The 1st Ruin - LANDING

Long, long ago;

In a time of turmoil, violence and death…

(Queue 'Command and Control' by Mick Gordon)

"Sentinels; Marine."


"Thine mission hath been outlined- Bring the King's Wrath down on these heretics. Coordinate with thine fellow Sentinels and execute the mission."


"Any and all demons must be purged."

The voice over the intercom inside the hovercraft ended the transmission, leaving the Sentinels and the Marine to a temporary silence.

The Marine kept his eyes on his weapon, polishing it with fundamental dedication.

(Queue 'BF1 Airship Horn')

He understood his weapon as he understood breathing and walking.

"I quip, it seems as if they've overheard our arrival." One of his fellow Sentinels, Horus the Eagle, remarked plainly; Explosions pummeled the hovercraft entering the atmosphere- These demons were far more technologically advanced than the usual brutes the Argenta were used to conquering.


The Marine scrutinized over his energy rifle, ensuring it was in complete working order.

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"These ARE intelligent demons; remember, brother." Another Sentinel, Seymark the Thinker, responded. "They are advanced, at the archaic industrial age. That aside, I am thrice-fold overjoyed we received the maroon-black armor scheme. 'Tis blends with this putrid landscape rather nicely."




As they neared the defense point, the Sentinels peered out the slit windows of the hovercraft- They could see the primitive artillery emplacements, firing at the incoming invaders- A variety of flying demons evaded a multitude of gunfire in their attempts to down incoming Argenta aircraft.

"Commander Valen will surely share bountiful ale and food once this excursion is finished!"

But the Argenta were superior- no; they were supreme beings.

"Prepare for battle, brothers."

(Queue 'Real War Sounds - 10 Hours' by Cosmic Turtle)

The Sentinels all looked to the Marine- who stood up, heading for the exit ramp of the hovercraft, which opened slowly-

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To the familiar hellscape the Marine was bred to deal with.




The Sentinels cheered his war cry- as he dove out of the airship.

(Queue 'Mick Gordon - Rip & Tear (DOOM 2016 - Extended Gamerip)' by Koma on YT)




Gunfire of all types occupied the soundwaves around him- The air was filled with the blasts of explosives and the whistling of bullets and concentrated energy, as the enemy colony and Argenta's favored exchanged tidal waves of weapons fire.

The Marine, plummeting towards the artillery emplacements, gripped his claymore sword in one hand, energy rifle in the other. Seeing a crowd of demons carrying archaic bolt-action rifles, running in a formation, unaware of his impending attack;

He switched the grip on his claymore, and began spinning himself around rapidly-



The whirlwinding blade tore through the group of demons, slicing through them- Just as the Slayer's slammed into the ground, causing fractures across the area and sending thick clouds of dust in every direction; The dust began to mix with the red mist of blood particles floating in the air.

Nearby demons were shocked- They hadn't seen the slicing, only the explosion and subsequent dust storm that had formed around the blast area. A few demons ran over towards the blast impact, intent to check on the health of their fellow soldiers-




The demons screeched in shocked aggression as a bolt of concentrated energy shot out of the dust cloud, obliterating one of the soldiers running forth; In the same second, the Marine dove out of the cloud, cutting in half the other arriving soldier-

"Gurhhkkkk…" The soldier choked, his torso separating from his legs as he fell apart on the ground.

The remaining survivors nearby had shaken off the initial shock, and began firing their weapons at the-

"RAUGH!" One of them cried in confusion- In a matter of seconds, he'd disappeared again-


The demons' heads swiveled as they heard the violent sound of bones snapping; The Marine had snapped the neck of an unaware demon.

As he darted around the battlefield with uncanny speed, cutting down demons and blasting others to bits, their resolve began to waver.


They turned- to see their Banner Sergeant, a Greater Demon; a massive, 10-foot tall demonic humanoid with symmetrically-twisted horns, and unguligrade legs that stamped around on the ground with giant hooves. He wielded a giant, menacing war axe, which he swung around in the air as a performance of boasting.

The Marine himself noticed the Greater Demon lording around his power and organizing the lesser demon soldiers; He raised his axe, pointing the end of it at him-

The Marine.

The Greater Demon smiled maliciously, taunting him-


-and just barely managed to evade a concentrated energy shot as it blew past him, burning a hole through several demon soldiers before slamming into the ground, sending dirt and debris flying in every direction.

The Greater Demon glared at the Marine with murderous intent, seeing him holster the energy rifle and two-hand wield his claymore.

The Greater Demon raised his axe, screaming fury, and swung it with such great force that high-velocity winds accompanied his swing, blowing the Marine off his feet as he sidestepped the attack.

He re-oriented himself mid-air, landing on his feet, just as the Greater Demon launched at him, swinging the axe with more fury.

But this time, the Marine stepped inside his swing-


The winds blew the Marine off his feet- and the end of his sword straight into the Greater Demon's chest.

The Greater Demon screeched in pain and anger, stumbling backwards as the marine released his grip on the sword, leaving it embedded in the demon-

And reaching for the war axe the Greater Demon had dropped. Just as the Greater Demon looked up from its wound-


-Its head came off with one swing of the axe, slamming into the ground, along with its body. The Marine climbed onto the demon, pulling out his claymore, and staring down the lesser demon soldiers, who quivered in absolute horror;