A yawn ran through the Membrane household as Dib began to wake up. Looking at his alarm clock he yawned and stretched his arms. Removing the sheets Dib slowly got out of the bed, stretching to stay awake. He walked slowly to the bathroom and began brushing his teeth, making sure to get every single tooth. As he finished he began the process of getting dressed. He decided on a more casual t-shirt and pants. Getting dressed he walked downstairs and prepared to make breakfast but stopped as he saw an unexpected sight. Gaz was sitting at the table, her expression blank.

"Is something wrong?" asked Dib.

"Yoga didn't work. I had a vision that involved... her, so I left. Found out some stuff about John, I came here. Dreams were the usual horror show. I turn into a vicious beast and disembowel you, then the army shoots me down. As I lay there in my own blood she looks down at me and cries. So nothing new. Anyways how's your day going?"

Dib stood there, shock on his face, not sure how to process his sister's words. As Dib just stood there Gaz rolled her eyes.

"So... how long have you been up?" asked Dib.

"Couple hours I guess. Hard to sleep when trauma is kicking the shit out of you. Can you get breakfast? You know what I want."

Dib nodded nervously and went over to the kitchen. His feet dragging he moved to the fridge and pulled out some frozen waffles. He prepared the waffles quickly, the waffles popping up perfectly. As he set them on the table for himself he realized he wasn't done, this was just his breakfast. Dib's expression became more nervous, his body stiffening. Eventually he let out a deep breath. He knew what he had to do and what he had to see. Sighing Dib went back to the fridge and froze as he saw what he had to pull out. Taking deep breaths he talked himself through it.

"She's your sister, you can do this. You've done it before and you'll do it again."

Having the strength to go through with it Dib reached it and pulled out his goal: a package of meat. With breakfasts completed he walked back to the table and sat the waffles on his side and the meat on Gaz's. Gaz's eyes lit up, hunger coming over her face. Almost immediately she ripped off the packaging and devoured the meat. Dib stood there horrified, knowing he couldn't do anything about the sight before him. Gaz tore into the meat, scarfing it down before Dib's eyes. As soon as she finished she looked at Dib, a blank expression on her face.

"So, when are you going to get off your ass and get Zim?" asked Gaz.

Dib stood there, his eyes widened. As Gaz's dark expression burned through him he closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. While this earned a confused glare from Gaz Dib felt calmer, the breath feeling like a cold refreshment over his mind. Thoughts of how he could fix things rushed over him, causing him to smile. He opened his eyes, only to see Gaz staring at him.

"Well?" asked Gaz.

"I'll do it after breakfast. What you said hit me, and I promise that I'll fix this" said Dib.

Gaz crossed her arms in response.

"Uh huh. I have both the feeling that you're telling the truth and the feeling that you're full of bullshit. Guess which side is dominant?"

Dib sighed. Gaz's words pierced him like daggers, the feeling that he wasn't trusted by his own sister hurting him. Dib looked Gaz straight in the face and sat down. Grabbing a fork he grabbed a waffle and put it in his mouth. As Gaz just stared this continued, until eventually there was nothing on the plate. Dib stood perfectly still, only to grab a glass of orange juice. Dropping down he looked at Gaz, who still had a blank expression.

"Ok so you ate. What now?" asked Gaz.

"Now I go to Zim. I told you, we will get through this. Look, I'm sorry for not going earlier. I was scared. This is a new experience for me, so now I need to step it up. You're my sister, you shouldn't go through this alone. I'm gonna go to Zim, and we're gonna find the bastard who did this, I promise."

Gaz smiled, a sight rarely seen.

"Well, good luck" said Gaz.

Dib smiled and nodded, and got up out of his chair. Confidence ringing through him Dib began to walk towards the exit, ready to find a solution. Dib opened the door, turning to salute Gaz. Once he finished he took in a deep breath.

"Ok, here goes nothing."

Slowly a foot was out the door. Then another. Soon Dib found himself outside the Membrane house, Zim's across from him. Although fear and nervousness washed over Dib he carried on, walking until he was at Zim's house. Once he arrived he rung the doorbell and stood there anxiously, sweat pouring down. After what seemed like forever the door opened. Dib looked down to see a familiar robot smiling widely at him.


GIR grabbed on to Dib's leg, showing as much affection as he could. Dib cringed, not sure what to do. He tried to shake off GIR but the robot's grip was too strong. Sighing Dib realized the only way he could get out of this was to appeal to him.

"Hey GIR can I see Zim? I got some waffles at home and I could get those afterwards."

GIR's smile somehow became even wider as he began to make weird noises of joy. As GIR's grip loosened Dib managed to shake the robot off his leg and made his way into the house. His eyes widened as he took in the sights before him. The house looked the same but the vibe had only gotten weirder. Ever since his contact with the tallest Zim had taken up interior designing and it... wasn't pretty. Colors that clearly weren't supposed to go together clashed all over the walls, hideous drawings illuminating them. Dib cringed but GIR remained oblivious and skipped along. Dib snapped out of his disgust and followed the robot until finally he was at the base of Zim's lair. Zim hunched over the computer, obsessively looking at something. As Dip prepared to speak GIR screamed.


Zim turned around, an annoyed expression on his face.

"What do you want Dib?" Zim asked in a tired voice.

Dib cleared his throat and stepped forward, sweat pouring down.

"Gaz is uh... scared, and I need your help."

Zim's face lit up, a smile entering his face. Zim began laughing, going from a chuckle to a loud barrage of snorts and giggles. Dib stood there, confusion on his face, as the irken continued to light up the base with his laughter after a few seconds Zim stopped, crouching down to steady his breath.

"Oh... that's good. Very good" Zim said between chuckles and wheezes.

"What are you talking about?" asked Dib.

"Really? Gaz, scared? A zonglorb would end its hibernation early before that happened. Honestly Dib if you want to come here you need to get a better excuse."

"Ok fine, saying that she's scared is... a reach. But I came to you for a reason. I need you to do me a favor. You have her DNA right?"

Zim looked down at the ground.

"...I used to."

"What do you..."

"DNA is a complicated process DIB! Every single molecule counts. There are ideas you can't even comprehend. This whole thing is..."

"He lost the hair and now he has to do everything over" the computer finished.

"...And that. There's also that" said Zim.

"But isn't her DNA stored in the computer?" asked Dib.

"Like I'd remember that" the computer replied.

Dib sighed.

"Look, I need your help. She's getting worse. Please, help me do this."

Zim looked at Dib and his expression deflated.

"Fine. You get a new hair sample and bring it over and I'll analyze it. Do we have a deal?" asked Zim

"Yeah, we have a deal. But can you uh... use the DNA to find out who bit Gaz?"

As Dib looked at Zim the alien's expression seemed to change entirely, going from slightly amused to a serious glare. Zim looked at Dib with annoyance and both worry.

"Dib... how do you expect me to do that?"

"I mean, you have the computer right? Maybe if you look at the DNA you can bring it down and..."

Zim sighed.

"Dib, do you have any idea how complicated that would be? Even if I wanted to, it would take days for me to even get results. Do you even understand the risks? What if it doesn't work huh?" Zim asked.

Dib's eyes stood wide until they were brought down, a mix of tired and hopelessness on his face. Dib stared at the floor, defeat rushing through with him. Zim looked at the sight before him and groaned.

"Fine, I'll do it" said Zim.

Slowly Dib stood up, confusion his face at he looked at Zim, which made the irken even more annoyed.

"You'll do what?" Dib asked, uncertainty in his voice.

In response Zim merely rolled his eyes.

"I'll help you. Look, crushing down DNA to find the werewolf is a long process, but if its that important to you I'll do it."

Dib's face lit up, joy slowly spreading.

"Wow... thanks. I didn't think you'd..."

"Yeah yeah yeah I'm just doing to shut you up. Look, get the hair and bring it here. I should have the results in about a week. Got it?"

Dib nodded.

"Then get out" Zim replied bluntly

"What?" asked Dib

"Get out. You want the DNA, get the hair. Go" said Zim.

Dib looked at Zim with hesitation, but slowly regained his composure.

"Ok... I'll go"

Zim let out a small noise and Dib took that as a sign to leave, running out to the door. Adrenaline running through him Dib ran throughout the house, desperate to reach the door. Each breath was rapid, and he felt his heart beating like a drum. Each breath increased until he finally reached the door and left in a hurry, determined to reach Gaz. As soon as he got out he kneeled down, panting. As soon as he was finished he got up, taking in the air and regaining his composure.

"Let's do this."


As Gaz looked at the sight before she had the same expression she always did, squinted eyes and a frown.

"Dib, what are you doing?" asked Gaz, annoyance in her voice.

Dib looked at Gaz nervously. As he was standing in front of her his hands fidgeted and his eyes darted, showing how he felt. In front of him was Gaz, who was sitting on the couch, her feet in his face. Arms crossed Gaz looked at Dib with with a cold stare, which caused Dib's nervousness to increase.

"Ok... I went to Zim, and I think he found a way to help you" Dib said slowly.

Gaz put on an expression to say "I don't care" but was intrigued by what he had to say nonetheless.

"Go on" said Gaz.

Dib took in a deep breath and continued.

"I suggested that he could break down the DNA to see who bit you..."

Gaz's face slowly got the faintest hint of a smile. She became actually interested to see what this would hold. Dib noticed this and cringed.

"...But he had a catch. He lost the hair, so I need a new one" finished Dib.

Dib smiled weakly, glad that he got it out but at the same time dreading his sister's response. As he looked at Gaz she looked back, and began to speak.

"Ok, so what now?" asked Gaz.

"I mean, I can get the hair now."

"What, like a barbershop or something?" asked Gaz.

Dib cringed.

"Well, maybe we could do it now, you know? I mean, the sooner we get the hair the sooner we found who bit you right?"

Almost immediately Gaz's expression changed. Her eyes got an "are you serious" look and her somewhat smile turned into a frown.

"No" Gaz replied darkly.

"Come on, please. It'll be quick, I promise" Dib pleaded.

"Will you be the one cutting?" asked Gaz.


"In that case... fuck no."

Dib stood there, not even blinking. Although she wanted nothing more than to just lie down and let the couch overtake her Gaz noticed the absence of her brother's annoying voice and looked up, and eyebrow raised. Noticing the fragile state of her brother she sighed.

"Alright what do you want?"

Dib let out a deep breath, finally gaining back his posture. He stood back up and cleared his throat.

"We just sit you down, I cut out a lock of your hair. Simple as that" Dib explained.

Gaz merely rolled her eyes in response.

"Look, you want to help, I get that. But I'm not letting you near my hair. Your hands shake a lot."

"My hands don't..."

Gaz raised an eyebrow in response, which caused Dib to look down at his hands.

They were shaking.

"Ok... so maybe my hands shake. But I can do this. Just a single bit of hair. Come on Gaz, if we do this we can found who bit you. Don't you want that?"

Gaz sighed.

"You promise not to shake that much?" asked Gaz.

"Yeah" Dib said nervously.

Gaz groaned.

"Fine. I'll do it" said Gaz.


"The hair. You can cut it. Just get it over with."

Dib's face was filled with shock. Just as he fully processed what his sister had said his face fully enveloped into a wide smile, grinning ear to ear. As for Gaz, the sight of her brother's joy only annoyed her even more.

"I already regret this."

A few minutes later Gaz sat down, and to say that she was pissed would be an understatement. Her face was full of anger, eyes glaring like daggers and teeth gritted.

"I swear to god, if you fuck this up..."

Behind her a gulp was heard, and Dib looked at his sister with a hint of fear. Holding scissors in his hands he stood completely still, yelling at himself internally to not screw this up. Dib closed his eyes, trying to become completely calm. Taking a deep breath Dib focused all his all his energy into this moment. After finishing he opened his eyes, a smile on his face.

"Ok, I can do this" said Dib.

"Then fucking do it" Gaz replied.

Dib paid her no attention, determined to get things just right. He looked at Gaz's hair and squinted his eyes, making sure he got the precise cut.

"God, just get it over with" Gaz groaned.

"Just... relax" Dib replied, albeit with reluctance.

Gaz growled but Dib remained calm, focusing on his zen. As he looked deep into Gaz's hair he found the perfect spot: a lock right next to Gaz's ear. However, this provided a challenge.

In order to get the lock Dib would have to get past Gaz's ear without cutting it. Doing everything he could Dib focused on the ear, looking at it so close he felt his eye could practically hit it. Taking in a deep breath, he took a swing.


Looking at his hand Dib saw that he now had a lock of purple hair in it. Dib smiled, only for him to loosen his grip.


In the span of a second Dib's face went from relief to pure horror.

"Oh... oh no"

Gaz groaned in response and began to look up.

"God, is it over?"

"Uh... yeah" Dib replied in a quiet voice.

"Why are you..."

Before Gaz could even finish she felt something warm, causing her to go completely silent. Slowly moving her hand she touched her ear, feeling something warm. Once she moved she immediately saw what was wrong.

On her hand, was blood.

Immediately Gaz looked up at Dib, her face nothing but fury.


"It was an accident!"

Slowly Gaz got up. Fear entered Dib's eyes with every footstep that she took. Dib slowly backed away, only for Gaz to follow him. A low growl exited her mouth, frightening Dib. He moved to the table, but tripped and fell.

"Shit shit shit shit" Dib said to himself.

"Dib... I am not happy" Gaz said through gritted teeth.

Taking deep breaths Dib slowly got up and found himself face to face with Gaz, her face full of fury and hatred. Dib gulped, and Gaz growled in response. As Dib backed away Gaz walked closer.

"Gaz, this was an accident" Dib said slowly.

"You cut my ear" Gaz said through gritted teeth.

"Look, this is a tough time, but..."

"A tough time? I'm turning into a fucking animal DIB! I don't need this!"

Dib backed away but Gaz began running towards him. Dib stood there, paralyzed by fear. His sister was running towards him with pure malice. Terrified Dib picked up the thing closest to him. As he held it up Gaz stopped in her tracks.

"...What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Snapping out of his trance Dib looked at what he was holding, and he immediately regretted it.

In his hand was a silver fork.

"Is this what you think of me?" asked Gaz.

Dib stood there, unsure of what to say.

"I... I didn't..."

Gaz, a hurt expression on her face, stood there, the two almost standing off.

"You know what? Fuck you."

With that, Gaz simply walked away, leaving Dib to stand there by himself.

"God... what do I do?"

Later Zim was in his lab, when he felt GIR run up to him.

"Master! He's here to see yoooouuuu"

"Heh? GIR, who is this person?" asked Zim.

His question was answered once Dib walked in, determination on his face.

"DIB? What are you doing here? We both know that you agreed to not come here more than once a day. I value my personal time."

"I got the hair. How long will it take for you to find who bit her?"

"Probably a week" Zim replied.

"A week? How does it... you know what, do your week. At least this will be over" said Dib.

"You seem rather stressed about this" said Zim.

"Just... just find it" Dib replied in a tired voice.

Noticing the defeated expression his former nemesis had Zim took the hair and went back to his lair.

"Well, guess I'll start with this."