Worlds Collide

This story has been in my draft for a long while. I needed to really think on the direction I wanted to go with it and how I was going to get there. Finally got the stride! :)

Earth 22: 2 A.M. Kent Farm

Diana Kent gasped and sat up quickly heavily breathing.

"Diana?! Diana, what's wrong?!" Her husband, Clark Kent asked sitting up as well.

She looked at him, her heart still beating fast and her body shaking.

"Diana, I'm right here," he whispered soothingly wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. "I'm right here."

"I...I need to check on the children."

"They're alright."

Diana shook her head, pulling away and got out of bed. Clark was confused, getting out of bed, too and followed her.

She went to the girls' room first. She took a deep breath seeing their daughters, Lara, Lyta, and their youngest, Athena, sleeping peacefully. She went over to each of their beds and kissed their cheeks gently. She then went to the boys' room. Their eldest, Jonathan, sleeping at the foot and practically hanging off his own bed with his younger brother, Hunter, with his foot on his face and taking over the rest of the bed.

Diana couldn't help but laughed softly and wiped her tears. She tip toed over and moved Hunter over for Jon to have room, then kissed their foreheads.

Turning around to leave out their room, she saw Clark standing at the door with his arms open. More tears ran down her face as she walked over into his arms.

"Let's get you back to bed."

After quietly closing the boys' door. Clark took Diana's hand going back to their room. He closed the door and got back in bed with Diana. Leaning against the headboard, wrapping his arms around her. She sighed and laid her head on his chest.

"Now that you've checked on the kids, you want to tell me what has you worried?"

She sat up to look into his eyes.

"I've had this awful reoccurring dream for the passed week, maybe longer. It's become so vivid and feels so much more real every night."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought it was just an accumulation of a lot of things we've been dealing with from the kids going to school with their powers developing, especially Jon wanting to fight bullies, my mother and sisters...things like that."

"What is it about? What do you see?"

"I see us. Younger. 20 years younger. We are happy together but there's something. I don't know. Something or someone trying to break us apart."

Clark's heart dropped. "Diana, I'm sorry. I know our past still haunts us sometimes. I think about how things would've been very different if I didn't screw things up for us younger."

"It wasn't your fault. You and I had a lot to learn. We had to grow and we found our way back to each other ready to have the life we have now. But I can feel something happening somewhere else. When I saw us, that world is a little different. Even our uniforms are very different."

"Are you talking about another earth, Diana?"

"Yes. I feel this connection to my younger self there. There's trouble headed that way. We have to go as soon as possible. We have to stop it."

"Are you sure, Diana? What if us getting involved makes things worse?"

"Yes, Kal, we have to. I can feel it. They need our help."

Clark nodded and planted soft kisses all over her face. "I'll contact Fate early. We'll take the kids to Bruce's and leave tomorrow evening."

"Thank you."

"No, no need for that. I'll follow you into any battle. I'm by your side as I should be and should've been all along."

Diana stared deeply into his eyes seeing the pain and regret in his eyes. She reached up cupping his rugged cheek.

"Since the very first time we met, you've always been with me. Yes, we've had our arguments, disagreements. We thought that a life together wasn't for us, tried to bury those feelings we knew we couldn't. We've gotten passed all of that. I'm married to and have 5 beautiful children with the man I knew I would. No matter how long it took, no matter the earth or dimension, Kal-El, you and I are bound together in more ways than one. I would much rather us take the journey than to not be at all."

Clark placed his hand over hers that was still on his cheek and brought her hand to his lips, kissing her palm. He then leaned over and captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

He laid her down and broke their kiss. He looked at her with a reassuring smile.

"It's going to be okay, Diana. I promise."

"Hmm...Promises, promises, promises..." she teased with a smirk.

Clark chuckled and took her hand, placing it over his heart.

"All I intend to keep and fulfill."

He captured her lips once more.

The next day mid-morning: Wayne Manor

"She's serious?" Bruce questioned with a raised brow.

"Bruce, she's been having these nightmares. When has Diana ever been wrong about something like this?" Clark said. He then sighed looking over to Diana who was talking with the children. "We've gone through too much to question anything."

"You are talking about something that may or may not be happening on another world. That's not our concern."

"Diana said she feels connected so maybe it is."

"Neither of you know what you are getting into. What else would this cause."

"Bruce, I would've thought being of your old age and all that we've seen, you know we will do everything in our power to stop anything. No, we don't know what will happen but if it's just the slightest chance of anything, we have to be sure."

Bruce sighed. "Things never change with you two. How long will you be gone. I'm not too keen anymore on babysitting."

"It's more like the kids will be babysitting you, Bruce. And I'm not sure...could be a week."

"A week!"

"Everything is in order. As you said earlier, Dick, Damian and Helena will be here anyway to help out."

"Yeah, run me ragged."

Clark laughed and shook his head.

"Your father and I shouldn't be gone for long. I expect you all to be on your best behavior."

"Yes, Mama," they said in unison.

Diana smiled proudly and kissed each other them on their cheeks. She then cupped Jon's face.

"As the oldest, you have a responsibility."

He smiled. "I know, Ma! I am Super Big Brother! I fight for and protect the youngest of siblings!"

Diana laughed softly. "Your father taught you that little mantra, didn't he?"


Diana smiled proudly.

"But Mama, I'm older too! I can be in charge!" Lara pouted.

"Shut up, Lara! You don't even like helping with Athena."

"So? I don't take orders from you!"

"Now, now. No bickering. You all look after each other. Lara, help your brother, please."

"Yes, Mama..."

Clark walked over to them and reached over to ruffle Jon's hair.

"Hey, kiddos, no long faces. Take care of the old bat and try not to give him too much of a hard time."

They all nodded, "Yes, Dad."

Clark kneeled to them and held out his arms. They smiled and embraced him.

Clark looked up at Diana.

She smiled and kneeled down with them joking the embrace.

"That's better," he whispered.

"I love you all so much," Diana said.

"Love you too, Mama, Dad!"

Prime Earth: Kyoto, Japan Arashiyama District

Clark Kent and Diana Prince walked along the path of the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. The stalks tower above, allowing moonlight to filter in gently. The forest seems endless and the sound of foliage swaying in the breeze lulls them into a trance-like state.

"This is so nice," Diana said happily, latching on to Clark's arm tighter.

Clark smiled. "It is. I'm glad we have this time, Di. There's so much for us to many places to go. But I still want time to have you all to myself in our room."

"Oh, Love," Diana giggled. "Of course. I'm all yours and you're all mine."

Clark stop walking abruptly. Diana looked up at him confused.

What's wrong?"

"I'm just..." he sighed and took her hands in his. "Diana, I love you so much. I'm the luckiest man alive to be with you. For so long, I felt like I wouldn't be worthy but I could've let the chance slip by without being truthful with you letting you know how I feel."

"Kal, thats exactly why I fell in love with you. You've shown so much respect for me. You protect me. Always patient with me and such a gentleman. I can be at my most vulnerable with you."

Diana wrapped her arms around his neck embracing him. She buried her head in his chest. Clark wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.


She looked up at him with a smile. "Yes, Love?"

Clark captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

"Mmm...we should head back to our room," Diana whispered against his lips.

"I was thinking the-" Clark stopped mid sentence hearing something fast approaching.

"Clark? Wha-"

Holding her tighter, he swung her around, shielding her from a blast of fire.


"I'm okay...are you?"

She nodded.

"Head back. Make sure everyone else is safe. I'll take care of this."

"I"m not leaving you."

"Di, I-"

Another blast was heading toward them. Diana quickly took out her sword from her bracelet and deflected the blast.


As they were about to move, they took a glimpse to see a cybernetic figure.

"I can fight whatever this is alone, Di. Go please."

"What or who the hell is that?"

"I don't know. But I'm going to find out."

With another blast heading towards them, Clark quickly fired his heat vision to counter it.

"We've already made sure everyone was safe. But we need to keep your two safe," someone said.

Suddenly two beings moved fast attacking the cybernetic being, destroying it in a matter of seconds.

"Who are they?"

The two beings flew closer to Clark and Diana.

Clark frowned as he recognized the woman's heartbeat and looked at Diana.

"We have to leave here now," the woman said.

"Tell us first...who are you?" Clark asked.

Diana gasped seeing her older self as she took off the hood of her cloak.


Clark was wide eyed seeing his older self.


Elder Diana smiled to her younger self and took her hand. "I know this is a shock but we will explain everything once we are somewhere safe."