Disclaimer: I don't own G Gundam. Do I look like Sunrise to you? However, the poem "Gundam" is my creation.

Noch Hier

Standing high above the ground

On a deadly statue of steel.

Night has fallen; cold it is,

The icy wind you feel.

A single dying gust of wind

Spirals the dirt on the ground.

It carries it high into the sky.

It drifts away without a sound.

The shadows darken to smoky black,

Like the ones where your enemies hide.

You wait for them here; they are no match

For the fierce gundam you ride.

Then they are here; their numbers few,

But their hearts colder than ice.

Their minds are tainted, you sense it now,

By the gundam of hate and of lies.

On they come, ever forward,

The slaves of the gundam of darkness.

You can't battle them all; you are but one fighter.

They'll win this fight, unless...

Unless their minds can be swayed to fight this evil

Keeping them under control.

If they can be stronger than the darkness inside,

Its power will be annulled.

For the darkness is no more than what is inside.

We know that, you and I.

To chase out the hate, you need but love

To melt the hearts of ice.

A single dying gust of wind

Spirals the dirt on the ground.

It carries it high into the sky.

It drifts away without a sound.


Kapitel Eins: Return

     The wounded man stood amongst the rubble of a once beautiful isle, gazing out across the water to the mainland barely visible in the distance. Weak from loss of blood, he swayed slightly, almost collapsing. He needed to find a doctor, and fast, but with the completion of the Gundam Fights, no matter how strange it was, all the ships that had previously surrounded the island had abandoned it in favor of their home ports.

     He spun around at a sudden noise. "Oh," he said, relaxing slightly. "It's you..." Then he fell to the ground.


     Schwarz stood over Kyoji's unconcious form. "Yes," he said, sighing. "It's me." He hesitated for the first time in his life, unsure whether to follow his head or his heart, then slung his former enemy's body over his shoulder and set out to find the remains of his gundam. It was the only possible way of getting off the island in time to save what was left of Kyoji's life.

     When he reached the Shadow Gundam, he set down his burden and approached the still smoldering metal. Upon closer examination, he realized that although it had been almost obliterated, enough of it was in working condition to get them home. Schwarz sighed again, then sat down beside Kyoji. "Kyoji has a home to return," he said softly to himself. "But do I?"



     "You're nuts," Kyoji said weakly as he leaned back against a boulder. Wincing at the pain even that slight movement caused, he cradled his bleeding arm against his chest before continuing. "That gundam will never make it all the way across the channel."

     "And whose fault is that?" Schwarz snapped. He frowned behind his replaced mask. Disagreeing with Kyoji was giving him the disconcerting feeling he was arguing with himself. "Do you have a better idea?"

     Kyoji smiled sightly. "No. But it would probably be easier to float it across. It's not going to manage to haul itself into the air."

     "You're awfully cocky for someone hated by the vast majority of your government," Schwarz called down to him.

     "Hey, that was below the belt," Kyoji said.

     "Consider it my revenge for having to repair the mess you made of my gundam!" Schwarz said lightly, jumping down.

     "Are you done?" Kyoji asked doubtfully. The Shadow Gundam still looked like it was on the verge of falling apart.

     "As much as I can be, given the circumstances. But it'll be a bumby ride, to say the least," Schwarz said tiredly. "So now what?"

     "I thought that was obvious," Kyoji said, startled by the unexpected question. "We go find Domon and Rain."

     "Do you really think you can make it all the way there without stopping at a hospital first? You look like you got run over by Bolt Gundam."

     "Do I have a choice?" he said. "Wong's men will still be looking for both of us."

     "Good point. We'll have to wait until we find Domon."

     Kyoji slowly stood, bracing himself against the rock jutting up behind him. "We'd better get going, then." He winced again. "The sooner we leave, the sooner we'll get there, right?"