In all the years he had been imprisoned he had never pictured that he would be able to operate again. Yes, he had been consulting for years, but to hold a scalpel again, to do something more complicated than the basic procedure for Ainleys boyfriend was a rush he enjoyed nearly as much as a well done kill.

He concentrated on his patient and gave instructions to his nurses, asking for a check with the anesthetist. A part of him wondered what they thought when they had been told they would go to Claremont. On the other hand, they worked for Red Reddington, the Concierge of Crime. They most likely tried not to think too much about their work for him.

While there was somebody with a weapon in the room in case Martin Whitly took the opportunity to flee or attack somebody, Martin would never do that.

It was not in his best interest. Reddington gave him the option to work as a surgeon, it gave him something over whoever was in Reddingtons pocket in Claremont to organize a secret operation on a FBI most wanted man by an imprisoned serial killer surgeon.

It was also helpful to have a contact to Red Reddington himself. You never knew. Even just having a real hands on patient again, perhaps with the option of having more in the future. It seemed strange giving his most famous hobby, but he had always enjoyed being a doctor and helping people get better.

Finally, he found the elusive bullet and considered the damage done on the way in and where it was stuck. He had not had so much fun in years. He looked forward to talking to his patient once he was awake