Yeah, I'm rewriting Demonic Influence. I don't like that I started doing all this random shit with the old one (which I'm not taking down, don't worry), and I'll admit I went a wee bit overboard. This one's going to have a very similar premise as the original, but I'm gonna tone down the random bullshit. No "mass exodus" shit like with the last one. By Njord, what was I thinking with that?

And since this'll be taking place during Eternal and not 2016, I'll be changing the demon that gets sent to Remnant. It won't be the Cyberdemon, but it will be an equally badass one. Maybe there'll be a second one introduced later on, BUT THAT'LL BE THE EXTENT OF IT! No more than two.

Now, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed playing Eternal. Not very likely, but I can hope.

"Are you sure the procedure will work?" Aaron, a simple mechanic, asked the doctor as they walked through the hall of the ARC Complex, the sounds of men battling demons muffled by the walls.

"We aren't 100% sure what'll happen, but we've run out of time." The man explained as they entered the room. There was a particularly strong explosion and the lights briefly flickered, but nothing went out permanently. "It's time you became our savior, at least until the Slayer gets here." That term, Aaron felt weird being called that.

"Why was I chosen for this? There's plenty of other guys with more combat experience than me, they'd be better for this." He asked the scientist as he used the computer connected to the large machine. There were a pair of what looked like metal coffins side by side, connected by a series of pipes and wires, some directly to each other, but most of them went into the wall. He could hear rageful yelling inside the second coffin, but it sounded laboured, like it was weak. Apparently they'd managed to capture an extremely powerful demon, though they wouldn't tell him what the demon was exactly, nor how they got their hands on it. If he had to take a wild guess, it'd probably been weakened in some way, probably by the Slayer during his rampage across Earth. Otherwise it'd've torn its way out of the coffin.

"Because your brain is the only one we've examined to be strong enough to withstand the process. Everyone else either would've died during the procedure or been driven totally insane." That was comforting.

"Besides, the only parts of your mind being sent to the demon are your consciousness. You'll still have all the battle experience this demon has, as well as the mechanical knowledge you have. There's a chance your memories might be damaged, but that shouldn't happen. At least not a full memory wipe." But he wasn't able to say anything as the coffin meant for him opened and the doctor beckoned to it.

"After you." He said with some humor. Aaron stepped into the coffin, multiple dim blue lights lining the inside.

"We installed a modification to the demon that you'll be able to utilize once the procedure is complete. Now, let's power you up." The doctor said as a pair of restraints popped out of the coffin, preventing his legs and arms from moving. The coffin closed and he could feel it be lowered onto its back. There was brief silence before the lights slowly began glowing brighter. He heard metallic clunking and whirring before something jabbed into the back of his head, right into the base of his skull. He felt electricity pour into his head and he screamed in agony. His vision began to darken as his screams began to mix with roars of anger and pain. His vision left him completely, and he fell unconscious.

Doctor Robertson looked on, a smile on his face. There hadn't been any warnings on the monitor so far, and this was the farthest they'd ever gotten with this. He heard the screaming, and he felt a pang of guilt. They hadn't had the time to administer any anesthetic, so he'd have to suffer through the whole thing.

But as the screaming intensified, the warning appeared on the monitor.


His eyes widened in panic as he began trying to stop the procedure. The only implant they were able to install was a device designed by Dr. Hayden himself, the Inter-Dimensional Device, supposedly giving the ability to travel between dimensions. They had deactivated it before beginning the consciousness transfer, but the power surge must've reactivated it.

"Shit shit shit!" He yelled as he kept getting error messages from the machine. He hit the keyboard, knowing there was nothing to be done. He looked at the second coffin as it began to be enveloped in a blue ball of energy, the roaring intensifying. He heard a series of metal snaps as the demon inside broke its restraints before pounding on the reinforced lid, making large dents in the metal. The light produced by the orb became too much, and Robertson had to avert his eyes. After a loud bang, the light and sound disappeared. He opened his eyes and looked on in horror as the coffin containing the captured Marauder had disappeared, leaving behind a large scorch mark in its place.

He hoped the other facility would have more luck with their transfer.


Qrow flew above the vast expanse of the Emerald Forest, searching for something in particular. Ozpin had spotted something on the camera network in the area where Initiation was to take place, and he wanted the old bird to take a look. He said it was a smoking meat coffin, surrounded by a patch of burnt grass. He'd been flying for quite a while, and finally he spotted it, exactly as described.

He descended down to it and returned to his human form, nearing the silent coffin with a hand on his weapon. The coffin itself alongside the grass around it was smoking and burnt. He neared it and placed a hand on the lid, and flinched back as the metal nearly burnt him as well. It was very hot, but cool enough for him to throw the lid off if he moved quickly.

"Alright, let's see what ancient evil is in this thing." He joked to himself, but he honestly wouldn't have been surprised if Salem's brother popped out of the metal tomb or something equally ridiculous. He counted to three before quickly moving to push the lid off.

Unfortunately, right when he was about to touch it, the lid exploded off with what sounded like a gunshot. The force sent him flying backwards, landing on his ass and groaning in pain. He looked up at the coffin and saw a small smoke stream coming from whatever blew the lid off. Then a pale and clawed hand slammed onto the side of the coffin. The thing inside pulled itself up, revealing its form. It was very tall, easily above 7", and was decked out in armor reminiscent of gladiator armor, though much thicker and advanced. It was very muscular and its skin was pale as paper. Its chest piece had a red light in the center, and a much smaller blue light above it. The right arm had forearm and shoulder armor, but the left hand, holding a smoking double barreled shotgun, was completely covered in armor.

Spreading out from beneath the chest plate was a cluster of thick, black veins reminiscent of Salem's. Its eyes were sunken in its skull, and it had a metal mouth guard that concealed the lower half of its face. But what really drew his eyes was the dual pair of large horns sprouting from its head. Two of them pointed forward, but the two larger ones curled upwards and into the air.

It cracked open the shotgun, ejecting the two spent shells before reaching into a small leather satchel and popping in a pair of fresh ones. It looked around before clutching its head and groaning in pain, its voice heavily distorted by the mask. It shook off the headache and its gaze locked onto him, and it stepped out of the coffin before making its way over to him. He made to get up but it suddenly dashed forward and planted its armored boot on his chest, keeping him on the ground. It pointed its gun at his head, and that's when he noticed the bottom of a weapon handle poking over its shoulder.

"Where am I?" It asked, its voice sounding as demonic as it looked, but confirmed it was male. Qrow was frozen in shock as he looked at the literal demon before him, prompting it to increase pressure to his chest.

"I will not ask again." It ordered with agitation in its voice.

"You're in the Emerald Forest." He choked out through the pressure, and the demon grunted before getting off him. He stood up as it looked around some more.

"I do not recognize this place, nor the name." It said to itself.

"What the hell are you?" Qrow said breathlessly as he put his hand on his weapon. The demon looked as if it was in thought, before it shook its head.

"I… I do not remember. I cannot remember anything before awakening here." It said, confusion in its voice. It holstered its gun, prompting Qrow to take his hand off his. Whatever this thing was, it probably wasn't a demon, despite its appearance. Though that wouldn't stop him from calling it that.

"Look, the person that sent me here would be interested in meeting you. Come with me, and I can take you back to Beacon to see him." Qrow reasoned with it, and it looked back at him with those piercing red eyes.

"How do I know you have no intention of taking advantage of me? It said, suspicion in its voice. Before Qrow could speak, they heard growls coming from the forest around them. They looked and realized they were surrounded by Beowolves, the Alpha in the rear. They drew their weapons, Qrow Harbinger, and the demon its shotgun and metal handle. But then it activated the handle, causing a pair of blood red energy ax blades to sprout from the sides, revealing it to be some sort of battleax. The weapon made Qrow uneasy, as it looked capable of cutting through anything.

"Weak." It growled to them, pointing its ax at them tauntingly. They roared and charged forward, but the demon was faster. It dashed between the Grimm with ease, hacking and slashing, the ax cauterizing the wounds on contact. At the same time it would draw its shotgun with wicked speed and blast the nearest Grimm, reducing it to a cloud of blood as if it were nothing. One of the Grimm tried backing up to avoid the ax and gun, but it swung its ax in its direction, launching an energy wave that disintegrated the Beowolf. The Alpha, assuming the demon to be distracted, pounced on him. But it was surprised when it raised an arm and a massive energy shield seemingly made of the same stuff as the ax appeared. It clawed at the shield, but the demon didn't even flinch at the blows, nor was the shield even scratched. It had withstood much stronger blows, though it couldn't remember exactly what they were.

Qrow watched briefly before he snapped out of his stupor in time to dodge a Beowolf and slice it in half. He weaved between the Grimm, slicing them apart. But while Qrow's fighting style was precise, the demon's was far more brutal. At one point Qrow was able to steal a glance at it, and he saw it grab the Alpha by the head, decapitate it, then throw it at the nearest Grimm to stun and blast it. Within minutes, the fight was over, the area ruined by multiple bullet holes and ax gashes. The demon examined its ax with curiosity.

"I feel familiarity with this weapon, but it is as if my memories are… locked." It said before deactivating the weapon and placing it on its back. It looked back at Qrow, and he smirked.

"So, about that offer?" He said, and the demon grunted before walking with him.

"Fine. But any attempt to use me will be met with overwhelming force." It said. Most people who say those kinds of things either overestimate themselves or are bluffing. But the demon said it as if it were fact, and after what Qrow had seen, he was inclined to believe it.

And that's it for now. I decided to go with a Marauder because A) they're badass as hell, and B) it's a lot easier to do character interaction when the MC can actually fit in buildings, unlike Alex from the old version. Let me know what you think. As you all know, I very rarely plan out storylines fully, I just like to come up with stuff as I go. It's been working so far, so I have no intentions of stopping.

Muna andlát, muna ӕvi.