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-Chapter 1: Deus lo Vult-

"Let us go, Arche."

Fluder left the gate of Arwintar with his most promised pupil. Even though she's just an eleven years old little girl, she had managed to cast numerous number of second tier magic—she was so close to reach third tier. The amount of mana she possessed was admirable for a mage her age, not to mention her special talent which was similar to him. Fluder couldn't hope for a better pupil to pass on his dream of gazing into the abyss of magic. The problem, however, was that the girl had no drive to peer into the abyss of magic.

"Pardon me, Master, may I know what is expected of me in the city we're going to?"

Fluder gazed at the short blonde haired little girl next to him. "There's nothing expected of you in that city. I bring you along because i want to see how you fare fighting on your own. The journey to that city is not a smooth one; we're bound to face magical beast or some demihumans such as goblin or Ogre along the way. In short, you will be acting as my guard. That is also the reason as to why we do not ride carriage."


Fluder was pleased with the girl's obedience. Even though she was a noble, she was not an arrogant brat. Rather, the little girl was polite and subtle, she didn't even protest when she was forced learning together with a commoner.

Arche had a good aptitude as a magic caster. Unfortunately, she lacked the will to pursue the wonderfulness of magic. It was saddening to say the least. If only there was a teacher for him when he was a child… perhaps Fluder had long since surpassed the human's limit. Arche had everything she ever needed, yet she had no will like his.

It was really regretful. Nevertheless, Fluder wouldn't give up, perhaps the day Arche changed her thought would come in the seeable future. Even if such a day would never come, then he hoped that the god of magic—whoever it might be—would grant him his wish by gifting him a pupil with talent surpassed even the true dragon lord or those six supposed to be great gods.

…Gazing into the abyss of magic, it was always his dream. But now he had become old, so old. Even though he believed that he still had a couple dozen years ahead of him, surpassing the limit of human was clearly unreachable. Unless he underwent the ritual of becoming an elder lich, it remained as hope. However, he wasn't interested to live forever like undead. If it guaranteed him to gaze into the abyss, he might consider it. However, becoming an elder lich didn't strengthen him, it just made him able to live as long as he wanted. Not only that, but becoming an elder lich also limited him from learning all tier magic. Thus, Fluder did never consider it.

In the first couple of hours, the journey went smoothly. Nothing stood in their way. The weaker being had a good sense to tell which one was strong and which one was not. For them to target Fluder was something they'd not do if they're alone. Only goblin in high number, or Ogre in group would dare to approach Fluder and his student.

The city they're going to was bordered to a city state member of Calranas City States Union. Although not all of its city states, a number of cities had good relationship with Baharuth Empire. Fluder was going to meet his disciple in the city of Arktar, a second class city compared to the great Arwintar—a city border to city of Calranas City States Union: Elmanas City.

To reach there they had to travel quite the distance, not as long as going to Katze Plains, though. Even though Fluder had become old, walking a day or two wouldn't be a problem for him. He's the strongest magic caster in Bahuruth Empire, he's not weak enough to need a carriage to help him travel.

After a while, a group of Ogre walked out of the forest a few hundred meters to the left of the unpaved road. At the moment they're half-way from reaching their destination, the city of Arktar. Fluder ignored those weak Ogre, they're not worth his attention. A simple [Fireball] or [Lightning] could end their lives. They're of better used as a target for Arche to practice her magic. So Fluder stopped his pace and turned toward where the demihumans coming.

As if reading his mind, Arche walked a few meters forward. She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, washing away the nervousness of facing demihumans. As those Ogre walked closer with a cheap iron as their weapon, Arche began preparing her spells.

"[Burn, [Burn, [Burn, [Burn]!" Arche casted a tier two magic consecutively, aiming at the four Ogre coming her way. The smell of burning flesh oozed out of the Ogre's body, but that was not enough to kill them.

"[Paralyze]!" yelled Arche, casting one of her strongest tier two spells. It was a spell which worked on a certain range of area. The four Ogres were forced to stop, they growled angrily at her.

Not wanting to let the effect of the spell being wasted, Arche began to chant her strongest spell at the moment. "O lord of earth, grant me your strength. [Earth Lance]!"

A brown magic circle appeared in front of Arche, it shot a dozen lances made of enchanted earth toward the Ogre. Unable to move, the earth lances pierced through their unprotected body-part with ease.

Fluder was pleased with how Arche fared against the four Ogres. It was better than his expectation. That girl truly had talent to be a great magic caster. Fluder admitted that he kind of envied her; when he was her age he was nowhere near little Arche.

"How was it, Master, is it to your satisfaction?"

Fluder nodded his head, stroking his long beard. "You are good, far better than most of my disciples."

A little smile appeared on Arche's lips. She seemed happy listening to his praise.

"Now then, let us continue. We need to be there before dusk."

Without waiting for his disciple's response, Fluder brought his legs following the unpaved road. It would be quite a long walk, but surely it was worth his effort. Who knew that at the end of this unpaved road laid the answer of his prayer. Fluder allowed himself to hope.


As planned, the master and his pupil arrived to City of Arktar before dusk. The soldiers who guarded the gate recognized the strongest magic caster in the empire, in no time they had come and bowed their heads toward the magic caster. Unlike all people who entered the city, the soldiers allowed them the entry without having through the inspection.

"Master Fluder!" A voice called.

That voice belonged to a few men in their early twenties. They're Fluder's disciple. Not of the brightest, but they're not bad at all. They could use most of Tier Two Magic he had taught them in the academy. None of them managed to reach the Tier Three Magic, but they're still useful to Jircniv and his empire.

"Bring Arche to the place where we're supposed to stay," ordered Fluder, getting some obedience nods in return. "And you, do come with me as I want to walk around the city until the sky becomes darker."

While the three men guided Arche to the place where they would be staying for two nights, the last one of them followed Fluder as he made himself toward the smaller paved road at the right of the main road. He had not planned to do anything special; as he said to his disciple, Fluder was just taking a walk—while hoping that the God of Magic granted him his wish.

Farther along the road, Fluder secretly activated his talent which allowed him to gauge the people's magical power. Just by looking at them allowed him to know how strong they were. No magic mastery. Could be a tier one, yet untrained. That girl over there might have a talent to reach tier two in a couple of years. And so on. Fluder had not seen anything special at all. He felt disappointed.

Fluder was about to sigh in a tired and defeated face. However, his eyes suddenly caught someone whose mere presence alone was enough to widen his eyes in utter shock.

Fluder had never met a human, excluding that granny Rigrit, who had larger amount of magic than even him, yet alone a child no older than eight years old, a girl no less. His eyes, however, did not play him ‒ what he witnessed was a real deal. Her talent was far exceeding Arche and anyone he ever met.

"Do you know her?" Fluder asked his disciple in tone which surprised the man as he rarely witnessed the happy face of the elder sorcerer.

The man nodded his head and explained the things he knew about the object of his master's interest.

Tanya Degurechaff was apparently the girl's name ‒ an orphan who lived in the orphanage at the city next to Arwintar. She was a cute blonde girl, shorter than child her age, yet her body looked stronger than an adult civilian. Fluder had no doubt; the girl had the talent he lacked. The chance of peering into the abyss of magic… Perhaps if he took her under his wing, such thing would finally be possible for him.

"Invite her to have dinner with me and Arche. Try to be gentle with her. Should she refuse, tell her that next morning I will come to visit her place." Fluder ordered the only disciple he brought along.

"At once, Master!"


It had been eight years since that failure of a salaryman pushed her toward the moving train ‒ eight years since she was reincarnated into this world by that self-proclaimed god bastard. It had fully been eight years she lived as a girl named Tanya Degurechaff, an orphan who lived in the orphanage in the second class city of Baharuth Empire.

Her mother had died after she gave birth to her. Her father on the other hand was killed by a number of demihumans while doing his job as an adventurer. At the age of two, she started living in the orphanage. She was lucky. One of her father's acquaintances was working at the orphanage. She brought Tanya with her a day after the news about her father's death reached their ears.

However, when she was five, for some reasons the orphanage's fund was cut, forcing the orphanage to stop operating. Even though there's no trace of Being X, Tanya was convinced that the cause was Being X's messing. Luckily for her, that girl who had taken care of her brought her to her small house.

That damned Being X was not joking; it had made her life miserable even when she was still a baby. What an impudent bastard Being X was! But he, er, she would never surrender herself toward that asshole!

It'd be hard for her to live peacefully with that small body of hers—which growth rate was slow even compared to other children. However, Tanya was by far the most superior child in the whole city. That Camaela woman—the care taker of the orphanage, her deceased father's acquaintance—had taught her everything she knew about common knowledge of this world, tier magic, and martial arts.

Being X had sent her to a world which civilization was far left behind compared to her original world. However, this world had magic to compensate with its lack of science. Fantasy World was a perfect name for this world. If Tanya had not experienced it herself, she couldn't have believed it. Following that term, Fantasy World, human was not the only sentient being in this world ‒ human was not even the one who stood at the top of food-chain. The one who stood above everyone was that damned mythical being, dragon.

However, about six hundred years ago, most of them were exterminated by Eight Greed Kings. Tanya had no knowledge about those so called "Eight Greed Kings", but apparently they were the same being as "Six Great Gods". Just by the title alone, Tanya could conclude that they were all Being X messing. Perhaps those were its apostles.

What a joke! That damned Being X had truly done a splendid work of making itself a god. However, if it thought that she'd start believing it because of this miserable and pathetic life in this cruel world, then it was being delusional. Tanya would never acknowledge it as god. Being X was Being X, a day when she clasped her hands praying to it like a worshipper would never come!

Being X, you imbecile bastard! I will live a peaceful, comfortable life; I will live to the fullest and laugh at your futile, miserable effort! Tanya swore in her burning heart. She would piss the bastard of a self-proclaimed god by enjoying her life till she died a natural death.

That was also the reason why Tanya had done all she could to utilize magic. By using her silver-innocent-tongue, she asked some adventurer closed to Camaela to allow her to watch them. She also didn't shy away from asking what she didn't know. Being a very good salaryman he was, Tanya managed to make them spit knowledge to boast themselves. And when no one around, Tanya used all those knowledge to strengthen herself. After all, if she was to stay true to her promise, she had to be strong—so strong that a dragon couldn't kill her with ease.

Of course Tanya wasn't an idiot who would stupidly stand before a dragon. She would rather flee than fought that giant lizard. But, she wasn't naïve—being naïve would send her to her second death. In this barbaric world where the strong devoured the weak, it wouldn't be impossible for a dragon to suddenly appear before her. As stupid as it sounded, it really was not impossible.

For her to be able to enjoy her life, to be stronger was her priority. After that, once she's old enough to be an adventurer, she would become an adventurer. She would raise her rank to that of adamantite class, only then she could do all she please without worry. A simple yet joyful life, Tanya surely would carve it with her own hand.

To be honest, Tanya did think of joining Imperial Army. But, this world was different to hers. There's no respect to law. Strength and rich were everything mattered. If you had those two, you could ignore the law. As a former respectful man who always obeyed the law, Tanya couldn't tolerate such thing. That was why she deemed the world as a barbaric world. And so, she ignored that thought.

Being adventurer was the safest and easiest way to fulfill her revenge on the self-proclaimed god, and Tanya would do just that.

"Excuse me, little girl."

The voice managed to invade Tanya who was leaning on a wall near an alley, secretly watching a fight between two adventurers who were having a petty problem. She spontaneously shifted her head to the right. "Ah, Magic Caster Glen, what can I do for you?"

The man who was greeting her was a magic caster she once persuaded to tell story about magic to her.

"My master invites you to have dinner with him and his pupil, is it okay if I come to pick you tonight?"