Red opened his eyes and took a moment to order his thoughts. His mind floated comfortably, he knew clearly that he was still on drugs but clear enough to get that he had been injured enough that they had operated on him. He took a few moments to rest before he willed his mind to clear itself. He needed to know how bad it was, that Dembe had everything under control with him being out.

The look around showed him Dembe. His friend was well and listened to a man in white with wild salt and pepper locks. He felt the eyes on him and looked back to Red. "You're awake."

With Dembe's sentence the other man checked Red with a fast look and took in the data of the instruments around Red in before he focused on his patient.

Red had a really good memory, he recognized the physician immediately: Martin Whitly, The Surgeon. An infamous serial killer.

Well, whatever anybody wanted to say about the man, he was still considered a great surgeon and physician. As gruesome as his kills had been, the man was an artist in both of his professions. Red valued this level of competence. And realistically speaking, compared to others , Whitlys kill count was on the lower end. In Reddingtons line of work, working with psychopaths was not ununsual, the difference was that the man had been officially diagnosed and put in an insane asylum. Which was probably the place where he was. Red had to admit, Dembe was brilliant, nobody would look for them here.

"How bad is the damage."

His voice had nothing of its normal smoothness, Whitly passed him a glass of water without commenting on it.

"Not as bad as it could have been. Your instructions are to rest as long as possible. If you manage do damage my work I will take great pleasure in cutting you open again." A charming smile accompanied that warning. Whitly was a psychopath, but not stupid. He would not hurt him, he knew he wouldn't survive that. That didn't mean he wouldn't enjoy doing another surgery on a patient unwilling to do as instructed.

Red smiled lightly, there weren't a lot of people who would dare threatening him in that way. How enjoyable. "You will find me to be a model patient."

Whitlys face made clear that he knew that that was a bold faced lie.

Knowing that Dembe had everything under control, Red looked forward to the next few days. He just knew that Whitly would be an interesting experience.