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Today, half of the boys at McKinley will get destroyed. Emotionally, that is. And why, you might ask? Because Santana Lopez is coming to town. Now, most people at first glance peg her as your classic head cheerleader. But boy were they in for a surprise.

When Santana walked onto the field, she wasn't surprised by the stares, although they were uncomfortable, but being a female football player, it was a regular occurrence. Neither was she surprised when yet another idiot jock came up to her saying "You know cheerleading tryouts are in the gym right." She would've released Snixx on him hadn't it been for Sam's hand on her shoulder and Kurt's stare urging her not do anything to get her kicked out of tryouts.

After some easy warmups and drills, a couple practice games in which Santana totally kicked those guys asses, and Kurt's awesome rendition of single ladies (she would never admit that it was good to his face) that somehow got him a spot as kicker on the team, Santana was sure she'd earned her spot as quarterback. Albeit her only competition was that oaf Finn Hudson who couldn't make a play to save his life.

"So Santana, how was tryouts," said Blaine gently sipping on his latte. Santana, Mercedes, Blaine, Kurt, and Sam were all sitting around a table at the Lima Bean for their daily gossip session.

"We destroyed 'em," Santana replied, smirking at the thought of how she outplayed - almost - everyone on the squad.

Sam quickly elbowed her in the side. "Don't get so cocky, We don't even know if we got in yet."

Even Kurt knew there's no way they got rejected. "Oh c'mon Sam, with your catching skills, Satan's skills in general and my killer performance, we're all set," bragged Kurt.

"Yea, yea we get it, you guys are awesome," Mercedes snarked, "So Satan, got your eyes on any new chicks lately." All four people turned to glare at Mercedes. She shrugged before succumbing to their death glares.

"Fine, Fine, Sorry Santana," Mercedes apologized, "Have you heard anything from him yet."

"He hasn't come home, last I checked he was at my abuela's treating her fake diverticulitis,"

Santana replied, a flash of sadness crossing her eyes as she thought about her former family. Sam picked up on it and sent her a sad smile, but knowing it was no use.

Kurt let out an awkward cough before steering the conversation away from the subject. "Have you considered joining Glee with us?"

"Why would I join show choir, I don't wanna hear the dwarf Rachel belting showtunes all day"

"She's not that bad," Mercedes pitched in, as much as she hated the diva, that girl sure could sing.

"Plus you love to sing and Glee club could be your chance to shine you know…" said Blaine. He'd heard Santana singing in the halls back at Dalton and knew that she enjoyed it much more than she let on.

"Just because I like singing doesn't mean I want to waste my time singing show tunes and listening to schuester for an hour."

"What if I do your math homework for the week." Sam said, attempting to bait her into joining.

Santana contemplated his deal for a little bit. Maybe joining show choir wouldn't be so bad especially if she was getting this out of it, that doesn't mean she wasn't going to milk this deal for what it's worth. "Make it a month and I'll consider," she shot back.

"Fine," Sam groaned, already regretting the deal.

Santana wasn't the most timely person, especially not when it came to school. Who could blame her though? Ever since her dad left, she had to work morning shifts at breadstix to keep her and her mom afloat. But, of all days, her shift had to run late on the day they were releasing rosters.

It was a typical day at her job cleaning tables and serving food while slipping in a conversation or two with Kurt as he ran around taking people's orders. Normally, Santana loved seeing little kids come into the restaurant. She wouldn't admit it to anyone but making them laugh or seeing the smiles on their faces when she brought them the kid's menu with the puzzles on the back made her job so much more enjoyable. That day however, was not her lucky day. It wasn't until a little kid threw a temper tantrum and knocked orange juice all over her though that she knew two things for sure 1. Kids aren't as nice as they seem and 2. She was going to be late.

She quickly said goodbye to Kurt, telling him the situation, and got into the car. She rushed home, slipped on a white tank, leather jacket, and jeans before slipping back out the door and hurrying off towards McKinley High School.

Quinn Fabray was livid. She stormed down the hallway straight to the locker where her boyfriend was standing and pulled him by the ear into the nearby janitor's closet, shutting the door behind her. It was harsh, and she knew that, but angry Quinn is a force to be reckoned with.

"You didn't even make the football!" yelled Quinn, "and you lost your spot to a girl. What is wrong with you Finn. The only way we are ever going to win prom king and queen is if you got on the team, you know how important this is to me. This could -"

"Look, I'm sorry ok, I didn't make the team, what's so important about it anyway."

"You know what's important about it Finn. If I don't win who do you thinks going to have to live with their parents constantly pointing out that she didn't win Prom Queen just like "perfect little Frannie," You don't know what's it like to constantly live in the shadow of someone like that" said Quinn as she moved towards Finn, causing him to lean back towards the shelves behind him.

"Ouch" whined Finn as his back hit a shelf, "I still don't get what the big deal is, Coach probably just gave her the spot out of sympathy or something, I could beat her any day, besides people like me better."

"I don't care Finn, there's no way we're going to prom royalty now, Screw you Finn Hudson," and with that Quinn stormed out of the closet, slamming the door behind her, leaving one Finn Hudson dumbfounded at what had just happened.

"Did she just break up with me," he whispered to himself, he shook his head in disbelief and walked out the door, still contemplating everything that had just gone down.

Santana was late, it was inevitable after the detour, so why not check out the roster anyway. She rushed towards the locker room door and quickly scanned the list looking for her name. She saw Sam, then Kurt, even the kid who didn't know how to catch on the list. As she read name after name after name, any hope she had left started to dwindle out, until she saw, at the very bottom of the list: Santana Lopez.

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