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That night, as Hiccup promised, there was a large banquet where Kristoff, Anna, Olaf and even Sven were allowed to sit up front, it appeared that pets were welcomed at the tables as the dragons were behind their owners, and it was clear the Vikings weren't shy about sharing the meals they ate with the winged creatures.

"Well, don't take this wrong, but it seems to me that Kristoff and his troll family would fit in with you guys perfectly," Anna told Hiccup whom she was sitting next to.

"Trolls do exist?! I've been telling people that for years! Is the lad there part troll? That might account for the smell," exclaimed Gobber.

"Oh no, they took me in at a time when Sven and I didn't really have anybody. So, in a way they are my family. I lived in an orphanage before that," laughed Kristoff.

"So, your sister, Elsa, the Queen of Arendelle, it's a pity she couldn't be here, but the recent reports say she can control snow and ice?" asked Hiccup, wanting to change the subject.

"Oh yes, it was a power she was born with, and we used to have a lot of fun with it when we children. Unfortunately, a freak accident which resulted in me getting badly hurt forced her to hide her powers for many years. Then when our parents died, she became the only family I had. Then, after her coronation, she used her powers once again, a story we'll go into further detail later, and now that we have these guys here, our family has been repaired," answered Anna, she was comfortable talking about her story to people.

"Wow, well I'm sorry about your parents. Not too long ago, I lost my father in battle, so I know what it means to lose a parent," answered Hiccup sheepishly.

"I myself was not there when he was growing up, so I too know what it means to be separated from one's you love," said Valka.

"Wow, I guess it's true what they say, no family is perfect," said Anna.

"And they come in all shapes and sizes! Look at our friend Oaken! His kids are technically raised by two dads!" Olaf announced.

"Well, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!" said Gobber with a mischievous grin on his face. The feast continued on without too much trouble, although as Anna had observed earlier, the Vikings were not exactly well-versed in table manners, and fish was clearly a primary staple in their diets. But, as Arendelle was stationed at a port, she was used to fish, in fact, she loved fish.

Later on, the Arendelle's were gathered with Hiccup and his close friends at a campfire, Olaf summed up beautifully about how Elsa caused a snowstorm, Anna went off to find her and ended up befriending Kristoff, Sven and eventually himself. How Anna's previous boyfriend turned out to be a bad guy and how the sisters were able to reconcile.

Hiccup told his new friends how for years Vikings and dragons had lived in war against each other. Then he caused Toothless to fall out of the sky, but found himself unable to kill the dragon. He recounted how he and Astrid had learned the truth about dragons and led to the union of Vikings and dragons that was presently seen. He then told the sad story of how not too long ago; they battled a truly terrible opponent and how his father had died.

"Wow! Guess everyone really does have their own story!" exclaimed Anna.

"Aye, and one thing life has taught me, nobody can ever truly walk out of their own story," added Gobber.

"Yeah, and oftentimes, these stories have some really rough moments that from you to who you become," agreed Kristoff as he added another log to the fire.

"Of course, no story would be complete without a hero," said Snotlout proudly. Barely a few seconds later, he screeched and practically jumped six feet in the air. Right behind where he was standing was Sven who was now snorting in what one might consider laughter for a reindeer. Now everybody else laughed.

"Well, let's just hope you're not the brave and daring hero who conquers a terrifying beast, you wouldn't last long in that role!" exclaimed Anna while still laughing.

"That hairy beast caught me off guard, I wasn't ready! If I was at my A-game, he would have lost his antlers to my sword at the very least!" exclaimed a frustrated Snotlout.

"Well A-game or not, I believe it is time for us to retire," we shall certainly finalize the negotiations for the trade tomorrow after breakfast," exclaimed Hiccup after he calmed down enough from his laughing fit. Astrid put out the fire and they all made their way to their respective beds. Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven had all been given a cottage they were told belonged to Gothi, the medicine woman of Berk. But she was away doing research in the woods and had given Hiccup, who after all was her chief, permission to lend her home to the visitors she was aware were coming.

Kristoff and Sven were used to sleeping in rough quarters so it wasn't much trouble for them. Olaf of course was snow and could sleep almost anywhere. Anna had to spread her own blankets on Gothi's bed to make herself comfortable while Kristoff was happy with what they assumed was a couch.

"Hey Kristoff, you know how Gobber said nobody could walk out of their own story?" Anna asked her boyfriend.

"Yeah, anything special about it?" asked a curious Kristoff.

"Well, villains have stories too, most of the time, they end up defeated, don't you think they could technically be walking out of their stories if they accepted defeat or made a choice to change their ways before it got real sour for them?" she asked.

"Well, I'm not a philosopher, but with what you described, they wouldn't be walking out of their story either way. You write your own story with each decision you make. If any villain chose to change their ways and fight for good, then I say bless them! For the sake of curiosity, what brought that about?"

"I don't know, maybe hearing our story and their story made me think about Hans and that Drago guy. They technically had their own stories, and well, I guess they chose wrong paths," said Anna.