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2 BBY - 998 ARR…

Chapter 41 – Thrawn's Campaign Part 4

Endor System, Outer Rim…

In orbit of the forest moon of the gas giant of the same name, a giant structure was taking shape built largely by droids to maintain the secrecy of the project while it was still in the early stages. The skeletal structure of the second Death Star was already in place and more sections were being added all the time. While the first Death Star was not yet operational work on the second one had begun a few years ago.

Palpatine stood on the deck of command ship looking at the great feat of engineering taking shape before him with a crooked smile, why would he ever be satisfied with just one such creation when he could have two? Or more he thought as there were other plans for other weapons that he could use for his own purposes.

"Impressive." His companion for this trip said as he viewed the forming Death Star for himself.

"A planet destroying movable battle station…and all you can say is 'impressive'." Palpatine said with the mockery of such a great project being merely described as 'impressive'.

"I mean I have never dreamed of such an awesome structure being constructed by the hand of men rather than nature. A true feat of the ages." Prince Xizor said quickly to make up for his error in not being in complete awe of the monstrosity being assembled before him.

"Better." The Emperor said with cold sternness. "It is taking longer than initially hoped to get the station built and prepared, the war has stretched Imperial resources thin with the need to keep up with our enemies and to ensure secrecy of what they were building here. That is why I need your assistance to move the necessary material here."

Xizor was inside delighted, he had through his own sources long known of what the Empire was building both here and elsewhere but this was the first time he was able to publicly access to such projects. He desired the Emperor's favour for only one reason, to gain access to things such as this.

To avenge his family and his people, he thought with a cold fury burning inside him. The Falleen had been decimated by the Empire, millions upon millions killed to stop the spread of a disease on their planet! He had been lucky enough to be off world building up his own influence in the Black Sun and expanding its scope at the time and it was the only thing that had saved his life.

When he had heard of the decimation of his people and the complete destruction of his family…he had flown into an uncontrollable rage! He had smashed his room and all his belongings to splinters before finally bringing himself under control. He had decided that day to destroy the Emperor and everything he had built but he could not simply act immediately…no he had known even in that moment that the only way to make sure that everything Palpatine had built was reduced to ash was to work from the inside and the outside.

This would be the means he would use to do so, Xizor thought with satisfaction, turning Palpatine's own creation against him. The idea of blasting away Coruscant and Palpatine with it was almost orgasmic as he saw it in his mind's eye. Allowing the Empire to collapse and even the Hutts who he would take no issue with turning this weapon on them as well, the Black Sun could dominate the galaxy he thought and with an inward smirk as Palpatine had no idea of what he was planning. It had cost him a fortune on the black market to find it but he had uncovered a Sith amulet that allowed the wearer to hide their thoughts and feelings from a force user. He always carried it on his person and it had allowed him to hide what he was planning from Palpatine who was so distracted by other things that he failed to notice that Xizor was invisible to him. He had even gone to the trouble of making sure the only other one that knew of his plans was a droid that resembled a human female…Guri.

He would make sure that when the time came for his takeover that the station was suitably ready but that was all, he didn't need such a behemoth to be fully complete, just complete enough to serve his plans so for now…he would wait.

Kaitain, Pasdishah Imperium…

Paul was slow to wake, it had been a busy night and he really needed his rest but an incessant signal from the pad at his bedside forced him to wake up. Groggily he reached for it and pressed the button to see just what was so important that it couldn't wait until morning.

It was from Alia, he noticed straight away and frowned as he looked at what she had thought so important to tell him. His own irritation rose as it was merely to report that they had acquired the designs from the Mandalorians to build their own versions of the Crusader class corvette for their fleet while two new designs had been created for their navy of their very own. One was a battleship that would be on par with the Imperial Star Destroyers while the other was a heavy missile and drone cruiser to supplement it in battle with long range fire.

While important, Paul thought with annoyance it could have waited till morning!

"What is it?" A sleepy voice said from the other side of the bed. He looked over and saw Irulan looking at him with unfocused eyes which wasn't surprising. They had actually made love last night for the first time in years.

It had taken years of grovelling and proving himself to her before she had finally allowed him to have another chance. He had never been more relieved in his entire life but she had finally let him back in and he had no intention of disappointing her a second time…which was why he had given it everything he had last night and she seemed to have appreciated it at the time he thought with hope that it had not been an act on her part.

"Nothing but fleet updates…it can wait till morning." He said as he put the pad back and slid back into bed beside her, gently pulling her against him and while she did hesitate a little before allowing him to pull her against him and shelter her in his arms. She finally surrendered to sleep moments later and he soon followed her after enjoying the feeling of her in his arms glad at last to have finally managed to earn her forgiveness.

Partisans Base, Jedha…

Saw Gerrera stood in his command centre, looking at the intel they had managed to acquire about the Empire and its secret project but he was also to his annoyance he still did not have the key piece of information he needed to find out just what they were up to with the large kyber crystals they were searching so hard for. He knew the answer had to be here somewhere but where?! He thought with anger.

He was about to go and see the blasted doctor to refill his life support suit reserves when the intruder alarm began to sound. Saw and the others all froze as they all knew that this meant the Empire had found them.

"To arms." Saw called out as he knew the fight was upon them but before any of them could run for the weapons store the walls of the nearby cavern blew out and so did the ceiling above, covering them all in rocky debris as it fell but worse Imperial Stormtroopers abseiled down or spewed out of the holes in the wall and began to shoot at anything that moved!

Saw was stunned for a moment as they had never been this efficient before, they had always had some more warning before the Imps had managed to attack them, at least enough for some to escape but this time they had managed to infiltrate their base before anyone had managed to raise an alarm. Nevertheless, his reflexes though marred by his injuries were still good and he had a blaster to hand, shooting down a few but then the three Jedi he had managed to recruit to his efforts leapt into action with their five apprentices. Tiberus Anderlock, Dray and Sidirri ignited their lightsabers and began to cut through the stormtroopers, allowing Saw's injured people time to rally and join the fight.

Saw as he shot an Imperial Officer as they started to force their way towards the hanger, this base was lost and they needed to leave so they could regroup but then a chilling sound filled the air, a mechanical breathing that would remain ingrained on your memory if you ever had the misfortune to encounter it.

The Jedi all turned to look and saw the hulking figure of Vader approach, he had heard of previous encounters with the cloned brute and knew his Jedi would be no match for it. Unfortunately, Vader was also blocking the only route to the hanger, Saw gritted his teeth and prepared to use a grenade to bring the roof down before Vader blasted him back with the force.

Saw and his people were flung backwards into the wall, hitting it hard and he was sure he had lost a few bones but the biggest shock was not that strangely…no that came as Saw rallied his senses and saw that Sidirri had buried her lightsaber into Tiberus's chest and then cleaved Dray in half before they knew what was coming. The five apprentices ran in the confusion but only three made it as she would kill two with a throwing of her lightsaber in an arc.

Then it finally dawned on him why Vader and his forces had managed to find them and get so close, his anger fumed as he raised his blaster to shoot the traitor but the moment he did, she without a care swung her lightsaber around and deflected the blaster bolt right into his head!

Sidirri smirked as she killed the feared Saw Gerrera so easily it was pathetic, she knelt to Vader and he told her in his deep mechanical voice.

"Well done my apprentice. Thanks to your efforts the Partisans are no more and we will not end there. Soon you will know what it means to be truly Sith." Vader said feeling a great self of accomplishment as he had managed to twist one of the Partisan Jedi into his new apprentice and completely wiped the rebel unit from the face of the galaxy. His power was growing and now he had a force sensitive to do his bidding but he would need another, one that could fight along with them.

He would begin to look for one as soon as possible he thought while making sure that none of the Rebels had not managed to escape.

But while Vader was making his move, so too were the Mandalorians and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

At stations in both Mandalorian and Imperial Space ships were preparing for battle, final checks were done, ships inspected, weapons prepared and briefings held.

But the tension just built with every moment leading up to the battle itself, everyone who was involved in any way knew how important it was. This battle would decide just who would be on the offensive, just who would fall and who would rise.

Assembly points for the gathered forces one stop before the final jump where the most chaotic as more and more ships joined each side; the size of the opposing fleets was enormous…over three hundred a side not counting starfighters. There had not been a battle this big since the Battle of Coruscant at the end of the Clone Wars, nor as important.

Haron and Thrawn both impassively watched as their fleets came together, not reacting at all as they made the final jump the battle site as they were saving all their energy for the fight to come.

Hydran's Drift, Mandalorian/Imperial Border…

Hydran's Rift was a place that was typically avoided due to the gravitational shifts that made hyperspace travel difficult. Thrawn was counted on that so he could move his forces into Mandalorian Space unnoticed although if he knew Haron Ordo as well as he thought he did, the man would meet him there.

And as his fleet led by the brand-new Annihilator, a Super Star Destroyer dropped out of hyperspace the Mandalorian fleet was there to greet it.

Thrawn was not surprised they had blocked him but there were three hundred Mandalorian ships and over two hundred Separatist Alliance ships present. Clearly, they had come to their aid despite the damage he had inflicted on them Thrawn thought but he had accounted for the extra ships and gave his orders.

"Ready main turbolasers and form a battle column. All Raider class corvettes to stay above and below." Thrawn said, intent on evening the odds by decimating ships that dared to try and charge their line while making the most of the Star Destroyers best weapon, the broadside mounted heavy turbolasers. They could deal with the larger ships while the corvettes would prevent the Mandalorians exploiting their superiority in fighter design.

- x -

Mandalorian Flagship, Other side of the Field…

Haron stood watching as Thrawn did exactly what he would do in the same situation before turning to the woman at his side and telling her.

"He is expecting to be fighting me. Go for it." He said simply, knowing he was giving her a lot of power in this situation and a lot of trust but if anyone could throw Thrawn off his game she could.

Eliza smirked broadly turning to the communications officer and telling them.

"Initiate stage one. Order all droid ships forward, and tell magic lady the time is now." Eliza said with a great sense of excitement, it was time to show the universe just what a little chaos could do.

The communications officer did just that, smirking himself as the Imperials had no idea of the surprises that they had in store for him. They had spent a long time preparing for this battle and none of it was going to be wasted.

- x -

The 'Separatist' ships that hung among the Mandalorian formation where not in fact Separatist Alliance ships, at least they hadn't been for twenty years or so.

These ships were the ships that the Mandalorians had either captured before the Clone Wars or had salvaged after the deactivation code had been sent. The Mandalorians had spent the last year refitting some of them with the exception of the Lucrehulks which they still had a use for. Overhauling the power plant, shield generators and sublight engines not to mention crewing them with the left-over battle droids they'd captured at the same time.

They only needed those systems for what Eliza had in mind, the ships charging forward at full sublight speed towards the Imperial Star Destroyers.

But also on the flagship, Luna was leading a hundred Fallanasi in a single meditation, generating the most complex and numerous illusions that they had ever created at the same time.

All around the charging droid ships illusions of Mandalorian ships charging with them appeared, simmering like they had decloaked, the Imperial gunners were unsure of just what to shot at and concentrated on the Mandalorian ships but each shot would pass through it like it was never there and the droid ships had been rigged to divert all available power to the engines and shields, meaning the odd hit was not enough to stop them while the illusions drew their fire.

The droid ships however did not slow down or change course as they approached the Imperial lines, quite the opposite, they blasted themselves forward at maximum possible speed and collided with the motionless Star Destroyers which revealed the fact that Eliza had filled each of them with all the explosives that they could lay their hands on.

The ships exploded violently and either destroyed the Star Destroyers they hit outright or severely damaged them, worse due to the close formation the Imperial ships had adopted to cover the greatest area with overlapping fire the debris from both destroyed Imperial ships and droid ships collided with the corvettes and Star Destroyers closest too it…causing even more damage.

- x -

Thrawn aboard the flagship was stunned, unable to under it. Haron Ordo was not a person to use important assets so sparingly, suicide attacks were not his way nor even the Mandalorian way or the Separatist way! He thought with confusion, just who was in command over there!? He wondered not sure just what to expect.

- x -

Back on the Mandalorian flagship Eliza beamed as her plan began unfold before turning to Haron who nodded in approval before she gave her next instruction.

"Initiate Stage 2. Curtain call for our players. Order our fighters and bombers to engage." She said with an almost demented smile.

- x -

At the same time all Mandalorian fighter squadrons went in, led by none other than Fenn Rau himself to harass the lighter ships of the Imperial Fleet while two more fleets jumped in from opposite directions.

The Pasdishah Imperium fleet joined by ships of the Underworld Alliance on one side, the enormous Heighliners now armed with shields, turbolasers and ion cannons not to mention deploying swarms of their new Jackel fighters! Hundreds of them.

- x -

Leto's Glory, Heighliner…

Paul Atreides was nervous as this was the first time he had commanded forces into battle since his little breakdown and he was unsure if he was up to it, especially as their new heavy cruiser/carrier and their new fighters were still unfamiliar to him but the fact that he was about to bring the Imperium on the galactic stage for the first time was the most daunting thing of all.

This would be the first time that their ships had been seen by outside eyes…the first time that they would actually show the galaxy they were a force to be reckoned with. Even with his family's most loyal retainers around him it was still a nerve-racking experience! He thought with anxiety.

But he was glad to see that regardless of all his fears everything was going exactly as planned.

He felt a smile coming to his face as he was sure to have a good story to tell Irulan when they finally got home.

- x -

Freedom's Lady, Underworld Alliance Flagship…

Stakar Ogord was eagerly awaiting this, tearing the Empire down and stealing shit was his favourite pass times. More so that he would be able to use to use the Hapes Consortium and Pasdishah Imperium as a staging base for Ravager raids in the future. That was part of the deal that had gotten their involvement in this battle and he was more than happy to get involved in exchange for that.

- x -

The Hapes Consortium fleet of Battle dragons and Nova-class cruisers appeared on the other side of the field, deploying their own fighters but now accompanied by X-wings at the same time and cutting off the Imperials only route of escape. The fighters began to push the Imperial ships closer together at the centre of the field to make their position as secure as possible until the Grand Admiral could come up with a plan.

- x -

Song of War, Hapes Battle Dragon…

Isolder was watching with satisfaction as his battle dragons proved why the Empire had good reason to fear the Consortium, blanketing their ships in a fierce barrage of fire! The new targeting computers the Mandalorians had provided along with the slight upgrades to their turbolasers were working like a dream, he thought impressed. When the time came to overhaul both them and the propulsion systems, he could only imagine how effective they would be.

"While the tactics are my Aunt Eliza, you have to admit my father planned this well." Astoria said at his side, her beauty now enhanced with Hapes dress which showed more of her incredible body, not that she needed it Isolder thought still deeply amazed by the woman he was now tied too. She would make an amazing Queen Mother someday and ties with the Mandalorians would only make them stronger.

- x -

Fenn Rau was leading his squadron the heart of the action, engaging the Tie Fighters while the bombers hit the lighter Imperial warships, the larger warships where now getting involved using their newly enhanced turbolasers, combing the siantide enhancements with Iokath technology focused through a synthetic kyber crystal made possible by the research of Professor Galen Erso. This vastly increased their range and effectiveness, now able to hit harder over a much further range.

He watched almost impressed at the Imperium fighters mounting their first battle and the overwhelming fire being laid down by the Hapes Battle Dragons. It was an impressive ambush and would leave Thrawn so confused that he would not know which way to turn. Criminals, the Padishah and the Hapes on top of perhaps the craziest Mandalorian ever!

Who did you anticipate? Which one to focus on while the other three tore you apart. Not to mention the Fallanasi illusions were still on the field and confusing the fighter pilots and the Imperial gunners with just who to shoot at.

But regardless he thought through gritted teeth the Imperials were not giving up without a fight. They fought with the tenacity of being trapped, knowing they had too or they would die.

He felt his Fang fighter take a hit, he refused to take one of the more modern designs as he was most comfortable in his own ship but it also came at a cost as he felt the ship become more unresponsive to his control inputs and saw a Star Destroyer coming into view with him heading straight for it.

He saw on his rear scanners that a Tie Fighter was closing in and rather than be shot down by some Imperial pilot, he gunned his engines forward and flew his fighter straight into the bridge of a star destroyer! He yelled out as the ship impacted and took out the command bridge, killing him and the bridge crew immediately. Beheading the star destroyer and leaving its crew in chaos.

- x -

Titan's Roar, Aden Class Warship…

Duke Mors Lok was eagerly pressing his flagship into battle, desperate to get some glory for himself as he was sadly lacking that in recent years. He was eager for his people to see him as the great leader he was…maybe enough too…he stopped thinking that as it was not something he could even contemplate yet until he had achieved a great victory.

So, seeing the enormous Super Star Destroyer ahead, he didn't hesitate in breaking formation to attack, despite calls to return he ignored it and despite being hit by the many warships that stood between them he and his ship engaged the Super Star Destroyer.

At first things went great, the large ship was being hammered by them but as Mors was eagerly anticipating his own celebration the ship was rocked by a hard explosion as the Super Star Destroyer had begun to use its massive array of turbolasers and ion cannons not to mention missiles and torpedoes on the Titan's Roar.

The warship was built well and extremely tough but it was not invincible and the sheer amount of fire being sent at it was too much for the shields to bare, then then armour began to break and Mors could only blink in surprise as the ship shook violently and fires broke out all around him. The crew struggled to keep the ship going but eventually the hull could take no more and the ship was blown apart.

- x -

Mandalorian Flagship…

"Idiot." Haron and Eliza said together as they saw Lok's ship blow up, they were sorrier for the crew that had died due to his arrogance and the only good thing about this was that his son would be a better leader for House Lok than he had been.

Haron decided it was time to end this, turning to the communications officer he told him.

"Signal all ships to pull back to a safe distance." Then he turned to the rest of the bridge crew. "Decloak, arm primary weapon and prepare to fire. On Duchess Kane's command." He added and she beamed at him in her demented way, eager to get to a chance to use this ship's special weapon.

- x -

Annihilator, Super Star Destroyer…

Thrawn now as the battle if it could be called that raged all around him began to realise that he had made a grave error in judgement. He had forgotten two key lessons that should always be kept close to you when planning any campaign.

First that no plan ever survives contact with the enemy.

The second and for him the most important one…that culture and societies can change.

Haron Ordo had been playing him all along, he realised with mounting coldness. He must have somehow anticipated his intentions and gave him just what he expected to see until he could end this campaign at a place and time of his choosing. Arranging for allies that he could never have predicted and now as the Imperial fleet was pressed into the centre of the field…something strange happened.

"They're leaving." The tactical officer reported with confusion, Thrawn looked at the display and saw for himself that despite that one foolish capital ship all enemy ships were indeed pulling back. This only increased Thrawn's confusion as they were winning this battle…why pull back?

The answer came moments later as a new symbol appeared at the head of the Mandalorian Fleet.

"Analysis!" Thrawn demanded as he did not recognise that ship. The sensor officer did his best and reported with extreme nervousness.

"It's large, about six thousand metres in length. Very strong shields and coated with armour and…its bristling with weaponry. It's a special dreadnaught." The officer reported with fear at the ship and what limited data he was able to receive before detecting something else. "We have a major power build up…its firing!" He managed to report but none of them would know anything about it.

- x -

The Infinity was the first Mandalorian Ship with a Silencer mega laser built in to the original design and powered by the highly efficient and great capacity Anti-Proton Reactor. It produced more power than any other ship in their fleet, meaning its Silencer was able to affect a much larger area than the previous versions had.

A single angry orange/red beam erupted from the front of the ship and hit at the dead centre of the Imperial formation. The beam took only a moment to reach critical mass before a massive explosion ripped through the area, tearing all the Imperial ships huddled together for mutual protection apart!

A rousing cheer went through the bridges and cockpits of the assembled fleets' as they saw Thrawn, the supposedly unstoppable Imperial menace be blasted into nothing right before their eyes. Thrawn had finally been beaten and the Empire no longer had any one that was even half the threat he was to them.

Haron watched with a smile as his crew celebrated, letting Eliza enjoy her moment as she had been instrumental in setting up this ambush and creating a plan so different from his own and typical Mandalorian tactics that Thrawn had never imagined they would fight this way. It was certainly not their way to ask for help or to have ships use ramming attacks like that and it had completely thrown the Imperial fleet into chaos.

They had won an important victory today, Haron thought with satisfaction and while the threat of the Death Star still hung over their heads, now they had something to celebrate at long last. He allowed his crew to celebrate and then a message came through that made his day…they had found the Death Star.

- x -

Star Destroyer Chimera…

Captain Gilad Pellaeon had been an admiral during the Clone Wars but been forced back down into being a captain during the reorganisation from the Republic into the Empire but truthfully, he hadn't minded this as he preferred being on a starship bridge than being behind a desk.

The Chimera was a fine ship and he loved commanding her, something he appreciated everyday and he was proud to keep her as an efficient and capable fighting machine. He followed Grand Admiral Thrawn as he was perhaps a man that was destined to lead the Empire to greatness, he honestly had never met a mind more agile and cunning than his.

But now as his ship hung on the edge of the field, separated from the rest of the fleet in the chaos of the opening battle he was shocked to see how far the Mandalorians were ahead of them and how badly they had defeated the Grand Admiral.

The battle was over, most of the fleet was destroyed with the few survivors being picked off by the enemy ships, he grimaced and told his navigation officer.

"Get us back to Imperial Space immediately." He said, knowing he had to get his ship back to Imperial territory as soon as possible to save them from certain death when the enemy turned their attention to them. The navigator was loyal to a fault and did not hesitate to obey his orders, waiting for the right moment before leaping away although it took longer than he was comfortable with and he could see enemy coming for them and the welcome sight of hyperspace was a big relief to them all.

But Pellaeon was feeling very much like a condemned man as he would be responsible for informing the Emperor of this loss. He didn't expect to live…even if he did, he knew life imprisonment and stripping of any rank or duties he held were distinct possibilities. He was a naval officer and he had been all his life; it was all he knew and if he was to die then he would die as one he thought with determination.

So, with resignation at his likely impending death, he took one tour about his ship, feeling very much like he was about to lose her forever.

Rebel Base, Yavin 4…Days Later…

The atmosphere in the base was tense, more rebel leaders had been arriving all the time and soon the base was at maximum capacity, they had even started using the more intact temples around the great one to make sure there was enough room.

The situation with the Partisans was a shock to the Alliance even though they had long ago separated themselves from Saw Gerrera and his methods the fact that his formidable rebel cell had been taken down so quickly was a shock to all. But this unprecedented gathering gave Padme the chance to address the large majority of the Rebel Alliance all at once.

While the different cell leaders all argued with each other Mon and Padme stared at each other, their gazes guarded and finally Bail decided to end this stalemate and do what needed to happen for the Alliance to move forward.

"Quiet." Bail said firmly and brought the uncontrolled bickering to an end. Once he was sure that they were all listening to him he presented the situation. "We have remained as we are in hopes of forcing the change in the Empire and restoring liberty but with the Imperial Senate now disbanded there is no longer any chance of democratically forcing change…so we must choose a new path forward. And for that…a leader must be chosen. State your cases." Bail said with worry as whoever won this struggle would lead the alliance and chose its direction, if they won the war then it was likely that they would also determine just what government would replace the Empire so a lot hinged on just who would win this.

Mon stepped forward, her form tense and her gaze burning with anger at Padme who she blamed for this situation.

"My friends, we are facing a crisis. In the face of losses and a seemingly hopeless fight then we need to remain united and to stick to our principles. Attacking the Empire will only bring more misery and pain on the galaxy and its people. Are the lives of innocent people worth the cost of our struggle. Do they deserve to suffer from our hubris. We must reframe from endangering them…find better ways to encourage chance and in time rebuild a Republic that stood for over twenty thousand years." Mon said before Padme stepped forward, she felt the eyes of everyone on her and she started to speak.

"I know some of you may feel that Mon is right to hold back for fear of hurting others, in some ways I agree with that statement but there is a reality that we all must accept." Padme said as she began possibly the most important speech of her entire life. "Death and suffering are happening now…without us doing a thing. With every life that is enslaved or ended by the Empire or whoever else it happens whether we get involved or not. It is natural to want to shield people from harm but is harm not being done to them every day that their liberty is stolen, that they are taxed to feed the very war machine that oppresses them? Another way to make change? I was a senator for years and I witnessed the Republic grow more and more corrupt while efforts to stop it were half hearted at best and so the transformation into the Empire too passed with hardly any opposition. If change…real change with a real government that works for its people is going to happen then it will be decided by us now. Rebuilding what was so rotten that it gave birth to the Empire is a mistake my friends as it will only cause us or our children to face the same struggles that we are facing now years down the line." Padme said, taking a moment to catch her breath before continuing.

"To bring change through peaceful means requires our enemy to not be willing to kill us all to achieve those aims. But the Empire has proven time and time again that lives mean nothing to them…not civilian, not rebel and not even their own. If we want to build a better galaxy for our children then we have to do whatever we can to make that change happen…even if it means that we have fight." Padme said as she saw the eyes of everyone on her. "People will get caught in the crossfire of such a struggle that is a fact that sadly cannot be avoided…people will be hurt if we do nothing. So, we must do something, we must fight for those that cannot. For the people of the galaxy and show them that they do not have to endure life under the boot heel of the Emperor and his thugs. Show the galaxy that not only do we mean business but that we are truly determined enough to see this through." Padme concluded before an excited intelligence officer broke in with a vital piece of intelligence.

"A report has reached us, the Mandalorians…they did it! They defeated Thrawn and ended him as a threat forever!"

The news was slow to be assimilated in the room but as it was jubilation spread as they all felt a great sense of relief as they had all dreaded the idea of having to face the seemingly unbeatable Grand Admiral and the knowledge that he was dead was a cause worth celebrating.

"Make your choice." Bail said bringing them back to the moment and the critical decision that needed to be made.

The silence in the room was total and highly tense as no one wanted to be the one to make the first move but Kagame stepped forward and stood next to Padme alongside Anakin and Padme's children. Giving her their support and then Admiral Raddus stepped forward to join them. Garm Bel-Iblis who had made the time to come for this important meeting did the same.

And so, with the first people to make the move, others began to do the same. Glorious Song, the representative of the Esh'kha came other to stand at Padme's side. Forl Kritcean the Azuran leader, First Minister Anya Stroud of Sera, King Amand of Molos, Sairisi of Manaan, General Amos Rike of Denova, Kashim of Duros, General Daeruun of Krex, Jun Sato of Phoenix Squadron and a large number of others joined him including a remorseful looking from General Dodonna.

A couple of leaders did go over to Mon but the majority of the Rebel leaders had made their choice clear, Vel from the side watched her cousin's downfall and worried for her but could do nothing to help her.

Mon looked at Padme with so much rage it was like she was a hypermatter reactor ready to blow, her rage at being replaced made her grab a blaster from the holster of one of the few that had sided with her, startling everyone and was pointing straight at Padme when Ghazhak, one of the Noghri that always accompanied the Skywalkers threw his knife with accuracy that would have impressed the best sniper in the galaxy, the knife hit Mon right in the heart.

She slipped backwards, grabbed by the few that had sided with her and slumped to the ground, time seemed to slow down as this happened and someone although no one would remember exactly who started shouting for a medic but it would have done no good. Not only would the jagged blades of the Noghri be impossible to remove without causing more damage but they tipped them with poison and the blade was firmly lodged in her heart.

Vel with eyes wide in shock ran over to her cousin's side as did Padme, any bad feelings forgotten in the heaty of the moment and Mon with her breath short and laboured said to them both.

"I'm sorry….I got…lost in…wanting to do things my way." Neither Vel nor Padme were sure exactly which one of them she was talking too. They both just held her hands and did their best to comfort her as the light faded from her eyes.

The rest of the rebel leaders looked on, never having imagined that this would happen and all stayed silent as she passed right before their eyes.

Vel held her cousin, not ever having thought Mon would do something as stupid as pulling a blaster like that but regardless she had. Cinta came over and took Vel in her arms, holding her tight as she grieved.

Padme stood up, her old friend and former rival was lying dead at her feet and having never thought it would come to this but it had. She felt the need to speak.

"In her name." Padme said eventually to the gathered Rebel leaders. "We will go on, doing what we know is right. Rally our forces, it's time to show the Empire what the Alliance is really capable of." She said and slowly one by one each of the rebel leaders nodded their acceptance of her command.

The Rebellion was going to be do something bold and decisive that would show the galaxy that it was here to stay.

"To Naboo." She commanded as Anakin came over and stood at her side to strengthen her which she appreciated. It was time to make her move Padme thought and just wished it hadn't come at such a cost.

Imperial Palace, Coruscant…

Gilad Pellaeon was looking like a man determined to face death with some dignity as he knelt before the Emperor, knowing that he was a dead man for the failure of the fleet to break into Mandalorian Space and to lose so many ships in the process. But he was not going to go begging for his life, he would die as an officer and with her pride intact.

"Your majesty, the fleet was destroyed and we failed to defeat the Mandalorians in battle. I await your judgement." Gilad said and the silence that followed that statement was so hard it would have been preferable to drag himself across sharpened blades than to stay knelt there under this oppressive atmosphere.

"The failure was Thrawn's Captain…not yours. You may rise." The Emperor said which astonished Gilad who had known officers being killed for less but was regardless he was very happy to be able to stay alive and respectfully kept her eyes low and asked.

"What are your orders your majesty?" Wondering if he had been spared for some suicide mission or something like that but the Emperor astonished him with another declaration.

"You are hereby promoted to Admiral and commanded to work on the restoration of the Seventh Fleet. To that end, I have ordered that a new type of ship to be built that will be tested under your command." Palpatine said and pressed a button on the arm of her chair, a large hologram of a ship appearing. To Pellaeon's eyes it was very familiar at least in part, the wedge shape was definitely reminiscent of a Star Destroyer but without the large tower on the top and a part cut out at the front where two hanger bays could be seen with another two on the sides of the vessel.

"The Harrower class Battle Cruiser. As the Imperial Class has proven…less than ideal in some situations I have had this design retrieved from distant archives to supplement our fleet. It will be up to you to discover their effectiveness in this war." Palpatine said before closing down the hologram and dismissing Pellaeon absentmindedly. "Leave me."

Pellaeon did as he was told immediately and left, actually finding himself excited as the new design looked much better than the standard ships designed under the Tarkin Doctrine, this ship not only looked intimidating but was highly capable if what he had seen was true. A mix between the Imperial class and the old Venator class ships.

He had gone in expecting to be killed only to be promoted and given an exciting new ship to use. The new battle cruiser would be an incredible ship he was sure and would be glad to get them into his fleet he thought with a smile.

Death Star, Classified Location…

An Imperial Supply Ship made its way towards the enormous structure…not long now the Imperials who looked at it all thought proudly. It was nearly ready and in a couple of months the crew would begin to arrive as the need for secrecy was now nearly gone. With this the ultimate weapon, no one would dare defy the Empire again.

That was feeling shared by those that worked on board the incredible vessel, it was a marvel of engineering and it was just a shame some of them thought that none of the scientists would ever get to see it in action, having been killed in an enemy attack some time ago.

The supply ship docked and off loaded the various containers aboard into the storage bay and then departed, the containers sat there for hours until one of the large storage container opened on its own, slowly at first as small droids appeared that used ion blasts to disable the security cameras before the doors opened fully and Mandalorian warriors emerged.

They made sure that the area was secure before the leaders came together.

"Location?" Haron ordered, he would never ask any of his people to lead such a risky plan as this without putting himself in the same kind of risk. Vysa at his side was here to quote 'make sure his stupid ass made it home'. Bo Katan then joined them and Professor Erso with Jyn at his side in full protective armour however much he might hate it.

"Storage Bay 233-4." Vysa said as she called up the schematic they had of the Death Star.

"Nearest computer access?" Haron then asked, knowing for their plan to even have even the slimmest chance of success they needed to get access to the station's computer network.

"Auxiliary Fire Control, two decks down." Galen Erso said feeling extremely nervous about this plan but it if worked them they would not only have struck a big blow and taken away the Empire's most wasteful weapon.

"Vysa and Caz, plan the virus. The rest of us get ready." Haron ordered before adding. "Stealth is priority, at least until the virus has done its job."

"Understood." Both women said before casting the invisibility spell over themselves, combined with a notice me not charm. You could cloak yourself with the force but this was much easier, they had been practicing hard for this mission and quickly made their way out of the corridor. The Death Star was almost complete they realised as there was hardly any building work going on that they saw beyond small minor things. That only increased their sense of urgency to get this mission done one way or the other.

Reaching the Auxiliary Fire Control room there were a few technicians on duty, mostly running system tests, the pair grimaced knowing that they would need to wait for them to finish their test before they could act, if they planted the virus now then the effect would be marginal as the network was closed off for the test.

They needed the network to be fully accessible, the virus had to spread and do its work before they could risk exposing themselves.

So, all they could do both of them thought with anxiety was wait.

- x -

On the command bridge which was the only part of the Death Star that was fully manned two figures stood; one was Director Krennic proudly watching as his creation came to fruition but the other was there as a representative of the Emperor himself…to keep an eye on the construction project and more importantly the people there for any sign of trouble or treason.

And he was not comfortable, he could sense something was wrong in the force…not sure exactly what but something was not right.

Unable to contain himself he left the bridge to seek the source of his irritation and ignored all attempts by Krennic who deeply irritated him at the best of times and were it not for his orders not to kill him…he would have long ago.

- x -

After what seemed like an eternity the test finally ended and Vysa was able to plug the slicer's kit she was holding into the console while Caz beheaded the technicians with a swing of her lightsaber. The process of uploading the virus was agonisingly slow, it seemed to take forever but thankfully it was at last uploaded to the network. It was a modified version of the Armageddon Virus that they had used before but Professor Erso had spent the last year reworking it for the Death Star's computer system, so it would cut through their firewalls with ease and know just where and how to attack the systems they needed and do what they needed it to do.

Now they had only to return to the storage bay and rejoin the others, but as they did so the door opened and a chill ran through them. Frowning as none of their intel had said anything about a force user being stationed here, they turned to see a tall and heavily armoured figure appear at the door. It wasn't a Vader; they both could see that as the armour design was very different and looked far heavier. He also had a different lightsaber, a much bigger hilt that they would have found awkward to hold with both hands let alone one. He ignited it and a red blade appeared before he leapt at them.

Both jumped out of the way and he sailed past them but landed on his feet, they blasted him with the force into the wall nearby but he struggled against it and righted himself, throwing a force wave back which caught the pair by surprise, sending them backwards in the wall. They both had to recover quickly as whoever he was attacked again straight away.

They ignited their own lightsabers but the warrior shocked them again by literally slamming his saber down so hard that they both shuddered under the impact and with a back handed punch he forced Vysa away so he could turn his attention to Caz. The other warrior had no time to react as he grabbed her by the throat and with great strength snapped her neck with a single twist.

Vysa was horrified and quickly deployed her blasters, shooting the lightsaber hilt which broke in half with the twin shots from her shoulder mounted blasters. She kept on shooting and that bastard just staggered but didn't fall, making to charge at her again but she kept shooting with both magic and blasters, he staggered to his knees as she kept on hitting him, his armour buckling and with one last try she used a spell that she had been told to only use in an emergency.

"Avada Kedavra." She said and a sickly green light burst out of her kyber crystal glove. The curse hit dead on and the enemy warrior stopped still for a moment before falling to the ground dead.

Vysa looked at him and her hand for a moment as she contemplated the killing curse, it was powerful but the coldness of the dark side ran straight through it. She shuddered and hoped to never have to use something like that again, she knew that Haron hated it in particular although he had never said why.

But checking on Caz she confirmed sadly that she was gone, Vysa sighed with grief as the virus finally did what they needed it too.

- x -

On the command bridge Krennic was growing increasingly frustrated by the absence of the Dark Disciple, he was honestly wondering if he was going to report to the Emperor that he was going to betray him so that he could take the Death Star for himself. His own paranoia over losing control of his creation building with every moment which only made what happened next more ironic.

"Sir…the hyperdrive is engaging." One of the technicians reported in surprise which confused everyone as there was no test on the hyperdrive scheduled for today.

"Well shut it down." Krennic said with annoyance not wanting some stupid officer to ruin his day with an unauthorised test but the technician on the console worked his controls but with a look of fear coming on his face reported.

"I can't, the controls are locked! Making the jump to hyperspace in three…two…one." He reported and then the enormous engines of the Death Star roared to life and sent the enormous vessel jumped into hyperspace, leaving the sentry ships behind and in a deep sense of confusion.

Krennic was feeling increasingly anxious as he knew that this shouldn't happen.

"What is the destination set?" He demanded, needing to know just where they were going. But the technician just told him.

"I can't access it…the entire navigation system is locked out! And we just lost internal and external communications." He reported with a look of fear that was shared by just about everyone on the bridge. They had no means of contacting anyone inside or outside of the ship and they had no idea just where they were going. To make matters worse they couldn't launch a shuttle in hyperspace so until they got wherever they were going they had no means of summoning help. They had a full legion of Stormtroopers aboard, twelve thousand eight hundred of the Empire's best and about twenty thousand technicians and other officers but that was it. They hadn't even test fired the superlaser yet and most of the turbolasers either, the defence shield worked but that was about it. They didn't even have most of the airwing aboard.

"Get someone down the engineering decks and shut down the hyperdrive! Ready a shuttle to launch to contact any local Imperial units for assistance." Krennic ordered but because they would need to get there physically to make any changes it would take up to half an hour just to get to the engineering decks and another to get back even the turbolifts.

- x -

"Jamming any potential Imperial communications." Deera said as she emerged from the container with the necessary equipment. "We are now patched in, internal sensors now reporting all personnel locations. We have about fifty thousand scattered across the station."

"Good, then we have a good chance. Ready our invasion force and send them out to hunt down the Imperials. Secure engineering decks first, we need to make sure they don't force us out of hyperspace until we reach the rendezvous point." Haron said as they called up the map of the Death Star and pointed to the relevant area.

"If we take primary control in Engineering then we can control the whole station from there." Galen Erso said nervously, never having expected to get into this situation where he would be helping warriors take over the Death Star. Jyn at his side held his hand to comfort him, her presence all the reassurance that he needed.

"Deera, that's your job. Make sure we have control of engineering, take Professor Erso and Jyn with you. The rest of us will fan out across the station and eliminate all Imperial Personnel." Haron said wishing he could be more positive but given the loss of Caz he was more serious in case of any other surprises here.

"Good, it makes things simpler." Another voice said and they looked to the container and saw a surprising addition to the invasion force. Ijaa Yusagi who had come out of retirement although no one quite knew why, he had demanded to replace his youngest son which admittedly could be part of it but he had never done such things before and it was out of character. All of the people that had accompanied them on this mission had an heir to carry on their name if they died with the exception of Bo Katan who didn't really need one given her position in House Kryze.

"Good. The droids and our warriors are ready." Bo Katan said, still in complete awe of this enormous structure but at the same time eager to get on with this. She still had trouble believing that they had managed to create a space so large within a shipping container, wooden lined with large kyber crystals dotted around. It was only a regular cargo container that would only be just enough to hold a single Basilisk war droid but instead she thought with confusion at how it was possible…inside that container was a small army! She thought with amazement, twenty thousand Skytroopers, Five Hundred Basilisk War Droids and ten thousand regular warriors. It had internal life support and all the facilities they needed for the three days that they had been inside until they had reached the Death Star.

She had never been one to give much faith in the force but right now…she honestly was reconsidering that opinion.

"Get started, we have only half a day to clear this station. Be alert, there is still great danger." Haron reminded them. They all nodded and went off in smaller units to spread out from the storage bay, the Basilisks moving carefully through the corridors as they were only just able to get through although the warriors and Skytroopers did so with much more ease.

- x -

Ijaa was leading his squad of warriors, his old body aching more than it had in his youth but he was determined to make his last battle count…his very last he thought with a mounting sense of inevitability. The doctors had diagnosed the illness too late for any potential treatment and he was not going to go down in a hospital bed on drugs to reduce his pain.

He would die as he had lived, as a warrior.

He charged like a man possessed, pushing past any discomfort as he came across some Imperials and gunned them down without even blinking before he encountered a squad of soldiers that was a significantly greater challenge than the regular rank and file.

They had red armour and were wielding force pikes, the Imperial Royal Guard. They had heard of them but never actually seen them before now. Probably stationed here to ensure the loyalty of the crew here, Ijaa reasoned and his own honour would not let him just shoot them so he pulled out his beskad sword. It was made of pure beskar and was incredibly strong so he wasn't too concerned.

He charged in and found that the royal guard were far from the weak nothings that made up most of the Imperial Army. They were agile he realised and as he found able to work as a group. They ducked around him and moved quickly to avoid his strikes, but as they surrounded him, they jabbed at him with their force pikes. Being made of phrik and having been sharpened to a point they managed to pierce through the bodysuit Ijaa was wearing. He felt the pain and managed to surprise one by impaling him through the chest with his beskad.

The Royal Guard kept on jabbing at him and they were good enough to manage to aim between the plates of beskar, Ijaa kept on fighting though and managed to get a few of them but soon they knocked the beskad from his hand and swarmed him to continue to stab him until he was dead.

Ijaa, now knowing death was at hand smiled as he let them surround him before activating the grenades he had on his belt, detonating them all at once and killing not only himself but the Royal Guards at the same time. Smiling as he gave up the fight, knowing he had gone down as a true Mandalorian.

- x -

Deera as she moved through the engineering decks, clearing them out one by one was actually impressed at the engineering scale of the Death Star if not its actual construction. It was impressive to build something this big but to do it for the sole purpose of destroying planets was pathetic in her mind…how many ships and weapons could they have built with the resources plunged into this incredibly wasteful project? She pondered before using her lightsaber to cut down the technicians that were trying to drop the ship out of hyperspace. It was cruel, cold to simply kill them like this but they needed to secure control and removing this Imperial scum who knew full well what the Death Star was built for didn't exactly make her feel very sad.

Ensuring the Empire had no chance of using this enormous waste of manpower and resources was a win in her book and she was not going to waste time and energy by making herself feel sorry for the Imperials…they were the enemy and that meant taking them down.

Finally, though after ending the last Stormtrooper she conjured her patronus, a Reijar sparrow and told Haron.

"Engineering is secure."

- x -

Krennic was pacing the bridge with increasing anxiety as he had no idea just what was happening out there. They still had not managed to get any kind of communications going and internal sensors and security systems had gone down not long after. He had sent men to find out just what was happening but none of them had returned and the ship was still in hyperspace. He was getting more and more concerned with each moment before finally the door to the bridge was blown open.

The explosion threw all of them to the ground, their ears ringing but through Krennic's throbbing head and blurred vision he could see figures in non-Imperial uniforms enter the bridge, he was so stunned by the blast that he didn't have the mental capacity to understand that the Death Star had been invaded.

That was until a woman in dark blue and grey armour stood over him and he heard her laughing slightly at him before hitting him with a stun dart.

- x -

When Krennic finally did wake up he was heavily restrained and at the controls of the command bridge were Mandalorians!

He tried to yell but found that he had been gagged and looked to see the woman that had stunned him smirking at him as she stood over him. She had removed her helmet and was revealed as a middle-aged woman with red hair cut to her shoulders.

"Well done Bo Katan." A voice from the side said and it was horribly familiar, Krennic had heard several times and it was not the sort of voice you could ever forget. Turning his head slightly in the desperate hope that he was wrong but the familiar face of Haron Ordo, albeit older than he remembered but he was still there.

"Happy to oblige, now what do we do with him though?" Bo Katan asked before they both looked in his direction, he glared at them but they and the two blonde women standing with them were utterly unaffected and told her.

"We keep him alive, as this dream of his is taken apart…piece by piece. We funnel the resources into building up our own fleet and army…we can even divert some of it to civilian projects while giving some to our allies to increase their own forces. There is enough material to build thousands of capital ships alone. And he will be here to see every moment of it. Is that punishment acceptable Professor?" Haron Ordo asked a man that was looking through the different displays. Krennic's eyes widened as he saw him when he and the rest of the galaxy had thought him dead!

"Yes, he took my wife from me, and separated me from my daughter to force me to work on this abomination. Forcing him to live to see it dismantled is certainly a just punishment." Galen Erso said with disgust as he looked at the man that he had once considered a friend. Jyn too at his side looked disgusted at the man who had killed her mother and would delight in his misery.

The fact they were going to dismantle his beloved project horrified Krennic who struggled and tried to yell but he was too well restrained and they all just smirked at him. Haron Ordo turned to Galen and told him.

"Then we will leave the dismantling of the Death Star in your capable hands Professor, an army or worker droids and engineers will be at your disposal. I understand that Deera and Professor Mors are quite eager to work with you on some of our energy generation projects. Clean energy for all, a goal that I can get behind." Haron said and Galen nodded, knowing that taking this station apart would take quite awhile but he was more than eager to begin not to mention discuss some genuinely good science with a pair of minds as bright and engaging as Mors and Deera…not to mention spend some long overdue time with his daughter, he thought putting his arm around Jyn's shoulder and she leant into him in response, just glad to have each other in their lives again.

Already they had a large number of engineers scouring and disabling any beacons that could allow the Empire to track the Death Star and had moved into Wild Space where they would never look. It was a victory and a heist unlike any in history and they had pulled it off Haron thought proudly. His people had a right to celebrate as they had vanquished an enemy and taken their greatest weapon from them to fuel their own growth. They had lost a lot of warriors against Thrawn and more against this but they had won the day.

It was cause enough to be thankful, he thought with pride.

Naboo, Mid Rim…

Naboo being the home world of Palpatine was a highly important world in the Empire, it was at all times defended by three Imperial Class Star Destroyers with accompanying support ships. There was not much active rebellion on Naboo so they were supremely confident in their position.

The Rebel Fleet dropped out of hyperspace just short of the gravity well of the planet, the Profundity at the head of the taskforce which charged forward. Anakin in the cockpit of his customised T-70 X-Wing leading Rogue Squadron which formed up behind him.

"All wings report in." Anakin called out. His own pilots calling in including Luke and Leia and now Mace, then followed by.

"Red Squadron, standing by." Garven 'Dave' Dreis, Red Leader reported.

"Gold Squadron, standing by." Jon 'Dutch' Vander, Gold Leader reported.

"Green Squadron, standing by." Arvel Crynyd, Green Leader reported.

"Lock S-foils in attack position. Accelerate to attack speed." Anakin said and the X-Wings all opened their wings into the signature four 'X' shape. Anakin honestly was having a great sense of déjà vu as he had fought in a starfighter above Naboo yet again, for the third time he thought with detached amusement.

"Incoming." Leia broke in as Tie fighters came in and the battle began, all the fighters breaking formation to engage the enemy fighters.

"Frigates and corvettes move in to support the fighters; cruisers engage those Star Destroyers." Raddus commanded as his ship and the heavier Assault Frigates moved in to engage the Star Destroyers.

The battle between the fighters was intense, although outnumbered the rebel pilots were better flyers and had in terms of the X-Wing at least better ships, the lack of Tie Interceptors also meant that the A-Wing was the fastest ship on the field and easily able to dominate alongside their heavier counterparts.

The bombers not being able dogfighters instead began to harass the light cruisers accompanying the Imperial fleet, they would have used ion torpedoes but none had been available so it would not be possible to use that particularly useful weapon. They instead resorted to using their regular proton torpedoes and bombs against the lighter warships.

The corvettes and Nebulon-B frigates engaged with the rest and the enemy Raider class ships but as they pushed forward, they found to their great distress that they weren't making as much progress against the enemy. The Star Destroyers were too strong, the heavier ships didn't have the firepower to overwhelm them.

Anakin was aware around him, shooting down the Tie fighters that came his way but they just couldn't force their way through the Imperial blockade, he saw as Red Five was shot down and then another three of different squadrons and wondered how the intel had been lacking about the number of Star Destroyers, they had only expected two not three! And that was assuming that reinforcements hadn't been summoned he thought as he saw Gold 6 be blown apart right in front of him but the worst was about to come.

The Profundity was coming under extremely heavy fire, the MC75 cruiser was not built as a warship and had some rather big vulnerabilities that the Imperial gunners were taking full advantage of and then they saw the command bridge which was underslung from the main hull be blown clean off!

May the Force be with you Admiral Raddus Anakin thought with sadness at the passing of them commander but the situation was now far worse as that had been the only capital ship they had with them. Anakin hated the idea of a retreat but without Raddus and his ship they would have no other choice.

Then he felt a surge in the force, announcing an arrival and just a short way off he saw a small fleet of new ships drop out of hyperspace, he fully expected them to be more Imperial Ships and was fully prepared to call for the retreat but then he saw to his delight that it was not Imperial reinforcements at all!

"All ships this is Admiral Ackbar aboard Home One, press the attack." The familiar voice of the Ackbar said and the sight of not only the distinctive hull of Home One, but three MC80b cruisers and squadrons of B-Wing and ARC-170 fighters were a truly welcome sight for the rebels as the presence of the Mon Calamari turned the entire situation around but more than that a large group of Thranta-class light cruisers and Foray and CR90 corvettes accompanied by Vanguard class heavy gunships baring Corellian markings had come with them.

"Gunships use ion torpedoes to take down those star destroyers." Another familiar voice said as Garm Bel-Iblis joined the fight.

Anakin saw the large but well-armed gunships use the powerful torpedoes to shut down the star destroyers before the MC80 cruisers ripped into them with their own turbolasers.

The Imperial fleet fell into disarray, now they could clear a path for the ground forces to approach Anakin thought with gratitude for the unexpected aid, thanks to the late arrival of the Mon Calamari and the Corellians they were finally in a position to continue the battle.

- x -

Theed Space Port, Naboo…

The enormous space port built under the cliff on which Theed sat was built with reparations from the Trade Federation after their invasion so many years ago, it was a perfect place to land all kinds of ships and therefore was the prime target for the invasion force. But the Empire of course strictly controlled the spaceport and those coming and going. The Naboo Security Force had been shrunk to a fraction of its previous size and kept well away from the docks but many were in league with the Naboo Resistance as was the queen, older members who had been forced to retire had secretly kept their weapons and uniforms and the gungans who rarely ever ventured out of the swamps these days had been approached, eager to not have the Empire trying to destroy their underwater cities like they had done on Manaan to make them more controllable, the gungans had agreed to aid the Naboo in the uprising. A good number of them had been quietly moved into the city with their weapons disguised to help.

But there was something else planned to galvanise the rebels and the locals, a recording of Padme had been arranged to be broadcast to the entirety of Theed and other Naboo settlements. Even after all these years Padme was still held in high regard by her people so it was hoped they would respond to her.

All the inhabitants of Theed all saw the transmission break out over the public information network, a hologram appeared of a woman that many of them had only seen in history lessons.

"People of Naboo, some of you will know me…some of you will not. My name is Padme Naberrie, known otherwise as Padme Amidala and once many years ago I had the honour of being Queen of Naboo and then later serving this world as its senator. I have been gone a long time due to rise of the Empire as I did not wish to bring any hardship to my family or any citizen of this great world. But now I have gained allies of my own and I have returned to see this world liberated once again. Stay safe in your homes if you don't want to fight." The Hologram of Padme said.

The sight of the transports in the atmosphere above made all of them share looks and words, not sure what to make of it. The local Imperial Garrison of course was on alert because of what was happening in orbit and ground-based Tie Fighters scrambled to intercept them. Blue Squadron was escorting the transports and ready to meet with them but the Naboo Resistance managed to force their way into the Royal Hanger and deploy their old N-1 Starfighters to aid in the fight.

The ships moved towards the landing zone while ships fought in the skies, both taking losses as the AT-AT walkers on the space port fired at them, their heavy blasters doing damage despite the shields and a few transports crashed before the U-Wing pilots came in to take them down.

The gungans and Naboo rebels fought hard and managed to clear the landing zone as the transports managed to land, the ramps descending and letting the rebel ground forces disembark. The light AAC-1 speeder tanks and the T2-B Repulsor tanks floated down accompanied by the heavier T4-B battle tanks just behind, the latter rumbling down on their tracks with heavier lasers and missile launchers ready. Accompanying them were the rebel troopers, now wearing a slimmed down version of the COG armour wore by the soldiers on Sera, otherwise known as Gears. The armour was much more efficient than what the Alliance had used before and now they had the Foundry they could issue it to all units along with ground vehicles for support.

The rebels charged out, relieving the beleaguered Naboo and Gungans with their better weapons and equipment, forcing the Empire out of the landing port as more rebels came in. Meetra Surik who was personally leading the assault took a hard look at the situation and gave her orders.

"AAC-1 tanks move forward with infantry support. T2-B just behind, heavy infantry and T4-B bring up the rear." Meetra ordered as she looked at the confined streets and gritted her teeth as this was going to be a difficult fight especially if they didn't want to level the city in the process.

Their units began to press up the street, encountering Imperial units as they forced their way up into Theed.

- x -

An Hour Later…

The city had quickly turned into a warzone as the rebels combined with locals who were willing to fight fought with the Imperials for control of the city. The Rebels held the palace and a good portion of the area but the Imperial garrison was being particularly stubborn and refusing to give up the fight. So, it carried on in the city streets with increasing brutality but thankfully the rebels had air superiority.

Vel, Cinta and Cassian were leading a squad of soldiers over the Bassa Bridge, the hope being that they could use it to outflank the Imperials that were holding the Pergola's Bridge and take them out from behind.

The Stormtroopers had set up E-Web repeating blasters on the other side which making progress painfully slow as they couldn't just charge at the position without being gunned down and they had only grenades but the bridge was too long to throw a grenade along its length. They remained stuck on the other side and grimaced as another of their troopers get cut down.

"We need air and armour support!" Vel called out over the comm channel but the response, while slightly muffled was clear enough.

"None available!" Cassian said with frustration as they were now stuck and pinned down on the bridge. A second sentence did come through but they had no idea just what it had said because of explosions drowning out the sound. Cinta with frustration leapt up without saying anything and Vel was about to grab her to pull her down but Cinta in what seemed to be a suicidal attack, ran forward with a grenade and threw it at the emplacement on the other side of the bridge. Vel was about to run after her but Cassian grabbed Vel and pulled her back into their limited cover as he knew being out there too long was suicide but Cinta, clearly thought otherwise although Cassian was tragically proven right when a surge of blaster fire hit her just as she was throwing the grenade, the shock screwed up her aim and the grenade went straight into the river on either side of the bridge rather than the other side. Cinta's armour didn't hold up well under the attack and she fell down dead before she hit the floor.

"CINTA!" Vel screamed in anguish as she saw her girlfriend go down, Cassian had to hold her to stop her running out into the line of fire herself. Vel struggled like a madwoman but for her sake Cassian held on.

The moment was tragic but then the second communication that they had missed was repeated and it seemed that although no armour or air support was available, they had been sent some help.

A woman in Jedi robes appeared, a Chalactan and ignited a green lightsaber and with a speed that was too fast for them to follow the woman leapt over the length of the bridge and landed on the far side, she moved just as quickly cut down the stormtroopers and cleared their path.

"A Jedi is coming." Cassian said with grief, wishing Cinta had been more patience and Master Billaba who he now recognised would have cleared the way for all of them. Or that they had been able to hear the first try, Depa had cleared the emplacements with ease in a matter of moments and now the path was open for them to flank the Imperials and hopefully collapse their remaining resistance. Cassian was worried about Vel and her state of mind after Cinta's death but she shrugged him off and continued the charge…determined to see this through so with some reluctance he and the rest of their troopers ran after her and now joined by Master Depa, attacked the Imperials from behind.

Taking the bridge allowed them to do exactly as Cassian had hoped and with the lines now broken and exposed, Imperials began to surrender, knowing the battle was lost. Some fought on out of loyalty or desperation but it made no difference as the day drew to a close and Theed was now free of an Imperial presence for the first time in years.

At the Royal Palace Padme met with Queen Dalne, the current monarch who had regretfully done little in her brief reign as the most loyal Imperial Quarsh Panaka had ruled the planet in Palpatine's name. The fact her once loyal protector had become so strong a supporter of the same tyrant that strangled the galaxy made Padme sadder than she would have thought possible but regardless it was a fact and he had commanded till the end, only stopping when he had been killed sadly. Also present was the new leader of the gungans Boss Rull. They both bowed slightly to her but she just smiled as she returned the gesture.

"It is an honour to finally meet you. I have only heard about your exploits." Queen Dalne said and Padme just smiled and told her.

"It is more of an honour to meet you both…I have done all that I have in an attempt to help others. That is all the reward I need." Padme said and they both were now able to see her humility was truly a thing of legend.

"Then the people are lucky to have you." Dalne said and added. "Other planets have risen in revolt when they learned what's happened here. More people than ever are starting to stand up to the Empire, I have even learned that the Rift Alliance has reconvened and reaffirmed their involvement in this fight, now with the Hapes Consortium and Pasdishah Imperium as members. They have said their ships will pass through from time to time to ensure our protection from the Imperial military. Victory is seeming more likely every day." Dalne said with a hopeful smile.

"Yes, but wesa must remember, bombad Empire is still strong." Boss Rull mentioned, he looked so much like Boss Nass that Padme was almost certain that the two must be related somehow but just nodded.

"The plasma sales will be put back into the betterment of the people again, Palpatine has made it so he got the majority of the credits we made for them but from this point anything he held here is being taken back for the people." Dalne said with disgust that Palpatine actually came from this world and from this moment he would have nothing from Naboo people or on the planet.

Sometime later Padme stood in the palace and looked out over the city but despite the damage to the buildings the people seemed to be elated at their liberation from the Empire. The fireworks lit up the sky and honestly Padme despite what had happened with Mon had never felt better as at last…she was home! She thought with joy after being away from Naboo for so long.

A knock at the door announced Sola's arrival but she wasn't alone, two older people followed her and their faces brought a lump to Padme's throat. She had feared that she would never see them again. They looked at her with astonishment, even though Sola had told them it was still a shock after so many years.

She stood rooted to the floor but they did not and walked over to her and just like they had when she was a child gathered her into a hug, she quickly hugged them back, tears running down their cheeks as they were reunited for the first time in nearly twenty years. Sola soon came in with her two daughters and her granddaughter…Padme smiled as she saw her nieces for the first time in years, they looked a lot like their mother Padme noticed straight away and they seemed mystified by her but that was probably because they had only been very young when they had last seen her and so didn't remember her well. That stung Padme more than she thought it would but she hoped that they might have time to change that.

Then from behind Ryoo, a little girl peaked her head out. Honestly it was like a before and after picture since Wila looked just like her mother at that age. Long dark brown hair and the same adorable features, she looked at Padme with confusion as she had only seen pictures of her before and after greeting both of her nieces, Padme knelt down and extended her hand to Wila who looked to her mother to make sure it was okay before shaking her hand.

Few words were said as they just exchanged hugs and greetings with each other the emotion was too high in the room until Anakin and her own family arrived. R2 was with them and Wila looked immediately interested and started playing with the astromech…like mother like daughter Padme and the others all thought as it was just like when they had visited just before the Clone Wars started, Ryoo and Pooja had loved playing with R2 then too.

"Mother, father." Padme said with a warm smile. "You remember Anakin."

"Indeed, and thank you for keeping her safe." Jobal said to her son in law even if she didn't know that yet. Anakin smiled before shaking her hand.

"She has kept me safe more than once herself." Anakin told Jobal and Ruwee who shook his hand also. Luke, Leia and Mace all looked them with interest before Padme finally made perhaps the most emotional introduction of her entire life.

"This is my sons Luke and Mace and my daughter Leia." She said with some worry as she had no idea just how her parents would take having three nearly grown grandchildren that they had never met.

Ruwee and Jobal were stunned at first, never having expected this. Luke, Leia and Mace too were struggling to know just what to say to the grandparents that they had never met. Ryoo and Pooja too were stunned at the arrival of their cousins but Ruwee and Jobal did not let the silence last for long and walked over, gathering the three of them up in warm hugs that they returned with some awkwardness but that was soon forgotten.

"I am so very happy to finally meet you." Jobal said with tears in her eyes as she had missed so much of their lives but she was just so happy that she not only had her daughter back, but three grandchildren to get to know! She immediately began planning for a family dinner, the first that she had held in a long time where all of her family would at last be around the table…she would need a bigger table she realised and decided it would be better to have it out in the garden. Her mind was already making plans. Ruwee meanwhile was taking in his grandchildren and quietly asking them questions in the hopes that they would get to know each other.

Anakin meanwhile looked down at Wila who seemed to stare at him, Luke, Leia and Mace, subconsciously feeling they were like her. He knelt down and held a ball before gently floating it over to her. Wila smiled as she caught it with the force, making it float before returning it to him. She showed her inexperience as she sent it back with a little too much force and he had to stop it before it smacked straight into his hand but smiled as he would be glad to teach Wila to harness her power.

They spent a long time just enjoying each other's company before Master Billaba came in with her own former student Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger. The master nodded to Anakin who returned it to his fellow former council member. Kanan looked somewhat in awe of Anakin while Ezra was confused at the gathering.

"Master Billaba, it is good that you survived the purge." Anakin said as he left the Naberrie family to talk with his own children, she too smiled knowingly as she saw his children and knew they were his straight away.

"Master Skywalker, I have heard much of your own exploits and congratulate you for all you have achieved." Depa said with a gentle smile before introducing the two at her side. "My former and somewhat current apprentice Kanan Jarrus and his own student, Ezra Bridger."

"A pleasure." Anakin said and extended his hands to both of them and while it took a moment for Kanan to take it he did and you could feel the nervousness he had over meeting such a legendary Jedi. Ezra just gave his usual charming smile.

"How you doing?"

"Ezra!" Kanan said with exasperation at his casual attitude. "This Master Anakin Skywalker, the Hero with Fear. The strongest Jedi there has ever been!"

"Do not worry about. I am not one to stand on ceremony." Anakin told them with amusement at the hero worship Kanan had for him.

"Master Billaba." Anakin said turning back to Depa who gave him her full attention. "My son and daughter." He said indicating Luke and Leia which made Kanan and Ezra widen their eyes in shock that he had a family. "They are ready, I can't think of any trial that they haven't passed already and I can't exactly knight them myself." He said as he was their father and it could easily be considered nepotism. Depa immediately understood just what he was saying and told him with a nod.

"It would be a pleasure." She told him and without wasting anymore time went over to the twins. Anakin made a quick introduction.

"Luke, Leia…this is Jedi Master Depa Billaba, one of the most skilled the order has ever produced." Anakin told them quickly but Depa was too humble to accept such praise and told him.

"I have merely done what was best at the time as you have." Depa said modestly and then told Luke and Leia. "And your father has asked me to do something as a Jedi Master. So please, kneel." She told Luke and Leia who both shared and uncertain look before doing so with a nod of agreement from their father.

"By the will of the force and the way of the Jedi, I Depa Billaba hereby bestow upon you both the rank and title of Jedi Knight with all of the responsibilities it brings. Stand and be recognised." She told them kindly and they both in shock did as she said and Padme and Anakin smiled proudly at their two eldest while Mace looked at his older siblings with admiration and some jealousy at not being knighted too but his turn would come in time.

"Luke, there is something else that I intend to give you." Anakin said as he had come to this decision after deciding to accept Wila as his latest apprentice. "I now have other responsibilities now that I will be teaching Wila to develop her abilities…so I am making you Rogue Leader. They're your squadron now Luke, I wish you luck." Anakin said knowing that leadership of Rogue Squadron was a challenge and they had some big missions to carry out.

Leia was glad for her brother if a bit jealous that she hadn't been chosen to lead Rogue Squadron but she had her own ambitions and to be honest would probably have left the squadron anyway. All she could say for certain was times were changing and it was up to them to change with them. Leia congratulated her brother all the same and wished him well before going back to talking with her grandparents and cousins, enjoying the feeling of finally getting to know her family.

- x -

Cassian was walking through the city streets, smiling as he saw many of the locals were happy with their new liberty and bonding with the rebels. He saw a bunch of their soldiers drinking with some Naboo security volunteers and waved at them as he passed and they waved back.

But as he passed a small back alley, he saw a figure that had collapsed into a heap on the ground, fearing someone might need medical help he rushed over but saw to his shock that it was Vel and she wasn't hurt but she was sobbing while considerably drunk.

"Mon…Cinta. Both dead." She said as tears ran down her face and Cassian immediately gathered her up in his arms. She resisted but only for a moment before collapsing against him and sobbing, for Cassian it was strange to see her like this. She had always seemed so strong and collected but this was a reminder that she was only human and had lost two of the people that meant the most to her in the last couple of weeks. He just held her and let her cry, it was clear that she needed it and what else were friends for but to comfort you in your darkest moments he thought as he cradled her and let her release all of the misery and pain inside her.

Reijar, the Ordo System…

Naboo was not the only planet celebrating, across all of Mandalorian space their people were enjoying their triumphs of recent days, not only had they slayed the seemingly unstoppable Grand Admiral that had been messing with them and their allies for several years, they had now reclaimed their dominance of space warfare and had taken the Empire's greatest toy away from them! Soon enormous amounts of resources would be pouring into their factories and their moral had never been higher!

Haron had gathered his entire family around him to celebrate this moment, he sat there with Ara smiling as they saw their children, now all adults with Siri and Tyus having turned seventeen just this week. Astoria had brought Isolder with her and seemed content as they spoke with Corridan and his new bride the Princess now Queen Nyssa of Trak'el Sigma. Both Astoria and Corridan had happiness radiating off them and neither Haron or Ara could be happier for them.

Markus was speaking with Din; the loneliness of their eldest son had caused them a little concern but he had hinted recently of a girlfriend who he wanted to get to know better before inviting her to meet the family. Despite questions he would not reveal more about her and so they would have to wait until he was comfortable telling them. Din on the other hand was thriving, Sorgan was a small planet in the scheme of things but he was loving his new home and had now two small sons of his own with his wife who were playing at their feet.

Li'anne was chatting to Nila who was now a teenager, having just turned thirteen last week and was doing so well in her training. Li'anne's boyfriend, a noted painter was happily saying he would be only too glad to make a family portrait of them all. Siri and Tyus stood with their boyfriend and girlfriend who were from Ordo's own vassals and of course were all but falling over themselves to make a good impression but they made their children happy and were free of any potential scandal so that was enough for the moment.

Deera and Zara were enjoying time with Eliza and Vysa while their respective daughters Mari, Amili and Cera all played games together with Grahuur's now grown cubs who were with them. Grahuur himself was speaking with Lelia who had left her boyfriend Julian at home as he was somewhat ill recently and it was better for him not to travel.

Nevile, Hannah and Luna were all celebrating with their own families but the size of his own made Haron smile, he had long dreamt of having a family of his own but this one had grown so large! He thought with amazement, larger than he had ever dreamed and all of his children were grown now he thought but not sadly anymore, they were all proving themselves ready to step out of his and the others shadows and make their own dreams now.

His thoughts turned back briefly to the losses they had taken, some seasoned warriors like Fenn Rau would be hard to replace but they would manage, already they had renamed the Flight School that Fenn had founded in his honour, the staff that he himself had trained would carry on his work Haron thought sadly.

But he turned his mind back to the family gathering and smiled as the love of family flowed through the room freely and without care. This was what he fought for Haron thought as he pulled Ara closer, for moments like these.

Dac, Outer Rim Territories…

Admiral Ackbar and King Lee-Char both looked out over the enormous shipyards of Mon Cala or Dac as it was known. They were easily the greatest asset of the planet and today they were beginning work on a new ship for their fleet that would provide themselves, the Rift Alliance and the Rebellion with an answer to the Super Star Destroyer.

Officially they were calling in the MC85 cruiser but it had also been labelled as the Viscount-class, a super dreadnaught of their own which while nowhere near as crew intensive or as large as the enormous Imperial leviathans would certainly be a match for it and help overwhelm any enemies that they would face in the future.

It was a matter of pride to their people and would vastly improve their own abilities, vowing not to be caught off guard again.

Odessen, Wild Space…One Month Later…

Luna was proudly sitting at one of the main seats in the circular camp that they had established on this planet, being neutral in the force it was the perfect place for her grand conference.

"Greetings." Luna said as she got to her feet and looked at the gathered guests; Lady Jessica of the Bene Geressitt, Merrin of the Dathomiri, Wialu of the Fallanasi and Nenn of the Theran Listeners plus some others of their respective orders.

"We have gathered today so that we can not only discuss and debate on matters of the force, magic, white current or whatever else we call it, but also to exchange techniques with each other. It is my hope that not only will we gain a better understanding of each other but also each grow stronger. In a galaxy dominated by Jedi and Sith, I refuse to be sidelined by them any more and I hope that you all feel the same."

Luna saw that many of them had the same feelings, the Dathomiri having been hunted and hurt badly by the Empire and the Separatists so it would do them all good to get stronger, Luna thought to herself. The others too wanted to have more of an understanding of the great mystery and hopefully it would allow more outlooks on the force to thrive than the limited views of the Jedi and the Sith.

Imperial Palace, Coruscant…

Palpatine had been in a dark mood all day.

The lost of Thrawn had been unforeseen and a minor annoyance but the Death Star's disappearance was enough to send a cold child down even his spine. The worry that someone would turn his perfect weapon against him honestly was making his own personal fears expand and he had all of the Imperial Fleet looking for it but there was no sign of just where it had gone. Construction of the second Death Star was going to need to be accelerated as the danger of it being turned on them was too real to ever take the chance…after all he thought who could ever resist having that kind of power.

But there was something else that was soiling his mood, something that he had hidden from every single person around him especially those that knew of his identity as the Dark Lord of the Sith. His ability to see the future had now completely deserted him, he thought with fear his own power was failing. He also had found it harder to maintain a bond and therefore control with his agents, the Hand of the Emperor as he referred to them. His senses were weakening and he could never admit this even to himself but he was completely terrified of his followers now rising up against him.

The burning hunger inside him roared to life again and with it his only hope for regaining his lost powers, he saw the container containing the Melange Spice and eagerly consumed it. The satisfaction hit him immediately but he looked at his hand and saw to his disgust that it had changed into a distinctly red colour and two fingers had fused together and become more clawlike, he scowled at it and sent the command for his cloners on Byss to have one of his clones killed and the necessary parts taken…a few new organs too wouldn't go amiss he thought with casual disregard for the clones as they served their purpose in keeping him alive.

He would also demand more of the spice, he needed it to restore his powers he thought with desperation.

Knossa, Ossus…

Yoda was deep in meditation when he felt the force shifting, its control slipping further and further from the dark and away from Sidious, he could feel it was punishing him for doing all the disgusting and unnatural things that he did and Yoda could not help but smile as it was poetic justice, he was slowly losing not only the power that he had been working towards for his entire life which was slipping away from him but his own personal power in the force was being taken away from him piece by piece.

Yoda despite his own advancing age was content, glad that finally the winds were changing.

Fountain Palace, Hapes, Hapes Consortium…

Ta'a Chume was quite happy as she learned of the victories achieved with her intervention, the Hapes Consortium would become a major player on the galactic stage and with time she would ensure the deaths of the rest of the Ordo Family, her granddaughter would be a useful puppet in making sure that the Mandalorians were there to back her power and authority as soon as Astoria had given birth to an appropriate child.

She was finally rather proud of herself and donned her usual head dress and a new pair of electrum bracelets that were studded with Corusca gems. It was an extremely expensive pair of jewellery but only the best would do she thought with smug satisfaction.

But as she allowed herself some fruit from the side bowl near her throne, she felt a sharp pain in the side of her head, her vision began to blur and she fell forward, struggling to stand and her guards ran forward while the royal doctor was called immediately to tend to her but before she could even reach the hall, Ta'a Chume…was dead.

Far away Ara smirked as she saw the results of her handy work through the force, a cursed pair of bracelets were all you needed to remove a power hungry but vain person like Ta'a Chume and leave the path open for Astoria to become the Queen Mother she thought, amused that she had thought that she could mess with her family and get away with it, Ara thought with dark humour. No one messes with my children she thought to herself with satisfaction.

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Deadpool hosting a new Holonet show

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Grahuur roars

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Grahuur growls

Deadpool: Just because you got the Ordos back together doesn't make you a host! And Yes I know you accomplished that feat without pulling someone's arms off and beating them over the head, but anyway-

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