Anna, Kristoff and Olaf accompanied by Sven were traveling on one of Arendelle's royal boats to what for them would be considered uncharted territory. Elsa, the Queen and sister of Anna had heard about a place known as Berk and thought it would be worth looking into to see if they would make good allies and trading partners. She had sent the aforementioned group on account that she trusted them to make a good impression. Of course, Olaf wouldn't have stopped begging to go anyway.

"What exactly do we know about Berk again?" asked Kristoff, they were below decks, looking out the window as the waves seemed to get rougher outside.

"Well allegedly it's twelve days north of Hopeless and a few degrees south of Freezing to Death. It's located solidly on the Meridian of Misery. At least that's what the legends say. The people are said to be tough and tasteless, kind of like their food. But recent stories have begun to circulate that they coexist with dragons," replied Anna.

"Dragons! I've always wanted to meet a dragon!" replied Olaf giddily.

"Do you think we should tell him why that may not be the best idea?" whispered Kristoff to Anna.

"Not necessarily, the spell Elsa cast to ensure that Olaf will never melt should keep him safe. Besides, these Vikings if they're keeping dragons as pets, should know how to keep them under control," replied Anna.

"Your majesty, our lookout has caught sight of Berk, and I recommend, that you make a point to hold yourself down somehow. The waves are beginning to get really choppy," one of the officers informed them before scuttling back to the decks to do his normal duties. Realizing that they were in fact being rocked back and forth rather violently, Kristoff picked up Olaf and lead Anna to the wall where they stood between two beams and anchored themselves best, they could while the furniture in the room started to shake and slide.

"Should we worry about Sven?" asked a concerned Olaf. Sven had been placed in the pens in a lower part of the boat.

"Don't worry, Sven can handle himself," Kristoff answered, still holding onto Anna's hand. He was right of course. Unbeknownst to them, Sven was able to anchor himself in his holding pen, wasn't the first storm he and Kristoff had gone through, and it surely wouldn't be the last.

Right when they were beginning to worry that one of the larger items of furniture was going to slam into them and turn them into pancakes, they heard a sound from outside that did not seem to belong to the stormy weather. Looking through a window they saw a large reptilian creature with gigantic wings outside. Perched upon the creature's back appeared to be a human with long blonde hair!

"I think we saw our first dragon!" exclaimed Anna.

"Your majesty, it appears that we are being safe escort, we'll be to port shortly!" the captain of the ship shouted as he came down, having difficulty walking in a straight line due to the wild weather.

"Is it safe to come up? We'd kind of like to see the dragon a little better!" inquired Anna. Kristoff looked surprised while Olaf was clearly overwhelmed with excitement.

"But of course, although I should let you know, it's actually two dragons!" said the captain, he was still instilling a sense of calmness, despite the simple fact that it was clear that the horrid weather scared him as much as it would scare any man. The three friends rushed up to the decks, Kristoff still holding onto Olaf and once they got onboard, they felt themselves getting rocked heavily and lo and behold, they stood in the presence of two dragons, just as the captain had told them! One on either side of the ship! The one they had noticed before was bright blue, something about that one reminded them of a picture of a parrot they had seen and the rider they could now tell was a girl. To the port side of the ship (left for you landlubbers) was a dark red dragon with a long snout and sitting upon it was a muscular young Viking boy with brown hair sticking out from under his helmet.

The girl flew her dragon closer to the ship and she jumped off the dragon without any hesitation and landed gracefully upon the deck of the ship!

"Greetings dignitaries of Arendelle! I am Astrid, and let me be the first to welcome you to Berk! This is my dragon, Stormfly! Over there is Snotlout and his dragon, Hookfang! Word of advice, don't take anything he says seriously!" the girl announced. Now with the dragons flying by them, their situation seemed a lot less worrisome and the ship made it to port without trouble. As the sailors began to tie the riggings to make sure the boat wouldn't float away, Sven was brought from down below. He didn't seem at all fazed by the sight of the dragons, if his reaction could be summed up in one word it would most likely be: curious.

Olaf walked up to Stormfly as she landed upon the ship, she bent down and sniffed him, her eyes suggesting that she was confused.

"What do you think of our hosts so far?" Anna asked Kristoff in private.

"Well, that Astrid seems decent, and Sven isn't scared of them, and he's usually a good judge of character," answered Kristoff.