The Dixon's Merry

DISCLAIMER: If I owned Harry Potter or TWD at the very least Harry wouldn't have married Ginny and Merle would have survived preferably never left behind in the first place.

SUMMARY: Almost two years after the war and becoming graduated from Hogwarts, and a few months after gaining custody of Teddy, Harry is transferred to the TWD world via Voldemort sympathizer attack. There he meets the love of his life and fulfils his greatest wish, but what's life without a bit of excitement, right?

"Avada Kedavra!" Two voices cried out as twin jets of blinding green light shot out to meet in the middle. As one opponents failed the other shot out and hit the opposing dueler in the chest.

Everything stilled and became silent as everyone stopped all movements, to stare at the disintegrating form of the most feared dark lord that had ever lived, and the man that had ended him.

Unearthly green eyes surveyed their surroundings as he tried to catch his breath after such fast paced dueling. Swallowing with his parched throat as the light individuals started to cheer and holler, and the dark, whom were frozen In place, looked on in shock as their seemingly undefeatable master slowly disappeared from the world for good, piece by piece.

Cracks of disapperition and stunning spells where heard as both sides finally snapped out of their stupor. Breathing heavily Harry made his way through the chaos and destruction that was once known as Hogwarts, seemingly in a adrenaline induced daze.

"Mr. Potter! Stay right there young man!" The familiar voice of the former Deputy Headmistress rang out as she made her way across the gravel filled field to him, followed closely behind by a worried looking Neville Longbottom.

Harry stood still and waited for them to reach him , leaning on a decent sized boulder as he slowly came out of his dazed state of mind.

"Are you okay, Mr. Potter?" Minerva puttered around him like the secret mother hen they all new she was. "Come, sit down you look like your about to topple over any moment." He complied with her wishes and sat on one of the smaller boulders in the field not to far away, just as his legs felt like they were about to give out from under him.

"I'm fine, honestly," Harry explained weakly with a tired smile on his face, "Seriously, I'm normally in the mediwing for a week, but this time I feel completely fine except for shock." He joked as they hovered around him.

"Mate it's a bloody miracle you haven't lost your head with this big of a stunt!" Neville admitted with an exhausted grin as he sat down next to him, shoulders slightly dropping down as the weight of the day finally released as he was able to marginally relax.

"While that certainly true, would you allow me to at least check for my own peace of mind?" Minerva asked as she leaned In a bit closer to get a better visual assessment to his well being.

Nodding his consent she immediately started casting diagnostic charms, he slumped back against Neville, sighting as he closed his eyes after discerning that they were the only ones there. She huffed a sigh of relief when only a few cuts and bruises where revealed on the paper. Opening his eyes again he saw as she to relaxed a little before nodding her head at him, and heading off to help with the aftermath of the battle. Now reassured in her mind that he wasn't in any imminent danger. Staying leaned against Neville, he started slowly relaxing all of his muscles one by one.

Startling when Neville asked him "So what are you going to do now." Turning his head to face him.

He paused as he considers the question, humming to himself before he replies "I really don't know anymore, it's like all the things I had planned don't really matter all that much to me anymore." My whole life has been centered around fighting and defeating Voldemort, that nothing else really mattered till now, I didn't think I would get this far alive, he thought to himself.

"Well," Neville started slowly, "why don't you take time to think about it, now that you have the chance." Humming to himself, Harry chewed on Neville's words for a minute, as he took in the far off tree line of the forbidden forest with its now uprooted trucks and smashed foliage. Well I could really use the time to cool down and sort through my emotions, he thought as he stretched his aching back with a satisfying pop.

"But how much can I take when there so much to do?" He turned to Neville.

"As much as you want," he said, "for what you've done for us, the least we can afford to you is time to yourself."

Scoffing a laugh "Try telling the Daily Prophet, and ministry busybodies that!" He snarked with a snarl. THEY'LL PROBABLY THINK THEY HAVE EVEN MORE OF A RIGHT TO MY LIFE THEN BEFORE, he thought with a disgusted sneer.

"Then tell them to stuff it where the sun don't shine down Merlin's britches," Neville stated face set firmly with his earlier confidence making a reappearance, "you need to start thinking about yourself and not about what others are going to say about you, or are you going to let them run your life how they please?" He questioned with a raised eyebrow. Harry's eyes softened with each word, HE'S RIGHT I HAVE TO START THINKING FOR MYSELF AND STOP BEING SO SELFLESS, I LITERALLY WALKED TO MY DEATH FOR THEM WHAT MORE CAN THEY ASK OF ME?

"You're right," he said as he hefted himself up, "I need time to myself and I'm going to take it Merlin damn anyone else, thanks mate, tell Minnie I'll be back in a few months." He embraced him tightly after he gathered his things and apperaitied away.

The first stop he made was to gringotts bank where he was promptly informed in the nicest way a goblin could, that he had only one week to gather all his belongings in both the black and Potter vaults before they were seized for compensation by the bank. In a hurry Harry made arrangements to move everything in all the vaults were added to the magically expanded compartments in his trunk, all objects and books in one and the money in another before being unceremoniously booted from the banks premises.

Shaking his head but feeling that he kinda deserved it, he made his way to Madame Madkins to get some suitable everyday wear, and to appease his paranoia special ordered armor and battle wear with specialized charms woven into the fabrics.

His next stop was the furniture and utensils store to buy a black, gem emerald studded choker that would hold an unlimited amount of storage In each of the ten gem studs, immediately afterwards placing his trunk in one stud and put on. He also bought a housing trunk with working water with cooling and heating charms worked into the framework, which be also placed in his choker.

He then visited the house and kitchen utility's store and bought everything he though he might need which, consisted of: furniture for both grimmauld place and his new trunk, food from their conjoined grocery store, cushions and mattresses, blankets and kitchen supplies that would make a chef drool with envy. Satisfied with his haul, he then went home to grimmauld place and after consoling Kreatcher managed to clean up a spare bedroom besides the staircase before passing out In exhaustion.

Opening his tired eyes the next day, Harry slowly sat up while rubbing his sleep addled eyes. Exhausted even though this was the first decent sleep he's had in almost an entire year. Yawning widely as he called for Kreatcher for breakfast which consisted toast and a fried egg as he didn't feel he could eat very much else after surviving off of so little for so long. He was no longer used to such diets as he spent most of the year at Hogwarts and only three months surviving the Dursleys.

Still tired, he got out of bed and begain the slow process of sorting and organizing the heirlooms and books of both the Black's and Potter's while also adding the already existing black library to the others because why not. After he finishing he but weapons and armor in one of the first stud on his choker, heirlooms and other such objects in the second, clothes where either thrown away, donated or but into his trunk with was in the middle fifth stud, and all books where sorted by category into the library of his housing trunk.

Stretching out his sore back muscles, he slowly stood and made his way around the house. After noticing the level of cleaning needed he sighted and with some help from the aging Kreatcher managed to clean one third of the house for the rest of the day. Having a light dinner of chicken soup and bread, he finally moved back to the room he claimed as his on the second floor, and retired for the day.

For the next several days Harry filled his days with cleaning his new home and meditating as he found that one of the things he really wanted to do was achieve his animagus form like his father and godfather before him. He even made a fully stocked and equipped potions lab after a visit to an apothecary to make the revel potion.

So for the next several days he found himself meditating as a means to calm himself and to try and find his animagus form. This continued on until he was met with a wider pair of eyes just like his own, set upon an ebony face of a large black panther with its tail swinging back and forth in a calm matter.

Since then he's caught himself acting in distinctly feline actions out of no where, he wouldn't have really noticed if one of the these actions included licking non existent fur on his hands and rubbing his face in an attempt to clean himself. He's also noticed that his emotions have become noticeably stable and calmer since then.

He continued taking the potion untill he noticed weather patterns indicating a big storm, and started preparing for the animagus ritual. He woke up the next day with the most odd sense of peacefulness balled up in his chest that he just remained on the carpet he woke up on for half the day, before a grumbling stomach and sore muscles make him move. He can now shift into a large black panther with wide green eyes with little to no sclera, that looks to have white kohl around them with a white slanted lighting bolt on the right side of its chest.

Another change that happened when he was contacted by Andromeda on behalf of visiting Teddy. At first he was apprehensive about visiting, as he was scared he would see the ghost of Remus and Tonks, whom he had been informed to have died while in battle, he didn't leave his bed for two days after he found out and was sadly and glad at the same time that he hadn't seen their bodies before he left and instead was informed by Neville who he kept in contact with throughout and ignored all the unidentifiable letters besides Andromeda's. Still he felt it was he's duty to visit as he didn't want Teddy to be without a godfather as he had while growing up.

Any doubts of his abilities to bond with Teddy went out the window within two seconds of the baby's presence. He fell in love at first sight when he smiled a one tooth smile at him before shrieking out a delighted laugh, seeing his smile and hearing his laughter as he held him in his arms was like a balm to a hole In his heart he hadn't even known was there.

Afterwards he then started rotating his time with most of it spent bonding with Teddy and the rest was spent learning new magics and gaining new knowledge both magical and muggle. He even took Teddy out with him on little shopping trips here and there, under a disillusionment charms.

About a month and half after officially meeting his godson, he decided it was time to return to Hogwarts to help with repairs before the next school year could begin.

After spending the whole day with Teddy and Andromeda along with promising weekend and holiday visits, he finally went back to Hogwarts after alerting Neville of his impending arrival.

Arriving at the newly rebuilt gates of Hogwarts at the agreed upon time, Harry was greeted with the tight, rib breaking embrace of Neville Longbottom with an amused Minerva watching from within the opened gates.

"Urg," Harry strained to say between strained breaths, "Nev, mate, I do need my ribs intact to breathe, you know that right?" Letting out a wheezing laugh as he was released, he took in exaggerated deep breaths while clinging to his aching sides. "I think you might've broke one or two."

"It'll do you good young man," an amused Minerva said with a small quirk at her lips, "not even saying a quick goodbye, then disappearing without a word except to dear Neville there. For shame on you."

"Aw, come on Minnie," he fluttered his lashes at her, "you now I love you, and wouldn't be able to live without your lovely voice as you scold me for doing some idiotic thing or another." He grinned as he dodged the small stinging hex she flew at him. Smirking at him as she placed her wand back up her robes sleeves.

Neville laughed as he began leading him up the now cleared out path to the main entrance of Hogwarts. Minerva excusing herself once they reached the main doors as she had to make further arrangements for the upcoming school year.

He and Neville then took a self guided tour around the newly rebuilt walls of Hogwarts, marveling at how except for their memories and some incomplete construction sites, it almost appeared as if half the castle was never blown apart during a battle. After finishing their small tour they began helping with the construction by following the instructions of the workers, mostly fetching things they needed or helping with levitating large pieces of the walls into place. After a while when the sun was beginning to set, the construction workers called it a day as it was dangerous to continue in the dark even with Lumos charms, and set off towards the Great hall for dinner. Halfway there in the middle of a enlightening conversation about magical fruits and there properties, they were interrupted.

"Harry James Potter! Where in Merlin's bloody name have you been for the past few months without even a single word to me." A red faced Ginny Weasely all but screamed as she stomped her feet, making her way towards him from the end of the hall, Ron and Hermione following a little ways behind her.

"Well I was taking some time off to cool down a bit," he started as she made it to where he and Neville had paused and waited in the middle of the hallway, "I also took time to sort through some things that has been bugging me for awhile."

"Well, that's bloody great an all mate, but you could have at least come to us first." Ron said as he caught up with Hermione a bit behind him clutching a set of books to her chest.

"Yeah, you could have at least told me, as your girlfriend I have a right to helped you after all." Ginny huffed as she crossed her arms with a vexed expression on her face.

Sharing a slightly confused look of irritation with Neville he replied, "Wait, wait, wait. Girlfriend? Ginny, I broke up with you a year and half ago," he said slowly with his look of confusion turning to annoyance, "and even if you were still my girlfriend I would have still done the same thing as I wanted to be left alone." He stated firmly with a bit of his annoyance leaking into his voice.

"Oh silly Har-bear," she laughed with a strained smile set upon her face, "everyone knows that we only broke up so that you could protect me, and now that you've defeated you-know-who you can start dating me again as it won't put me in any danger anymore." She said with an expectant look as she blinked her eyes at him in a quick session.

"Yeah, everyone knows that," Ron said as he started puffing out his chest in obvious pride, ignoring the growing look of horror and irritation that was slowly overtaking Harry's face with each word they said, "and, as her older brother and your best mate, it is my duty as both, to inform you that I expect you to take responsibility and marry her."

With a clearly vexed expression on his face, Harry took a deep calming breath as he felt his irritation building before saying, "OK, no first of all Ginny, I didn't brake up with you because I trying to protect you, I broke up with you because I truly didn't want to date you anymore as I only see you as my friends younger sister," he'd told her, as her and Ron's faces began to take on twin sets of red hues as their hair as their anger started to build, as he turned to face Ron, "and sorry Ron but no, I know you want me and Hermione to be officially part of your family, but I'm not in any way, shape or form getting back with your sister or marrying her for that matter either."

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU SAYING MATE! you were supposed to get back together with Ginny, then you an I would've married her and Hermione once we've all graduated and become aurors together!" Ron finally exploded out as his face maxed out at a purple maroon color as he steadily got angrier before releasing it. Ginny agreeing quite loudly from beside him, as Hermione retreated to a octave as she didn't want to get involved, watching them argue.

Harry was starting to get angry himself as he to raised his voice, "What I'm saying is that I don't want to get back together with a girl that would also be seeing other bloody guys before and after the break up, along with the fact that I have zero feelings for her except through you as she's your sister, and for another thing who are you to decide who I spend the rest of my life with and what career path I'm going to take, I am no longer interested in being an auror as I did in second year, I only said that in the first place because you wanted to become one together and at the time it seemed like a good idea." He raged on at them as his temper slowly started to get the better of him along with his newly honed instincts screaming at him to get rid of the two annoyances. "And for another thing I still wouldn't have gotten back together with her or any other female for that matter." He stated firmly.

Gasping, as she covered her mouth with her hands "Harry James Potter, you take that back, you aren't a bloody poof, your just confused right now, that's all." Ginny shrieked in outrage, so loud that she almost burst his eardrums as it echoed down the corridor. She then began to tremble with rage as she started huffing like an angry buff seconds away from charging, as Ron clenched his fist as be to began to tremble.

"Yes, I am a poof." Harry stated loud enough so that the curious eavesdroppers behind the corners of the hallway could hear as it echoed down the walls, "its one of the reasons I broke up with you in the first place, as I felt no physical attraction to you what so ever. I, Harry James Potter am gay, I am attracted to males." He clarified loudly. "So get whatever misguided notion that we might be getting back together because it is not happening, ever." He finished with a tone of finality.

"B-b-but you can't be gay, you've never showed any signs, and your supposed to get back with Ginny." Ron stuttered weakly in defense as he repeated his argument like a broken record player as his face took on a more greenish white hue. Hermione said nothing at all as she kept her head down behind the octave she was hiding in.

"Well I am, and there's nothing you can do about it either, if you don't like it then to bad for you because I'm not going to change." He shrugged as he turned to continue on to the great hall with Neville, with parting shot of his shoulder as he turned the corner, "Not like you've ever been the best of friends to begin with."

He continued with a shell shocked Neville following close behind him. Looking over his shoulder at him as he paused before entering the hall. Seeing his wary look Neville shook himself lose of his shock and returned it with a grin. Sighting with relief as he still had one loyal friend, he continued on into the hall and sat down across from some other seventh years from both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff that had volunteered to help with the construction as Neville took his side.

Starting to fill his plate with roasted beef and various roasted vegetables while as starting up a conversation with them, he noticed as the Weasely duo and Hermione entered the hall ,and after shooting angry glares in his direction sat down at the opposite table furthest from him. He shrugged before carrying on with the conversation ,as he debated with Neville and one over Ravenclaw about the integrity of hidden tree houses he could feel the heat of their glares in the back of his neck.

Minerva entered shortly after making her way to the Headmistress seat and before sitting down herself she informed them that they were on track to starting the next school year with a completed castle and thanking them for helping with this endeavor, she sat down and began helping herself to her own supper.

After they had finished eating Minerva made her way down to them and lead them to their quarters in the Eastern second floor, and after deciding to bunk together with Neville, Harry settled in for tonight in his chosen bed and fell asleep quickly, exhausted from his long day.

The next few weeks followed in a mixture of helping with finishing the construction, talking with Neville, Minerva, and later on Luna, who Neville had begun dating, fending off unwanted advances from Ginny, who had convinced herself that he was just confused with his hormones, and visiting with his beloved little godson, who he always got a smile and a laugh from whenever he saw him.

It wasn't to long before they had finished construction and the next school year had started session, Harry was awarded the head boy position and his own quarters, along with a Ravenclaw perfect as head girl much to the disgruntled outrage of Hermione who had been expecting the position.

As he sat at the head of the Griffindor table with Neville and this year's perfects, he watched as the first years were sorted, he couldn't help getting a sense of nostalgia as he reminisced about his own sorting. Snorting to himself in amusement as he thought of the faces the majority would have made if he had actually allowed the hat to sort him into Slytherin.

Coming out of his thoughts as the sorting itself began, majority of them going to grinfindor, close numbers going to both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, and a small hand full going to Slytherin. After Minerva had begun the welcoming feast, Harry had multiple people from all houses come up to him and ask the oddest questions about him.

Answering some more modest questions and shooting down the personal and rude, he completely ignoring most of them with the remaining of Hogwarts Weaselys glaring daggers at him.

Harry finished his supper and after a few words to his tables perfects and then some to the other perfects about confirming the schedule he and the head girl, Marilyn Silverdust, made for patrols, he stayed back to make sure there were no stragglers and that all students were heading towards their designated quarters. Before heading towards his after sending out an owl to Andromeda about his day, and after changing he fell asleep early so that he would be well rested before his shift later on in the night.

The next few months were then filled with going to classes, avoiding obvious students, ignoring all attempts from Ron and the weaslette, and visiting and writing to Teddy as much as possible. As he began to get into a rythem he passed the days with the awe of the student population, spite of the Weaselys, as after the first few days he had received a howler from Mrs. Weasely agreeing with Ron and Ginny that he should give up the notion of being gay and marry Ginny as he should.

Harry then gave up on retaining contact with them as all the Weaselys he really cared for were dead the twins during the battle one after the other, Charlie from being incinerated by a death eaters stray fire shoot spell, and Bill hadn't survived Fenrir's attack, who left a depressed Fleur a widow before passing from injures she had sustained from a misfired spell during a death eater raid.

He continued on with his schooling, frustrating Hermione as he went by getting all of the top grades in all of his classes. He spent most of his time in Hogwarts speaking only with Neville and Luna, avoiding everyone else, and visiting his godson when he could.

Leading up to today, the day of the eighth and seventh years graduation from Hogwarts, he gets his diploma as well as gaining the valedictorian position by passing as his NEWTs with all O's or OO's.

He gave a short speech about his time at Hogwarts as Minerva had asked of him to before apperaiting away with a promise to write to Neville, as he had seen the Weasely clan start to make their way towards him with a determined look in their eyes.

It hadn't been even two weeks since he's graduated, as he sits at the small dining table in the kitchen enjoying the simple breakfast he had made himself as Kreatcher had passed while he was at Hogwarts, that he starts getting mail from random people, some job offers, congratulations, and fan mail, the others from people he didn't even now demanding that he become an auror as it was expected of him from the public, and some even encouraged that he get back together with Ginny as they would make an almost exact replica of his parents.

Shuddering in disgust at the latter letters because what kind of kid wants to so much like their parents they would even marry someone who looks like them, Well Draco might as he has always tried to imitate his father, he mused with a snort and another shudder. After sorting through them all and throwing out the majority of them and keeping the job offers, as even though he knew he didn't want to be a auror or anything similar as he had already had his fair share of fighting, he still hadn't exactly decided what he wants to be, he decided to go to Diagon alley to see if they had a list of sorts for jobs. He wanted to see if any spoke to him and after picking a few maybe consulting in Andromeda on what would be the better option for him.

After dressing up in his forest green and black trimmed closed robes that hid his set of battle attire, that he always had on only taking it off to wash and change, which consisted of black basilisk skin knee high military style strap boots, black dragon hide trousers, emerald green skin hugging top with mid wrist length sleeves that resized itself to fit him to a T, that had a hood on the back for easy disguisment, and his ever present choker and notice-me-not wand holsters on both arms. He cast a mild disillusionment charm upon himself and apperaitied to Hogs End and after asking Tom, under a glamour, of if he had any idea where he could find a list of sorts for jobs, then entered Diagon Alley and headed straight for the small office looking building at the far end of the alley near gringotts banks, as tom had said it was the job office where they documented, listed, and distributed any possible job.

Upon entering he was directed towards a smaller office inside the building after asking the greetings man where could go for job options. As he knocked on the door, he was led into the room and sat down as he was asked for what his visit was for, and gaining a copy of a long list of possible jobs and/or apprenticeships. After thanking the office worker, he then left to sit at a quaint little cafe hidden in a far corner of the alley.

After enjoying a fresh cuppa honeyed tea and munching on some chocolate tea cakes in one of the more secluded seating's offered in the café, he wondered if he should buy some of the small tea cakes for Teddy who was already showing his sires love for all things chocolate, he brought out a muggle pink highlighter and one black and blue pen from his expanded pocket and began working though the long list.

Marking through the ones that interested him with the highlighter and crossing the ones that he knew he wouldn't even consider out with the black pen. After that was done he went back to the ones that were highlighted and made little notes next to them on as to why that job particularly interested him with the blue pen.

Satisfied with his work, he looked up from the now colorful parchment and noticed he had spent nearly an hour and a half at the café. Standing up and stretching his muscles with a satisfying crack, he placed his things back into his robes pocket and after ordering more of the chocolate tea cakes for Teddy and Andromeda, he then set off to do some more small shopping.

Making his way done the ally he was startled slightly by the sudden shriek of "-ARRY JAMES POTTER, why haven't you been to the burrow for the past two weeks young man, we've been waiting for you," He turned around at the familiar tone and noticed Molly Weasely making her way towards him, along with Ron, Hermione, and Ginny right behind her, her loud yelling parting the crowd of onlookers like the muggle christians Moses and the red sea, "or at the very lease written!" She finished off as she finally made it to were he was standing, wondering if he should just apperaitie away from the storm that was bound to give him a headache.

Scrunching up his brows in confusion at her words "I haven't been around any of you because I no longer want to associate with people who only think about themselves and try to make me get together with someone I don't want to be with." The crowd around them gasped at his blunt choice of words as he spoke in aggravation, cursing himself for not putting on a glamour before leaving the cafe. His words causing the crowd to start muttering to themselves, some in outrage, some agreeing with him some with the Weaselys, and some in intrigued curiosity. The Weaselys went red at his words and the continued mutterings from the crowd.

Starting to stutter in forced pleasantre Mrs. Weasely tried to reach out to take his arm, "What nonsense are you spouting dear, of course we care about your happiness, it's just that we can't believe someone who was so obviously happy straight can turn gay," she said, flushing even more as he jerked his arm away before she could grasp it, "And you were so happy being with Ginny before, so please stop with this disgraceful charade and ask her out again." She finished as he grew more and more baffled at their shear self-entitelment, with every word out of her mouth, even going so far as to push a smug looking Ginny in front of him.

Sneering as he turned from the red headed greedy creature in front of him to the other red head matriarch he said very clearly much to the crowds joy, "I am in no way shape or form getting back together with Ginny Weasely as I clearly told Ron before we started our last year of Hogwarts, and I am not putting on an act, I am gay and even if I wasn't I still wouldn't get back with a girl that cheated on me while we were still dating all the while hanging off my arm like an unwanted whining barnacle. if you don't like it then all well Merlin's saggy balls it's not your choice now is it?" He asked of them as they all started trembling in rage. Smirking as they tried to save face by making up every excuse in the book for theirs and Ginny's actions all while raging at him for speaking so badly about Ginny.

Snapping in rage at his satisfied smirk, Mrs. Weasely all but screamed at him, "HARRY JAMES POTTER, YOU WILL CEASE THIS NONSENSE AT ONCE, you will be getting back together with Ginny, and you will marry her at the end of this month, we've already have everything planned so you don't have to worry about a thing dear," she finished sweetly at the end, Ginny rapidly nodding her head in agreement with her mother, as if her mothers demands had fixed everything between them and convinced him to marry Ginny instead of just getting back together with her, to the wide eyed disbelief of Harry and the crowd.

All was deadly silent all around them, as an enormous rage built up inside of him at the shear audacity of the people in front of him, who looked so proud of themselves as they continued to watch him expectantly, before exploding out,

"Where in Merlin's name did you get the absurd idea that just because you went ahead and planned an unneeded wedding would make me want get back with the twat that is known as Ginny, instead of getting as far away as possible, and even have the gall to tell me what is and isn't my sexuality, and am just acting gay just so that I won't have to get back together with her," he shouted as his cheeks started to flush with rage, suddenly an idea popped into his head straighting his spine, squaring his his shoulders and squaring his jaw, he lifted his head a bit higher and smirked at their startled look before going on with,

"Since my words won't get into your thick skulls how about this. I, Lord Harry James Potter-Black, Head of the most ancient and Noble house of Potter, Head of the most ancient and Noble house of Black, hereby vow that I will not, nor ever want to, ever marry the one named, Ginerva Molly Weasely, daughter of the Weasely matriarch Molly and patriarch Arthur of the Weasely house, so mote it be!" He swore on his magic as he turned and apperaitied away to Andromeda's cottage, done with everything, except Teddy and Andromeda. Leaving behind a stunned silent crowd of onlookers, quickly scribbling reporters, and embarrassed Weaselys as they to hurried to get away from the eye of the public for a few days.

Several days afterwards, and after many dramatically reported stories about his little excursion in Diagon Alley, as he was in his study looking through and researching about the three job options that he had narrowed down from the ten he had initially chosen.

The first being taking a course that if he passed he would become a licensed Medi-Wizard, the second becoming a professional chef, and the last acting as a survivalist guide to a group of people two to three times a year. A pretty well rounded choice of options that suited him as Andromeda had said, as all that way left was choosing which one to do.

Sorting through applications for each job and requirements, he noticed a large brown horned barn owl that St. Mungo's usually used to send out missives for patients and family members. Wondering as to why it was at his window, as he let it in and relieved it of its burden as he gave it an owl treat and a small dish of water. Unfolding it to find out that it was a summons for him to come and pick up one Teddy Lupin as Andromeda has been admitted to the healing ward of St. Mungo's for her failing health. Dropping the letter as he quickly grabbed his coat and after letting the owl out, he left in a hurry to arrive at St. Mungo's to pick up his godson and find out what was happening.

As he arrived he was directed to room number 203. Quickly walking into the room he grabbed a disgruntled gurgling Teddy off of the nurse in the room and placed him in his lap to settle now that he was comfortable with the person holding him.

Grabbing a hold of Andromeda's hand as the healer that admitted came in to inform him that Andromeda was no longer fit to take proper care of Teddy as she was in the process of being permanently admitted to St. Mungo's care for her failing physical health. Gripping her hand as she gave him a list of Teddy's needs and a written schedule of his week by day, he let out a few tears as he promised her that they would visit everyday and getting a laugh as he whispered conspiring that he would also bring food with him.

After a few hours of quietly talking with the now frail looking older woman. He quickly apperaitied to Andromeda's small cottage to gather and shrink hers and Teddy's things in separate expanded bags, pausing on a picture of Remus an Tonks holding a newborn Teddy their arms beaming up at him from the picture quickly placing it in his pocket set on asking Andromeda for a copy to add to the wall frame of his house trunk next to a older picture and mode recent picture of Sirius. He also had the picture album that Hagrid gave him with picture of his parents and younger Sirius and Remus safely stored on the mantle below the hanging pictures. leaving the bags at Grimmauld place to unpack later on along with taking Andromeda a few choice things once settled into her own room.

He then left with Teddy securely in his arms to visit the baby supplies shop she had mentioned to get the majority of the baby supplies such as diapers, to browse and immediately buying a expensive extensively protected baby carrier that strapped Teddy to his chest or back. Now that his arms where freed up as Teddy was now secured to his chest, he grabbed a basket and picked up a few things to add to Andromeda's already impressive pile of baby and toddler things, along with some extra diapers and milk formula, he didn't grab and caned baby food as once Teddy could be started on solids he would make the food himself as he didn't trust the stuff in a can. Finishing up with his shopping he placed his purchases into a empty stud on his choker that he would later make into his Teddy supplies stud.

Leaving the shop he made his way to Burgons and Botts, as he browsed a few of the selves looking for books on baby and toddler care along with older child care as well so that he could be prepared early in advance to what he should typically expect, a few people stopping what they were doing and pointing at him with Teddy strapped to his chest, and went to the cashier to buy the books he wanted to purchase.

Stepping out of the store, it appeared as the news of his charge had already reached the ears of the reporters, as he was meet with a slew of rabid reporters all asking questions on as to why he had Teddy, was he he's biologically, and if this is actually why he hadn't got back together with Ginny. And as if summoned by someone calling her wretched name there she was with the usual gaggle behind her. A smug smirk on their faces for their perceived win against him.

"So is that," she pointed at happily gurgling Teddy with a dispraising sneer, "the reason you won't do your duty and marry me," she simpered disgustingly, "well your just going to have to send him back to the skew that had him, as I won't be taking care of anybody else's spawn." She scrunched her nose at the baby, as she had the gall to try and command of him to get rid of his precious godson.

Lifting a brow as he steadily grew, with the feeling that he was starting to associate with the beings called Ginerva, Molly, Ron, and Hermione, enraged at their dissing of Remus and Tonks persons, sneering as he said. "I would want to now what possible duty could I have for you as I'm pretty sure that everyone and their mother by now know's that I made a oath a few days ago to never marry you, or has your feeble brains already forgotten that fact?" He questioned with a sharp tongue much to the enjoyment of the crowd of reporters, the Weaselys faces flushing once more at his words, "And just so you know I didn't have him, even though I officially acknowledge him as my son, he is my godson of Remus and Tonks wishes before they died, two amazing people who's memories you just spat on," he hissed dangerously at them as they slowly backed away from his enraged frame his magic starting to crackle in the air around him. "not that it's any of your business what I do anyway, so stay the bloody hell away from me as I don't want to listen to your ridiculous drabble anymore, forever hopefully." He spat at them as he turned his back to their continued shrieking as they gained their courage back now that he wasn't facing them, and took a nearby floo to Grimmaulds place to settle Teddy into his new home.

Going through some of the baby books he bought while Teddy was taking a nap in his crib beside him. Coming across a startling section that said male birthed baby's need a bit more attention then the female birthed especially during the first few months of their lives.

Flabbergasted at this knowledge, he did more research and found that male wizards can naturally carry a baby inside of a magically created womb for seven and half months, which is why they need more attention then regular babies, but if they reach the four month mark as most babies did they would be as healthy as any other baby. Smiling happily to himself at the knowledge that he would be able to have a baby of his own, not that Teddy wasn't his, if he ever got himself a partner, Which i don't see happening anytime soon, he thought bitterly to himself. Because as much as he wanted someone to share his life with he did not want a worshipper that thought the very dirt he walked on was some kind of holy artifact. Which was true as most of the male magical population were either jealous of his fame or worshiped him as hero.

Shaking his head of the thought of having more children and saving it for much, much later on. He went back to the book he was reading before that particularly interesting tidbit caught his attention. Humming to himself as Teddy continued snoozing away into the afternoon.

A few months passed by with the regular visits to Andromeda, and fixing his days to revolve around bonding and taking care of Teddy, as well as reading books about childcare, healing, botany, and potions. He decided to go with the survivalist guide as it only occurs two or three times a year, as he could learn healing at home and still get a license if he passed the test, along with always cooking their meals, even trying out new recipes and making some of his own, bringing some with him every time they visited Andromeda which is quite frequently if not daily.

He decided to go with it as the others would have token up to much of his time, which he couldn't have as he needs to raise Teddy. Not that caring for him was any hassle at all, as he was quite a happy baby, unless Harry wasn't within his eyesight then he would show his wolf inheritance that he got from Remus as it shined through quite literally through his eyes as they would turn gold as he howled until Harry returned to him, he was also showing his mother's ability of metamorphosis by randomly changing his hair and/or eyes with his moods or to imitate Harry, which brought Andromeda to tears of both joy and grief once he did it in front of her.

Such as it was not all was well, as much as she tried to hang on her health was deteriorating at a high rate and there was nothing the healers could do, so as the days go by and she gets worse and worse he tried to prepare himself for the apparent inevitable, and it worked, partially.

Andromeda Marianna Tonks nee Black passed away on January, 14 of 2011 at exactly four thirty in the morning after slipping into a comatose state the day before. And as much as he prepared for it, it still hit him hard as this was the very first person that was taken from him by presumably natural means, some would expect him to feel a bit better about it as it's the first natural death in all of his almost 20 years worth of life that it just hit him harder then he expected, as all the others where taken from him by the hands of others quite suddenly.

So as to cope, he secluded himself and Teddy inside of Grimmauld place only coming out to arrange and attend Andromeda's short but beautiful funeral. After which he spent the next two weeks not coming out of grimmaulds place and for which bonded even closer to Teddy if possible. Now calling him Sirius and Remus's term of endearment "cub" when speaking directly to him. Which pleased his panther side as it had already imprinted upon Teddy as it's cub.

He spent those weeks spending all of his time with Teddy on his hip or strapped to his chest as he cooked, cleaned and lazed about reading letting him play with his fingers, slightly longer hair, and clothes as he liked while he did so. When Teddy was asleep or napping, if he wasn't also napping himself he would read as much as he could get his hands on trying out new spells, learning about herbs and their uses, and even new survival tips. Sometimes when he feels up to it he'd send a letter to Neville as he was the only person he would willing talk to besides Luna and Minerva.

It carried on this way until he decided he's mourned enough as it was, and they needed new baby supplies anyway.

Pulling on his long black robes over his usual self cleaning battle wear, which he only took off to bath, and strapping Teddy into his chest carrier he set out to the baby store to by a few months worth of diapers, formula, and new clothing for Teddy, as well as grabbing a few things Teddy reached for as he was a sucker to his puppy eyes.

Placing all of the new purchases into his now designated Teddy supplies stud on his choker he left the store with a now happy gurgling Teddy gnawing on his new bib with a new set of teeth.

As he left the shop he felt a prickling sense in the back of his neck and had enough time to whip around with the elder wand in his hand, before his view was obscured by a heavy white mist, as he heard screaming from all around him and mad crackling in front of him, he shot of a strong full body bind curse at the crackling that so reminds him of Bellatrix, as he held on to a strapped down Teddy he felt disoriented as it felt as if the floor beneath him disappeared from beneath his feet.

On February, 12 of 2011 Harry Potter and his charge Edward Lupin disappeared from both the wizarding and muggle world, as the assailant was apprehended and realeased from a powerful body bind still cackling, officially reported as the last known spell used by Mr. Potter. After extensive questioning under veratiserum it was found that the assailant, a Thadeus Baden, was a Voldemort sympathizer that had thrown a unknown potion at Mr. Potter that once it hit the ground in front of him produced a thick white mist, that after a few minutes and the mist had cleared it was found that Mr. Potter and a one and a half year old Edward Lupin who was strapped to his chest in a baby carrier had simply disappeared never to be seen or heard from again even after extensive searching from the wizarding worlds finest. A trial was held for Mr. Baden that concluded in a sentence of life in Azkaban in the highest security holdings. He died thirteen years in due to unknown complications. Read page six for the following Weasely family freakout.

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