Chapter 1 – Birthdays at the Burrow are Always Interesting

Twenty Years. A lot can happen in twenty years. Especially if you're only twenty years old. Edward Remus Lupin opened his eyes on the morning of the 28th April 2018. He couldn't feel his left arm on account of the surprisingly heavy blonde girl he called his girlfriend having fallen asleep on it last night. Teddy couldn't help but smile at Victoire. She was so cute when she was asleep, her silver locks all over the place. They would be back in their neat straightened style less than half an hour after she woke, he knew.

Even though he was desperate to gain feeling back in his arm, Teddy lay still for a few more minutes. A few minutes to himself on his twentieth birthday before anyone started giving him any attention. He had a very complicated relationship with birthdays. On one hand, it was pretty sweet receiving a bunch of gifts from his gran and various Weasleys and Potters while on the other, it was a celebration of the day he was born. Or as he liked to think of it, the day he spent the most time with his parents in his whole life. For only four days after the birth of their baby boy, both his mother and father would be murdered by the followers of a genocidal maniac.

So safe to say, Teddy had a few mixed feelings, and this morning was a great time to reflect and figure out his mood that day. Scrunching up his face (which would have looked bizarre to anyone that didn't know him and his metamorphmagus abilities), Teddy changed through several different hairstyles and colours before settling on a curly pink style. His eyes were amber as usual. He kept them that way to remember that as much as he loved to mix up his appearance, he always had something to ground him.

Teddy jiggled his arm free, and Victoire began to stir. Always the morning person, she was up in less than a minute, giving Teddy a quick peck on the lips and a murmured 'Happy Birthday'.

'Thanks, love. Ready for today?' She nodded.

It was a Saturday and Teddy had the day off from his work as an Obliviator in the Accidental Magical Reversal Squad. Vic was still at Hogwarts in her final year and her eighteenth birthday was coming up in a few days, on the twentieth anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts – the unfortunate day that led to the loss of Teddy's parents, one of her uncles, and so many others that were important to her family. It was why she always preferred to celebrate her birthday with Teddy. A joint celebration split the focus between the two of them and they didn't have to see anyone get really upset. Vic, her siblings and cousins had received special permission from Professor Longbottom, the Deputy Headmaster, to spend the weekend at home as a special request from the family. What she didn't tell her dad was that she was actually leaving Hogwarts on the Friday rather than the day of the party, so that she could spend the night with her boyfriend without any sabotage efforts.

The party was starting at 6pm, and she was looking forward to a good Weasley bash. The many offspring of Molly and Arthur Weasley knew how to have fun and something simultaneously hilarious and horrifying was guaranteed to happen at any family event.

The pair spent the morning together baking four dozen cupcakes. Victoire slipped out around lunch time to say hello to her parents, maintaining the pretence that she had just been at Hogwarts. She was happy to spend most of the day with Teddy; they hadn't done that since the Easter break and Vic hated how much she missed him being at school with her. Graduation in July couldn't come fast enough.

At 6pm, the Burrow was bustling with activity. Molly Senior had been cooking up a storm in order to feed the vast number of Weasley offspring and the air smelled of Arthur's barbeque and Molly's vanilla frosting. Teddy and Victoire stumbled out of the fireplace and got giant squeezes from Fleur and Molly that nearly ruined their cupcakes.

Soon enough, the entire Weasley family plus Teddy's Granny Andy were gathered outside around a table long enough to put the Hogwarts Great Hall to shame. The food was plentiful and so were the laughs. It was never a dull time when each cousin had a more boisterous personality than the last. Hugo ended up being turned blue, Roxanne barely missed a sucker punch from her cousin Louis and Uncle George started a profiterole fight with the unanticipated result of Percy getting covered in chocolate cream.

Eventually, things slowed down a bit and Teddy was approached by his godfather approached him to give Teddy his 20th birthday gift. As the person who knew Remus Lupin the best out of the adults in his family, Harry always made sure to put a little bit of Teddy's dad in his birthday presents. This year, Harry sat Ted down on one of the comfy sofas in the Burrow's living room, away from all the commotion the rest of the Weasleys were creating, and gave him a box wrapped in golden paper.

'Happy 20th, Ted,' Harry beamed, his green eyes glinting with pride at the man his godson had become.

Teddy, never one for grace and decorum, ripped open the wrapping to reveal a beautiful leather wand holster and a dusty old envelope. 'It's gorgeous, Harry. This'll come in so handy on the job!'

'I thought you might like it,' Harry replied. 'Why don't you try the envelope now.'

This time, Teddy was actually careful opening the fragile-looking gift. Inside, he found a battered looking photograph. It was obviously a wizard's picture since everyone in it was moving and laughing. On closer inspection, Teddy could see that it was a photo from back in 1995 when Harry and the Weasleys stayed at Sirius Black's house. He recognised a large chunk of the family; much younger, though. They took up most of the photo. It must have been close to Christmas because everyone in the photo was wearing some sort of hat or a piece of tinsel. All the Weasley kids had their annual Christmas jumper on, too. It wasn't just Weasleys that joined the celebration that year. Teddy recognised Mad-Eye Moody next to his mother, Nymphadora Tonks and Sirius Black laughing wit Teddy's dad Remus.

'I've never seen this photo before, Harry.'

'Neither had I,' Harry raised his eyebrows. 'In fact, I don't remember it being taken at all. I was probably thinking about Voldemort possessing me at the time. This was just after Arthur got attacked. I found it on one of the bookshelves at Grimmauld Place. Sirius must have had it developed somehow and slipped it between the books.'

Teddy smiled. 'I love it. Thanks Harry.' He gave his godfather a squeeze.

'Anytime, mate. Now we'd better get back outside. I'm sure everyone is dying to give you the rest of your gifts.'

From a few Weasleys and his gran, Teddy was gifted kitchen utensils and crockery. He was still trying to set up his new flat in London that he'd moved into a couple of months earlier and everyone knew he's been relying on muggle takeaways for most meals. Molly was horrified and gave him about thirty recipe books, including one on French cooking so that he can try and cook food that Victoire loved. The girlfriend in question gave him a jar of rare pensieve potion. The glowing white fluid looked mesmerising in the spring sun, indicative of its magical properties that allowed memories to come to life for the user. It was an amazing gift which made his present to her slightly underwhelming at first.

Victoire couldn't even hide her disappointment when she unwrapped a candle from her boyfriend. A used candle. Laughing at her reaction, Teddy reassured her.

'It's a portkey, Vic. I'm in London and you're all the way up in Scotland for the next two months. So if you feel a bit homesick in between all you NEWT stuff, just say the word and you'll be at Shell Cottage in a second.'

This got a round of awws from some of the ladies and an approving nod from Bill Weasley, who had always been lovely to Teddy until the day Victoire revealed that they were together. Over the last three years, Teddy had been working hard to impress the man he considered an uncle.

It was during Teddy and Victoire's loving hug that James Sirius Potter decided there wasn't nearly enough mayhem going on at that moment. He walked up behind the hugging couple and smacked Teddy across the back of his knees, causing the pink-haired man and his girlfriend to tumble backwards into his little pile of presents. Everyone heard something smash. Looking for the source of the clearly broken item, Teddy saw the shimmery white pensive fluid leaking over a couple of cookbooks, his new wand holster, and the old photograph that Harry had given him.

'You're dead, Potter,' Teddy said, looking James straight in the eyes and giving the 14-year-old the fear of God. He quickly tried to salvage the photo but the pensive liquid soaked through the paper. If it was possible, it seemed to be glowing. The glow became brighter and brighter until Teddy let go of the photo and a crackle of electricity shot up into the sky. The photo was gone, probably disintegrated by James' stupidity.

Teddy lunged at him.