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Chapter 1 – mission in the train, to the castle

A young boy, about eleven walked through the barrier between platforms nine and ten with a confident smile. Even if King's Cross station was crawling with people, this boy walking through the barrier possibly couldn't have seen others, other than his own kind.

This boy was tall for his age, had Emerald eyes and Raven hair. He held a briefcase in his right hand. His middle and ring fingers of left hand were decorated with two rings. His middle finger held an eagle shaped silver ring with a sapphire on the top; the ring finger held a golden ring shaped as a griffin. His briefcase had a Golden Griffin symbol on top of it. He wore plain black robes, made of silk. His name was Hadrian Potter, the heir to revered house of Ravenclaw and most ancient house of Potter.

He made his way onto the platform between nine and ten, through a wrought iron archway. Platform nine and three quarters; it read. The place was crowded already with witches and wizards. The smoke of the engine of Hogwarts Express over the crowd, making the environment little gloomy. Harry slightly smiled.

First few compartments were full of students, so Harry went down the platform to find a seat. He pressed through the crowd, until He found an empty compartment. He got into it, passing two red head twins who looked alike. He slide closed the compartment door, and then put his briefcase next to him on the seat. He took out a book to read. It had a weird symbol on the cover.

The compartment door slid open and he looked up to see a lanky redhead girl with short hair and blue eyes. She wore old looking muggle clothes. She gave a slight smile at the young heir.

"Anyone else sitting there?" she pointed towards the seat opposite to Harry. "Everywhere else is full."

Harry gave a good look at the girl. Judging by the freckles on her face, and her hair, she must be a Weasley. The only girl who supposed to be going to Hogwarts was Rhonda Weasley, so this must be her. Dark clouds swept through his face.


Harry entered the bank, after bowing to the goblin guards at the entrance of the Gringotts bank. He informed the teller that he have an appointment with lord Ragnok, he gave Harry a scary grin, then called another goblin to show him Ragnok's room.

That wasn't Harry's first journey to the office of Ragnok, but it slightly made him uncomfortable. It was a narrow room made of obsidian stones, walls were carved with Silver. Goblins liked it dark; Harry braced himself as he greeted the goblin Chief.

"Pleasure to meet you, Chief Ragnok." Harry greeted him.

"Pleasure to meet you as well, heir Potter." An old voice said, and then a table appeared in front of him, an old goblin sat at the table. A chair appeared of the opposite side of the goblin, he signed Harry to take the seat with a crooked grin.

'Why does he always do that?' Harry thought, as Goblin conjured some documents on the table. The goblin started to speak.

"I have gone through both contracts, and it appears this. About marriage contract between Hadrian James Potter and Rhonda Cedrella Weasley can only be enacted by Hadrian Potter's godfather Sirius Orion Black or the creators of the contract; Hadrian James Potter's magical guardian Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore or Rhonda Cedrella Weasley's great aunt Muriel Prewett." The goblin gave Harry a pointed look. "And I believe that you will be able to rescue heir Black from his imprisonment, so that way you can annul the contract. However, the magical contract between Hadrian James Potter and Daphne Marie Greengrass cannot be enacted, due to the fact that the creators of this contract are no longer in living. It was made between your grandfather Charles Potter and her grandfather Cornelius Greengrass." The goblin frowned. "Unless you're dead, of course." The goblin's eyes glinted evilly.

Harry stood up and parted from the chief goblin. If he can't avoid the second contract, he should be better informing Greengrass family, watching this Daphne girl and making a friendship with her, as a beginning.

As for the Weasley girl, surely this was another play by Dumbledore to 'guide' him, so he would better watch out.

Flashback ends…

"Are you there, mate?" the girl asked.

"I don't recall you're being a mate of mine?" Harry asked. "Miss?"

"Weasley." The girl frowned. "And you're?" She asked.

Harry decided to give her a fake name. She's probably informed in plans of Dumbledore and that Muriel woman, so she's probably looking for him.

"Evans." He gave his mother's maiden surname.

"I thought they were muggleborn?" The girl wondered.

"I thought it would be fun to wear school robes early." Harry said, trying to keep up the lie, hoping she would leave.

"Ah huh; sure thing, mate." The girl said, sitting down the seat opposite to him. As the train started to go, she stood up and put her head out of the window and waved her hand towards two red head figures, which waved her back. Harry figured out that must be her family members.

She went back to her seat, sat down and leaned back her head, closing her eyes. However, both of them had to give their attention at the compartment door, which was slid open.

"Ronnie-Honey!" It was the redhead twins from the platform. 'Ronnie-Honey' looked quite offended.

"My name is Ron!" The girl deadpanned. Twins raised their hands in surrendering motion, yet they had identical crooked grins on their faces.

"Whatever. Listen, we're going down the middle of the train - Lee Jordan's got a giant tarantula down there." The twin left said.

Ron paled. "Right." She mumbled.

"And care to introduce your new boy toy?" The twin right asked, winking.

Ron glared at him. "He's not my anything!" She outright denied, and then gave an apologetic look at Harry. "Sorry Evans, these are my brothers, Fred and George." She said to him. "Fred, George; this is Evans, but he didn't give a first name?" She looked at Harry back from her brothers.

"Charlie." Harry offered his grandfather's shortened nickname, which was how his grandmother's portrait addressed her husband.

"Charlie Evans eh?" Fred – or is it George? Asked with a smirk.

"Another muggleborn firstie who's excited and in his school robes already eh? You don't look like a common muggleborn guy though." Other twin stated. "Your robes are made of Acromantula silk, and your briefcase has a crest embed on it. I suspect it's a seven compartment briefcase, with shrinking charms. I would say you're from a pretty well off family."

"Yeah, I am." Harry gave a slight smile. That's not a lie. Potter family was one of the wealthiest families in wizarding Britain.

"Good bye Ronnie!" The first twin said.

"We will be having the talk, young fellow." The other twin winked at Harry. Ron rolled her eyes as compartment door slid closed.

"Drama queens." She muttered, and turned towards harry. "So Charlie?" Harry nodded. "My name is Rhonda, but friends call me Ron." She looked at the book Harry was reading. "Tale of three brothers?" She raised her eyebrow, confusion written in her face.

"Just curious." Harry said. "Can you let me read this book without further questions, please?"

So, Ron went back to staring outside of the window. Satisfied, Harry went back to reading the book, thinking about the heirloom of his family that Dumbledore has in possession, and the other two items which rightfully should be his.

His great grandfather's note on the wand – Grindelwald; which meant Grindelwald had the Elder wand. Where did the wand go after Dumbledore defeat the dark lady? Dumbledore taking it is the most likely scenario, but there was a chance that it went missing, or a follower of Grindelwald stole it and lost it. He has to look at Dumbledore's wand, before another research.

But that research would be easier than finding the Gaunt family, which was extinct due to inbreeding. So far, "Nature's nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy" brought him towards Morfin Gaunt and Merope Gaunt, both died unmarried and childless. There's no sighting of the resurrection stone, after Bob Ogden's report. (Harry's great grandfather had scribbled that on the book.) He will need someone inside ministry to research this. He was stuck, seeing as Dumbledore is still his magical guardian. He must take Sirius out of Azkaban, then get emancipated and become Lord Potter to get in Wizengamot. For that, He must catch Pettigrew and put him at the trial, and should ally himself with prominent wizarding families who have seats in Wizengamot. Well… he can start now, why wait until they get to Hogwarts?

He stood up, startling Ron who was looking away from the window. "Where are you going?" she asked.

"I'm just bored. Perhaps you can join me." He smirked. "Who know? You will be able to find Harry Potter too."

For his surprise, Ron giggled. "That would be Christmas for Ginny. She always fancied about him you know? Her favourite book was 'Harry Potter and the flaming dragon.' She would be delighted to meet him."

"Ginny?" Harry asked, giving a questioning look at Ron.

"My little sister. You met Fred and George. Percy, also one of my brothers, is the Gryffindor prefect. Then there's Bill and Charlie, my older brothers who are out of Hogwarts." Ron said. "You never said anything about yours?"

Harry opened the compartment door and looked straight at Ron. "I'm orphaned." He said.

"Oh." Ron said. "Ok, I'm not coming with you, cause those idiots are at the middle of the train. I can keep you a spot until you return."

Harry nodded. So far, it appeared Ron didn't know anything about the marriage contract between her and Harry. He locked the briefcase and gave it to Ron, and left the compartment. He plastered a smile on face, as he passed compartments. Most of them were full with elder students, but nearly the middle of train, he saw a compartment with three students in it, and all were first year students. Harry knocked the door once, then tapped the compartment door with the tip of his wand, and the door slid opened.

The girl and the boys looked up to see the newcomer. "Hello." Harry greeted with a smile.

"Hi. I'm Hermione Granger, and they are Neville Longbottom and Ernie Macmillan." The bushy haired girl piped up in a bossy voice. "And you're?" She asked.

"Ha-Charlie Evans." Harry stumbled, due to the speed this girl talked.

"A muggleborn, right?" Neville asked. Harry remembered Neville's surname from his mother's diary. Yes, Frank Longbottom, the seventh year prefect who proposed her friend Alice Fawley on a date. And he had seen Alice Fawley in their graduation photos, alongside Mary McDonald, Marlene Mackinnon, Dorcas Meadows and Sylvia Snape. (For some reason, the latter didn't have any photos with his father or other marauders.) Neville did have Alice's blonde hair and round face.

Harry almost blurted it to Neville, but he restrained himself. He's on an undercover mission to make friends. He didn't want friends who are after his fame or his money.

"Yeah." Harry lied through his teeth. "May I have a seat?"

"Of course, have a seat." Neville smiled.

"Where do you think you're going to be sorted?" the other guy, Ernie asked curiously.

Harry smirked. "No one can tell where they are going to be sorted until they are being sorted now, can he?"

"True." Neville said. "Though I would be in Gryffindor like my parents, grandparents, and uncle Albus."

"Uncle Albus? As in Albus Dumbledore?" Hermione breathed.

"Yeah, I know. But he was great to me." Neville said. "He taught me many things!"

Harry frowned. He didn't expect this. "How is Dumbledore related to you?" He asked, prying in.

"Of course." Neville smiled. "He's my great grandmother Ariana's elder brother."

"Is he that old?" Hermione asked.

"He can be. We wizards live more than muggle people." Ernie said. "Average Wizard lifespan is around 200 years."

"And uncle Albus is about one hundred and ten. He is still like a young man." Neville said. "He spent time with us at holidays. We watch Quidditch and work in our greenhouse. We even have rare plants like Mimbulus Mimbletonia." Neville said.

"Cool." Hermione said. "I have done some magic to practice, but you must know lot more magic." Hermione said.

"Not per say. Uncle Albus says that we should play to our strengths first, not trying to be perfect in every way. I like Herbology, Charms and Defense, so…" Neville trailed off. "You never said where you think you're going to be sorted, Hermione."

"Err…I think I would be a Ravenclaw, but from what I heard Gryffindors are cool." Hermione said.

"Well, I think you should decide according to your heart." Harry said. Before she said anything, Harry turned towards Ernie. "And Ernie?"

"Probably Hufflepuff." Ernie sighed. "For many generations, my family has been that way. Like those Weasleys who get sorted in Gryffindor or Malfoys in Slytherin."

"I met Ron Weasley in last compartment." Harry said.

"Bet he would be in Gryffindor as well." Ernie said. "What?" He snapped at Harry and Neville, who were laughing. Hermione watched them, not getting the joke.

"Ron is a girl." Neville said, stopping his laughter. "I met her at Diggorys' gala. I danced with her too. She's nice, but she has a vacuum for a stomach. She eats a lot!"

"Still she would be in Gryffindor." Ernie said.

"Would not," Neville said. "I bet five galleons."

"You're on." Ernie said.

At the moment, there was a great clattering outside the corridor and a smiling dimpling woman slid back their door and asked, "Anything off the cart, children?"

The trolley was full of food, like pumpkin pastries, Bertie Bott's every flavor Beans, Chocolate Frogs, Drooble's best blowing gum, Cauldron Cakes, Honey hats etc. Harry bought food of every type for a Galleon.

"Aren't those too much?" Ernie asked.

"Nah, I bought these all us." Harry said, flashing a smile.

"Charlie, I appreciate this, but I can't eat all those sweets. You see, my parents are dentists, so..." Hermione paused, looking over Harry's shoulder. "Hi!"

Harry turned back to find Ron standing at the door. "Hi!" She said to everyone. "Hello Neville!" She beamed at him. "You're so grown up."

"And you're taller than ever." Neville grinned. "You met Charlie down the train, right?" .Ron nodded. "This is Hermione Granger and Ernie Macmillan. Hermione, Ernie; this is Rhonda Weasley."

"And you can call me Ron." Ron said.

"I thought you were not going to come?" Harry asked.

"It was boring." Ron said. "Also Malfoy came there, looking for Harry Potter. Looked like Harry Potter is his lost lover."

Reaction was immediate. Harry choked. Neville cracked a huge laughter. Ernie gagged. Hermione watched in confusion as Ron giggled.

"But who's Malfoy? And why was he searching for Harry Potter? Is he a prefect? Oh no, he got into a big trouble, didn't he?" Hermione worried. That time, Harry and Ernie joined Neville and Ron on the floor. Hermione waited, crossing her arms across her chest until the laughter was ended.

"Sorry Hermione." After few minutes, Neville said. "I met Malfoy in ministry galas. He's our age, but he has gotten the fact that he is heir of Malfoy to the head."

"Basically, he's an arrogant jerk." Ernie said. "He thinks that the rest of us should grovel beneath his feet."

"I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. I don't have time for riff-raff like you, Weasley! Get out the way, you blood traitor!" Ron said in a mocking high pitched voice, causing everyone except Hermione to laugh.

"What is blood traitor though?" Hermione asked. "I can see that would be offensive, but I'm just curious."

"That's a long story." Ron said, taking out a lumpy package. "Long story short, my grandma Cedrella betrayed her betrothed and married Grandpa. My grandma was a Black, so they disowned her."

"Nasty lot, those Blacks." Ernie chimed in. "Some of You-Know-Who's main death eaters were Blacks; Bellatrix Black, Sirius Black et cetera. I think Malfoy's mom was a Black too?" Ernie looked at Neville, whose eyes were full with a strange rage.

"Narcissa Malfoy nee Black," Neville said. "She looks like that something vile under her nose, even though she's pretty?"

"Somebody has a crush!" Ron teased, unwrapping the package.

"Heavens no!" Neville laughed. "They seem nice." He said, taking one of sandwiches.

"Thanks. I and Ginny helped mom to make them." Ron said. "She tried to pack me corn beef sandwiches in rush. She probably would have if it isn't for me."

Harry sniffed the sandwich, as Henry Potter Sr., one of his ancestors told, to make sure it's laced or not. His escape from Dursleys was only a year ago; he had much to live up. He knew how to identify love potions and loyalty potions from sniffing, but there are lot more other potions, like Veritaserum. Henry said that Harry should be ready for anything, as time passed this became force of a habit.

"It is really good." Hermione said. "I can't make tasty sandwiches like these."

"Oh, it's nothing. We were just helping mom." Ron said. "Can I have your sandwich Ernie? You're not eating."

"Oh. Right." Ernie mumbled, and then gulped down his sandwich. "I was thinking about Hogwarts. How do they sort us?"

"Fred and George did say that was a troll." Ron said with a wicked smile. "If you attack the troll straightaway, you would be in Gryffindor. If you're trying to calm down it by sweet talking, you'd be a Hufflepuff. If you try to outsmart it, you'd be Ravenclaw, and if you fought it dirty and brought it down, you'd be in Slytherin."

Hermione laughed. "I don't believe it." She said.

"Neither I am." Ron said. "They're joking way too much sometimes."

"Hey, these sweets aren't going to be eaten by themselves, you know?" Neville reminded them, so the sweets were shared among each other soon.

"Hey Charlie, if you have an Agrippa card, I want it." Ron said to Harry, who was unwrapping his first chocolate frog. He nodded and picked up a card. Then he gaped at his own chocolate frog card.

It was a picture of a baby, surrounded by a golden frame. There was a lightning shaped scar on his head. When Harry was rescued from Dursleys by Potter elves, this scar and dark magic within it was cured. The baby slept soundly in the picture. He turned over the card and read.



There was a description that how Harry's accidental magic threw Voldemort off of power, but Harry knew it wasn't him. It was his mother, gave him her life. Harry suspected this from beginning; what could he, a mere baby could do to topple Voldemort? It was more likely his mother. One of Harry's oldest ancestors confirmed it; according to old religion, 'to save a life, there must be a death; the balance of the world must be restored.'

Harry turned towards his friends, who were having fun with every flavor beans.

"A honey flavored one!" Hermione squealed. It seemed like she has forgotten her restrictions. Tears flowed out of Neville's eyes, as he bit into a corner of a chilly bean.

"Coconut," Ron said with a satisfaction. Then Ernie puked out of the window.

"Scourgify" Harry pointed his wand and muttered at Ernie's face.

"Thanks. I needed that." Ernie said, after few moments. "That was a horse dung flavoured bean."

Harry took a glance outside. The train was going through dark woods and green hills. Meanwhile Ron took out a chess board and pieces.

"Any one's up to chess?" Ron asked. "No?"

"I'm kind of decent in chess. Uncle Albus taught me." Neville said.

"Your move," Ron said taking the black pieces.

Despite encouraging of Ernie and Hermione, the game didn't go well for Neville. Ron had the upper hand with her queen, knight and a bishop; while Neville was stuck with two Rooks. Ron gave a pointed look at the chessboard, and grinned.

"Checkmate in three moves." Black chess pieces cheered loudly.

But that cheer died down as the compartment door slid open loudly. This time, a pale blond boy stepped in the compartment, two larger boys by his side.

"Is heir Potter in this compartment?" he asked. Then his eyes narrowed at all of them. "What are you doing, hanging out with scum like these?" He asked Neville and Ernie, his eyes darting at Harry, Hermione and Ron.

The two goons behind them guffawed stupidly.

"They are our friends, Malfoy." Neville said calmly.

Malfoy snorted. "How far have Purebloods fell? calling mud bloods and blood traitors their friends. You sh-"

But before ending his sentence, Ernie's fist flew over Malfoy's jaw. Harry hit the goon one with a Tarantallegra. Neville hit the other one with a knockback jinx. Malfoy tried to stand up, but he screamed like a little girl at the next second, clutching his nose. He threw something to the seat and fell on to his knees.

"My father-"Malfoy rasped, "-will hear about this!" Then he retreated with Crabbe and Goyle. Chess pieces cheered gloriously, white pieces too cheered at this time.

Ron took the lump on the seat and put it into her pocket. "Poor Scabbers," She whispered slightly.

"You're bringing a rat to Hogwarts?" Hermione asked disapprovingly.

"Well, they don't say she can't, right?" Harry intervened. "Actually, I was thinking to bring a dog here next year."

Hermione let out a noise from her nose.

After about an hour, a prefect announced that they are approaching Hogwarts. They left their luggage in the compartment, except Harry who shrank his briefcase, then put it in his pocket.

Hogsmede railway station was a single platform; it was decorated with a street lamp which was changing its colours into blue, red, green and yellow. It was beautiful in a mysterious way. It stood tall at the middle of the station.

An enormous man about 12 feet came towards them, carrying a lamp. Hermione, Ron, Ernie and Neville stared at him in astonishment, but Harry knew who this man is. He was the gatekeeper of Hogwarts, Rubeus Hagrid, a good friend of his mother and father.

"Firs' years! Firs' years over here!" He said loudly. First year students began to gather around him. He was an easily noticeable person, due to his size. As a result, it took him no time to collect all of first year students.

"C'mon, follow me – any more firs' years? Mind yer step now! Firs' years follow me!"

First year students followed Hagrid down a narrow path. There were floating balls of lights roaming above tree tops.

"'airies," Hagrid explained to some students who were looking at those lights. "Vain li'l thin's they are."

Soon, they got onto the edge of a great black lake. Then many of first year students couldn't hold their gasps. Harry himself awed at the beauty of the castle, which stood proudly on a mountain other side, basking in moon light; its towers and turrets made it even beautiful.

Hagrid fondly smiled at the first years; his kind beetle black eyes shined brightly, which wasn't be able to shadow by his long hair or wild beard.

"No more than four to a boat!" He called, pointing towards a fleet of small boats sitting in the water by shore. He waited until every student got on a boat.

Harry and Neville got onto a boat, followed by two unknown girls. On the other hand; Ron, Hermione and Ernie joined a red head girl in another boat. It appeared that the new redhead girl was a friend of Ernie.

Harry turned towards the girl with the blonde hair. She gave a questioning look at him with her blue eyes.

"Staring at someone is rude." She chided.

Harry smiled, "My apologies." He said. "I'm Charlie Evans."

"Daphne Greengrass," the girl said, and Harry's eyes widened in realization, though he controlled himself not to blurt it out.

"And I'm Tracey Davis." The brunette girl next to her flashed a smile. Her eyes drifted towards Hogwarts. "Isn't it beautiful?" She asked.

"Yeah," Harry agreed whole heartedly, as the boats started to row, after Hagrid's boat, which he had for himself.

"I have been dreaming to come here since I was seven!" Tracey squealed. Then she calmed herself a bit. "My brother, Andrew is also in school; in fact He is the head boy."

"What house he's in?" Harry asked.

"Ravenclaw; the wit and learning he says." Tracey giggled. "He kinda boasts about his house when it comes to that."

"Well, who doesn't?" Daphne asked, rather unhappily. Harry noted her annoyance through her eyes, and decided not to press it.

"Hey Charlie," Neville broke the silence occurred between them. "Uncle Albus told me about the giant squid living in the lake. He also mentioned that it tends to play with 1st year students. Wanna look for it?"

"Sure." Harry said neutrally, before joining Neville. Tracey gave a grin.

"Can I join too?" she asked.

"Of course, you can." Neville grinned back.

Until Hagrid shouted them to keep their heads low, they were seeking for a sign of the giant squid of the lake. Unfortunately, they found none.

As the boats passed a curtain of Ivy, Neville muttered to himself, "Poison Ivy; enchanted against opponents of Hogwarts."

They reached an underground harbor; without much talk, they followed Hagrid. After clambering up few dark passageways with only Hagrid's lamp to enlighten the way; they reached onto school grounds, right in front of the castle.

As students gathered around the castle front door, Hagrid knocked thrice on the door.



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