Caulifla grinned. Son Goku started at her as white glowing stuff moved around his body. And water like aura and white hair. This was it. Ultra Instinct Goku.

"Yes, I was drying to fight his beast." The Super Saiyan Blue took her fighting stance. "COME ON!"

Goku punched the air once.

"WOAH!" Caulifla lost her balance after being hit by the air pressure.

Goku slid towards Caulifla as if the ground were made out of ice. He landed a few jabs here and there.

Caulifla teleported out of the next strike. Goku teleported out of hers and they repeated that a few times before clashing kicks.

"Boah! Now THAT is what I call power!" Caulifla targeted Goku's chin with another attack, but Goku sidestepped firing an energy blast.

She teleported above Goku for a sledgehammer.

"Where did he go?" Caulifla looked around and dodged the next strike. Goku pressured her with more attacks.

"YES!" Caulifla blocked all strikes. "THIS IS SUPER ULTRA MEGA AWESOME!"

Goku punched her to the ground. Caulifla bounced around the ground.

"SHOW ME MORE, SON GOKU!" Caulifla crawled back up. "I AM NOT SATISFIED YET!"

Goku gazed at Caulifla. His face showed no emotion. Nothing.

"What? Don't you enjoy it to?"

"It seems like you have used up all your tricks now. There is no point in dragging this any longer."

"What? You think you have already won? DON'T LOOK DOWN ON ME!" Caulifla used a technique similar to the Kamehameha creating a massive red blast.

"You don't get it." Goku slapped it away like some mere ki blast.

Caulifla's jaw dropped.

"Then I will show you. One last time, so pay good attention, Caulifla!"

Caulifla shook her head and took her fighting stance. "Gimme ya best shot!"

In a blink of an eye, Goku caught Caulifla in a lariat and threw her several meters away. Caulifla couldn't move her hands.

(What is this pressure…? I can't move…)

Goku attacked with more air pressure moves. Caulifla changed the angle of her hand to fire a ki blast to knock herself down to the stage dodging Goku's moves damaging herself.

"You are very reckless."

Caulifla got up, smiling. "It's ironic coming from you. I didn't expect having to use such tactics myself to be honest. Uh…"

Goku walked towards Caulifla.

"I don't want this battle to end… I still want to have more fun." Caulifla got up, resting a hand over her stomach. "I won't stop until I beat you."

"You can't beat me. You are talented sure, but your fast learning skills will be your downfall. You may understand how my techniques work and how to use them, but your body won't keep up with all of them without practice. Your Super Saiyan Blue takes far more of a toll on your body than mine would."

Caulifla reverted back to her normal form dropping to her knee and splitting blood to the ground.

"It's over, Caulifla."

"It's over, you say?" She grinned. "You don't get it do you? I am Caulifla. The Ultra Mega Hyper Prodigy. There is not a single thing I can't DO! HAAAAAAAAAAA!"

"What? Impossible, she too?"

Whis observed Caulifla entering the Omen stage of Ultra Instinct.

"What do you say?" Caulifla showed her fist. "Next is the white one!"

"Yes, Caulifla! You can do it!" Champa cheered. "Now eliminate Son Goku!"

"I wonder about that." Vados said.

"HAAAAAAAAAA! Uh…" Caulifla's Ultra Instinct disappeared. "What happened?"

"You got greedy. Ultra Instinct isn't a technique you can just archive with some back tingle. You have to earn it."

"What do you know? There is nothing I can't do. There is nothing wrong with having confidence."

"I haven't said you can't do it. I said you can't do it like everything else you obtained so far."

"You are pissing me off! Black hair is more than enough!" Caulifla used Ultra Instinct Omen again but Goku avoided her attacks just as easy as earlier.

Her body couldn't keep up with Goku's strikes.

"Your Ultra Instinct doesn't work because your body isn't trained to handle this kind of technique. I can tell that you haven't been challenged in power your whole life that you had to earn anything."

"I have trained for years under Vados… Talk as if you know anything."

Goku dodged her kick, grabbed her leg and threw her. Using her ki from her hand she did a back flip dashing back. Goku sidestepped letting her punch pass through.

"Woah..." She almost lost her balance and turned around. "That does it! ULTRA MEGA DELUXE! CRUSH CANNON!"

Goku's eyes twitched, he moved forward dodging each blast through simple sidestepping.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Caulifla continued her ki barrage, not giving in.

"I am gonna end this now, Caulifla!"


"Kame!" Goku ran teleporting and jumping around to avoid Caulifla's moves. "Hame!"

"Oh no, you won't! MAX POWER!" She released a gigantic beam destroying everything it touched. "Hehehe… uh?" She noticed Goku above her mid air.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Goku launched his energy attack crushing Caulifla thought the rings ground.

"I… can still… teleport…" As she fell, she put her fingers on her forehead but nothing happened. Her eyes closed and her arms gave in.

"Caulifla has been eliminated. With this Universe 6 lost and thus going to get erased."

"What…" Champa clenched his fists and took a last look at Beerus.


The Zenos raised their hands as their cheers began to erase Universe 6 with all fighters. As Champa disappeared, she pulled his eyelid and showed his tongue.

"That idiot. Taking this end that well, I can't believe it honestly."

Goku, returned into his normal state, gazed down the ring where he finished her off.

"Now Son Goku, what is your wish?"

Goku looked the giant golden dragon that looked down at it.

"I… I want to fight more strong fighters. That I why I wish for all the Universes and their people that were erased. To be revived again!"

"What?!" Beerus grabbed the edges of his seat.

"I see. Then this wish shall be fulfilled."

"I shall grand your wish." Ultimate Shenron's eyes glowed.

The Zenos came down to Goku. "That was fun Goku."

"Lot's of fun."

"Sure, but next time. Perhaps not put the Universe at a chopping block."

"Don't worry." The Grand Priest descended. "Lord Zeno predicted this outcome when deciding on the rules. In other words, he wanted to see if the other Universes were worth preserving."

"So what would have happened when any other w…"

"Lord Zeno would have erased all 8 Universes participating."

Meanwhile somewhere else where the city glowed bright at night. Jiren gazed at the dark sky.

"I wonder who won the tournament and wished us back." Toppo said touching Jiren on the shoulder with a canned drink. "Here. Something to cool you down."

"It was likely Son Goku." He took the drink opening it and taking a sip. "Seeing him fight alongside comrades and Kunshi's contribution. It seems I still have to learn a lot."

"What are you talking about, Jiren? Isn't that what we have always done?"


"Strength isn't the only thing. I too have to make this discovery in those long minutes."

And somewhere else, Caulifla opened her eyes while lying on the meadow.

"Why are you so down, sis?"

"Kale? I have…"

"You have…"

She jumped back up. "I have made up my mind. I will start training from scratch."

"Training? But you are sis. Caulifla! Nobody can hold the candle."

"Yes, at least so I thought." She looked at her hand. "Guess there is some benefit in honing ones skill instead of just climbing up the awesomeness ladder. You are losing sight of the basics."

"A… as expected from sis. Let's hone those skills"

"Yes, and I know just the guy who would help us."

During dawn, an old man sat next on his sofa near the chimney fire reading news papers. A sudden door slap made him fall of his chair.

"HEY, BRO!" Caulifla yells as Kale shut her own ears closing her eyes. "I GET OUT OF THIS OLD SHACK!"

The man got up. "What? C… c… Caulifla?! W… w… what do you want here?"

"Is that how you greet your beloved little sister, Renso-Nii? I need your help."

"Brr…" He shook his head and took a more serious persona. "What could you possibly need from an old man like me?"


"Trai… what?"

"I want to train. So train me, damnit!"

"Hoh?" He put his hand on his chin smirking. "Why would you of all people want to train, Cauli? Aren't you a fast learner?"

"Things happened and I guess there are advantages on honing ones skill. That's all." She looked away crossing her arms. "So train me."

"I see. I see. Then let's start now. Are you ready?"

"Of course. Right, Kale?"

"Y… yes."



I hope you enjoyed this rewrite of the Tournament of Power. I don't know if I will write anything else in the future, tho I have some ideas what I can do.