Noch Hier


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Chapter Two, Part 1: Masks

"What? Then he's still alive?!" The masked man turned towards the messenger. "Are you sure?"

The messenger visibly quivered. "There were no reports of any bodies found, sir…"

"Fool! You have no idea of the true power of the Burning Gundam! There would be no bodies left to be found!" He paced anxiously behind his desk. "If he's still alive…"

"But sir, the Shadow Gundam is no longer on the island-"

"WHAT?!" The masked man grabbed the messenger by his jacket collar, hauling off his feet. "Why didn't you say so?!"

"But, sir, I was trying-"

"SILENCE!" The messenger winced and stumbled unsteadily as the masked man freed him. "Leave me."

"But sir…"

"NOW!" the masked man roared. He turned back to the window as the messenger fled. "So, Kyoji Kasshu, you are still alive." He grimaced at the cheerfully lit city spread out below him. "For now…"

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