"Look, Dodoria, Zarbon! Look at the beautiful fireworks HAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Those words still haunt our hero to this day. No matter how hard he tries to ignore it. He can't anymore. As he looks through the window of his father's spacecraft only 1 thing is going through his mind while watching a planet become space dust.

My fathers a horrible Person

This is the story of a young man's journey to atone for his father's sins. This is the Story of Kuriza. The son of the maniacal ruthless tyrant Frieza.

Chapter 1

Frieza was contemplating one thing while traveling through the cosmos in his spacecraft. Why, why does Beerus the destroyer want him of all people to destroy planet Vegeta. Granted he was gonna do it either way but for the god of destruction to personally ask no demand him to is quite perplexing. It looked as if he was fearful of what might happen if the Saiyans continued to thrive. Well, it doesn't concern him. Frieza already wanted to rid the universe of those filthy monkeys and now he can earn brownie points with the God of destruction while doing it. It's a win-win for him. Plus he can give his son a demonstration of what a proper frost demon is supposed to act like.

Our story picks back up with kuriza. Frieza's year old son. Little did Frieza know he was far older than that. See kuriza is a reincarnate, a person that was lucky enough to be reincarnated after death. That's why his cruel teachings didn't influence him like Frieza expected them to. He already had a strong moral compass.

Kuriza already realized who his father was the second he set eyes on him. The cruel tyrant Frieza from dragon ball z. At first, he was in denial. He was praying hopeing that this wasn't the same dictator from the show. Maybe just maybe he landed in an alternate universe? But soon his worst fears were realized. This was the evil warlord from the show. And he couldn't deny it any longer as he watched horrified as his father gloated about killing millions of lives. Granted they were Saiyans so like 99 of them deserved it but who was Frieza to judge who lived and who dies?

Since that eventful day kuriza started to defy his father at every turn. Giving recruits to the Frieza for more leniency for mistakes helping freed slaves out of the galaxy free from friezes tyrannical rule. It pissed Frieza off so much that his son his flesh and blood was defying him. And making the cold family look weak. So he started punishing kuriza. Every time he stepped out of line he would receive death beams in none vital areas. He remembers when his son was obedient and followed him like a cute puppy. Frieza still remembers the speech he gave to him about the family business.

As father and son were sitting in their respective hover chairs they were observing the cosmos outside of their spacecraft when Frieda spoke up.

"Look, son everything out there is our property"

"Wow really?!" Kuriza said with wide eyes

"Yes, really and one day it would be yours to rule with an iron fist"

Kuriza hesitant to speak finally build enough courage to ask

"Wha...what if they don't want to be ruled by us?"

"Simple" Frieza said with a sinister smirk "we obliterate their planet of life and sell it to the highest bidder"

Kuriza hearing this turned away with a frown but withheld from saying anything that would make him cross with his father.

"I have news for you lord Frieza! Lord cooler is planning another couAHHHHHHHHH!!" The Frieza soldier was saying before being interrupted by a death blast from Frieda

"I was hoping for cooler to finally learn his place below my feet but alas I was wrong, kuriza" "yes father?" "Go to berry blue until I finish showing my irrelevant brother his place would you?"

"Yes father," kuriza said with a firm nod and left to go find his caretaker.

Ah, those were the days. Frieza thought. He generally enjoyed his son company back then but he started acting strangely after he blew up that monkey infested planet. He started acting soft. Sometimes he just wonders where he went wrong with kuriza. Frieza thought sipping his space wine.

And with that, it brings us back to the present day Frieza just overheard the z fighters talk of wish-granting orbs. And were heading to name to confirm a suspension of his. If a name on earth can create dragon balls then can't the ones on their planet do the same? Frieza thought. If so then his wish for immortality may be granted.

While Frieza was thinking about his wish kuriza was mentally preparing for this day. The day of whether he saved his father from being killed or letting karma catch up to him.

These 2 options kept messing with the young frost demons' minds until they finally reached their destination. Planet Namek the planet where hundreds of lives would be snuffed out for a selfish wish.

With that final thought in his head Kuriza made up his mind. He would use the dragon balls for his own wish. A wish that if granted would have a huge impact around the entire universe for years to come. What was his wish you ask?

You'll see if you tune in to the next chapter of Sins Of The Father.


"Why don't you just blow up the planet from the ship son?" King cold asked his youngest son.

"I want to make the one who did this to me suffer daddy" the newly revived mecha Frieza replied

"But won't it torture this 'super Saiyan' more if he was expecting to have a nice reunion on his dirtball of a planet only to find that it's been reduced to space dust?" King Cold explained to Frieza.

"Know that you put it that way, daddy let's just destroy this filthy planet and leave the space boonies for good?" "That's my boy!"

And so Goku wasn't fast enough to stop Frieza from blowing up the earth. And he spent the rest of his days scouring the universe for Frieza or namek to revive his planet or get revenge on the person that stole everything from him.