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Hello there, I have been reading a lot of Star Wars Legends content recently and with the future of the franchise sounding more promising I decided to try my hand at writing a xover story with Star Wars.

I am using a different dating system to mark the fact that BBY and ABY is not going to be relevant in this story. Without giving away too much as the story will reach that far something else is going to happen. So I will be using the Ruusan Reformation which took place 1000 years before the Battle of Yavin as a dating point (ARR – After Ruusan Reformation). If it helps I will try and post where it would be on Yavin scale at the end of each chapter.

Any way on with the story...

Chapter 1 – In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Unknown Location, Britain…Circa 2009

Harry Potter sighed as he got in from work closing the door behind him and moving to sofa in the lounge, being Head of the Aurors was a challenging job to say the least. Especially when he was trying to reform it to try and drag it out of centuries of damaging tradition. Made worst he acknowledged with great sadness when your former best friends were opposing you all the way.

He tried not to think of Ron and Hermione these days, this was made harder by the fact that he had to see them every day as they worked in the Ministry too. Kingsley had tried to help by moving them to other departments but with only one atrium they inevitably ran into each other. If they spoke to him at all it was usually cold insults or if they didn't harsh glares.

The reason for their falling out? The reason that they and the entire Weasley Family as a whole now despised him?

His grandfather.

It seemed odd given that the man had died before any of them had been born but it seemed he had been intent on merging his family with that of his best friend...Scorpius Greengrass.

Another pureblood they had apparently grown up together and remained close friends throughout their lives, it would have been a nice thing if one night they hadn't gotten the idea in their heads to join the families Harry thought with anger.

They had created a marriage contract and signed it in the blood of the families, a son or daughter from one family would be wed to a counterpart from the other. The problem emerged when both men had a son each rather than a daughter and both had died before passing the knowledge on to their sons about the contract. James Potter and Oberon Greengrass had never known a thing as had anyone else till Harry himself and Daphne, daughter of Oberon had turned twenty one years of age.

The shock of the letter from Gringotts telling him about it had nearly knocked him over, he had never heard of anything so archaic and ridiculous as a blood marriage contract. He had even gone to the Bank itself to see what kind of joke they were playing only to find out the whole sorry truth.

It was here that he had first met Daphne, like him she had been pissed about the whole thing. Especially as a former Ice Queen of Slytherin who prior to this had never even spoken to him before that day, only to be informed that they had less than a month to get married and failure to do so would mean their blood would literally boil in their veins and they would die a slow horrifying death.

The pair of them had argued and even gone to the Department of Mysteries to try and find a way out of the contract but all attempts failed. Worse they couldn't even marry then divorce because the way the contract was worded would mean it was rejected and then they would still die.

So with great reluctance they had on the last week of the month married. The consummation had been one of the most awkward moments of their lives but it had to be done thankfully though it hadn't left her pregnant as rising a child in their strained marriage would have been terrible.

The Weasleys and Hermione had been unsupportive to say the least, not believing that the contract was so aggressive or secure and that he was merely trading Ginny for the more beautiful and wealthy Daphne. Hermione had even demanded that the two of them refuse to marry so they could prove it was a lie or even go so far as dying in some kind of protest. When he had refused as while he was willing to risk his own life he could not in good conscience condemn Daphne and despite coming from a Pure Blood Family and being an Ice Queen she couldn't let him die either. Hermione and the Weasleys had cut off all contact with him, losing people that honestly were your family had hurt more than he could bare but there had been nothing he could do.

Neville and Luna had however stood by him, a fact that made him more grateful than he could ever say to them. He had even managed to become better friends with Hannah Abbott, Neville's wife with the three of them serving as his witnesses at the wedding. His hand went to his pocket were the pendant Luna had given to him resided, each of them and Daphne had one and when asked why Luna had just said with her airy way "It will mean we are all together."

The sound of the door opening heralded the arrival of Daphne home from her day running her family's apothecary and potion ingredient business. He looked over to see her come in, she was beautiful Harry admitted, her blue and green eyes were mesmerising along with her golden hair and slender curves entranced many.

But as their eyes met they said nothing to each other, even after a year of marriage they still had no idea of what to say to each other. Neither of them knew how to start bridging this gap yet, they even slept in separate rooms since being in the same bed was uncomfortable.

She walked into the dining room with him and sat down as their house elf Milly fed them, it was a tense atmosphere with them sitting at opposite ends of the table and stayed completely silence. Normal couples would talk but right now they despite Luna's advice could not get to know each other better.

However this was not to last as in the blink of an eye, the whole world changed as a bright orange glare came in through the windows. Both of them looked up in surprise and shielded their eyes, wondering if this was some kind of attack but as the temperature began to rise they realised it was something much worse.

Walking forward with their hands still protecting their eyes from most of the glare they looked out to see bands of orange, yellow and red lighting up the sky. They had no idea just what was happening, but when they saw a wave of orange matter coming straight at them faster than any broom could manage they grasped that this was not something they were going to survive.

In their last moments they simply held each other, wishing they had not been so fearful and hesitant to get to know each other and yet glad they hadn't had children who would never get to grow up.

They stood together as the wave engulfed their home, sweeping it away and incinerating them both.


The Moon Reijar, Ordo System…955 ARR...

The moon was a large one, covered in jungles and azure coloured oceans and nestled in different places were three cities with spaceports that linked them to each other and the rest of the system.

However not far from the largest of these cities a walled compound stood apart, as large as a big town it was the home of the family that ruled this star system and quite a few beyond. This was their residence and the most secure area on the planet.

It had all kinds of facilities, everything you would need to support a community and potentially even hold out in event of a siege. In particular it had one of the best medbays in Mandalorian Space and was seeing a use tonight as the wife of the current head of the family gave birth.

"A son milady." The medical droid told her as it scooped up the baby and cleaned him before handing him over to her. She smiled as he was placed in her arms.

"Little Haron." She said with tears in her strange green eyes, deciding to name him after his grandfather who had arranged for her to marry his son.

At the side a man with the same dark hair stood looking disinterested, he gave them the briefest of nods before leaving the room. She however hardly noticed, still entranced by her son not knowing the machinations that were going on in the mind of her own husband.

- x -

Ten Years Later…965 ARR...

The hot jungles of Ordo were a difficult and harsh terrain to navigate, apart from the heat there were many predators and even poisonous plants. Many people would avoid going near there unless they absolutely had too.

But not today, a young boy made his way carefully through the dense vegetation clad in sweat soaked jungle attire. He crept forward with his eyes darting around for any sign of movement, his brow covered with sweat from the heat of the jungle. Then a blur lunged out from the bushes nearby straight at him but he pivoted out of the way and it missed.

The blur then rolled to come around again, now clearly a human girl maybe two years younger than the boy with blonde hair. She lashed out with a punch that the boy caught and swept her legs out from under her. She hit the ground with a thump but quickly leapt back to her feet and hit him with a spin kick to the face.

The boy reeled but recovered quickly and replied with a kick of his own which caught her in the stomach. She exhaled sharply but before either of them could do anything a pair of arrows hit the ground right beside them. The pair stopped and looked over to see two men appear with an arrow and bow aimed at each one of them.

"What was your mistake?" One of the men asked them. The boy grimaced as he knew a lecture was coming.

"We got so caught up in fighting each other we didn't maintain awareness of the area around us."

"It won't happen again uncles." The girl then chimed in looking meekly at them. The two older men looked sharply at them both.

"You better had not. If you don't learn then it is likely to get you killed, there are consequences for every single decision you make and choose badly it will probably be the end of you and those you lead. Observe." One of the men said and fired a rough looking arrow at a tree, however it merely broke apart before loading one that was better made and firing it into the tree.

"Arrows that are fast to make but low in quality will fail you but make better ones and they won't. It might take longer but is worth it. Now Haron...Deera...Back to the Compound. You have twenty minutes to get there or you will be made to do again and again until you can do in the time starting now." The other man said and the two children knowing they had over two miles to run in jungle terrain started moving as fast as they could in the direction of home.

They knew the route well, every day their uncles Branum and Breyer brought them out here to train. Sometimes to teach them how to live off the land, sometimes to fight, to learn to shoot, to hunt, to track and how to deal with injuries and illness without proper medical supplies. If they failed they were drilled over and over again to make sure the lesson was burned into their brains and the only way to succeed was to work together.

The lessons were often brutal and hard but they were meant to be that way, to ensure that they became the best.

Such were the standards demanded by House Ordo.

Arriving with mere seconds to spare the two children were greeted at the gates by their father who looked at them dismissively before walking off with his new wife in tow, who merely looked down at her nose at her two stepchildren.

It didn't hurt either of them though as they stood there with their sides aching and their muscles protesting, that man had never been a part of their lives. They had been raised by their uncles while their so called father plotted and schemed. Grasping each other in support they made their way to their quarters for a shower and a change.

- x -

Haron Ordo or Harry Potter as he had once been known was glad of the hot water as it did wonders for his aching body, he had no idea of just how he had come to be here when the last thing he remembered was being obliterated by what he now knew was a solar flare of some kind. Awoken as a baby on a planet in another part of the galaxy!

The sheer insanity of that statement still made his head spin but regardless it was fact. Born into a society that was known to the rest of the galaxy as Mandalorians. One of if not the most feared warriors in the galaxy, they practised the way of the warrior from birth and kept to it their entire lives training to fight. They held deeply rooted traditions that were similar to the ancient samurai with an engraved sense of honour and duty but also a deep love of family and kinship held by not only humans but a number of alien races that had been assimilated into their culture over the centuries although the thought of aliens was still incredible to Harry/Haron.

Their society was built like a pyramid, clans were the bottom smaller families who served the houses the larger and more powerful ones that often held multiple clans under them. However even the houses were beholden to follow one known as the Mandalore, the leader of their people who got their title from their home-world. The ruler of that world commanded all the Mandalorians or so their code demanded.

They had a long and often violent history which had nearly destroyed them several times but they always endured. It was a heady thing to be brought into Harry thought with a primitive satisfaction at being apart of such a group. House Ordo to who he now belonged was one of the most powerful houses with around a hundred clans sworn to them, his grandfather who he had been named after was responsible for building up many of them and increasing their power.

His new father, the current leader of House Ordo however was very different. He had grown up in his father's shadow and had little in the way of respect for others. If Harry had to classify him as anything he would say he was a sociopath, he had a callous attitude towards everyone even his own children and had left them in the care of their uncles while he pursued his own agenda...getting as much power as he could as whatever else you could say about him he was manipulative and very charming when he wanted to be.

Harry's own mother in this world had been a case in point, heir to her clan's very successful spaceport he had charmed her into marrying him only when she had given him a child he had taken another woman who just happened to be heir to a good sized shipyard as his mistress. Not long after she had murdered his wife at his behest then married him until she had given him a child, a girl this time and then been charged with the murder of his wife and executed. Less than a year later he had taken a third wife who was daughter of a smaller house but so far she had been smart enough to not get pregnant.

Harry was completely disgusted with his so called 'father's' actions and really wanted to make him suffer some kind of punishment for this but no one could prove a thing and at the moment he had little power to challenge him. His father had no fear, empathy and a short temper so until he was grown up he would just have to wait.

One good thing had emerged from his father's actions though, for the first time in his life Harry knew what it was to have a sibling.

His sister, Deera.

They were as different from each other in appearance as night and day. Harry had the tall and muscular built of his father and uncles while she was slender. He had black hair while she was a golden blonde, he was stronger but she was faster and more agile. He had more of a mind for tactics and strategy while she was more brilliant with computers and mathematics than he would ever be even with a lifetime of learning. Their father had refused to find a better teacher for her so Harry had asked his uncles and they had agreed to find her a more challenging program so she could develop her skills.

But she was his sister first and foremost. The two had a bond that was very strong despite what her mother had done to his, maybe because neither of them had known their mothers and their uncles and father could be very cold so all they really had was each other. They were encouraged to bond anyway but regardless it was nice he thought to finally have actual blood family that cared about him and that he could care about in turn.

A hard bang on the door alerted him as he got dressed that it was time for their history lessons, Uncle Breyer came in through the door and handed him a datapad.

"One hour to revise then you will be tested." He said simply and then left just as abruptly, Harry sighed and went to sit at his desk and began to speed read the data. Another useful skill he had been taught from an early age which was essential given how frequently they were tested and how hard the questions were. Memory exercises had been and still were frequent and demands were high so you had to learn or you were punished.

This did anger Harry but he could hardly complain as aside from the heavy teaching he and Deera were treated very well, especially when he considered how the Dursleys had been. They had good clothes, they were fed, given nearly anything they could ask for and were above all safe. And while his father and brothers were not close in any way he and Deera had a great bond. The training he understood was so intense to give the children great focus, allowing them to become good at whatever path they chose to master in life. It was difficult but in the end, the results often spoke for themselves he thought with some reluctant admiration.

After an hour the door opened again and he sighed before walking out to face the daily test, he caught his sister's eye and they smiled to give each other as much encouragement as they could with a look.

He soon found himself in the testing room with a data terminal in front of him and saw Breyer and Branum standing before him and Deera before telling them.

"Now write an essay on the history of House Ordo from its beginnings to the current day. You have two hours and no breaks. If there are any mistakes then you will do a five mile jog and be tested again which will continue every day after until you get it right. Begin."

The two of them immediately set to work as neither of them wanted to face a five mile jog and got right down to business.

House Ordo had its roots in the Mandalorian Wars or as they were known the Neo-Mandalorian Crusades nearly four thousand years ago, back then it had been a mere clan and Canderous Ordo had impressed the Mandalore with his skill at fighting, using a Basilisk war droid and thinking up tactics. After several years of good success they had pressed against the Republic and enjoyed many victories at first...that was until the mighty Revan had appeared.

Revan had been a rogue Jedi knight that had taken control of the Republic Forces and begun with superior tactics and strategy to turn the war around, the final battle of Malachor V had seen an end to Clan Ordo as it was when Revan's forces under another legendary leader Meetra Surik had thoroughly bested them. Canderous had survived and had been forced to watch as the Mandalore was killed in a duel with Revan and their forces disarmed and scattered to the winds. He had drifted for a while after that finding work as a mercenary for different crime syndicates until finally he had met up again with Revan and in awe of his achievements had agreed to join him in his quest to stop the Sith Lord Dark Malak.

After this they had parted company but not before Revan had given him the original mask of the Mandalore and his armour, telling him a war was coming and the Mandalorians would be needed to fight it. That he had to bring them back together as a people.

And that was what Canderous had done, pulling together all the survivors and remaining clans he could find into a new house, re-establishing Ordo but this time as a house with new clans underneath it. He had journeyed into the uncharted space near Mandalore territory and discovered several brand new star systems one of which he had claimed and named Ordo after his old home. After settling his new house and clans he had gotten around to fathering a son before continuing to try and unify his people but sadly he had passed on before achieving it.

The House he founded though had continued, House Ordo had returned to being mercenaries enjoying a profitable relationship with the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War, the following Cold War and then the Galactic War. The money they had received had allowed them to expand and develop their settlements and facilities as well as expand their personal territory. They had apparently also aided the Order of Revan secretly and taken several of his followers who survived his defeat including Ceta Farr.

When the Eternal Empire had invaded the galaxy they had resisted quietly and become a part of the movement against them and later the Eternal Alliance. Once the 3rd Galactic War had started stayed true to it and established their influence over clans who supported the Sith before withdrawing back into their own space.

Their power had sometimes grown and sometimes waned over the centuries that followed, leading their people several times but always they had survived and proven their worth as warriors.

The New Sith Wars had brought a change in Mandalorian routine though, after siding with the Republic and Jedi in a move that had surprised much of the galaxy. Fighting against the Sith along side the Jedi when before it had usually been the other way around. But that had all changed when the Candorian Plague also known as the Blue Shadow Virus had emerged from nowhere and devastated Mandalorian Space. Ordo had managed to by large isolate themselves till a cure was found and then they had dedicated themselves to the reconstruction with Aga Awaud as the new Mandalore.

For three hundred years after things had gone well until the Mandalorian Excision just over seven hundred years ago, where after the Republic and Jedi worried that they were becoming too powerful had attacked them without provocation and butchered a great number of their people, scorched the surface of Mandalore itself along with several other planets and installed a puppet government to control them. Ordo along with a large number houses and clans had been extremely angered at this unwarranted invasion of their space and had begun striking back at the Republic and their puppets led by Harwin Ordo.

Within a year the entire provisional government had been assassinated, their occupying forces destroyed and after a few very violent raids against some key Republic facilities to cause some major economic trouble not to mention burning some smaller Jedi Temples to the ground the Republic had never bothered them again. They had then had to rebuild but an irritation was some Republic values appeared to have rubbed off on certain clans and a movement known as the 'New Mandalorians' had started, preaching pacifism and negotiation only.

Harry paused as he wrote, not sure if he agreed with either the Old Way or the New Way to honest, the old way was brutal and harsh while the new way was extremely idealistic and seemed to lack any kind of ability to deal with aggressive outsiders or corruption, as was proven with their more recent history.

The pacifists had gained control of Mandalore and made their beliefs main policy which had only attracted insurgents and criminals to use their space for their own ends, even House Kryze had not been safe as the parents had been killed leaving only two of the daughters and a grandson alive. Eventually Old Way Houses and Clans had driven the criminals and insurgents out and allowed Satine Kryze, the eldest daughter to return but she continued her parents policies. The fear and uncertainty had driven many back to the Old Way but Mandalore itself remained firmly pacifist. Most of the Houses would not rise against her out of respect for the position if nothing else but how long that could last was up for debate.

Harry finished his essay and added a found more details before sending it to Breyer who scanned it carefully while Branum did the same with Deera's. They waited with baited breath as their worth was sized up before the uncles nodded and told them.

"Very well, you have the rest of the day to yourself but tomorrow your training will continue."

A day off! The two of them beamed as they ran from the room to enjoy themselves together.

They played tag in the Hall of Armour, one of the most important places in the Ordo Compound. It was where their collection of beskar made armours were kept, being such an old house and access to the only current mine of beskar known to exist (a fact they kept secret) House Ordo had a large collection that sometimes was reforged into newer suits for members of the family.

Harry looked at the different suits as he ran past them, wondering what it would be like to wear one and wondered what his own suit would be like when he finally was allowed to make it.

- x -

967 ARR…

In the Sparring Circle of the Ordo Compound Haron and Deera stood back to back as their two cousins faced them. Breyer watched impassively as they adopted the standard combat moves of Teras Kasi. Their grandmother had been a practitioner and taught it to her sons who now taught it to their children.

Breyer saw his two boys attack with the Charging Wampa and Aryx Slash but Deera countered with the Riding Wampa and Harry the Death Weave.

Having them compete like this might have been seen by some as setting one side of the family against each other but they regularly swapped pairings and who was attacking and who was defending, making them rely and learn to work with each other. They had been drilling them like this for years and in time it would create the bond they were hoping for.

- x-

969 ARR…

"How many clans does House Ordo command?" Branum asked his voice stern as he cast his eyes over Harry and Deera. They answered together at the same time knowing the answer off by heart.

"One hundred."

"What do you call a clan leader as opposed to a house leader?" He asked without missing a beat.

"A clan leader is a count or countess, a house leader is a duke or duchess." They again answered in unison. Branum nodded in acceptance before continuing his lesson.

"Our ancestors deemed it necessary to build a number of secret bunkers and factories for times when trouble came throughout our territory. During your grandfather's reign they were modernised, they are to be used only during an emergency." He warned them, mindful that trouble might come sooner than any of them hoped.

A fact that was not unknown to Haron and Deera. They both understood that their father's actions and methods were not well liked and many of their clans were dissatisfied with his rule, other houses had lost respect for House Ordo and opportunists might try and take advantage. For now at least though things seemed stable.

Haron knew that the responsibility of repairing the family name would fall on him so for the sake of protecting his sister and his cousins he swore to himself that he would not make the same mistakes and would if needed defend them to his last breath. He had lost family before as Harry but as Haron he promised himself it would not happen again.

- x -

970 ARR…

In the jungles outside of the Ordo Compound Harry and Deera were experimenting, but not in the way other children or teenagers would.

They were practising with their magic or the Force as it was known here.

For Harry or Haron as he thought of himself now it was like having a part of him missing not being able to use his powers. He could feel the energy inside and much to his surprise Deera had it too but neither of them had any real idea of how to use it...at least at first.

They had learned through trial and error that they could channel it into their muscles to leap great heights or distances, to make themselves hit harder and move faster. They could feel sometimes if danger was close at hand or if someone was lying but that was more instinct than conscious effort.

Haron knew the Jedi, an order of wizards and witches were able to do a great deal more with it than they could but their history with Mandalorians was a bloody and violent one to say the least and they had a habit of taking children and raising them in their temples without any contact with family or indeed form any kind of connection at all, so that meant they had no intention of going to find them for instruction.

The idea of taking a child from its family and raising it as some kind of emotionless soldier was enough to make Haron sick to his stomach, it reminded him too much of what Dumbledore had done to him when he was Harry. Raised by the Dursleys without any love or kindness, they might have taken him in but it was only by Dumbledore threatening them Harry had realised later. Making sure that he had no connections to anyone else until he came to Hogwarts where he would be directly underneath Dumbledore's watch and 'direction', well he had done a lot of thinking over the years and seen things in a very different light then he had at the time.

Still it was something and as he and Deera leapt through the branches of the highest trees they felt greater freedom than ever. They stopped to see the sun setting from the tree top overlooking the jungle and shared a look of contentment, this was how things were meant to be and would they hoped remain.

- x -

971 ARR...

Sixteen years old again Harry thought, in his first life he had busy worrying about Voldemort and his Death Eater lackeys which was thankfully a burden he didn't have here, but instead he was receiving a new problem or rather a trial to face.

House Ordo had a tradition started by the man himself whose statue could be found in the courtyard of the family compound and every city on this moon. When the heir to the house be it a boy or a girl came of age then they would be dumped on another planet in the Outer Rim and left to fend for themselves, to prove they could survive on their own, to prove they were strong enough to lead this house and thrive in the wider world.

He was not permitted to take any armour or weapons, not even any money to force him to rely on his skill and cunning. But it could take a long time and some had never come back, some decided they liked life away from the house or at worst had been killed.

Deera's appearance at the door however stopped his thoughts from turning even more morbid though as the sadness and worry on her face broke his heart. The strength and intelligence that seemed to radiate off her gone in that moment, he didn't say anything and instead gave her the warmest hug he could manage which she instantly returned.

He wished he could have known what it was to have a sibling before but would never have traded having Deera for anything. Swearing to himself that he would get back here and to reunite with her again.

- x-

When he next awoke he was in a different world, literally.

He awoke on a rocky plain of a rather desolate looking world, he had no idea just where he was but as he got to his feet he saw a town in the distance. The anger of being put through this stupid trial irritated him no end and he vowed that when he did eventually become head of the House of Ordo he would stop this rather than subject any of his own children or Deera's to it.

However knowing that raging against the situation would get him nowhere he started walking towards the town, he felt the sun burning hard against his back and knew he would first before anything need to find shelter and food/drink before going anywhere else. It took an hour but eventually he reached the centre of town where he saw a few men joking together as they stumbled out of the cantina. They hardly even noticed him as he quietly crept up behind them and lifted some credit bars from their pockets, not a great deal but enough to buy him some drinks and information.

Walking into the cantina which his uncles had told him was often a good source for local information, he sat down and took a much needed drink of water while listening covertly to all the conversation around him. Most of it was people grumbling about their personal lives but one man mentioned something about a local gang that had been hassling his farm.

Interested he went over the bar where an Weequay was cleaning a glass and sat on an empty stool.

"Refill." He said and while the Weequay did just that Harry slid a credit bar to him and added. "Also what's this I hear about a local gang terrorising the area."

The Weequay looked at him assessing if he was some kind of law-man or criminal for a moment before taking the bar and answering his question.

"A group of off-world thugs have set themselves up somewhere around here and have been kidnapping local women, peddling drugs, stealing equipment and threatening everyone. Mayor's put a five thousand credit bounty on them dead or alive but so far no-one can find them to claim it." The Weequay said in his rough accent.

Harry nodded, feeling with his magic or the force as it was known here that the bar tender was telling the truth before asking one last question.

"Where were they last seen?"

- x -

The bar tender had thought him mad but told him where the last farm they'd hit was and that they had left on speeder bikes.

After 'borrowing' one of his own, Harry travelled there and looked around and saw the trails left by their speeder's engines, left only because they were badly maintained and gunning it for all they were worth. He jumped back on his own speeder and followed the trail until he came to a river and it disappeared into rocky terrain on the other side. He sighed thinking himself at a dead end when he felt instinctively the need to look to his far right.

Looking into the distance he saw large grouping of rocks in the distance and knew in his bones that was where he needed to go. The force he knew provided insights like this to those that wielded it but he was at a lost to understand why. He frowned, he wondered whether or not to follow his instincts but decided to at least try, at least it would rule one place out in his search even if it was wrong.

So he aimed his borrowed speeder in the direction of the rocks, it wasn't long before he reached them and stopped. Near the entrance he saw discarded food containers and drink cans spread all over the place, feeling more confident now he dismounted and started creeping his way carefully forward painfully aware that they would be armed and he was not.

Scooping up a fist sized rock to slightly rectify that he continued on, it didn't take long to find one of the thugs. He was laying drunk on the ground with a pile of bottles of rather strong ale around him. Aqualish Harry noted but did not hesitate from smashing the rock down on his head. The crunch was sickening to here but Harry had killed before and didn't allow himself to feel anything about it. He did however see the knife by the thug's now dead hand, at a guess he had been using it to open bottles but in Harry's hands it would be far more lethal.

Checking for any other weapons he was disappointed and continued his stealthy search of the area.

Hearing two voices ahead speaking in huttese he ducked into a nearby alcove and saw a dirty looking human and a Devaronian joking about some family they had robbed and the fun time they had smashing them up good. Harry contained his anger and waited for them to pass him before silently moving out of his hiding spot and punched the human hard in the kidneys. The man was immediately shocked but Harry then struck his friend in the throat, causing him to choke before whipping his borrowed knife out and slashed hard into the Devaronian's throat then in a single fluid move stabbing the same blade into the human thug's chest.

He watched both men die before retrieving the knife wiping it clean of blood and smiled grimly as he took two beat up old blasters off their belts. They were not the best models but looked serviceable and had full ammo. He wished he knew exactly how many thugs were left but continued on his search, meaning to clean the place out.

However he was unlucky and yet lucky when he found the rest of the thugs, around ten of them were crowded around a campfire laughing and drinking. That was the bad news.

The good news was that they were all together and the area was strew with places he could use as cover. So taking a breath and planning out his attack, Haron made his move.

With an accuracy that was honed through days and days spent on the targeting range Harry started shooting, his shots hitting three before they had even realised what was happening but straight after shooting he ducked and rolled behind a supply crate.

He resumed firing taking down another three before leaping for the next crate which now provided the best angle and he was able to down the still shocked and he suspected drunk men quickly. Seeing all ten men dead he stood up and saw to his annoyance that his blasters were now empty, he dropped them to the ground and looked around seeing piles of equipment that the gang had stolen.

Looking to the downed men he saw one was wearing a long coat with thick tough leather like material and an armour layer underneath it not to mention a pair of very nice looking IB-94 Blaster pistols. Smirking Harry pulled the coat and blasters which were still in their holsters and strapped them on, dusting the coat off it was a good fit and would give good protection without being too obvious.

So he started picking his way around their gear and found a few nice things, apart from the coat and blasters he found a good utility belt, scanner, breathing mask, slicer kit, a good supply of ammo packs, set of brass knuckles, comlink, pouch of frag grenades and survival kit on top of six thousand credits. A lot of it came from different places and he guessed this group must travel around low populated planets to raid where defences and the law were spotty and unlikely to catch them. He wasn't going to take all of it. Anything worth taking he put in a crate so he could sell it later.

But as he picked up a good A230 Blaster rifle with a long range sights and a Czerka Arms Slugthrower Sniper rifle which he decided to keep since they were good quality he saw through a gap in the cave walls something that was even better.

It was a ship.

A gunship to be exact, small and fast with a pair of wicked looking laser cannons on the front and on its wings were a pair of powerful sublight engines. On the side in rough basic it said 'Razor Crest'.

Interesting name Harry thought and gave the ship a quick look over it looked to be in good shape, he smiled now he had weapons, credits and a ship.

It was not bad for your first day in the wider galaxy he thought with satisfaction.

But his attention was torn from that to a set of metal cages where three women, two human and a twi'lek sat shivering with fear at the sight of him. His face became a mask to not show the anger inside as he realised what them being in cages meant.

These men had a sideline as slavers.

If they weren't already dead already he would have killed them again just for that but kept his own feelings in check as he opened the cages, frowning slightly as the women pressed themselves against the back of the cages in fear of him.

Harry sighed but decided to let them come out on their own sitting far back so they could come out when they were comfortable. Minutes slowly dragged by as the women looked at him like he was an animal who was going to kill them, but eventually one of the humans seemed to realise that he wasn't going to attack them and slowly emerged from the cages. The other two eventually followed suit and he smiled gently.

"Let's take you home." He said kindly.

- x -

A day later he sat at the controls of his new ship feeling better as the women were now safely at home and would he hoped recover from their ordeal in time. He had been paid the five thousand credit bounty and sold the extra equipment and junk for another two thousand, equipped himself and gotten transport.

It was a former military gunship that had been stolen from some Outer Rim planet defence force and had a good hyperdrive and sublight engines for its size. He was wondering if he might make some modifications to it when he had more money but for now it was perfect.

So as he hung in orbit he pondered a question that hadn't occurred to him before now...where to?

He had the entire galaxy before him and no idea where to go, his destination was home but first he would have to prove he could survive on his own. He leaned back in the pilot's chair to think about where to try his luck next before setting the co-ordinates for Nar Shaddaa where his skills would be useful, bracing himself as he pulled the lever and the ship made its jump to hyperspace.


Krownest, Mandalorian Space…

On the snow covered mountainous planet where Clan Wren had made its home, a young blonde woman who was around the same age as Haron with blue and green eyes and slender curves pondered deeply. She was brooding on the side of the frozen lake at what to do, as she had done many nights upon waking up in this strange new world.

She had imagined that dying would have taken her to the next world but she had never in a million years foreseen that it would be another planet in a different part of the galaxy. Her knowledge of astronomy was not brilliant but she knew enough to place Earth if it still existed in the middle of the region known as Wild Space.

So there was no going home in any case.

But she could not stay here.

She had been reborn into a family she hated. A race called Mandalorians who prized family over all else but stubborn parents and her prude of a sister here Ursa was driving her to complete madness with her constant reminding her that they were sworn to House Vizsla and the way a Mandalorian must behave. Her name might be Ara Wren here but in her own mind she would always be Daphne Greengrass.

On top of that she couldn't channel her magic.

So she had bought a ticket off world and would try and find her own way in the galaxy.


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