Rewrite Announcement

Reviewers Questions

Why I'm doing this rewrite?

• Well I wanted to correct some mistakes, add in more information, and/or change some things. I also wanted to match the quality of the first chapter I had my amazing beta 'I'm not ofreakingkay' help me on while they also teach me how to better my writing style so it's not so, clumpy, feeling.

Ways to get ahold of me outside of the comments?

• Well I have a tumblr that I post some of my art on, one of which is a picture of the things I imagine Harry wearing and im about to post a new drawing of Merle. I'm actually hoping to draw all of them and actually make a cover for my story but for right now I'm drawing them individually.

Who is my amazing beta?

• Im not ofreakingkay, is an amazing and helpful beta. I'm truly grateful for them.

Teddy's Age?

• I'm now aware of how far off my portrayal of Teddy was to how he actually acts. So I'm officially changing his age to one and a half while fixing some of his behaviors as you will see when I repost chapter 1. Which is now going through my beta who has my permission to change some things and add if it doesn't make sense to them, it has a possibility of being posted at the end of next week. The only kids I have is a one year old black cat named Tricket, a 8 year old dog named Gizmo, and a 6 month old bunny named Tabs.

My thing with Shane and Lori?

• Shane I can kinda forgive as I really like the stories I've read where he was redeemed/ not so much of an ass and was a generally good person who Lori was pushing/threatening/bullying around. It's why I didn't really focus on him and instead focused on how much of a goody two shoes b**ch Lori acted.

Why Harry acts more muggle then wizard?

• Because I was only one person and having to many strong headaches to think of ways he could've used his magic. Which will hopefully be rectified in the new chapters.

The Greene's?

• Hm. Maybe it's been a while since I've watched TWD and the stories I read don't focus on them. But maybe since I could have Hershel teach the group how to farm.

The future of Rick's group?

• I don't really know. I haven't really planned anything with them after the separation other then maybe running into them with Carl. But without Daryl being their to hunt most of their food and tension rising as Lori tries to rule over everyone and Rick trying to lead it without anyone to challenge his views,I don't think they'll do so good.

Rick's and Lori's feeling's on Carl and Harry?

• Rick's are more of a disinterest as long as Carl keeps out of trouble as he's confident that Carl will always come back to them even though he ignores his own kid while trying to lead the group. It comes to a shock to him later when they all pull over after the CDC only to find that the Dixon's, Carol, Sophia, and Carl had left them and it had been to long since they've left the CDC to turn around and try to find them. Lori's on the other hand was to act like a good mother whenever Rick was around as to use him as basically a bargaining chip to be what she sees is the Alpha female of the group, or whenever it suits her needs.


• Yes, I will be bringing her into the group later on as the magic of the earth that is more awake now with Harry's arrival will sense the bond between her and Andre and push her in the way towards meeting our group. She most likely won't be meeting the governor as their heading in the almost opposite direction. Like as if the governor was right in front of them but they turned to the left or right opposite.

Carol x Daryl?

• No. To tell you the truth I don't really like that ship even though I like both characters. I'm actually thinking about Paul x Daryl and maybe. Shane? You can thank reviewer 'dominique1' for that idea that I really like. Surprise. But don't worry Carol with be with someone, these things won't be happening untill later on as I focus more on the group itself and Harry's relationship with Merle.

Why I kept Shane an ass?

• Because I am doing the redemption route just not the typical way. Hehehe.

The inconsistences in my timeline?

• Because I not good with dates or timing things. Even holidays and birthdays of anyone except my mom. My family doesn't really celebrate holidays anymore now that most of us kids are older and don't interact much anymore except for important news. Sad, but true. So in reality I'm not good with specified dates.


• Maybe, no real plans there. Convince me. ; )

How far am I going to take this story?

• I'm going to try and follow untill Harry's as that the only way I can envision actually ending this story and don't worry he'll be alive for a long time.

My plans for this story?

• To tell you the truth I planned this thing one chapter at a time with only a few ideas for future events.


• I actually chewed myself up inside by this one. I will be adding him as I didn't the first time cuz the thought that it would leave the original cannon group to fend for themselves but then I realized this is my story and most of the characters in it are different from the cannon groups.

When is Harry going to tell his group about his immunity and immortality?

• idk, but sometime soon before they find a place to settle.

Everyone's age and description so far? Oldest to youngest.

• Merle: 41. 5'9 ft tall. Short chopped mix from medium brown to Sandy brown blond to grey. Calloused, tanned sun exposed skin. A rectangular boxed face with a prominent jaw and stubble(just think of what the series Merle looks like) Deep set dark blue eyes. A large tattoo of a pair of wings on his back, one side black and feathered with a few feathers falling from the wing and the other side with light grey Draconic scaled with small rips at the tips. White grease stained T-shirt with a olive green light overcoat, camo cargo pants, and leather strap boots. His usually has at least three knives on him at all times along with a gun and holster.

• Carol: 35. 5'6. Fluffy bobbed dark grey with black at the roots. Soft but weathered pale tanned skin. A thin but sharp face with a pointed jam and cheekbones. Pale hazel eyes. A white airy blouse and black overcoat. Dark grey trousers and steel toed shoes. Favors throwing knives and daggers but can pull a gun from the holster on her hip.

• Daryl: 34. 5'7. Short chopped bob that's a sandy brown when thoroughly clean and medium brown when left alone. Lighter blue eyes then Merle that look slightly squinted. Face similar to Carol's but squared at the jaw. Tanned skin. Dark grey short sleeve and a light forest green vest. Dark grey trousers with steel toed boots. Prefers his crossbow but is quite proficient with blades and guns.

• Harry: 20. 5'4. Fluffy, untameable bobbed black hair with a slight undercut on the left side. Wide emerald green eyes. A squared heart shaped face. Pale and slightly calloused that slowly goes a light tan the longer he's exposed to the Georgian sun. He usually wears a light, green hoodie with a dark grey undershirt, baggy but light arm camo warmers, and black stretch pants under black knee high strap boots. He prefers his Bo Staff for most but can also use his collection of blades and short bow.

• Sophia: 10. But she's 9 months older then Carl. A straight mid bobbed light brown. Hazel eyes like her mother. Thin oval face with a pointed chin like her mother. Pale, soft skin. She likes anything yellow or brightly colored but usually wears a pale yellow T-shirt under a forest green short sleeved jacket with blue kids jeans and sneakers. She's quickly learning to handle blades from her group.

• Carl: 10. Floppy medium brown hair that's also cut short. Wide bright blue with little flecks of brown. Oval shaped with a not yet defined squared jaw. Pale, soft skin like Sophia. He likes wearing anything blue or with a hero logo on it. He's usually wearing a Batman logo white shirt underneath a sleeveless kids jean jacket that he likes pinning other hero logos on with kids jeans and red sneaker

• Teddy: currently 1 and a half. A little crawler but is already taking his first unsteady steps. His Hair, Skin and Eye color can change to any color he sees and likes unless glamoured or charmed back to his original coloring by his godfather. His hair is still short and fine but already showing signs of going a tawny brown. His eyes when not imitating Harry is bright blue hazel with golden flecks from his father's lycanthropy. Skin a soft pale tan. His head shape so far has been similar to a baby Harry's as in squared with cubby cheeks and pouty lips. He currently has seven teeth. Shows a preference towards bright happy colors.

• Andre: going to be 6 months. Can sit up unaided for a few minutes. What hair he has is a dark brown black and extremely curly. Which is adorable. Also has soft dark brown skin with cubby cheek and wide curious chocolate brown eyes. Has a preference towards warmer colors and sky blue.

Where their going to settle?

• Uh. Currently I struggling between my original idea from the last chapter or an island not to far off the mainland that has plenty of room and forest.

What preparations I have planned for when they settle?

• Basically just as much as the last chapter, taking it one chapter at a time.

Merle and Harry's relationship progression?

• Throughout the next good few chapters Merle's going to be courting Harry through taking care of their group while still having some fun, spending time and caring for the kids of the group, and making small handmade gifts for him. Rest assured there is going to be some steamy scene but nothing to heavy yet.

The groups relationship?

• Harry has sibling bonds with Carol and Daryl while having a friendly, flirty romantic bond with Merle and visversa. He sees Sophia as his niece/pride cub and Carl, Teddy and now Andre as his. Carol and Daryl only share a sibling bond.

Why Harry graduated the American way instead of the English way?

• Because at the time and currently I still don't know how the English do things over there and don't have daily access to wifi to find out.

Why Harry didn't recognize Rick's possible PTSD?

• Becouse if he did he would've felt sympathy for him and tried to stay longer and help. I wasn't trying to stay that long and besides Harry didn't spend that much time around Rick or his group as he stayed more towards his groups side. Don't get me wrong I like Rick and all but if I included him you now Lori would've followed, and if Harry didn't kill her would've drove them and me crazy with her b*tching.

Why is Harry so vindictive to Lori?

• Cause I'm a bit myself, vindictive. And really frustrated with other stories not putting her in her place as I would've done more the slapped a b*tch or man for getting in my face while trying to demand things of or from me while talking smack about my mom. I already call my male chromosome volunteer a sperm donor so it doesn't hurt me at all if you talk about him, but try me with my mom and my vision will go red.

Harry's medical skills?

• He studied at home while taking care of Teddy and passed the test when he took it with the help of his muggle knowledge, herbal knowledge, and experience patching himself up when he was with the Dursleys and on the run from Voldemort. I think a Orderly is a receptionist/nurse, a Medi-Wizard is like a high trained nurse/low level doctor and a Healer is an actual doctor/surgeon.

How does Ebony influence Harry?

• He makes him act more animalistic as he has more powerful instincts telling him what to do like being a bit more possessive and protective of his group and cubs then he already was.

Is there going to be mpreg?

• Yes, but later on after they've established their safe place and it's planned.

Why didn't they get an RV sooner?

• Becouse I didn't think of it and even then they would've probably left the first time Lori and Shane tried to wrestle it away from them without bonding to Carol, Sophia or even Carl without a major fight.

How many kids is Harry going to adopt?

• IDK. All I can promise you is that he's not going to have a virtual orphanage full of them. If their is a lot of kids to add they will most likely already have parents or be adopted by others of the group. I already plan for him to have at least one Oc kid.

Am I going to bring in Paul 'Jesus' Rovia?

• Yes. Shoot me if you will but I like Paul x Daryl. Not so sure when so people who want him to join give me a timeline for him and when will a good time to bring him in be?

During their talk does Carol know Harry's a guy?

• She knows he's androgynous but if he's actually a guy or a girl for sure she is unsure. At least at that time anyway.

Blood adoption of the entire group?

• Yes. Sibling bonds with Daryl and Carol, the latter leading to Sophia having the same affect as a blood adoption as she gains a low level magical core that be boosted to a full magical core by the earth overflowing stores of wild magic. They will gain some Potter characteristics like the fluffier darker hair. With Merle he joins in a mutual courting bond with the intention of mateship with the help of death that will help keep him safe from disease and walkers while not really practicing incest by adopting him into his family lines. Carl and Teddy are most definitely being blood adopted, while Andre I'm not sure if Michonne will be with them by then or not but if she is Harry will simply do like Carol and Daryl, if not he'll blood adopt him to and work it out with her latter.

Do I have any plans for Morgan and Duane?

• Yes. They will be added to the group next chapter or if not that the next whenever I get done with the rewrites.

When will I start bringing in Oc's?

• IDK. Probably after they settle if they don't pick up a few along their little road trip.

Why did Harry immediately run off when he heard Andre's scream?

• He trusted his group enough to leave his cubs with them in the emergency as screams would call any walker to the child which he won't allow. If it sounded like a adults scream instead of a baby's hysterical crying he would've just told his group and they would've figured out what to do next. But since it was a kid, at that a baby, every second counted and now that it happened his group know that it would be the only reason he would run off like that.

What would he do if it was a trick made up my the not so nice survivors?

• He didn't immediately go into the clearing that held Andre a observed what was happening for those few scant seconds before acting. If it was a trick and another group was intentionally hurting a kid he would've seen it while hidden in his panther form. And subsequently ripped them apart via spell or claw. If it were by chance a murderous kid. Well we'll see when or if that happens.

Adding Lee and Clementine from the TWD game?

• IDK, because I don't know them or the game so I'll need some convincing. ; )

When will the Dixon group run into Rick's again?

• If they do it'll be way later on.

When will they have a confrontation with a bad group?

• The next chapter after the rewrites are done. It'll be the Claimers. 'Sinister Laugh' just so you know Merle and Harry get bloody, in a good way. ; )

What is going to happen with Andre?

• He's going to be raised like one of the other cubs and be very happy with his older brothers and sister. Doubly sure when his mommy finally joins.

What will happen when Michonne appears?

• It'll be tense until she sees Andre and explains to them what happened in the woods that day.

Why I had him be so antagonistic to the Weasely's and Lori?

• Yelp, I've already explained Lori. The Weasely's is becouse it easier for me(and more interest) up untill Harry is sent to the TWD world. Don't get me wrong I love it when Harry, Ron and Hermione end up a close knit unit but it was easier for me this way to portray them as fame awed and money greedy Weasely so many other authors have them as when they want to get them out of the way in the first chapter.

Why I chose Merle x Harry?

• I love rare pairings and it's interested me for a while. It just seemed right.

Whyd I write Teddy as a baby?

• Becouse I love baby Teddy and I didn't want to leave him behind. I also love family oriented stories that have young children in them their so cute. Especially when the parents of said child gets super protective of them.

How is Harry going to court Merle?

• Well since their going to enter in a mutual courtship even though Harry's obviously the bottom, he would feel bad if he didn't court Merle as well. He'd mostly help keep the stress of actual fallout leadership of Merle's shoulders by being a type of general to him while Carol and Daryl being their advisors and council if it truly affected them all in an important way. That and he gives him thoughtful gifts that truly touch him.

What does their group think of their budding relationship?

• Well as shown in the beginning Daryl noticed Merle's attraction to Harry early on and was amused by it so he'll be fine if a bit shocked that Merle's actually this serious about a relationship for once in his life. Carol I can see acting like a teasing but encouraging older sister as the relationship progresses.

Will Harry start a potion ingredients garden?

• Maybe, it would certainly be interesting.

Will Harry be able to CREATE magical beings?

• Maybe, as I saying in the rewritten chapter 2 the arrival, the event that start the creation of magical beings and plants never happened even tho all the tools where there the even that kick-started the creation never happened thus no wizards, witches, plants, creatures or any magical being to speak of so Harry and Teddy's arrival may be the kick that the world needed to actually create them but it would have to be guided into it. Maybe I'll have it develop a sentient conscience and communicate with Harry in order to do this.

Will they adopt dogs, cats, etc?

• Dogs, yes. Felines, yes. Soon

What's Michonne's role going to be in the group?

• Similar to Carol's, and advisor and older sister like figure.

What type of story is this fic?

• I mainly want it to be family oriented/building but with the horror aspect of the walking dead.

After they get settled in their encampment while they travel outside of the state of Georgia?

• Yes, but it'll be later on. I want them to travel because I like roadtrip/travel stories but each time will be short as they still have their settlement. For right now their on a road trip through Georgia, the state I was born in and still haven't left.

Will this story be similar to any other Harry Potter & TWD crossover Fanfiction?

• Kinda, some aspects are similar to but not exactly like other fanfics.

How would a blood adoption affect those adopted?

• Just adds a few family traits of the Blacks or Potter's while gaining a magical core if the child is under eleven years old.

Will Carl and Sophia get together when they get older?

• No, the will have romantic relations but not with each other as they'll see each other as bffs/first cousins after the blood adoption turns Carl into Harry's son and the sibling bond with Carol turns Sophia into Harry's niece.

Can Harry blood adopt with creatures blood?

• I'll go out on a limb and say yes. But I'm not sure about turning Sophia into a veela.

Blood adopting Sophia?

• Not nessesary anymore, I even had it planned when Harry could infuse a vial of Carol's blood with the ambient magic of the world and a single drop of his blood wouldn't worked to make it so that she was immune but distantly related. Idk maybe I'll bring it back later.

Will Harry make the RV like Sirius's motorcycle or Knight bus?

• Maybe, I'll think on it.

Why I like 'dominique1's idea about Shane?

• Becouse I really like redeemed Shane but at the time my headaches wouldn't allow me to focus on to much so this allows me to redeem him later, since they never arrive on the Greene farm, well maybe Shane alone will make it, and still keep my story how it is without changing to much.


Question's I want to ask and say to my readers

Even though I have my amazing beta 'I'm not ofreakingkay' to help me out I still want to ask you if you'd help me when it comes to when they settle down. I mean like planning stuff like crops, animal care, or anything like that cuz I'm only one person and I don't know most of this stuff. Also the reason I'm asking instead of just looking it up is because I like being interactive with y'all and its easier for me to plan what to do. I'm not like going to focus really detailed on it but it'll help give me ideas on what scenes I can write between the characters while they're doing these task. Also can you help me plan and track Teddy's and Andre's progression as the reason I made a mistake with Teddy action in the first place I'd becouse I haven't really been around younger kids. My little nephew is the youngest I've interacted with and he is now 12 yrs old.

Now I want to say how much I love you all and very much appreciate each and every one of yalls comments and constructive criticism. Please continue with these wonderful tips and ideas as I read them all and actually include the ones that I like and make the most sense to my story. Also my posting may be slowed as I was originally posting on my aunts WiFi but she's moved away for a little while and now I have to ride down to my uncle's house every week or so.

Also can y'all help me think of hobbies for them all. They'll need some type of stress relief as I established Harry's as being a mixture of arts and crafts, sparring/training, and reading. I think Carol and Daryl would be something somewhat similar, maybe something more like engineering. Merle's maybe something like mechanics or fixing stuff maybe. And it would be a good bonding experience for the kids if they help the adults wit their individual hobbies while also learning new things. Idk what do y'all think, help me come up with some stuff.