me, I just sponsored the project. General Syndulla is the one who came up with it. She even helped design it if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, she couldn't be drawn away from her responsibilities in the Rebellion today, otherwise she would've been here herself. But you still haven't decided what to name it."

Sabine thought for a moment. "I think I'll call her... the Star Gatherer!"

Ryder hummed in approval. "Sounds good to me!" he said. "She's all fuelled up and ready to go!"

"Alright" Sabine responded. "We'll need to pick up the last of the supplies and then we're off!"



"This is it." Ezra thought. "This is how I die."

He sat in a dark alleyway, having finally managed to shake of the bounty hunters that were following him. He clutched the blaster wound to his side as it bled. He felt the warm liquid flow over his hands. He didn't have any bandages on him, they where all back at the crashed shuttle he used as a hideout. And he didn't even have the strength to get up anymore. He desperately wanted to get up, but he knew that it would only make him lose more blood.

He shed silent tears as he thought back to his family, that he'd never get to see again. He'd promised them that he'd be back, and now, he'd broken that promise. He especially regretted that he would never see Sabine again. That he could never tell her how he felt, how he had felt about her since first meeting her. He would never get his chance.

He felt his eyelids grow heavy. He was tired. "I should take a nap" he thought. He heard footsteps approaching. He saw long purple ropes, and he could swear he heard someone mutter: "oh no you don't." Under their breath. Then he lost himself to unconsciousness.


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