Goku approached Zeno to get a universal tournament started. After holding an exhibition match between Universe 7 and Universe 9, Zeno gave all the Universes 48 hours to gather a team of ten fighter.

The penalty of losing the tournament will lead to the erasure of said Universe while the victor can wish whatever he desires from the Super Dragon Balls.

Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6, and Vados arrived back in Universe 6.

"This is bad. This is really bad. This is really, really bad." Champa pulled down his ears. "Why did this have to happen? It's all Beerus' fault."

"It can't be helped. We should look who we will pick on our team."

"It's easy for you to say. You won't be erased." He pointed his finger at her. "I hope you can convince Hit to fight for us again."

"I think that will be hardly a problem considering the circumstances." She laughed. "Also we can finally put use of those Saiyans you wanted me to train for another tournament against Lord Beerus."

"OH! Good thinking, Vados! With Cabba that will be four super warriors that can challenge Son Goku."

"Do you want to add all the Saiyans to the team?"

"You are right. They may be stronger, but there are so many other warriors worth adding."

"By the way, Lord Champa. It appears another Galaxy disappeared in the north sector."

"Hmm… What?" Champa took a look at Vados' staff seeing the stars that make the galaxy turn into nothingness. "It can't possibly be…"

"Well, guess we will pick him up first. Cabba should have gathered the other two Saiyans."

"Let's hurry!"

On another planet in an deserted area, a man with black long spiky hair sat on a bolder breathing out. His muscles relaxed and shrank down a little, but his six pack was still visible.

Vados and Champa teleport behind him.

"Oh, Lord Champa. What a rare occasion to personally arrive." He turned around. "Magnificent isn't it. I just flexed my muscles a little and an entire galaxy gone puff."

"What do you think you are doing?! What if you destroyed a planet who's food I love?! Ever thought of that?"

"That is why the state of the universe will never improve. You should retire and make me the god of destruction."

"You little…" Champa clenched his fist.

"Now. Now. Don't forget why we came here, Lord Champa?"

"Ehem… That's right. Potta, I want you to come with us immediately."

The man narrowed his eyebrows.

Meanwhile several hours later on earth of Universe 7 at Capsule Corp.

"No! NO! NO!" Chichi yelled at Goku. "Because you are incompetent putting the universe at risk, you want your sons to fix it for you?! I don't know about Gohan, but Goten will stay here!"

"Chichi… but the Universe!"

"Goten is still a kid! Have you forgotten what Gohan went through?!"

"Chichi, Goten is one of the strongest fighters we have. Just trust your sons…" Bulma went between Goku and Chichi trying to keep them at distant.

"I can't believe that you let Trunks go, Bulma! Don't you care about his life?!"

"Chichi! This is urgent! I feel the same as you, but if we don't send them, we all die! Don't forget they fought a monster like Boo." She turned around looking at Mr Boo who pointed confused at himself. "I don't mean you. I mean the other one… hehe."

"Bulma is right.", said Gohan. "We need Goten's strength to win this, mother."


"Don't worry. Father and I will look out for him." Gohan put his hand on Goten's head as both brothers looked at each other.

"Mom, I will protect everyone. Just you wait." Goten raised his fists.

"It has been a while we fought, right Goten? This tournament will be a cake walk for us Super Saiyans." Trunks smiled.

"Vegeta, keep an eye on Trunks."

Vegeta crossed his arm. "He is strong enough to look out for himself."

"Hmm…" Bulma went closer to her husband glaring at him.

Vegeta signed walking up to Trunks and crouched resting his hand on him. "Don't do anything reckless. I will keep an eye on you, but there will be situations where I can't come to safe you. Observe your enemies before you pick fights."

Trunks looked lowered his head looking to the ground. "Fine…"

"The tournament only lasts for 48 minutes. Keep in mind that once 18 minutes are over, your fusion will take the full time of the battle.", said Goku. "But you run the risk of being eliminated together."

"Yes!" The Saiyan kids smiled at each other. "We will defeat them all."

Gohan looked around. "Where is Piccolo-San?"

"He and Shin went somewhere for some urgent business. But there is still more than a day of time until it begins. I am sure he will arrive in time, hohoho.", said Whis.

"I hope so. I still want to enjoy some food.", complained Beerus shifting his attention to Bulma. "By the way, where is my tiramisu!"

"What did I tell you the last time?" Bulma pocked her finger at the god's chest as he took a step back. "It needs a few minutes to cool down. And we have a baby sleeping."

"Oh… I forgot. Sorry, Bulma!"

"Guess not even the God of Destruction is a match for Bulma."

"She tamed Vegeta after all."


Back in Universe 6 the trio arrived on an grassy area.

"Oh, you finally arrived." The Universe 6 Kaioshin waved at Vados, Champa and Potta.

Potta noticed Cabba behind him alongside two girls with black hair. "Wait a second. Why are these weaklings here? I thought you were done training us, Vados."

"Heh? Who do you call weakling, Punk?", said the girl with the long spiky hair wearinga pink tube top, baggy purple pants and gray wristbands.

"Sis… please don't…" The other darker skinned girl with a pony-tail held her arm tight to stop her.

"Let me go, Kale. I'm going to beat him up."

"Wait, wait, wait. Let's not fight here." Cabba tried to stop the situation from escalating. "You know why we are here, right?"

"Tss… whatever."

"Hmm…" Potta narrowed his eyes. "Did any of you even train? You look as thin as I remember you back then."

"That does it… This guy doesn't know his place." She raised her first as the veins on her head became visable.


A strong wing whirled the leaves and grounds around. The Saiyans remained silent.

"I'm looking for fighters to fight in a ten men team in the Universal Tournament. I believe the Kaioshin already explained the others."

"Universal Tournament? So we are fighting some strong enemies from the universe?"

"No. We are fighting against other Universes. And the losing party will be erased.", explained Vados, calmly.

"What?!" Potta looked with wide eyes. "There are other universes?"

(Is this guy an idiot? Did he forget the tournament we watched on GodTube? Of all the things mentioned, he ignores the most important part.)

"Yes, but we need strong fighters that can ensure victory."

"Maybe I can explain it properly. May I, Lord Champa?"

"Fine. Just do the thing."

After a few minutes of explaining what the Tournament of Power is about, the Saiyans looked at each other and back to the gods.

"Lord Champa, how many members does our team have so far?"

"I hope we get Hit into the team."

"I already made sure all the members of the Universe 6 vs 7 Tournament will be fighting. Unless you object against fighting yourself, Cabba."

"It would be an honor. Maybe I can see Vegeta-Shisho again."

"That means with us other three Saiyans, only 2 members are remaining."

"Not really. We have two Namekian warriors too and someone very special. Meaning we can only pick two more members."

"Eh..eh…" Kale shrank.

"I see. So it's obvious that I make it into the team. I am the mightiest Saiyan of Universe 6."

"Potta… I hope you didn't forget that you aren't allowed to kill, right?" Cabba intervened. "Lord Champa, think about it. He is a dangerous criminal who is responsible for the assassination of Saiyan princess and destroyed several planets in the past. He can't be trusted."

"What are you saying, Cabba? For one, I can perfectly control myself so there is nothing to worry. And you are really downplaying my accomplishment with destroying just several planets. Today I whipped out three north galaxies."

"Vados, is planet earth intact?"

"Yes, Lord Champa."

"That's reassuring."

"But what do I wish for? Immortality to fight for the rest of my life? More galaxies to destroy for the rest of my life time? Perhaps I should wish for more wishes first…"

"You are annoying. Kale and I will be entering. You can just sit back and let the big kids handle the situation."

"What did you just say, Caulifla?"

"Nonononononono… If this continues, Lord Champa will erase us."

"Potta, Caulifla…"

"You just shut up!"

"What should we do, Lord Champa?"

"Guess we will let them fight. Depending on their performance, we pick them to our team."

"Lord Champa, when I win, you will let Kale and me enter."

"You want me to be replaced you that scared kitty? You really don't care about winning, are you?"

"Kale and I could both defeat you with ease. But since words aren't enough, maybe I should demonstrate it instead."

"You will regret those words. Haaaaaaaaaa!"

The ground began to shake and rocks levitated around the male saiyan, while Caulifla watched confidently. He enlarged his muscle structure and covered himself in a vibrant blue, flame-like aura. A flash of blue light he emerged in his new form.

"Vados… this is…"

"It appears so, Lord Champa. Super Saiyan Blue. And it seems like his power exceeds that of Son Goku back then."

(Just like Son Goku and Vegeta-Shisho. But something is odd about his transformation. It looks… more aggressive instead of tranquil.)

"Impressive, right? This is the form these Universe 7 Saiyans used to beat up Frost and Hit. Are you scared now?"

Caulifla grinned. "Wow, you actually impressed me. Maybe you can provide enough for me to warm up."


"HA!" Caulifla transformed into a Super Saiyan and put her hands on her hips. "Well, let's get started."

"Are you kidding me? What are you trying to pull off?"

"What's the matter? Are you scared already?" Caulifla turned around looking at Kale. "Let me just beat this guy first, then we can go fight stronger guys."

"I see. But don't complain if I accidentally break a bone or two."

I generally prefer the Japanese terms for Dragon Ball characters. But there may be some inconsistencies on what terms I use like Lord instead of Sama but Kaioshin instead of Supreme Kai.

Caulifla and Kale are my favorite characters, so if you don't like them, this story may not for you. But my intention is to rewrite them in a way to justify their power.

I also changed the ToP cast a bit and how things are portrayed, so that it doesn't look like Universe 7 is the only Universe that beats everyone.

I hope you will stay for more.