Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story except for the ones that I have invented are the soul property of Steven Sommers and Universal Studios.


The first thing he felt was desire, an aching need consuming his entire being. It devoured his thoughts and surprised him deeply. He calmly opened his eyes, blinking at the harshness of the tiny halos of sun peeking through his drooping eyelids. He shielded his eyes automatically, not knowing the situation he was in. He blinked a few more times, no words in his head, instead he felt a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was hollow, his soul and heart was hollow, and he suddenly felt the urge to fill it. Now his eyes were fully opened, staring at a black abyss of nothing with a small ray of light illuminating a corner of what he could see. He couldn't understand what was going on, he wasn't afraid, he was confused. Suddenly, an odd emotion spread across his face as he realized something, not about where he was, but about whom he was thinking of. He was awake, the creature was back.

The thing that bothered him was that his first thought hadn't been about Anuksunamun, the woman he was sure he loved, he had visualized the other woman, Evelyn's face, the woman who took away his life. Anger, fear, and confusion engorged him as slow realization dawned on him that during all the time that he was "dead", he dreamt about that foolish woman. He could still feel her lips on his, and an awakened passion had rose in him. He shook away her face, and replaced it with Anuksunamun, at least he tried. He focused instead about where he was, whoever had awoken him would receive a very generous price. In the far distance, a ringing sound occurred in his ears, but soon realized it was a voice. It was a woman's, and her voice was strong with determination.

"He is awake, Imhotep is back..."


Hey everyone, this is just a prologue for my new story. I have also begun writing a new story in www.fictionpress.com, called The Immortals.